NFL willing to give more bounty info to union


On Friday, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith complained in an interview that was the equivalent of a press release that the league has shared scant information regarding the Saints bounty investigation.  Coincidentally (or otherwise), the NFL is now willing to divulge more details.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network reports that the league has offered to provide more facts to the NFLPA, beyond two confidential reports that previously were shared with the players association.

Specifically, NFL Security would discuss with the NFLPA interviews conducted and information gathered, as early as next week.  Also, the league reportedly has told the union that the parties can meet at league headquarters any time to discuss the case.

Here’s hoping that the league will provide the information with no strings attached.  Otherwise, another $46 million in cap penalties could end up being imposed against the Cowboys and Redskins.

35 responses to “NFL willing to give more bounty info to union

  1. So basically the NFL is going to cooperate more with the NFLPA on this than the NFLPA does with the NFL on HGH DESPITE THEIR AGREEING TO TESTING. Makes sense.

  2. The league is sounding more and more like a communist state, than a business in the United States. Luckily, the Saints are a freakin’ monster of a team, and in all likelihood can whether whatever the league throws at them.

  3. The reason $46 million in cap penalties was imposed on the Cowboys and Redskins is because they gamed the system. They cheated and they know they cheated. I can see an arbitrator slightly reducing the penalty to keep Jerry Jones’s head from exploding.

  4. The union should just consult Warren Sapp- he seems to have all of the relevant info concerning this

  5. yea right! nfl willing to provide more info… that’s shady written all over it from league and goodell…release all documents to the union and not parts of it…union can determine proper punishment for those players with all released documents…

  6. How does the NFL expect the union to do a proper coverup for the players if they won’t give them the info?

  7. What does the league have against releasing ALL documents to the NFLPA? Sounds shady to me.

  8. Maybe we should wait to judge these players, coaches, and team personnel until some more of this information is released.

    When you promote phrases like pay-for-cripling that does nothing but sensationalize this situation, clouding peoples judgement with emotion.

    Instead of focusing on the dramatic side of this issue, why aren’t you looking into why some of these 55,0000 pages of investigation aren’t being released. Why is it only the “juicy” stuff getting leaked to pet reporters?

    You referenced the Cowboys and Redskins in this article. You openly oppose the leagues position yet don’t even question their position on Bounty-gate. Why is that?

  9. Give me one good reason why the accused shouldn’t be allowed to see all of the evidence presented against them.

  10. Once again Mike, you continue to bring up a completely unrelated story (Redskins and Cowboys cap penalties) because you are on the war-path about it. Give it a rest…

    What did that last sentence add to an otherwise informative post (other than a weak, failed attempt at humor)?

  11. Not only did they get out played in every aspect of the game, they still had to cheat, not to mention a convicted gambling felon is the head coaches friend. Who knows who else was pd! The AINTS will always be remembered as cowards!!

  12. He brings up the salary cap issue because it amounts to collusion plain and simple. The Cowboys and Redskins did nothing against the rules. It was an uncapped year.

    Whether you agree it disagree with the punishment, the Saints broke the bounty rules and then lied about it. So punishment (again whether or not you agree with the severity) is warranted when you break the rules.

    However, dropping the hammer on teams that operated within the confines of the UNCAPPED year shouldn’t happen.

    As screwed up as the US Govt is, they didn’t go back and punish any estate that took advantage of there being no estate taxes two years ago. And believe me, I’m sure they wanted too (see Steinbrenner, George).

  13. The NFL could have video evidence, with sound, of players collecting from or putting money into a bounty pool and the NFLPA wouldn’t agree with any punishment for those involved.
    Their position will be the mean old NFL coaches were running this operation and the players just followed the example of the people who were in charge.

  14. rubberinnertube,
    Do facts hurts? I know they get in the way of rational thought. Once you losers get past your fascination with the Saints being under attack, reality will hit you in the face. The Saints are a bada$$ team, and will not be stopped by Goodell and no one else.

  15. What a sham of a Union. So, they will protect each other for anything short of shooting one another. Seems that the PA had the responsibility to protect the players (all of them) on the front end. Had they (NFLPA) informed them (the players) that any form of bounty is illegal, and that any coercion from a coach or another member player should be reported, then this would be a non issue. Perhaps the NFLPA did inform the players, and if so, then the PA should let the players that didnt listen face the consequences. If they did not visit each locker room and stree the rules to the players, then part of the blame falls on the PA. After all, their job is to protect their members, and educating on the front end is far better than on the back end.

  16. jonny42671 are you just plain stupid or you just don’t watch, what part of the Saints were not a power house. Please leave your no brain responses off. Everyone thinks that every player that got hurt was the Saints fault.

  17. Like I said Mike the poor horse is dead..
    Who Dat Baby!! Payton for President

  18. why would these guys want to punish the “bounty” takers. i am not a saints fan,but the players played football. when they made an illegal hit, they got flagged. i fully agree with the punishment the coaches got. i don’t think the PA has to dole out any punishment. i do believe that the saints should be investigated for illegal point getting and betting. just the fact that a known bookie was giving money to pay players aught to tell someone something. this doesnt look good to me for the team. refs. nfl. oh, by the way, anyone who participated in the illegal pool, needs to be turned over to the irs for unreported monetary compensation for services rendered. are the saints cheaters, no.. they are liars and tax evaders.

  19. kp4lsu says:
    Mar 31, 2012 4:24 PM
    jonny42671 are you just plain stupid or you just don’t watch, what part of the Saints were not a power house. Please leave your no brain responses off. Everyone thinks that every player that got hurt was the Saints fault.
    Sorry but I don’t think Jonny42671 said anything about whether they were a powerhouse. He said they were outplayed in that game and I agree. The won in the box score but it doesn’t mean they were better or that they weren’t outplayed.

  20. Here’s my jason1980 impression:

    Saints rule; everyone else sucks. Haters gonna hate and y’all are just jealous. It’s unfair that the Saints are being singled out just because they were doing something I have determined every other team does (without any evidence other than heresay and conjecture) or should do because the players are paid to play football. Pretty soon they’ll be playing flag football on Sundays.

    Fire GODell. Go Saints. Who dat?

    There. That pretty much encompasses any post you’ve ever made. So now you can just copy and paste to save yourself some time.

    Give it a rest.

  21. Also, “facts get in the way of IRRATIONAL thought” would have helped your argument out more than the typical grammatically toxic, vapid statements you usually spew forth.

  22. Meanwhile, the penalty for raping a woman in the men’s room of a bar is still 4 games.

    It was 2 girls, allegedly

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