Alex Smith quietly joins search for missing girl

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In the kind of low-profile way that acts of charity are supposed to be performed, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith assisted Saturday in the search of a missing Morgan Hill girl.

15-year-old Sierra LaMar failed to show up at school two weeks ago, and Smith was among the 581 volunteers who showed up on Saturday to help.

He wasn’t there for attention.  He was there to search,” Marc Klaas, whose daughter, Polly, was killed after being kidnapped from her California home in 1993, told the San Jose Mercury News. “It was about his heart.  It’s certainly a touching thing, and it’s a huge thing, too.  By showing up, he provided a value that went well beyond his own presence as a searcher.”

Klaas said it was the first time a celebrity has joined a search organized by the KlaasKids Foundation without first being asked.  “For somebody of that stature to take his own initiative and do something like this to show that he cares about the family and the community, I’m just thrilled, and I imagine Sierra LaMar’s family is, too,” Klaas said. “It shows you the kind of person Alex Smith must be.”

Not only has Smith refrained from seeking attention, he actively has avoided it.

All too often, athletes and celebrities go out of their way to make sure everyone knows about their good deeds, and in those situations it’s always fair to at least be skeptical of their motives.  In this case, Smith hasn’t tried to make it about himself or to in any way pump up his image.  And for that, he deserves plenty of credit — even though he apparently wants none of it.

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  1. Nice to hear a story like this. The real blessings in life come to those seek nothing for themselfs.

  2. I’m not trying to belittle his obviously selfless actions, but wouldn’t it be beneficial to openly broadcast he was about to do this so to encourage others to join the search?

  3. Alex Smith is showing that he is a good human being and he should be the type of person we point to as role models.

    However, to say that we should be skeptical of the motives of celebrities when they attend charity events or push for good causes, here’s the question I have to ask you: If the celebrities weren’t there posing and posturing for the media, would the media even cover any of the charity events?

  4. jackntorres says:Apr 1, 2012 3:20 PM

    I’m not trying to belittle his obviously selfless actions, but wouldn’t it be beneficial to openly broadcast he was about to do this so to encourage others to join the search?
    Yeah because that is what the searchers would want…autograph seekers ruining their search. That is what would happen. If they weren’t going to help unless Alex was there, then they are in the way.

    Hoping for the best!

  5. @thehouseofho turn on CNN or you’re local news there’s plenty of coverage of non celeb events. People are just obsessed w/ celebs and pro athletes and that’s all they care about.

  6. Love the (I’m guessing) Seahawks fan that thumbs down the comment that said “I hope they find Sierra.” Bias knows no bounds.

  7. So, I guess from now on celebrities and pro athletes should get permission from judgmental media types before performing an act of charity. You know, to make sure they are doing it for the ‘right’ reasons. Why wouldn’t we just simply welcome charitable contributions, as it’s the right thing to do? To insinuate anything else is pure media spin and is shameful.

  8. “Klaas said it was the first time a celebrity has joined a search organized by the KlaasKids Foundation without first being asked. ”


    Kinda sad to hear that fact. Does not reflect well on “Celebrities” in general.

    Let this be a shout-out to every celebrity out there…
    You make gobs and gobs of ridiculous money from people and families JUST LIKE Sierra Lamar!!!!
    Help OUT!

  9. …This is why I have always stuck by Alex Smith. Since coming to the 9ers in 05… I have been his biggest fan…. through the thick & the thin… the worst & the best… people dont understand how great of a person he actually is. He’s smart, talented, and such a good hearted person…. and this shows it. I’m glad this got out, just so people can understand just what Alex Smith is all about… I hope they find that little girl, its really sad to see something like this happen to a community, any community. My blessings are with the family…

  10. I live in the area and this story really was good to see. I hope we can find her soon. A lot of people In my community are Putting in their share of the aid they can provide.

  11. steviep23 says:
    Apr 1, 2012 4:05 PM
    @thehouseofho turn on CNN or you’re local news there’s plenty of coverage of non celeb events. People are just obsessed w/ celebs and pro athletes and that’s all they care about.


    Actually, if you watch CNN or your local news, you’ll notice there isn’t anywhere close to “plenty of coverage” of CHARITY events unless there are celebrities in attendance or they are being backed by celebrities or something outrageous occurs. Face it, in order for anything to get noticed, there has to be something else that these obsessive people want to see.

  12. Having watched, and pulled for this youngster from Day One, this side of him does not surprise me in the least. The media more or less felt compelled to report his involvement, but if they had asked him for a “green lite” I can guarantee you he would have declined – with class. But still declined.

    ps: the bulk of his former detractors are now being a tad more open-minded. I would love to see their faces at the end of the coming season.

  13. This is exactly how charity should be done…without seeking praise. It’s hard not to root for someone like that, regardless of team…more importantly, hope they find little Sierra.

  14. No matter how Smith’s football career turns out, when he is fished with he’s left with fact that he’s a decent human being. He can look forward to that in addition to not having to worry about finding himself on the pages of PFT because he got arrested.

  15. Great job Alex Smith.
    THIS is why I hate Tim Tebow. Whenever he goes to help out a charity or pray with kids or talk to prisoners, he feels the need to bring a camera with him so people can talk about how great of a guy Tim Tebow is. People who really want to help out and be good people shouldn’t care if others are looking at them or not. The ones who bring cameras along and brag about their charity and praising God are just seeking attention. Those who do it quietly, like Alex Smith, are the ones who really want to help.

  16. You call yourself “classygentleman” You are a black face lier. It is trash like you that make Tim Tebow and what he does so important.

  17. may god bless Alex Smith for searching for that little girl. If anyone thinks he’s doing thing for brownie points should rethink their morals. Most people generally care about others no matter what class they are in. Those of you who believe otherwise, maybe you are the one who have no soul. May god bless that little girl and give us a happy ending for once.

  18. @mrslay1

    I don’t know what racist part of the country you live in, but “black face liar” is not an expression I’ve ever heard before, and it seems to be really racist. Keep vocalizing your support for Tebow and all that “important” work he’s doing though.

  19. shaggytoodle says:Mar 28, 2012 7:46 PM

    I understand the importance of charecter, but in all honesty I sometimes get sick of hearing how they are a good person.

    I personally believe there are a TON of good people in the NFL and never get any love for it.

    Not that I care what everyone thinks, but I posted in this in reguards to RG3 being a good “person” I got not so positive response.

    This wa that was in reference too though.

  20. Rams fan here, commending Alex Smith for following the “little voice” within. I wish his fellow search team success and the family of Sierra blessings and peace as they deal with this horrible situation. Many things are greater than sports. This is surely one of them in which we can unite as human beings and not just fans.

  21. i don’t really understand how people are down voting the words of encouragement

    he did a nice thing without expecting anything in return. so someone noticed him and told the media. Whether you like him as a football player or not, he seems like a good guy. how can you disrespect that?

  22. Its these types of things that will never make me root against alex smith. Even if he went to another team. How can you not root for him? Underdog of all underdogs.

  23. These are the types of stories you like to see.. This isn’t a “look at me” type story, and this isn’t a “charity” thing where he get’s a nice little tax deduction because he donated money to a charity of his choice. This is a story of a guy who was probably relaxing and decided hey, i’m not doing anything today, i’m going to go and help out with this search. No OTA’s or anything like that going on that i “have to” be at, so why not put some time into this. I live in this community, and i’m going to be here for years to come.. This is a great selfless act by someone who isn’t looking for attention.. He is a MAN among a group of boys.. With the whole bounty scandal going on in New Orleans, it sure is nice to see stories like this. It shows people who think football players get paid to be barbarians, have a bad perspective of football players. They aren’t barbarians. They are human beings just like you and i. Alex Smith is a good man! He’s not doing this for charity, he’s just doing this because he’s a good person. He doesn’t really care what my opinion is or your opinion. He probably feels this is a very sad set of events and if he can do something to help the situation, then why not! He’s not a glory hound, or going out there looking for someone to pat him on the back and say good job… He’s just doing what any other person near the area with time would do!

    9r’s fans…. You have a good human being running your offense…. And there’s a WR over there, that is alot like Alex Smith, he never get’s publicized for it though. Nobody ever talks about the things he did in the past that are positives. But they sure love to jump on the negative bandwagon of things he’s done. We need more stories like this. Keeps people in check and helps people realize, that they are still human beings. They are just like you and I..

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