Luck’s QB tutor: If Colts draft Griffin they’ll regret it for years

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A year ago, quarterback guru George Whitfield tutored Cam Newton and prepared him for the pre-draft workouts that helped establish him as the top player in the draft. This year, Whitfield is very confident that he’s again working with the draft’s top player.

In fact, in an Indianapolis Star column that seeks to debunk any talk that the Colts might surprise people and pick Robert Griffin III first overall, Whitfield says that his prized pupil, Andrew Luck, is the kind of talent that an NFL team would long regret passing on.

If they over-think this, they’re going to make a mistake they’ll regret for years,” Whitfield said.

Some draft analyst view Luck as the safer bet but Griffin as the player with the higher upside. Whitfield doesn’t think upsides get much higher than Luck’s.

“He’s constantly being categorized as being safe, the sure thing, almost to the point where it’s a negative like there’s a ceiling, no apparent way for him to get better,” Whitfield said. “It almost feels like they’re looking at him as the guy with the least amount of negatives. Let me tell you: He’s far from a finished product. He’s very far along, but there are still things he’s working on mechanically and there are lots of things he’ll get better at by being in the NFL.”

Although plenty of observers disagree with Whitfield and think Griffin is the better prospect, from all indications none of those observers are in the Colts’ front office. The Colts aren’t going to make that decision that Luck’s quarterback tutor thinks they’d regret.

79 responses to “Luck’s QB tutor: If Colts draft Griffin they’ll regret it for years

  1. Eh, not the same as when Manning when to Polian and Mora’s office and told them “if you don’t take me, I’m gonna kick your ass the next 15 years”.

  2. I’m a Skins fan and a lot of people have convinced themselves they’d rather have RG3. Let me just tell you. I’d kill for Luck. Once in a generation player.

  3. Both are good. Both can be great. And both can fall on their faces. Their talent simply implies the probability of them failing is less than another QB such as Tannehill, but you never know until you get to the big show.

    I am a big believer that a coaching staff has a lot to do with how a young QB develops in his early years, just ask Alex Smith. A bad coaching staff and bad locker room can really destroy a QBs psyche, and I would say the situation in Washington has never been a pleasant environment in recent past, so I would say RG3 through no fault of his own is in the tougher situation.

    They seem to be expecting fireworks immediately in WASH. And RG3 also has to live in shadow of Eli, Vick, and Romo off the bat. The expectations on RG3 are actually higher at this point. But neither of them will have the type of success that Cam had in his rookie year.

  4. Good luck young men wherever you land. Hopefully, the franchise that selects you will put the pieces in place for you to be successful…….

  5. you can’t have an unbiased opinion. the very fact it is an opinion from a PERSON makes it biased

    you can have an unbiased statement… but that must be 100% factual

  6. Manning vs. Leaf. I remember one of them was supposed to have the “higher upside.”

  7. Luck looks like a dork and kind of talks like one too. RG3 looks like an athlete and sound smoother when he speaks.

    I can say that because Luck is the white guy. If it were reversed, that would make me a racist.

  8. Is this the kind of report we are going to hear from all top prospects from now on before the draft?

    I think we have heard this before, thanks a lot Peyton.

  9. I remember when it was Manning v. Leaf, some of the same reasoning was heard – “Manning is as good as he’ll ever get,” “Leaf has more upside.” The sure thing turned out to be the sure thing that time. I’m not saying RGIII is going to be Leaf, but I think Luck might be Manning. Which ain’t so bad.

  10. Whats he gonna say? “yeah, this guy I am tutoring isn’t very good at all. Colts should take RGIII”

  11. Last year, they said Blaine Gabbert was the better QB than Cam Newton. Although Cam is and was the superior QB, critics would bring up “wonderlic scores” and “safe”
    I’m not to sold on RG3 quite yet. Yeah he put up great numbers in his final season, like Akli Smith, in a system he played for in 4 seasons. I just hope Shanahan will groom RG3 to be a success QB and not a bust.

  12. It’s a little early to be saying the selection of Cam was the right one. Careers are NOT made or broken in 1 season.

    Give him time – don’t be putting undue pressure on him. Same applies to Luck/RG3.

    I think it’s agreeable that RG3 and Luck both possess the physical skills and football IQ to make it huge in the NFL.

    How their careers shake out will be determined by the talent and coaching around them and how they handle adversity/expectations/fame etc.

  13. Asking this guy whose the better player is like asking the mother of a newborn who has the cutest baby, come on. What is he gonna say, the other kid is better than the guy I trained. Both these guys will be good pros if some team doesn’t screw them and and try to Moore them too quickly.

  14. hey pacodawg:

    Luck is an overall #1 pick, while McCoy was a mid third rounder. Apples & oranges. Helloo!

  15. I want a quarterback on my team, again, not a running back who can throw the ball, look at history, it will never work!!!!

  16. I wish the Colts would just go ahead and give Luck a contract and stop playing these games. The GM would be an idiot to do anything different.

    This is not discrediting RG3. He earned his high draft rank, but Luck is further along the curve than Griffin.

  17. I think they both will be good. Not sure why the debate makes it seem that one will be great and the other will suck. I guess it’s just the offshoot of the Manning/Leaf thing. But remember- Eli and Rivers are both rock-solid- neither sunk to bustdom.

  18. RGIII and Luck are even. Luck is YT so he is “safer.” It’s just that simple. It’s the old, “YT is right” nonsense. The Redskins will get a great QB in RGIII. The Colts will get a great QB, who happens to be a “YT” guy. Both Luck and RGIII will win Super Bowls and be great QBs in the NFL.

  19. The way I look at it, they are both very good QB’s. Now RG3 is faster but Luck is a little bigger and harder to tackle. IMO i’d be happy with either QB and i’m a skins fan.

  20. I think the underlying message here is actually “If The Colts draft RG3 Andrew Luck will regret it for years because no one wants to play in Washington.” I do sincerely think Luck & his people are hoping they aren’t put in a position where they have to pull an Eli Manning, especially after Washington traded up.

    It isn’t just the whole Snyder Era stigmatism either, I think Shanahan’s been exposed. The only reason he has 2 rings are John Elway & Terrell Davis. All the 1,000 yard runners & QB projects clearly were more Kubiak than Shanahan, not to mention the line they had, either out of athleticism or knowing how to play dirty when they needed to.

  21. George Whitfield isn’t biased? Of course he is – he’s being well paid to coach Luck for his Pro Day and Draft and he’s not coaching RGIII. So what’s he supposed to say “The guy who I’m coaching? He’s not very good – he should drop in the draft.”

    George is totally biased, but he’s also totally right – Luck looks that good. RGIII is good too, but a big gamble – too much of a sprinter and maybe too brittle. I watched the game where he tore his own ACL just running in the open.

  22. Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb and Akili Smith.

    Smith had a lot of upside, Couch was the most complete and McNabb was “ready”.

    Out of that group only McNabb had success.

    This year we have Luck, RG3 and Tannehill.

    Tannehill is this years Smith, Luck is Couch and RG3 is McNabb.

  23. Let’s think about this for a moment. Ok. Duh. The Colts are going to pick Luck. Everyone knows that. The only people saying otherwise want a good news twist to keep you peaked until Draft Day. It’s just something else the media can create stir about that isn’t true, i.e. all that speculation as to what day Peyton was going to make a decision on a team.

    “My source tells me it will be Tuesday.”

    “A report says it will be next Monday.”

    “A source in the Manning camp says it will be tomorrow.”


    Point is…

    Don’t believe the hype!

  24. How about this. Remember when Marino was the last QB taken in the first round? Like they say you never know. Of course Shula was pretty good at evaluating QBs and getting the most out of them.

  25. Wow, continue to see the hate of RG3 going to a bad enviornment in DC. I would say to all that if all you read is press clippings, and listen to haters (Donovan McNabb), you are mistaken. Mike Shanahan has completely changed the culture of this team, and now that we have an front office that actually knows what they’re doing, RG3 would be coming into a very good situation. You have no idea of what the skins fans expectations are. We’re educated football fans, and have common sense expectations. No one here has mentioned Cam Newton, or have said that RG3 is going to change things overnight. We are well aware of the rebuilding process, and know that we will go through the ups and downs of a rookie QB, but we also know that we have a coach in Mike Shanahan that knows how to tutor, and mentor young QB’s.

  26. burm61 says:

    I feel bad for Luck because he will never live up to his hype no matter what he does.


    A couple of SB’s will suffice. In spite of his idiosyncrasies, Irsay has demonstrated he is willing to create a team to pursue this.

  27. Let’s kill the Leaf comparison to any qb in this draft, leaf was a mental midget and still is

  28. I’m wondering if George Whitfield would have the same opinion if he were getting paid to tutor RG3 as opposed to where his current meal is coming from.

  29. Manning, Rivers, Rothlesburger. Talk was that Ben was the least ready for the NFL but had the best upside. Ben played great his first year while the other 2 cooled the bench. Nobody knows which QB this year will be the best of the class. It would not surprise me if neither Luck or RG3 turns out to be the best QB taken this draft. There is also the possibility that both teams will be happy with the QB they select. The teams that selected Manning, Rivers and Ben are probably happy they chose who they did.

  30. Blah, blah, Blah. Both are great talents. NOBODY is a sure thing in the NFL. Not even Andrew Luck. There have been so many “guarantees”, yet half of them flop. It’s just the way it is. You do your homework as an organization, you decide which one feels like the best fit for your club and you hope it works out. Simple as that. Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, David Klinger, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, David Carr, Andre Ware, Vince Young, Matt Leinert, Colt McCoy, etc, etc. all busts who got massive hype. If Franchise QB’s were so easy to find, and all the first round QB’s lived up to expectations, there would be 32 Stud QB’s in the league. Instead, there’s about 10. The rest are, eh. So no guarantees.

  31. Luck has had great protection his whole life. Even in college he’s played behind two NFL first rounders. He’s never had to face the kind of pass rush he’s going to see in the NFL. The few times he’s seen pressure, he’s choked big time. Everybody says he’s safe and a sure thing once a generation. I see a big time bust, unless you think Alex Smith isn’t a bust.

  32. Since life is so unpredictable, I bet some QB taken in the second or third round will be better than either of these guys.

  33. “I want a quarterback on my team, again, not a running back who can throw the ball, look at history, it will never work!!!!

    Diablitoo……., a few things to ponder…..When you have the great fortune of selecting 1st in the draft, that means YOU SUCK as a team. In other words, you have a whole lot of holes to fill to make yourself a competitive team…….Now as for your above statement, if the colts select Luck #1, I recommend to him that he learns how to be come a running back because a whole lot of his “running” will be out of necessity….His O-line sucks……..

  34. If you know football you know they were both great players in college. The question is which will transpose the best to the NFL and it’s really not a question. Luck is the man if your color blind. If not, well thats what these posts are for.

  35. These to young men are so close stat wise for their collegiate careers it’s unreal……the 2 major differences are the conferences they played in….and the systems they played in…..Playing the the Pac 10 and Stanford gives Luck the advantag of having superior talent around him from day one ( his RB FR year was Toby Gerhardt)….

    Playing in the Big 12 and Baylor leaves Griffin at a disadvantage as far as talent around him but it evens out regarding competition as the Big 12 was a far better conference than the Pac 12 during his career….

    Either one of theses young men can be great players…..but I must add that coaching will play a HUGE part in their developement….If the Colts or Redskins force either of these guys into a positions they are not ready for they will not sign their secon contract with the same team….

  36. @diablito0402
    If you knew anything at all about Robert Griffin you would know that he is nowhere near a “rb who can throw”. If anything he is a passing quarterback who has the ability to run when the play breaks down. He is actually a very good passer who’s accurate with a strong arm. Don’t assume, and I think I know exactly why you are, that he’s just another dual threat QB because he isn’t. Do some research before you say something so stupid.

  37. “I’m not saying RGIII is going to be Leaf, but I think Luck might be Manning. Which ain’t so bad”

    Luck could also turn out to be Leaf. Nobody has seemed to consider that one.

  38. bucks12965 says:
    Apr 1, 2012 9:35 AM
    Luck looks like a dork and kind of talks like one too. RG3 looks like an athlete and sound smoother when he speaks.

    I can say that because Luck is the white guy. If it were reversed, that would make me a racist.


    Can’t we just leave at quarterbacking for once… I mean damn.

  39. His numbers are not as good as Colt McCoy coming out of college in the same conference. That rarely transfers to the NFL. You should do some research yourself STUPID

  40. For the idiots bring race into this thread … seriously get a life.
    This thread is about top 2 QBs in the draft (according to the experts) … one is a drop back passer and the other is scrambler and if you know yours facts when was the last time a scambling QB won the SB.

  41. a few things to ponder…..When you have the great fortune of selecting 1st in the draft, that means YOU SUCK as a team

    Does it? Or does it mean that you had really bad qb play? Colts went from a playoff team to nothing without Peyton. Skins have only made the playoffs once in quite a while. Why? Because the quarterback play has been atrocious!

  42. “Although plenty of observers disagree with Whitfield…”
    This statement doesn’t tell me anything.
    Anyone is an observer.

  43. Didn’t the “powers that be” at the last minute grade Blaine Gabbert a better QB than Cam Newton due to his photographic memory last season?? Cam had the superior athletic ability but was graded down in comparison coming from a spread offense (just like Gabbert) however his mental faculties of total recall made him better prepared to run a pro offense?? Sounds like another “redneck” spin-job to me. Keep saying the same old drool to justify your inability to get past skin tone ! Anything that allows oneself not to address the player with the better skill set. This is the NFL and an athletic sport NOT professional checkers. Next year the comparisons will come down to the same thing with two similar athletes. BTW, both the Colts & Skins will have a suspect offensive line so the bottom line here is “escapability” to avoid the rush. Hmmmmm….who has the superior skill set for that ????

  44. I guess every ignore the facts and just go by the look of things. Luck does look the part with size etc. The Heisman trophy winner has just played the part. We will see soon enough but for my money I like RGIII!

  45. Luck had such a better overall consistent career than rg3 it’s not even funny. And if people think its close between the two they are fooling themselves. And I don’t want to hear about the blain grabbert cam newton thing. They’ve both only had one year in the nfl. Let’s see how cam does note that there is a years worth of nfl tape on him.

  46. Everyone knows the Colts are drafting Luck, so why is article on here? We get to compare 2 great college qb’s who have not taken an NFL snap yet. Seriously? The only thing that can come from this is more speculation, just like last year when Gabbert proclaimed himself the best in the draft and Cam was the next Jamarcus Russell and the writers were all wrong. Every year they create nonsense and watch us argue about silly things. It is not enough to be a good quarterback going to the NFL, you will need a good team around you too so lets wait and see how they help these 2 great qb’s because the truth is we do not know until we see them play.

  47. If Whitfield was worth anything, he’d be coaching in the league.

    RG3 is better than Luck. Just watch the tape. I hope the Colts do.

    Giants Fan

  48. phillyphever says: Apr 1, 2012 9:05 AM

    Eh, not the same as when Manning when to Polian and Mora’s office and told them “if you don’t take me, I’m gonna kick your ass the next 15 years”.


    True.. but in hindsight. Nobody knew about it WHEN he said it.

  49. RG3 is a bust his size 6-2 220 isn’t ready for the NFL another thing he takes one step drop in an option QB offense now the NFL is a 3 strep drop and he will easily get fooled by pressure and force something or fumbles.He is not smart on his throws forces it in double coverage or get fooled by corners plans.Lacks reading defenses.He also runs more than he throws.And with easy college teams he played this year most of the touchdowns were 5th to 6th round picks covering the WR.He is a fake get over it Redskins fans

  50. I recall the Colts being in this position 15 years ago. They chose to draft the more finished prospect over the guy who came on late and was supposed to have the higher ceiling. That worked out pretty well for them. I wouldnt expect them of all teams to deviate from that mentality

  51. I remember when Darko Milicic was coming out in the 2003 NBA draft. His hype guys said he was better than Lebron and Carmelo.

    Trust your scouts, and don’t believe the noise coming from one players camp to the other.

  52. If the Colts draft Luck and he’s a bust, nobody will shred them for the choice they made, even if RGIII is spectacular. All indications were that Luck was a great choice.

    If the Colts draft RGIII and he’s a bust, the Colts will be shredded mercilessly for having chosen him.

    The Colts have no choice but to take Luck.

  53. Wow there is someone else in the draft besides RG3!
    I would have swore by the only one we read about or see on the NFL channel that there was only one person in the draft this year and now I find out that there are more, that is great.

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