Osweiler’s draft invitation doesn’t mean anything

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The draft stock of Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler has set the stage for some recent NFL.com-on-NFL.com crime, with Gil Brandt calling Osweiler a first-round pick after his Pro Day performance and Charley Casserly putting Osweiler in round four.  Fellow NFL employee Michael Lombardi agreed with Casserly, saying “I don’t think you could ever possibly consider [Osweiler] a first-round talent.”

The fact that Osweiler has been invited to attend the draft hardly constitutes a tiebreaker.

For starters, Brandt is closely involved with the process of determining who gets invited to attend the annual selection meeting at Radio City Music Hall.  So it’s not surprising that a guy Brandt regards as a first-round talent would get one of the invitations to the party.

Then there’s the reality that, nowadays, the invitations run deep into the draft pool.  Last year, for example, one of the record 25 players who attended, former Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich, wasn’t even picked.

So Osweiler’s invitation means only that he’s been invited.  It doesn’t mean he’ll be drafted in round one or in round seven or in any round in between, or in any round at all.

Osweiler tells NFL.com that he hasn’t decided whether he’ll accept the invitation.  And his best move may be to stay away.  Otherwise, he could be sitting there all night Thursday.  And all night Friday.  And part of the day Saturday.

20 responses to “Osweiler’s draft invitation doesn’t mean anything

  1. Go ahead and attend……Limelight will help your chances of getting selected and teams will be in a QB frenzy anyway……..Doesn’t mean you may slip a bit, but my quess is you don’t slip far. Good move to attend even if you sit a day or so.

  2. This guy seems like the next Joe Flacco… poor man’s version.

    I don’t know about him like other people, but good luck to the kid.

  3. It doesn’t mean he’ll be drafted in round one or in round seven or in any round in between, or in any round at all.


    Great piece of writing.

  4. The Lions are looking to draft a developmental QB in the later rounds. Sounds like he would be a good pick.

  5. “It doesn’t mean he’ll be drafted in round one or in round seven or in any round in between” ………………”or in any round at all.”

    Mike, you didn’t tell us you had accepted a job at the Department of Redundancy Department! Congrats!

  6. Osweiler wasn’t invited because he was a feel good story as a cancer survivor. The Herzlich example is nonsensical. All the other players invited were taken within the top 50 picks or so.

  7. The biggest knock against Osweiler is that he lacks quarterback instincts and good judgment, which you can’t really teach. I say at 6’7” try to bulk him up and turn him into an athletic tight end because this guy will probably never be a starting QB in the league.

  8. He should go. Who cares if you’re drafted in round 1 or round 6? The reality is that Osweiler will be on some teams final 53 in 2012, how he gets to that final 53 is irrelevant.

    So my advice to Osweiler is, accept the invitation, enjoy the ride, and modt importantly, remember to save enough cash that you can live comfortably after football.

  9. This is no knock on Osweiler (it is one on Dennis Erickson, however), but if the kid is drafted in the first round, I bet he becomes the answer to the trivia question:

    Which QB drafted in the first round had the worst college record?

  10. Why in the world would a guy in his early 20’s ever decline to come to NYC?!?

    Forget where he eventually gets selected…he’s a 6′ 7″ future NFL QB. A sizable amount of young and beautiful women here in the city are gonna be very willing to show him a fun time over the draft weekend!

    Go Brock go!!!!

  11. Its obvious to me that Osweiler was invited so he could be the Brady Quinn Drama Man.

  12. I won’t pretend to know who will or won’t be a great QB in the NFL (like Mike pretends to know), but I do know one thing; If you receive a draft invitation it means “something”.

  13. “Osweiler’s draft invitation doesn’t mean anything”

    Nice headline.

    It must mean something. It’s more than any of us have ever received.

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