Putting a bow on a memorable month of March

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The craziest month of offseason news in NFL history has been very, very good for business.

Before the month that ended on Saturday, the 31-day high-water mark was 63.8 million page views.  The new record, thanks to March 2012, is a whopping and previously unthinkable 91.9 million.

The numbers came from 8.33 million unique visitors from March 1 through March 31.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the guys who grabbed an oar and rowed through the never-ending flow of news, with most of the effort coming from MDS, Evan Silva, and Josh Alper.  We also a huge debt of gratitude to the 8.33 million of you who took time out of your days to review, on average, more than 11 pages each for the month.

But the biggest thanks goes to the flurry of major news stories, from the Saints’ bounty system to the Colts’ decision to cut Peyton Manning to the Peyton chase to free agency to Peyton’s decision to sign with the Broncos to the bounty punishments to the Tebow trade(s) to the league meetings.

The train won’t stop rolling any time soon.  Offseason workouts start this month, the schedule release is coming, the draft is fewer than four weeks away, and the opening kickoff for the 2012 regular season comes in roughly five months.

So to those of you who found us for the first time last month, welcome aboard.  For those who have been with us for years, thanks for your loyalty.  For those of you who are just visiting for the first time right now, where in the hell have you been?

20 responses to “Putting a bow on a memorable month of March

  1. I just log in to see how you will bash the browns
    everyday , everything else is secondary !

  2. What? Didn’t like my idea of changing the Police Blotter back to Turd Watch? Is that why my comment is gone?

    Oh well, you guys still do a good job.

  3. I’ve been coming back everyday in the offseason for five years to get Farve news. Is he un-retiring yet?

  4. This is the best site for good, unbiased views for NFL on the internet.

    Just look at the bloggers, for example, in the ESPN “NFL Nation”. One in particular covered the Ravens for many, many years and now is squarely in their wheelhouse (one of his recent articles: Ravens are the team to beat in AFC North. Never mind the draft hasn’t occurred, nor the preseason).

    When I want no kidding, straight NFL views, this is the place to be, hands down.

  5. PFT really made it big time but I truly do miss the old days, back when you could be assured a “move on or move out” quote in atleast 1 story a day. And Turd watch. And the Pic of the Day. And weekly Emmitt Smith butcherings of the english language. *sigh*

    But I do enjoy the comment section nowadays, there’s usually some good stuff on here.

  6. I’ve been reading since before the arrest meter went up, but until very recently have never commented. Congrats on the milestone and thanks for being my source for my NFL fix for the better part of the last decade!

  7. fatfreddystubbs says: Apr 1, 2012 10:53 PM

    Always knew the site would get better once Rosenthal was gone.

    Rosenthal is gone? Thank God – every time he posted, the grammar teachers of the nation weeped. It was as if his computer had a ‘Scramble words’ button on the keyboard. Good riddance.

  8. Please don’t release my personal statistics for viewing this site, whatever you do.

    Everyone will know where I’ve been hiding all day and night and the secret will get out of why I know so much about the flippin NFL.

  9. Yes, start giving us the schedule rumors. Even if they are completely fabricated… Let’s hear when these big matchups are going to be played!

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