Report: Shockey wants an apology from Sapp, NFL

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As of last weekend, former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was meeting with lawyers and weighing his options and “hell bent on doing something“after being outed on NFL Network as the bounty whistleblower.  Now, TMZ reports that Shockey wants a retraction and an apology from NFLN and the man who outed him as the whistleblower, NFLN analyst Warren Sapp.

Per the report, Shockey hasn’t ruled out taking legal action, absent said retraction and apology.

If Shockey has indeed requested a retraction/apology, Shockey’s lawyer undoubtedly reduced the demand to writing and sent it to the NFL.  And if all it will take to make this go away is a retraction of Sapp’s comments and a simple “we’re sorry,” a temporary mouthful of humble pie would be a lot cheaper than defending a lawsuit — especially since Commissioner Roger Goodell already has, in a roundabout way, retracted the “report” Sapp made.

That said, it would be wise for the league to get a full release of all claims from Shockey, and the league would be even more wise to kick in a small payment four-figure to cover Shockey’s legal fees.  The league would spend a lot more than that if Shockey sues — and it’s obvious on this one that, regardless of whether Shockey blew the whistle, the league was in the wrong to allow any discussion of the subject on the network owned by the NFL.

46 responses to “Report: Shockey wants an apology from Sapp, NFL

  1. Why are we still talking about this? No cares what either one of them has to say.

  2. Awwww…poor baby. Was the baby feelings hurt? Go ahead and sue The NFL and see how that works Shockey.

  3. From that picture Shockey looks like a drunken Pirate with no lips…………

    Get em’ Shock master.

  4. It would be nice to see that egomaniac apologize. These guys believe that they are untouchable. Bring this clown down to earth. It is kinda sad that we are so interested in what these millionaires say and do to each
    other. Go Cowboys!

  5. You know it’s always the guy who protests too much that it didn’t exist. Darren Sharper was saying “Where’s my money?”, and the first to say there were no bounties…..

  6. Sapp is a moron for doing what he did and should be fired.

    That being said, anyone else think Shockey looks alot like Ryan Dunn in that photo?

  7. Its funny. People keep referring to Shockey as this awful human being, but there were no complaints about him from the Saints organization. He was a good player on and off field for them. Caught the winning TD in the superbowl. Now he’s demonstrating very good restraint and judgment. Instead of just sending his lawyers after Sapp and NFL all he wants (for now) is a public apology. The NFL should issue it immediately, fire that fat slob Sapp, cover Shockey’s legal fees and donate $50,000 to a charity of his choice.

  8. You hire Warren Sapp, you have to know that at some point he’s going to attack someone and it’s going to cost you money.
    And you also have to know that Warren Sapp, according to Warren Sapp, has never been wrong about anything, anytime, anywhere, ever. An apology will not be coming from Warren, you can take that one off of the list of possibilities, he’ll quit before he apologizes, ever.

  9. The NFL should mandate that Sapp issues an apology- not in some bland press release, but on the air. That would be the only way he would avoid termination. They have to sack-up on this one.

  10. No. It’s not an apology he’s after … it’s money. It’s always about the money.

  11. For once I agree with Shockey. They should issue a public apology and Sapp should also apologize. Sapp should then be fired after he apologizes.

  12. 2 class acts from Da U doing what Canes do best…run their annoying mouths.

  13. Ok so let me get this straight: Tony Grossi basically gets fired by the PD (and I believe this is also with the “encouragement” from the Browns themselves)for posting his OPINION of the Browns owner on Twitter.

    But Sapp posts something on HIS twitter that states something very damaging as fact, repeats it on air, and doesn’t have to have anything that backs it up…but he’s still employed? That’s called a “Tomase”. We Pats fans know exactly what that means. It’s sickening. I adore Mr.Kraft, I hate when people sue over everything, but I think Kraft should have sued the Herald out of business. To this day, people believe the LIES Matt Walsh told. He like Sapp had NO PROOF…EVER. And so Shockey has to put his foot down and blow Sapp out of the water in court.

  14. Sapp is a self centered jerk with moron syndrome. Why would you ever release the potential whistle blowers name? Even if it were Shockey, and you knew with everything in your heart that he was the ONE, why? Whistle blowers are protected and everybody know it. Sapp is just a moron and needs to be punished.

  15. I have a sinking suspicion that his lawyer told him his case for slander is somewhat weak as he’s now demanded an apology instead of cash.
    As Shockey would be considered a public figure, he’d have to establish that not only was he defamed but that the media/Sapp acted with MALICE. Goood luck with that!

  16. I would guess it would be easy enough for Shockey to show his employment opportunities dried up after Sapp’s statement. If he doesn’t find a team, those are recoverable damages in the millions, pure and simple.

  17. The NFL and Sapp owe Shockey for that. And while Shock isn’t the culprit, since when did a whistleblower become a “snitch?”

  18. The NFL knows that its employee, Warren Sapp, has defamed Shockey’s character and their legal staff will be scrambling to cover its big ass and deep pockets.

    I wouldn’t miss Sapp’s color commentary if he was fired, but I don’t think he should be if this is his first on air gaffe. He should think about the first time that his mother humbled him for bad behavior and put him in his place. Warren must find that humility and use it as a respectable man would to realize how lucky he has been and still is.

    Then, he must humbly apologize to Shockey and retract his poisonous words. If he wants to keep his job, Sapp must be sincere and determined to fulfill his promise to never ad lib his opinions again.

  19. He should already have received apologies from both parties. If he has to ask, he shouldn’t bother. Just sue the sh!t out of Sapp/NFL.

  20. Nobody even cares and shockey keeps it in the news.. reason to believe he IS the whistle blower. Does not meancheeseburger killa sapp had the right to announce it

  21. Honestly, Shockey always seemed like a jerk to me, but what Sapp (and by extension, the NFL for allowing it) was inexcusable.

    Apologize, and maybe save yourself a ton of money.

  22. Actually after consulting with his attorneys, Shockey probably discovered that an apology is prolly the most he can hope for. At any rate he’s making Sapp shell out some money of his own to find this out. In all scenarios, lawyers>than Shockey/Sapp in the last laugh dept.

  23. Shockey’s behavior is irrelevent here.
    Unless the allegations are true, Shockey is not being unreasonable in demanding a formal apology, or suing Sapp for defamation if he declines to do so.

    Warren: Time to step up to the plate, big fella.

  24. Shockey is one of the most underpaid and underappreciated players of the last decade. He played tight end as well as premier tight ends did this year, got beat up and never got a good paycheck.

    But honestly, shut up about this, you don’t need an apology, but Sapps comments were out of line and he should have apologized.

  25. I hope they make that big fat lier apologize. on TV. we kinda. no why sapp. don’t like shockey. skin tone hhmmmm. grow up sapp

  26. This does not surprise me at all.

    When Shockey was a Giant, he was nothing but trouble in the locker room running his mouth and being self centered.

    We went on the 07/08 playoff and Superbowl run without him. He watched the Superbowl from the stands- never had the team camaraderie to be on the sidelines and blew off the parade in NY City with the rest of his “team-mates”.

    Ever since cleansing the locker room of mouths like him and Tiki Barber, we have gone on to win championships.

    Of course he outed the Saints.

  27. Must be true, otherwise why is Shockey still keepin this non-story alive….nobody cares abt Shockey or Sapp….move on!

  28. subseaservices says:Apr 1, 2012 8:17 PM

    We went on the 07/08 playoff and Superbowl run without him. He watched the Superbowl from the stands- never had the team camaraderie to be on the sidelines and blew off the parade in NY City with the rest of his “team-mates”.

    Pretty sure the Giants told him to stay away.

  29. How about if the NFLN just fired Warren “big mouth” Sapp. That way, everyone is happy!!!!

  30. farleyjc says:Apr 2, 2012 11:39 AM

    How about if the NFLN just fired Warren “big mouth” Sapp. That way, everyone is happy!!!!

    The NFL is interesting.

    I remember being a small child, do as I say, not as I do.

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