Saints fans rally in support of Sean Payton

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Although Sean Payton’s appeal of his season-long suspension isn’t expected to persuade NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, many Saints fans are convinced that their head coach was treated too harshly in the aftermath of the team’s bounty scandal.

New Orleans TV station WWL reports that a group of Saints fans rallied today to send a message to Goodell: They think his punishment was unfair.

“There’s 32 teams in the league and everybody’s done it, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s no reason to have this kind of a suspension for a head coach,” said Keith L’Hoste.

The reality is that there’s no evidence that “everybody’s done” what the Saints did, but the Saints fans who attended the rally are convinced that Goodell gave Payton a raw deal.

“We think the penalties are too harsh. So, I think Goodell needs to reconsider,” Jan Hankins said.

There’s no realistic chance that Goodell will reconsider. But when Payton says, “Our fans back in New Orleans have been amazing,” these are the fans he’s thanking.

138 responses to “Saints fans rally in support of Sean Payton

  1. Bounty or not, the Saints played smash mouth football and beat their opponents into submission time and time again during the last three years, they have nothing to apologize for. If anything, it should be their opponents who should be embarrassed, that the Saints made them look like sniveling weaklings who couldn’t defend themselves, much less the end zone.

    Be Defiant Saints! Just Win!

  2. There should be a board that makes the decisions not one man. I feel Goodell is just trying to make a point and over doing it. The teams owner of the rest of the team shouldn’t have to suffer because Roger wants to make a point. He has already turned the NFL into a soft sport in many peoples eyes. How about moving back the kick offs to where they belong, people are gonna hit and be hit. It’s FOOTBALL!

  3. Louisiana, where corruption is king!

    No surprise here. This is the state where the governor said that the only way he’d be run out of office was if they caught him in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.

  4. Sorry Saints fans, the suspensions are legit. I don’t necessarily care for the way Payton takes care of business with his offense but I admit it’s been effective and he’s been one of the best coaches in the NFL the past few years.

    However, head coaches are called head coaches for a reason. They are responsible for everything, offense and defense. The WHOLE team. The buck stops there, and he needs to pay the price for what happened with them.

  5. Thanks for the “breaking news” ..that city sold its soul for a franchise QB and a superbowl..well congrats you got is it looking now? I see a pissed of QB, no headcoach for a year, future player suspensions, and loss of a guard to a division rival..WHO DAT?!?!?!

  6. Will you guys get a freakin clue? No the Saints are NOT the only team to have bounties. Sure, every other person that talked about their teams pay for play systems stopped short of saying they ‘paid for injuries’ but why would they? The fact is almost every other team did something similar but Goodell needed a sacrificial lamb to help his rear end in the upcoming lawsuits. Period. End of story.

  7. The new age of NFL, as far as the league itself sees it, is becoming a zero tolerance place when it comes to player safety. They’re trying to send a message, and reducing Payton’s suspension would be conflicting with the overall picture.

    This isn’t traffic court, and just showing up doesn’t cut the fine in half. This appeal will change nothing.

  8. People keep forgetting that Payton blatantly got caught lying to Goodell. That’s almost the bigger offence in all of this. Goodell is for all intents and purposes is Payton’s boss. If I got caught lying to my boss at work I’d be lucky to keep my job, never mind only receive a suspension. Life isn’t fair, just because you’re a well paid NFL coach doesn’t make you above the ‘law’. Payton should know better, if you don’t like what the governing body of your employment says, then go find another job. Make “5 figures” like the majority of us. If you want to continue to make millions of dollars, you might want to follow the rules.

  9. The Saints fans are crying because everybody else does it but I guess the Saint players are the only dumb ones because they bragged about it. How dumb was that.

  10. Saints fans…….if your neighbor paid someone to come to YOUR home and assault you, what would you say then?

  11. Typical classless “Taints” fans! Your coach was involved in illegal activity that would have his dumbass thrown in prison had it not occurred in the NFL! So you mean to tell me that if I paid someone $1500 to hurt you to the point you had to be carted out of the dome while watching a game you wouldn’t think a year in prison would be fair? No to be honest you wouldn’t because that would be to short of a sentence so if you ask me he’s getting off light! Morons! Do something good with your time (unlike I’m doing right now) and instead of protesting a dummies “harsh” sentence, help out with some community service or something.

  12. They may not have been the only team with a bounty system but they ARE the only team/HC/DC who continually lied to the league about it – right up till the day the story broke.

    Heck the players are still lying about it, even after the coaches admitted to it.

    Me a man, take your punishment. Do your time. What little respect most fans had for you is going away the more you whine about this. Goes for Sean and the Saints fans…

  13. talkintrashallday says:
    If everyone jumps off a bridge, are the Saints going to do that too?

    This makes no sense. The article didn’t say the Saints were lemmings and following other teams with the pay-for-performance program, but that they are being singled out for excessively harsh punishment when other teams are guilty of similar programs. And, yes, they DO have evidence that other teams have used bounty programs.

    In fact, Goodsell specifically stated that non-contract bonus payments are far more prevalent that the NFL would like. While he did claim that they have no evidence that the bonus payment have escalated to the level of bounties to injure, I would point out that they didn’t find that evidence on the Saints either on their initial investigation, so it is not surprising that an initial investigation of other teams will not disclose that type of information. They would need to follow up on the leads and perform a full investigation of other teams, as they have done for the Saints and then that information will be discovered. However, they have their sacrificial lamb, so no need to dig too deep. Better to make an example of the only team that was thoroughly investigated and move on.

  14. Ask those same Staint fans what happens at their place of employement if they repeatedly lie and get caught? Suspension? No.

    Come into my office, your F’in Fired!

    It’s only football Staints, it doesn’t pay the your bills.

  15. The reality is that there’s no evidence that “everybody’s done” what the Saints did, but the Saints fans who attended the rally are convinced that Goodell gave Payton a raw deal.

    Payton and Gregg Williams ADMITTED to it… you backwood retards!

  16. The Saints paid their players to simply injure the other teams players rather than actually just winning the game on the field straight up… and it contributed to a SB win.

    when you circumvent the rules and lie about it for years…. that is pretty much the definition of cheating….

    Payton deserves more than the year….

  17. Where EXACTLY is Goodell’s proof that there was an intent to injure? There is NONE!!
    There are NFL personnel who review every game each week to decide on punishments for illegal plays/hits in every game. If there were no fines then, how can there be fines now??
    The penalties the Saints are getting is because Goodell said that personnel lied to him and his investigators.
    So what Goodell says in law, and nobody is allowed to appeal although that is part of the very system the league operates under???
    Sure seems like there is a lot of jealousy, fear, and bitterness among other fans. Quick to stand up and call for someone’s head while the “trial” is still being decided upon. Would hate for it to be your family on trial, seeing as how the GAME has turned many of you into sheep!


    If he were black there’d be more outrage!


  19. How many concussion lawsuits are we going to see in the future blaming the cause on bounties. Payton was the head coach, it was his responsibility to know what was going on with the team. Punishment Well Deserved!!

  20. It’s about due process… You have major companies with major pollution violations who don’t get fined more than a million dollars. It’s about a broken appeal process, or lack there of. It’s the Saints today, maybe your team tomorrow. The NFL KGB is still investigating. It’s about being accused and not being shown the facts of the investigation. It’s about having Goodell making up punishments as he goes, no ceiling on penalties. It’s about the Saints running through their division like diarrhea.

  21. @ningenito78

    First of all where are your facts for your every team had a paying program to injure players with illegal hits like the Saints? And even if you where right your Aints where to dumb and arrogant to stop when the NFL was giving them we will look the other way card.

  22. We can all root for him to sit on the couch in the offseason better than any overweight RaiDerp fan!!! GO SEAN, GO SEAN, GO SEAN!!!

  23. Advice for Saints fans: Stay away from Bourbon Street. Sean Payton is guilty. Period. If you’re more concerned “snitches” than about accountability and personal responsibility, you are no better than those serving time in prison. Besides, if your team is as good as you and others on your team say, then you should have no problem making it to the Super Bowl.

  24. What Saints fans should do is boycott all the games and walk around the dome in protest with posters saying let our coach do his job. Or maybe kiss my butt Goodell. Let the rest of the nation see what how to ruin a city and a team.

  25. @outvoted2006

    Where is the proof ? You Saints fans really are that dumb ! Your players and coaches have admitted to having a cart off program . What more proof do you want ?

  26. All of you people saying that Saints fans are “dumb” or “stupid” are complete idiots. Excuse Saints fans for sticking with the team and getting defensive when all the media wants to do is say there’s a black mark on the only championship in the history of a historically bad franchise. If this had happened to your own team, you’d be doing the same thing that you’re criticizing Saints fans for doing.

  27. Punishment was too severe and everybody does do it. Having said that, no way Payton coaches this year. It does not matter what really happens in the league or how many teams do it, it only matters what goodell’s precious media thinks happens. And the punishment sends a message that this is an isolated so that is what the sheep see and “report”.

  28. I am always blown away by the Saints fans who defend a system that was put in place to injure players on purpose, the insanity is amazing….. I an glad they were made an example of, hope this cements the point that cheating, lying, and deception in the process of hurting players will not be tolarated

  29. For what it’s worth, these fans are many of the same bunch that were told to evacuate the city because of hurricane Katrina, but decided to stick around…we know how that ended.

  30. Seems like the 49ers punched the aints* in their ballwashers in the playoffs last season if I remember right. It’s not the Saints team I dislike, it’s the always the victim aints* fans that I can’t stand. Just remember, it was the rest of the population that came running to your aid when you needed it you ungrateful dilholes.

  31. You guys have NO real information to base your opinion on. There have been NO facts released to the general public. The only information you have is provided by sensationalist media using words designed to appeal to emotion. The words are used to whip up outrage. And you lemmings fall into line, outraged at smoke and mirrors. There is no critical thinking about the information provided. Nice job.

  32. This, coming from a city that was completely flooded, raided their own stores, and then cried when others wouldn’t help them. And then they stayed. Ya, America feels real sorry for Sean Payton, who supported having the players hurt of our favorite teams. Go to hell New Orleans.

  33. Proof? They could have concrete evidence and you aints* fans would still scream “where’s the proof” durr!! Is it ignorance or just plain bafoonery? You people decide.

  34. Fans rally to support a coach who accepted full responsibility then changed his mind when he was actually punished?

    Stay classy New Orleans.

  35. Any Saints fan who feels Wall Street CEOs need to be arrested for their contributions to the financial mess, can’t be upset at this suspension. Either the guy at the top takes the fall across the board, or none of the time.

  36. Can’t wait for the Dats to drop 50 points + plus on defenses this year. This is the greatest bulletin board material. Oh and all you naysayers grow a pair. Its football you get your bell rung and if your name is Farve or Warner you get your butt whipped!

  37. saints fans are just upset becuz this is gonna set them back for a couple of years. look payton is guilty he lied about it and then kept doing it? (dummy) he got caught and still tried to deny it? to think he almost came to the packers? thank you TT. saints fans you need to get over it, your team got what it deserved. and in all reality they should see some jail time, that should be what they really have to face, since they were trying to intentionally cause injury.

  38. kronix7 and if memory serves me correct… American runs to your freak ass state for every earthquake, forest fire and AIDS walk! Go wash your boyfriends back freak!

  39. The facts are, that Sean Payton or Saints fans did nothing to injure players. Greg Williams got players worked up to play harder by making a pool for sacks, interceptions and causing fumbles. He didn’t think it was a big deal because other teams have always done that. Yes, it goes against the newer NFL rules against extra pay, but there’s been no evidence of a Saints player actually injuring another player. All we see are scenes of players trying to sack a quarterback which is a normal part of every game. It’s not fair for Goodell to pick on Sean Payton as the instigator of a pay for hard hits plan. Goodell will injure players by pushing for two more games, but he’s just using Payton as a diversion to distract attention away.

  40. Nothing wrong with fans supporting their teams, but if it was another team that put bounties on your players I’m sure you would be crying foul. How many of you aints* fans support spygate? Not one of you would admit to that. Right?

  41. “I am always blown away by the Saints fans who defend a system that was put in place to injure players on purpose”

    It should not be much of a surprise after all these are the same people that where shooting at rescue workers when they trying to save them.

  42. The ultimate figure the Saints are going to give Roger Goodell will come when he has to stand on the podium in N.O. after the Superbowl this year and hand Tom Benson his second Lombardi Trophy.

    This is a veteran team, used to winning (most wins in the NFL over the last three years), they’ve been together since 2006, they don’t have “T.O.” type of diva/drama nut jobs, they’re built to win NOW with the most productive offense in league history which just so happens to be coming back almost completely intact, and they’re picking up free agent defensive players who are giving discounts on they’re contracts because they WANT to play in N.O. – and those D players are BETTER than the ones they’re replacing & will be lost to suspension.

    On top of all that, they’re pissed off, and will play with the blood-brother bond of “us against the world”. Plus they love their HC and are highly motivated to win for him.

    Sorry guys – these are basically facts, not opinions. So if they’ve won one S.B, and been in the running for the last two, why shouldn’t they at least contend for it again? I know just the thought of that ruins the day for all these new haters (and the old ones from Mn.), but to think otherwise if just plain foolish.

  43. sportsmeccabi says:
    Apr 1, 2012 8:54 PM
    For those saying every team does the bounty system:
    Can I see some proof?
    Actually, NO you can NOT. Because Goodell and his lackeys won’t even allow the NFLPA look at their “evidence.” Wrong question to ask dude.

  44. “Saints fans rally in support of Sean Payton”. Maybe they can watch the Saints game with him at his house in 2012.

  45. Seenit be 4 you one messed up sister licking her beaver backward mf who dat sounds right to you you stupid mf your why I cant stand saints and canjuns u sis licking bastards

  46. Yeah, so the Saints fans got a superbowl trophy and the players and coaches got superbowl rings out of the deal, so, I would just shut up while you are all ahead of the game.

  47. Saints fans are filthy idiots! Scum of the earth. The Aints were a 1yr wonder riding the tradegy of a horrible situation, and now are back where they belong. UNDER THE LEVIE!

  48. It’s gonna be so much fun watching the Saints ram it down y’alls throats this season. Keep it coming, every post is like fuel.

  49. Even if others did it, others didn’t lie and cover it up. That’s why he got a year.

  50. “”neovenator250 says: Apr 1, 2012 9:20 PM

    All of you people saying that Saints fans are “dumb” or “stupid” are complete idiots. Excuse Saints fans for sticking with the team and getting defensive when all the media wants to do is say there’s a black mark on the only championship in the history of a historically bad franchise. If this had happened to your own team, you’d be doing the same thing that you’re criticizing Saints fans for doing.””

    Roger Goodell and the league didn’t do this to you. Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, and Greg Williams did this to you.

  51. Payton has every right to appeal the suspension, so he should wisely exhaust all opportunities. Saints fans have every right to support the best coach in the history of the franchise and the only coach to lead them to a Super Bowl victory. I hope the Saints’ temporary troubles give you much pleasure, because your teams’ continued mediocrity surely will not. I am talking to you, Viking fan.

  52. steelerhypocrite says:
    For what it’s worth, these fans are many of the same bunch that were told to evacuate the city because of hurricane Katrina, but decided to stick around…we know how that ended.
    Stay classy Steeler “Black and Yellow” Nation.

  53. The reality is that there’s no evidence that “everybody’s done” what the Saints did, but the Saints fans who attended the rally are convinced that Goodell gave Payton a raw deal.
    How the h3ll do you know there is no such evidence? Have you or anyone else at PFT who have already tried, convicted and executed the Saints seen even page 1 of the alleged 50,000 pages of evidence?

  54. How would you guys feel if you lost Drew Brees for a year from a bounty related injury? And how would you feel if his back up was Curtis Painter? Yeah thought so.

  55. kronix7 says: Apr 1, 2012 9:24 PM

    Seems like the 49ers punched the aints* in their ballwashers in the playoffs last season if I remember right.
    Yeah, the Saints looked really intimidated when they came back from down 17-0 to lead with a minute to play.

  56. busterdog1 says:Apr 1, 2012 9:16 PM

    What Saints fans should do is boycott all the games and walk around the dome in protest with posters saying let our coach do his job. Or maybe kiss my butt Goodell. Let the rest of the nation see what how to ruin a city and a team
    I think Payton and Loomis & Co. did a great job of showing the nation how to run a city and a team into the ground. I can see why Payton and Loomis thought they would get away with cheating and lying…….being around ignorant Saints fans got them a little too overconfident with what they could do.

  57. When the other teams have to hide behind a fake story practically invented by the media, it will tend to bring a city and fanbase together. The Saints are going to be dangerous this year. And the likelihood for someone to get hurt by their defense is probably higher than ever.

  58. Willman, who says I live in California and who says I’m a 49ers fan? I didn’t, did I? Wasn’t it aints* fans who were crying about being mistreated by 49er fans?

  59. Kronix7- pretty obvious you are a Cali Niners fan by your quotes and your juvenile joke of a screen name. Hey bro the Saints looked real intimidated in that playoff game. Go watch the tape rookie. It was a badly called defensive last 5 mins. Otherwise it didn’t look like the Saints offense had too much trouble carving up your overrated defense. As for the Saints fans complaining about their treatment I don’t think it’s too much to ask for them not to have their lives threatened while watching a sporting event with their children. But, again, I don’t expect somebody who is sooooo COOL to announce that they are a pot head on a Internet screen name to understand that. Learn football tool.

  60. When Sean Payton is the only person saying ‘thanks, I have great fans’ that’s saying nothing.

    Common sense.

    You lie to the commish you get fired. If a hurricane is coming, you leave town.

  61. No evidence except published admissions by players and coaches for other teams that did it.

  62. @sinnermike

    So the fact, and it has been documented, that they admitted guilt isn’t enough evidence for you?

  63. My favorite part is how the Facebook page for this rally had about 4,000 people in the “attending” section as of Wednesday, and only 50-ish actually showed up. You guys really proved to the rest of the NFL that you’re the most energized, loyal, and passionate fan base like you keep saying!

  64. sportsmeccabi says:
    Apr 1, 2012 8:54 PM
    For those saying every team does the bounty system:
    Can I see some proof?


    can we as saints fans see some? because NOBODY has. they admitted to a “pay for performance” too many people formed their own opinions like they know all the facts and really know nothing. as usual i see the katrina remarks. before you go listening to this bias site, i can tell you that it was only a few dozen fans doing that today. not the whole city. i’ll be surprised if my post even shows up with as many i have deleted on here. but its ok for people to insult saints and fans

  65. First Paterno, now this. Definite warning signs about letting anyone become a powerful icon to the point where people lose their better judgment and look the other way.

  66. I’m going to keep posting this because you mods perplex me and I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with the comment I’m making. Really don’t understand the moderating on this site sometimes…

    ♫ We are the world, we are the Saints Fans
    We are the ones who make a spectacle
    So lets start whining ♫

  67. If Goodell had any balls he would strip them of their Lombardi…they cheated and do not deserve it. It’s tainted just like their team. They are now officially the Taints.

  68. If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.

    Sean Payton has apologized. He must be guilty.

  69. And had it been say the Falcons, Saints fans would say that one year for Mike Smith was too lenient.

  70. disp2: What you prove by every post is that the Saints are a powerhouse. Thank you! Deal with it.

  71. attyken- I really hope you’re joking. Take back their Lombardi? Bro go do some research. See if the Saints were in the top tier of personal fouls or penalties for that matter. What they did had ZERO effect on the game. And just have fun ignoring the fact that Favre and Warner both said they didn’t think they were knocked around illegally. In fact Warner said the hit by Hargrove that knocked him out temporarily was a LEGAL hit. As for Spygate, thank you person that mentioned it. I remember when that was a thing. And, as a Saints fan, I can honestly say that I felt that was overblown. Judging by Pats fans reaction I regret that stance, but I still feel the media way overblew that episode. Funny thing about Spygate is that the NFL burned that evidence and never released it. And the fact I have heard Pats fans saying this episode is worse makes me want to puke. What the Saints did, wait for it….almost every team in the league did. Does everybody really think that what Gregg Williams did just started in New Orleans? Really? I find the reaction go this funny as hell. Oh GOD….the Saints were HITMEN!! If I remember correctly Peyton Manning played the whole game when the Saints won the SB. He lost. Fair and square. Take the ‘Taints’ BS and shove it. Last I checked, unless you’re a Packer or Pats fan, the Saints ate the best thing since sliced bread. Keep the hate coming. Ur will make this season THAT much more fun. Tools.

  72. I’m so tired of this crap. It’s just like in the Paterno situation. People think of the word “support” and they think, “Oh, it’s all positive, we’re just here to be positive, blah, blah, blah.” No you’re not. We need to call this what it is: We’re here to show we’re a bunch of no-good hypocrites whose values and morality will only be practiced when it’s convenient for us and our favorite football team.

  73. Hey $aints fans, a recent AP article was quoted as follows: “The NFL Players Association told players involved in the New Orleans Saints’ “bounty” case that there is a chance they could face criminal charges, and it hired outside counsel to represent them if needed.”

    Your problems haven’t even begun yet and you have no clue. Once this all comes out, and the other hammers drop, you’ll wish your only problems were the coaches suspensions.

    So, have your rallies, your blind allegiance looks ridiculous to everybody else. Better brace yourselves, there is storm coming.

  74. Okay let me come out by saying this, Saints fans aren’t stupid. We understand what we did was wrong, We are just passionate about our team. and too not be confused with the Patriots we didn’t “cheat” too get our ring, if that was the case we wouldve lost Super Bowl XLIV to Peyton & The Colts. We’re gonna power through and play football and get us ring #2. and for the person who made the comment about Hurricane Katrina and the floods.
    Please think about what you say before you post it on the internet. That can really offend some people like myself who lost friends and family too the flood waters
    Who Dat? Go SAINTS

  75. Saints won’t bow…don’t know how. I hope your team doesn’t face the rath this season….nah, nevermind bring it cause Lord knows we will. Geaux for the knees!

  76. What a shocker, Sean Payton just worried about himself. Show some class and keep the HC job in-house. Why does he even have a say,,,the owner should make the decision. Wish he was suspended for two seasons! Lucky they didnt fire his cheating ass.

  77. I’m a cowboys fan and I think this is garbage. I’m rooting for the Saints/Peyton on every outcome against the league.

  78. “There’s 32 teams in the league and everybody’s done it, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s no reason to have this kind of a suspension for a head coach,” said Keith L’Hoste.

    Poor excuse. Tell that logic to the police officer who’s pulled you over for speeding: “But officer, the other cars are going faster”.

  79. Try doing what many of the other NFL teams do Saints org, give out a game ball or two for the players that play well, within the rules, instead of giving out packets of 10-20 K and frothing over getting it. Geez.

  80. Any individual or team that purposely endorses and pursues practices that could easily end an opposing player’s career and livelihood deserves to have their own careers ended. I would make the punishment fit the crime – permanently suspend those proven to have been involved.

    They deserve to have their Super Bowl championship vacated as well.

    New Orleans is the sleaziest city I’ve ever visited in America. Now their NFL team and their fans have proven that they embrace slime down there.

  81. I’m a Saints fan. And I agree with the commissioner. One thing about sport, every single has dumb fans and the Saints are no exception.

  82. I’m a Saints fan and I agree with Mr Goodell. Every team has dumb fans and the Saints are no exception.

  83. To all the people out there who are bashing the Saints and the fan base by all means have fun, but there is absolute no reason to bring up Hurricane Katrina and disprect respect those that lost their lives. It’s a shame that people will poke fun at something that not only affected the state of Louisiana but the nation as well. Yes, I know people stayed behind that lost their loves that could have left, but what about the people at St. Rita?! They didn’t choose to stay and they lost their lives! What about the people’s way of life they lost! Families lost everything they own!!!!! Are you people too stupid to see that?!! Yes, you are because it’s never happened to you. So bash the saints all you want! Leave the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Katrina out of it!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!

  84. I love this “But everybody does it!” attitude so many people seem to have when THEIR team gets caught with the goods. I heard it from Patriot fans after their team got busted in spygate, and now we’re hearing it from Saints fan. Get a clue – if everyone is doing it why are you the only ones getting caught? Because everyone ISN’T doing it, morons, your team did something WRONG and it was condoned by management. You’re lucky the punishment wasn’t worse. Stop with this ridiculous defense of the indefensible and take your punishment like the men you pretend to be.

  85. The jokes about hurricane Katrina are in very poor taste, and the Saints should not be stripped of their Lombardi. However, the excuse of “other teams do it too” is nonsense. YOU GOT CAUGHT, therefore, you are the only team getting punished. This reminds me of when Michael Vick was accused of dogfighting, and all those stupid people in Atlanta were supporting him, rallying, holding up signs etc. Until he pleaded out and admitted his guilt, then they all disappeared. This is worse because the Saints have already admitted their guilt, and you idiots still support them.

  86. outvoted2006 says: Apr 1, 2012 9:10 PM

    Where EXACTLY is Goodell’s proof that there was an intent to injure? There is NONE!!


    How exactly then were they going to “knock them out of the game”? Kidnapping?

  87. Stebutt is right on. So far he’s the only Saints fan that has common sense that I’ve seen so far. I don’t hate the city of New Orleans nor do I hate the Saints franchise. It’s dumb fans that I can’t stand. Yes, every team has them. If it was my team that did this I’d be furious. Would I still be a fan, yes. Would I defend them for bountygate? Absolutely not.

  88. Anybody who talks crap on Sean Payton about how he doesn’t deserve an appeal or the right to prove his innocence just shows that they know he’s a good coach. Footballs a contact sport and contacts are incentive to play well therefore bounties are just bonuses for playing your absolute best. Go saints and best of luck Sean Payton

  89. It’s fully possible to agree that the Saints should have been punished, but to also find this punishment ridiculous.

    Eight games would have been plenty for Payton. It would have been enough to trash the season, would have been an unprecedented punishment, and would have sent a huge message throughout the league. Even Peter King, who’s been “outraged” from the beginning of all of this, admitted as much. Goodell’s year-long suspension is an abuse of power, and a lot of the outrage from Saints fans comes from the fact that there’s no way a Tom Coughlin or Mike Tomlin would have been suspended for this amount of time. Goodell knew he could do this to the Saints because there’s a small market and the outrage would be isolated.

    And whether or not other teams have bounties makes no difference, because this punishment has nothing to do with the bounties. This punishment is about a cover-up and a series of lies. If the Saints had admitted to the bounty program in 2010, there wouldn’t have been any punishment.

  90. They told them to stop…..they said they did…they lied and got caught….

    They told other teams to stop….they did…

    Can you comprehend that N.O. fans?

    If not, keep whining…………………………..

  91. Black ‘n’ Gold to the Super Bowl….Here we come, to get you! LMAO! Gonna be too funny when Saints fans get the last laugh…

  92. Saints fans don’t whine…we just keep winning! We embrace this…not whine about it. We’ll use it as a rally cry and dominate the NFC again. We own it whether Payton does or not…you think strife and hardship is new to New Orleans or the Saints? Don’t kid yourself…as I’ve said before, there’s not a team in the league more aptly suited to overcome this than the Saints. You’ll see soon enough.

  93. What do you mean there’s no proof anyone has done it. You gave been putting out articles since this came out from older players saying this has been going on for years and still goes on. Do you read your own articles and interviews? No a Saints fan just think its stupid to get one team over something that everyone is doing and been doing. I think someone else should hear the appeal.

  94. Look, the parties involved with this situation were wrong and got punished. But to call the fanbase dumb because they are rallying for Payton is ABSURD.

    ANY…I repeat ANY fanbase in the ENTIRE NFL would do similar things for a HC (support him I mean)if they were longtime fans whose team had little success prior to that HC’s tenure and he took that team into contention almost every year and added a SB win. You think they would have rallied like this for Jim Haslett or Ditka? Come on now.

  95. For anybody that has played football from peewee until grown knows that every game that one of your main goals on deffence is to go out there and knock the other opponents dick in the dirt an make them wish they never have to play you again and all the replays of the saints hits they are doing that an they are not illegal hits but hard just like every other team hits hard. they are ppl college graduates mostly from a division 1A school not monsters every player has respect for the team they play I’ve never watched one I there games and see a player get carted off the field and one player might accidentally get hurt but that’s part of the game I mean what is a few thousand dollars to million dollar athletes that can be fined up to a 100,000 grand for dirty hits. It doesn’t add up if you look at the around what the nfl wants you to believe. If anything they did it to motivate and raise competition within the team to play harder and do better and ppl are taking all this into the wrong perspective

  96. Saints fans should be happy that the nfl did not put a side note next to those inflatted records on offense last year and not for bontygate, but for being an indoor football team.

    Real teams play outdoors in the elements and win !

    Arena Football Teams run up the scores indoors! By the way when was the last time the saints won a playoff game outdoors and not in a controlled climate speed track

    You are just like your french descendents when you go outdoors we surrender !!

  97. For everyone who is knocking the Saints, go back and listen to Mike and Mike and hear the answers that Big Mike gives to Greenie concerning his involvement in pay for performance bonuses and tell me what the Saints are accused of that that Big Mike didn’t admit to, including getting payed for having a player carted off the field…………..

  98. for all you so called football fans making katrina jokes,you should be ashamed of yourselves. that was one of the most horrible tragedies in the world and you want to make jokes about it? all because you don’t like the saints or the fans? you judge saints fans for supporting their coach,but what makes any of better for the things you say.saints fans have and still are the most loyal fans in the world and unless you’re from here,you will never far as sean payton’s suspension go,most fans are not against him getting punished,we just believe a year is too long. half the season is more than fair. the thing i don’t like is about alot of you fans talking about us is,you like to get on your high horses and your so called “morals” but yet you constantly insult us. well i hope you enjoy all the little jokes and insults you throw at us,because i promise you,it will bite you on the ass. we’ve been through worse,and we will forever support our team,no matter what any of you think. because if you think about it,you joke on us,but what will happen if the saints do the impossible and still win? didn’t think about that did you?

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