Ahmad Bradshaw likely to miss OTAs

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The Giants lost one-half of their tailback tandem when Brandon Jacobs signed with the 49ers and now it looks like they’ll be without Ahmad Bradshaw for their offseason activities.

Bradshaw said Monday that he doesn’t plan on taking part in OTAs after undergoing a platelet rich plasma-type of injection to help heal a stress fracture in his right foot. Bradshaw missed four games with the injury last year and it kept him from practicing regularly during the run to the Super Bowl. Bradshaw said doctors told him he needs two more months off so that he’ll be ready to go for training camp.

“I just want to rest as much as I can,” Bradshaw said, via the New York Post. “By the time training camp comes I want to practice every week. I want to start the season off right.”

Bradshaw has had trouble with his feet for several seasons, a history that makes some doubt his ability to hold up to the pounding a lead back has to take. He said that he feels like he’s up to the task of being an every down back for the Giants next season, but the loss of Jacobs as well as the four-game suspension handed down to Andre Brown will likely have them in the market for more backfield help.

For his part, Bradshaw said he hopes the team sticks with Da’Rel Scott and Danny Ware. The situation with his foot may make that hard for the Giants.

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  1. Considering how productive he is while playing in constant pain, I wish I could see how he’d be a hundred percent healthy and pain-free. I’m guessing he’d be up near the top backs in the league.

  2. Ware is the worst running back in NFL history. No vision, no speed, no feel for holes, can’t block, can’t juke, can’t break a tackle. Absolute garbage. This Giants’ fan prays he doesn’t make it out of camp.

  3. jakek2 says:Apr 2, 2012 4:05 PM

    Ware is the worst running back in NFL history. No vision, no speed, no feel for holes, can’t block, can’t juke, can’t break a tackle. Absolute garbage. This Giants’ fan prays he doesn’t make it out of camp.

    ….and yet he was on the roster of the team that won the superbowl. he isnt great at all….but i think youre exaggerating just a tad on his ineptitude.

  4. This might open the door for Da’Rell Scott. The young man has speed, vision, speed, the ability find the holes, speed, patience when running behind a blocker, and did mention speed? We saw a little bit him in the preseason, and it was impressive… 1 80+ yard TD run and a FFG TD run. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do as a starter….

  5. Stress fractures are very painful and it says a lot that he played with one. Easy to reinjure too. He’s smart to stay off it until fully healed.

  6. I can say from personal experience, I once had a stress fracture in my pelvic bone my sophmore year of college, it was an extrememly painful set of weekends one after the other… but I was grateful for the pain.

  7. jdandcoke – no exaggeration. Ware is AWFUL. He must have a John Mara sex tape because I see no other reason why he has been kept on this roster for so long. I can’t think of one other NFL player that is as bad at his position than Ware is at RB. Maybe Jamarcus Russell.

    I was actually glad he whiffed on blocking Ninkovich in the SB. It was a fair tradeoff. Eli got hit on that play but Ware was thankfully banished to the bench for the rest of the game.

  8. Ware, Scott, and Bradshaw are bruising backs, they need to add Utah State’s Turbin or Chris Polk in the 2nd Round. Picking Turbin would be a reach, but watched in interview with him and he is the man, someone that would work hard to get better (definitely someone Coughlin would love to coach).
    Someone will pick him earlier then they should, might as well be the Giants. 1st Round I like Adams for OSU or best player available usually works well for the G-Men.

  9. jakek is not exagerating one bit. Ware is worthless. He is so bad I am suprised he can run without tripping. I would trade that guy for a pair of old cleats.

  10. I love Bradshaw. He’s a bulldog and tough as nails. He plays through pain year in year out and still produces. That being said, the giants need to look at running back in the draft. Bradshaw simply cannot take the pounding and he needs to stay fresh throughout the season.

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