Eagles, Chiefs jump into the Tannehill tourney

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With quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III already spoken for (barring an incredibly unlikely and unforeseen development), the top remaining quarterback on the board is Ryan Tannehill.

With the Browns (at No. 4) and the Dolphins (at No. 8) and the Seahawks (at No. 12) all apparently very interested in the converted receover whom Greg Cosell believes is more accurate on the run than Luck or Griffin, Peter King of SI.com points out in his brand-new MMQB column that the Eagles and Chiefs will each put Tannehill through a private workout.

Both already appeared on our visits and workouts tracker, but the dates hadn’t been set.  Per King, the Eagles will check out Tannehill on Monday, and he’ll work out for the Chiefs later in the week.

So what does it mean?  Based on history, it’s hard to say.  This is the time for smokescreens and misdirections, with teams talking up players they don’t like (in the hopes someone higher in the order will take them) and saying bad things about players they hope will slip down the board.

But both the Chiefs (at No. 11) and the Eagles (at No. 15) were interested in Peyton Manning, Kansas City admittedly and Philly reportedly.  And so each team has to at least be contemplating the possibility of making a move up to land a new quarterback.

The question is how high will they need to go?  With the Browns believed to be interested at No. 4, the safest strategy would be to move to No. 3, which would duplicate the 1-2-3 quarterback class of 1999, when Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, and Akili Smith came off the board in back-to-back-to-back fashion.

Of that class from thirteen years ago, only one of those three quarterbacks ever turned out to be anything.  (Some would say none out of those three.)  This year, the Colts, Redskins, and a team to be determined will be counting on a much higher success rate.

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  1. I think Luck and RGIII will pan out ok, but this last minute hype over Tannahill just does not feel right? This guy doesnt even have a resume and he’s being rayed as a future franchise quarterback? Very questionable!!!!

  2. QB’s are over drafted and RB’s are under drafted. If there was a redraft, I could name aprox 16 to 18 RB’s that would be taken in the 1st round in the years they were previously taken much lower in the draft and not by TV analyst I’m talking by actual NFL GM’s. This tells me that that just because a player was not drafted in the 1st round doesn’t mean he SHOULDN’T have been drafted in the 1st round.

    GM’s need to get a clue instead of wasting 1st round picks on a lot of guys who are not going to contribute much if anything to the team.

  3. Anything is an improvement over a guy who threw 5 total TD’s the entire second half of the 2011 NFL season. While throwing 7 picks. JFC how can a starting QB be as bad as Vick is. Let’s not forget he’s going to be 32 as well. It’s not like he’s still learning the position.

  4. Unless you have space on your roster for a long-term project, Tannehill’s a sucker’s bet.

    3-pick games against major opponents, a string of losses for A&M and more hype from ESPN and his coach.

    Brady Quinn was a “sure thing” too. Remember him?

    Don’t take the bait, Browns. Claiborne, Richardson and Blackmon all make a lot more sense.

  5. drc23philly is right. McNabb came up small in a lot of big games and was kind of a jerk, but he DID play in a Super Bowl and won a lot of games. Leave the snark to us Mike, we’re much better at it than you.

  6. brunmeister2011 says:
    Apr 2, 2012 8:12 AM

    Brady Quinn was a “sure thing” too. Remember him?

    Speaking of Quinn, did he not just sign with KC? You know if the Chiefs choose Tannehill, he is not going to be a happy camper.

  7. that kid better hope that the eagles are interested as andy reid is probably the best coach for a quarterback in the nation. I say that as a skins fan.

    he got 5 nfc championship games with a guy who use to throw it at the feet of his receivers. god help us all if he ever gets an actual quarterback.

  8. Who would say none out of the three? McNabb started for a decade, that counts for something. “Some” aren’t very educated.

  9. @KIR – RBs are steadily losing value in this league. Very few teams have a 4 down back anymore. IMO there just aren’t enough decent RB prospects to earn a higher draft status

    @drc23philly – It wasn’t a cheap shot because he initially said only one of the three QBs turned out to do anything. Then he followed it up by saying that OTHERS would say none of them proved worthwhile. Mike skirted the issue pretty well.

  10. Yea, making it to 5 NFC Championships and a Super Bowl is worthless in my book too…

  11. The Browns would be so much more improved if they took Richardson that we might actually be able to tell if McCoy can play in this league. I understand that it is a quarterback driven league, but to think that Tannehill is being considered at the number four pick is mind boggling. It wasn’t too long ago when he would have been the fifth quarterback taken this year. There have been no games played since Barkley and Jones decided to go back to school. I guess that as soon as Cleveland nails down Tannehill that Brock Osweiller will suddenly become a top ten pick.

  12. Who would say that Donovan McNabb didn’t turn out to be anything? 6 pro bowls, 5 NFC championships, a super bowl, player of the year in 2004, one of the best TD:INT ratios ever…. you can’t say that’s nothing.

  13. Would be good for the eagles to draft a qb behind the oft injured Vick. Gotta start grooming now, the eagles brass surely Sony believe in Vick for the long term, especially for a win now atmospherehere in Philly. I guess Andy reids extension is coming soon as well too.

  14. No matter what anyone thinks of Donovan today, the fact is he took teams to, like, five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl—and mostly without any legitimate WRs. And this comes from non-Donovan or Eagles fan. So, that’s a garbage comment.

  15. Say what you will about McNabb’s fall the last three years, but it’s hard to argue that he was a very capable QB (maybe never elite) for much of the 2000’s.

  16. This is what I’ve been talking about! I’m not knocking Tannehill, but the media has gotta tired of singing praise for Luck and Griffin and needed to move on. It will taper off of Tannehill and they’ll move on to another this week… Maybe Osweiller or Wheeden.

    That knock on McNabb was unnecessary as well. You just can’t compare him to Couch and Akili Smith. Of course he has become a crybaby, but you shouldn’t diminish any accomplishments he has had with a childish comparison with 2 NFL washouts. For shame!

  17. There is no way Miami takes tannehill. The only thing Philbin has been talking about since he got there is the o-line. Hopefully they draft Reiff of DeCastro. Further, Ireland doesn’t have the time to wait for a QB to develope. If they don’t improve this year he’s a goner.

  18. Who in their right mind considers McNabb a bust? He’s not there, but he’s closer to being a HOFer than a busted 2nd pick. He had a nice career.

  19. After looking up McNabb’s stats: 37,276 YDs passing, 234 TD passing, 3,459 YDs rushing, 29 TD rushing… that’s a great career! He probably won’t make the HOF, but his numbers are right there. Why do people keep knocking him?

  20. Whoa…bashing McNabb….he hasn;t done much lately but neither has Johnny Unitas.
    McNabb was a great QB. Won a lot of games and consistently had his team in the hunt. His time is gone now but no need to make it look like he didn’t have a good career.

  21. Kudos the the author for pointing out something all the “KiperGoons” won’t acknowledge: 22 year old college students don’t always fit into the pro game, regardless of the hype.
    I pity Andrew Luck. It’s pretty clear the Colts aren’t going to have much left around him.
    RGIII likely will go to a better team, but it’s Washington and even if they had all the Hall of Famers in their prime it appears they would find a way to mess it up.
    The team I follow, the Green Bay Packers, once drafted a “can’t miss” by the name of Tony Mandarich. On the first day of practice, Tim Harris, a better than average linebacker, made Mandarich look like a high schooler.
    The draft is just a piece of the puzzle, and each draft pick is a risk, albeit lower risk than the money spent on free agency.
    BTW, the Packers also brought in Tim Couch and he barely was adequate as a backup.

  22. Blowing smoke up CLE’s and MIA’s butt is what I call this, its better for KC and PHI if teams think people are chasing Tannehill, its means more likely that their players who they actually want will fall to them in the mid-rounds.

    I see no reason for KC or PHI to draft a QB that was rated a month ago as a 2nd round talent, but has risen to Top 10 pick by media pundits because of need more so than by his initial grade.

    The hype machine is at work for Mr. Tannehill, and the fact that all those QBs were found last year, teams are going to think it can be done again this year. This is a copy cat league, and there will be a painful lesson for some team to learn by drafting Tannehill in the Top 10. At beginning of March everyone was in agreement that this kid’s tape graded out as a second talent, now he is TOP 10… lol If you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

    This guy Tannehill needs a ton of work, he is not a plug play QB. For CLE and MIA he is not going to able to step in right now, and if you sit him who the hell is he going to learn from Garrard/Moore? He can turn out to be good but he needs to sit for a while, and unfortunately MIA and CLE aren’t the best places to sit and learn at the moment. This guy will go a full round to early!

  23. All this hype because he can throw on the run better than Luck or Griffin? What percentage of passes are on the run for all-pros like Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers? He’s much less accurate in the pocket and does not read a defense even close to Luck or RGIII’s level.
    Just like last year, someone will see a couple good things on a tape and forget the bad and draft on potential. The eagles are actually a decent fit because he can sit for three years and learn under Reid…anyone else that needs a QB soon should be wary.
    And I’m no McNabb fan, but to say his career was a bust is insane. His last few years have been a train wreck of course, but prior to that, he was a very respectable QB.

  24. The Chiefs and Eagles were interested in Peyton Manning. Trying to equate their interest in Manning to “contemplating the possibility of making a move up to land a new quarterback” is stupid. Who wouldn’t be interested in Manning?

  25. The Browns will get him, either at their #4 or a trade with the Vikings at #3. All the Vikings need to do is show a little interest, bring Tannehill in for a visit and wait for the phone calls. Minnesota will still get the Tackle they want, while picking up a 2nd and 5th round pick to add to their many needs. Sometimes certain things just fall into your lap.

  26. Seems like the browns are forcing the hype and believe the vikings will stand pat so they can trade out of number 4

  27. If the Eagles traded up to 3–which they aren’t going to do–there is absolutely no way they would take Tannehill over Khalil after losing Peters.

  28. Sounds like Kyle boller revisited. One good year at cal and all of a sudden he is the anointed one. He set Baltimore football back years. Cost them at least two supebowls. With that defense could have been great but no qb. Watch out mr. Tannehill.

  29. Why would Seahawks draft a qb in first round after signing Flynn? Hawks will be drafting a DE or OL.

  30. Nice to see ESPN still has MAJOR influence on where QBs go these days.

    As a Bills fan, I am PRAYING that the Fins move up to get this guy!!!! Ohhhh the ribbing…

  31. Who would say that Donovan McNabb didn’t turn out to be anything? 6 pro bowls, 5 NFC championships, a super bowl, player of the year in 2004, one of the best TD:INT ratios ever…. you can’t say that’s nothing.


    4 probowls his coach brought him along too, he didn’t get selected, one he was an alternate and ONE he actually got to himself.

    4 times a favorite in the championship game and LOST. threw 3 picks in a superbowl and barfed all over the field.

    he turned out to be something alright, but it wasn’t a good quarterback.

  32. If the Browns draft Tannehill than I hope the Mayan calender thing is true and the earth explodes.

  33. I don’t like having to say this… But since we have Spielman here in mn… I’m sure he will trade our first, and third pick with Cleveland so Cleveland can move up 1 spot, pick a qb, and we can move down one. Hey, Spielman feels he is smarter than everyone else, he will save how much money on that first round pick? He’s a maroon and will screw this up!

  34. first of all id rather be a 6 time pro bowler with a 234-117 td to int ratio than a writer for profootballtalk. Secondly why are teams paying attention to Ryan so much when Brandon Weeden and Kellen Moore were way better in college and have more experience. I hope the browns take him just so they can continue to suck and so that holmegren learns his lesson . Colt Mccoy Can be a starter if u put a damn team around him. Other than Joe thomas this office is dry, sad, and depressing. I hope the USFL builds a team in clevland so the people can watch football there which they haven’t been able to watch since otto grahm and the jim brown days.

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa Bay trades up to #3 to get the RB…Vikes slide down and deal again to Jacksonville. At #7 still would get one of the hole the Vikes need to fill and get depth picks with it…..

  36. No, actually, two of the three were flat out busts. McNabb had good years and bad years, which averaged out to be a good but not great pro career. Had his temperment matched his skills, he may have been a great QB, but he didn’t take responsibility for poor play, poor decision-making and his lapses in concentration, famously when he didn’t know an overtime rule. His conditioning deteriorated as the season wore on. Being injury-prone, he was overcautious in his later years and consistently mailed in playoff performances, especially the “air guitar” game against the Cowboys.

  37. And this post is why your opinion shouldn’t count unless you have at least played college football. To even put McNabb in the same sentence with those two washouts, is a travesty. No, he isn’t the player he used to be, but let’s not forget all the games he won in Philly. This guy took them to numerous NFC Championships and a Super Bowl with no receivers. As someone stated earlier, he is a hell of a lot closer to being in H.O.F than being a bust. And I hate the Eagles, this is coming from a die hard Cowboys fan. McNabb is right, he may be the most scrutinized quarterback ever!!

  38. Vikes – Please stay put and draft Kalil. I know a lineman isn’t a sexy pick and won’t do much for most everyday little informed fans. But, if Kalil is a stud (which most seem to agree he is), he is a foundation for the next decade. Don’t be tempted by the lure of one or two more draft picks. I fear that some team will try to make the trade, while acting like they want Tannehill, but secretly they want Kalil and will take him. Don’t blow this Vikes. Stay put and draft the (nearly) sure thing that will help you for years.

  39. Just make sure their aren’t any bounties. We all know that is the cardinal sin of the NFL.

  40. i bet spielman out thinks/out wits himself, starts trading down thinking he “knows more” than everyone else to pick up more picks and save $$ 1 or 2 times and ends up with nothing. Khalil, Claiborne, Blackmon are all NEEDS on this team, anyone of them would be instant starters on this team especially Khalil & Blackmon since we already have no one basically at either position. If Spielman does not position them for at least one of these 3, he sucks & needs to go.

  41. I don’t know if this is a smoke screen. If you look at the NFL draft value chart, the Eagles could package their 1st and one of their 2nd round picks to move up to the 7th spot and take Tannehill. Jacksonville needs more than a 7th pick. The Eagles need to find a QB for the future, because Vick risks injury every time he walks on the field. The Eagles are doing their due diligence. Personally, I don’t see them doing this, but if I were a GM in the NFL, I would be looking at all possibile scenarios.

  42. Reid and Co. will stupidly stand pat with Bad Newz Vick, paving the way for a whole new management team NEXT YEAR!! YAY!! :mrgreen:

  43. What a stupid comment…I’m a Giants fan and always hated G-Men having to play McNabb. He may have gotten lazy or out of shape but he was an excellent QB. So we can debate what he was, but noone can say he was not a great pick in that draft.

  44. Who the hell is Greg Cosell and made “him” some sort of expert anyway ??? I mean, really.

    How is HIS opinion worth any more weight than anyone else’s that has watched a bunch of film or game tape ???

    The same with Mel Kiper at ESPN. If he is such a draft “expert” as those at the alphabet tout him, then why hasn’t even one NFL team brought him in for an interview for a GM position, much less hired him as such in his nearly 30 years at ESPN as supposedly being the smartest person in the room on draft day ???

  45. “Greg Cosell believes [Tannehill] is more accurate on the run than Luck or Griffin…”

    OK, now we’re getting a bit out of control here. First, Luck was the consensus # 1. Then the media started hyping Griffin to the point where many now believe Griffin is better than Luck.

    Now it begins with Tannehill actually having superior accuracy on the run than Griffin or Luck.

    The next thing you know there will be rumors that the Colts are going to pick Tannehill, and won’t the Redskins be mad then…

  46. kevsright says:
    Apr 2, 2012 10:36 AM
    Reid and Co. will stupidly stand pat with Bad Newz Vick, paving the way for a whole new management team NEXT YEAR!! YAY!!


    Actually, not standing pat with Vick is more likely to get them fired. What would you do? Cut Vick, draft Tannehill and make him the starter????

  47. In other Eagles news, Andy Reid visted a buffet for breakfast this morning and the owner announced his business will be closed the rest of the week to restock.

  48. Just because McWormBurner has struggled the past few years, you cannot judge his ENTIRE career by that. I mean the guy did go to 5 NFC Championship Games and a Superbowl (yes, we know he puked, big deal). Also, I know he says some dumb things on TV but you cannot use that against his ON FIELD ACCOMPLISHMENTS.
    Personally, I don’t think he was GREAT, but if it wasn’t for running into a DYNASTY in the Superbowl, McWormBurner would have a SB Ring, he (and Reid) are the best QB and Coach in the HISTORY of the Eagles, he’s done some GREAT things on the field, and like I said, I’m not saying he was GREAT but he’s one of the best QB’s over the past decade, I’d say he’s top 7 in the decade.
    On top of all of that, his WR’s BLEW that NFC Chip Game vs CAR. I’m personally not a big fan of his just because he is a Narcicist and a crybaby, but I am not BLIND, the guy was a good QB, MUCH BETTER than the 3 QB’s in his draft that Mel Kiper thought were better than him (McCown, Akili Smith and Couch)…..WAYYYY BETTER!!!!

  49. beeronthefridge says:Apr 2, 2012 11:18 AM

    luck = ryan leaf

    rg3 = jamarcus russell

    tannehill = heath shuler


    beeronthefridge = out of his mind

    Just kidding! 😀

  50. @Death Monkey…I think you comments about Andy Reids weight are repugnant and unnecessary. Obesity is a problem that hampers over 40% of Americans. I hope you consider that before making fun people who maybe slightly larger than yourself………..JUST JOKING THAT WAS FUNNY!!!!

  51. jbcommonsense says:
    Apr 2, 2012 11:00 AM
    If the Eagles trade up to #3 they will not take Tannehill, they will take Kalil. They need a tackle very badly.


    The Eagles are not trading up to #3. As for needing a tackle, they need a tackle for one year.

  52. Tannehill isn’t even a good player. I mean really, have you seen those ducks he’s throwing? If he played in a conference that believed in pass defense he’d be back for his senior year hoping to convince some team to take him in the third round.

    If he gets forced to start right away, it’s going to go as well as Blaine Gabbert’s rookie season went. He may be a better WR prospect than QB prospect. I pray the Dolphins take him.

    Also, let’s just accept that the Browns will take Trent Richardson first and then Kirk Cousins in the second round… It’d just be so Cleveland.

  53. Mcnabb is the best Eagles QB ever, led them to a SB, 5 championship games, a ton of Pro Bowls, and one of the best TD/INT ratios ever….yeah I’d say he did ok.

  54. Does anyone really think that the Eagles will bite on this with their 100 million dollar QB?

    I mean, they do need a QB for the games in which Vick is hurt, which happens every year, however that is still alot of money tied up in QBs. Even with the new rookie scale.

  55. Tannehill was the 5th best QB in HIS CONFERENCE last season. How do NFL GMs talk themselves into these guys?

    Top 5? This guy didn’t even have a FIRST ROUND grade on some boards until the Browns and Dolphins lost out on Manning/RGIII/Flynn. Now he’s Top 5? What a joke.

    That said, I have to say one thing in his defense:

    He is not a “converted wide reciever”. He came to A&M as a quarterback, and was temporarily moved to wide reciever as a freshman because there were too many other QBs ahead of him on the depth chart and they wanted to use him right away.

  56. brunmeister2011 says:
    Apr 2, 2012 8:12 AM

    Brady Quinn was a “sure thing” too. Remember him?

    Actually I remember it a little differently.

    I remember certain members of the media calling him a sure thing, but then him slipping all the way to #22.

    I would have no problem with Tannehill going at #22. That would certainly be more appropriate than #4.

  57. With the 8 pick in the 2o12 draft The Miami Dolphins select QB Ryan Tannehill. His head that also recruited him in college was Mike Sherman Miami’s new O cord it’s a lock book it

  58. When a QB who shouldn’t be a first round pick start to jump to the top of the first round for no reason other than team need, that’s a good way to tell he can be a bust.

    Look at Ponder and Gabbert last year, these teams needed QB’s so they drafted guys in the early first round who probably shouldn’t grade out as first round talent, then instead of them getting eased into things, they get overloaded when they aren’t ready and therefore fail.

  59. Wow what a stupid comment. Not only to use the fox news “some would say” crap but to say mc5 wasn’t good for ten years is a joke 5 championship games ?? With no wr help save for the one year and he went to the superbowl was the best player in the nfl and only lost by 3 to one of the all time great dynasty’s ….. Yeah mc5 never amounted to anything.

    Perhaps mcnabb is right and he is one of the most under valued players ever

  60. Not gonna happen….take it to the bank…Would cost far to much to move up that high in the draft for a questionable future starter

  61. Way too much much hype on a guy who only played as a QB for one year. I’ll take a three year starter any day and don’t sleep in the small school QB, a lot of teams who needed a QB passed on brady in the draft. I would’nt be surprise if a no namer be better than luck ir RG3 THhroughout the course of their career.

  62. The Eagles will most likely select a quarterback to groom for the next season or two. Vick is nearing that age where they will soon part ways. The thing going for him is his legs aren’t as tired as his age because he had some (unfortunate) time off.

    But man, what a stupid comment to make about McNabb. Only an idiot would honestly say he didn’t amount to anything. The guy is a hall of fame candidate; if you don’t agree with that, you surely would if he won but one more game (SB39). A game in which he threw for three touchdowns- and only Kurt Warner has thrown for more yards in a Super Bowl. And he had no running game. And a gimpy Owens.

    By the way, it’s comments like this that justify one hundred percent why the guy admits he is the most unfairly criticized quarterback of all time. To honestly be compared to Akili Smith and Tim Couch.

    This site is “journalism” at its best, isn’t it?

  63. Maybe the Eagles should scout a Lombardi trophy. Most over hyped team in decades. All the smack. All the accolades for Reid and the front office and not a thing to show for it and now they are declining due to mismanagement and ego. They will be the bottom feeders of the nfc east for many years to come. Reese keeps the Giants competitive at all times with good personell moves and Eli. Redskins are in year 3 of a rebuild with a top 10 D and will land a franchise qb this month. Dallas has the money and a franchise qb already despite all the criticism. Eagles are a Vick injury away from being irrelivant. Can’t wait….

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