Goodson didn’t get the chances he thought he deserved in Carolina


After he was traded from the Panthers to the Raiders last week, running back Mike Goodson said he’s hoping to get something in Oakland this year that he doesn’t feel like he got in Carolina last year: A fair chance to contribute to the offense.

Goodson told Steve Reed of the Associated Press that after being a regular contributor to the Panthers’ offense in 2010, with 762 yards from scrimmage, he was disappointed when new head coach Ron Rivera and his staff came in last year and barely gave him any opportunities at all. Goodson never carried the ball in 2011 and caught one pass for four yards.

“I thought going in, with the way I performed I’d definitely get an opportunity to play,” Goodson said. “Some things happened. I didn’t get the opportunity I thought I should have. Then I got injured, and it really didn’t go the way I wanted last year.”

The reality, however, is that Rivera did give Goodson an opportunity: In the first game of the preseason, when Goodson got the ball 10 times. The problem was that Goodson fumbled on two of those 10 touches, and after that Rivera never had faith in him again. Goodson also fumbled six times in the 2010 regular season, so those preseason fumbles weren’t an aberration. Rivera didn’t think he could trust Goodson to hold onto the ball, and that’s why Rivera didn’t want Goodson to carry the ball.

The good news for the Raiders is that sometimes players with fumbling problems learn to correct those problems, and Goodson has already shown he can make plays with the ball in his hands. The Raiders will give him the opportunity to show he can keep the ball in his hands through the end of the play.

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  1. Had you not fumbled, you`d have gotten plenty of chances….no way you fit in with DeAngelo AND Jonathan Stewart on the roster. This guy will not remotely fill the shoes of Michael Bush.

    that was a tough off season loss for Raider Nation.

  2. Nothing can fix the Panthers. But at least they aren’t as bad as the Saints, right PFT commenters??

  3. Hopefully DMC stays healthy and he still never gets his chance, McFadden is a monster I want to see what he can do in 16gp

  4. HE FUMBLED IN PRE SEASON! What this article fails to mention is that guys who are starters typically are hungover for pre season games since they dont care about them

  5. McFadden was a fumbler too, and cleaned that up fairly well. We’ll see about this guy. I like it when a guy thinks he has something to prove, unlike all the “entitled” attitudes around the league.

  6. Raider morons….. Goodson is your number one running back? Yours in big trouble. More blackouts!

  7. Not a bad move by the Raiders. This guy can play RB and special teams so he fills the holes left by Bush and Cartright. Bruce Campbell wasn’t going to play. He was hardly active on game day, even when he was healthy. Apparently, the coaches didn’t see much upside in Campbell.

  8. Wow, Pantherpro, you do realize that he’s not the Raiders starting RB, don’t you? Looks like your the moron to me.

  9. Pantherpro: There is this guy who is aruguably one of the best college running backs of all time, and who is arguably one of the most talented runners in the NFL when healthy. Ever heard of him? His name is Darren McFadden and I am quite sure he is the No. 1 in Oakland.

  10. skinflute

    McFadden is always injured!! Better chance to see Alice Davis’ son Cesar (Mark) out there running with the ball!

  11. Don’t sleep on Goodson. He averaged 100 yards a game when he started in 2010. He’s fast and strong; just couldn’t hold on to the ball. More importantly he is an upgrade over bush. You will like this guy when he goes in for a hurt Mcfadden…….and he will get hurt!

  12. @pantherpro
    Only people who know what they are talking about can comment on this page.
    You clearly have no intelligence of the raiders so what was the point in even commenting? Goodson will clearly be fighting for the backup spot with Taiwan Jones

  13. So, “pantherpro”, you haven’t heard of Darren McFadden, #1 starting running back sensation? Goodson will be a backup, and you, sir, are a moron. I hope you don’t represent your team’s other supporters.

  14. The article didn’t fully explain Goodson’s fumbling problems. It wasn’t just the 2 funbles in 10 touches in the preseason game. During training camp workouts, he fumbled every time the wind changed direction.

    But even if he never fumbled, he didn’t stand a chance because Double Trouble and Cam Newton were going to get the carries. I like the guy, but he was the 4th-most talented rusher we had. There wasn’t any room for him, and the fumbles just sealed the deal.

  15. Hey all you Raider haters out there, do you remember who else had a fumbling problem, almost all running backs at one time or another in the NFL did, including Adrian Peterson! He fixed his problem. Wow, you mean it is possible? The goodman will be an absolute asset to our Black hole regime this year because the Raiders know how to keep the ball in their backs hands just like Bush who also had the same problem at one time until the Raiders helped him fix it! Unlike Rivera who is still thinking he is a good coach…. See you lost in the dust trail we leave you in while Raider Nation heads straight into the playoffs and a run for the Lombardi trophy…..

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