Mikel Leshoure doesn’t show up for arraignment

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A few hours ago, MDS brought you the news that Lions running back Mikel Leshoure was going to be arraigned on a marijuana possession charge on Monday.

That’s what everyone expected to happen, but Leshoure failed to show up for the arraignment. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press reports that the Lions have been in contact with the police and Leshoure is now expected to be arraigned on Wednesday. Leshoure may face contempt of court charges, according to Julie Mack of MLive.com.

“He was supposed to be here and he didn’t show up,” Berrien County Prosecutor Arthur Cotter said. “I’m a Lions fan, but he’s going to be treated like anybody else.”

Leshoure was arrested on March 12th after police pulled over a car he was in and allegedly saw him trying to eat marijuana to keep it from being discovered. He was ordered to spit out the drug and did, according to the police report. This is the second marijuana-related incident of the year for Leshoure, who missed his entire rookie year with the Lions after injuring his Achilles tendon.

69 responses to “Mikel Leshoure doesn’t show up for arraignment

  1. Some fine upstanding citizens in Detroit with this clown and Suh running around…

  2. Why in the world would you not show up for a measly little Marijuana charge. The most he would of received would of been a fine or at the worse probation for a year, now he is looking at a much bigger problem. I hope he has a very good excuse.

  3. Man this kid looks trouble all ready 1st injuries now law problems , im expecting a suspension from nfl , best ?god knows if he will even play this year , smith ?is not 100%. we cant have another season like last one where we had no running game .lions should just trade lashoure and draft a rb in second ,againnnn. Looks like we’l never get lucky with a running back .

  4. Really? Get it together Leshoure. You should be hungry to win us some games right now! Don’t waste all that talent and become Charles Rogers v2.0!

  5. I cannot believe a Lions player is in trouble. This goes against everything Jim Schwartz is trying to build as a team. Integrity. Honor. Discipline.



  6. Now I know why the Lions brought in Lamichael James for a meeting since they knew Mikel enjoyed himself some kush. Islam is the cure for all these diseases but if only everyone knew.

  7. Are we 18 years old? Smoking marajuana is so lame …. especially when you have a great job like he does. Stuuuuuuuuuupid. I wonder if it was Sam Hurd’s chronic?

  8. Christ almighty. As as Lions fan we need Leshoure to heal up and step up. We all know Best should just retire rather than risk serious brain damage. And Kevin Smith fluked it out in ONE GAME last year with fresh legs vs. a horrid, horrid Carolina Panthers run defense. Even the hint of a running game could take the pressure off Stafford and maybe, just maybe, keep defenses a little honest vs. CJ and crew.

  9. You Lions fans claiming to haev never had any luck at RB I have 2 words for you…..Barry Sanders. You may have heard of him, pretty good back.

  10. Mikel, my man. Don’t you know the citizens of the great state of Michigan voted overwhelmingly to allow medical marijuana way back in 2008?!?

    You ruptured your friggin’ Achilles tendon. Talk about painful… GET A DAMN CARD!

  11. 69jaredallen69 says: Apr 2, 2012 5:13 PM

    Some fine upstanding citizens in Detroit with this clown and Suh running around…

    Suh doesn’t RUN around. He DRIVES at insane ludicrous speeds with married women after hours.

  12. Marijuanas not a big deal. Should be legal, but still.

    Driving with a suspended license,
    getting caught TWICE,
    not showing up for court.

    Those are some serious red flags.

  13. If he just swallowed it instead of spitting it out, what are the chances the cops could prove he had weed?

  14. Man oh man Leshoure…we need you to do the right things for this ballclub and for yourself. For as much as you were touted last year in the draft for your sure handedness, you sure are fumbling the start of your career.

    Please do not be Charles Rogers 2k12…

  15. Aaaaahh, mikel, mikel. Just show up. It’s only marijuana my man, just a little speed bump on the way to a lombardi next season! Just don’t tell em the truth and admit you missed the arraignment cuz you were too blazed. And as has already been mentioned, pick up a medical card, they ain’t that hard to get in our great state! About as easy as getting a bridge card, and if u live in Michigan, you know thats pretty darn easy.

  16. This is OUR fault…mine, yours, everyone.

    I am sick and tired of hearing, seeing and paying for people to go to court, probation even jail time for a little weed.

    We should decriminalize the possession of pot now!

    Call you state reps, go to the polls and vote.
    Are jails are full, we don’t need to manufacture criminals because of weed.

  17. So in America, if you are in California it’s ok to smoke stacks of pot, grow it, sell it, not a crime, but in Detroit those Americans can’t smoke gods peaceful smoke, I can’t understand this country, one law nationwide , alcohol kills thousands a year, pot………zero……duh humbug….my country of Hippocrates and flip flopping laws. Digrace to my one nation under GOD.

  18. Coming this fall: The Longest Yard Part Deux
    WR: Charles Rogers
    RB: mikel leshore
    QB: Ryan Leaf
    Coach: Jerry Saduskey

    As a Lions fan I’m dissaspointed to see selfish behavior on his part. The team/organization is going in the right direction and with limited cap room left, we had minimal roster needs (cb/T) to address in the draft prior to this buttheads actions. Now, he created another major need to address in the draft. What do we do now?
    Draft rb Martin? CB? T?
    Trade Avril for J.Stewart and draft pick create $10.5 in cap room minus whatever Stewart adds?

    Note NFL Players: don’t try to eat the herb w/o peanutbutter!

  19. A million dollar signing bonus at 3/4 of a million a year and the guy risks all that by carrying pot and driving around like an idiot.

    Such a waste of money.

  20. Heck guys, they even get to grow it left and right, government grants, television shows, MSNBC, the best part, There’s a university on how to grow and sell, how bouts them apples, but in FL….. We gets the fake, deadly, chemically sprayed legal wannabee smoke. For sale. Ha……How’s that for accountability.

  21. danielwold says:Apr 2, 2012 5:20 PM

    he shouldn’t even be in court for this. states waste so much resources on BS


    What if he had coke, or heroin? Then he should go to court?

    Pot is still illegal. The cops and the courts don’t have a choice unless it is legalized. I think maybe the player shouldn’t carry illegal drugs. That seems more sane.

  22. @r8rsfan

    I think i can speak for all lions fans when i say we havnt had much luck at rb post barry sanders.

  23. If you were like, “which player in the nfl tried to eat weed to avoid getting caught?” I’d be like, “I don’t know, but I bet he played for the lions. And super troopers is his favorite movie.

  24. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS is having all kind of trouble at RB he should get 2 games off.
    The Lions need to draft a RB in the med to late rounds we don’t need a weed head go inside to smoke lock the door, when it made public it cause trouble.
    If he was caught two time in one year he have a weed problem or a dumb problem.
    The team don’t need problem or players that make problem get it stright.

  25. hatesycophants says:
    Apr 2, 2012 6:57 PM
    Alper, sensationalize much?

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!
    You’re half right. On Wisconsin.

  26. This is what you get when you make one of the best running backs ever want to quit the sport.
    Maybe we should call this one the Bobby Ross curse.

  27. It’s not just a simple pot bust. You know how cops work. Let’s see, they’ll start with possession than they will add : Destroying evidence, resistance without struggle, FTA (failure to appear) probation violation and a half dozen other bogus charges because that’s the way they roll.

  28. He’s gonna be treated like everyone else…in pro football. What’s that you were driving your expensive sports car under the influence and killed someone? Fine

  29. finfan4lyfe says:Apr 2, 2012 6:36 PM
    So in America, if you are in California it’s ok to smoke stacks of pot, grow it, sell it, not a crime, but in Detroit those Americans can’t smoke gods peaceful smoke, I can’t understand this country, one law nationwide , alcohol kills thousands a year, pot………zero……duh humbug….my country of Hippocrates and flip flopping laws. Digrace to my one nation under GOD.

    1. Don’t drag God into this, it’s not his fault you need to dull your senses to escape your existence. 2. Alcohol doesn’t kill anyone. People with no brains or no self-control kill themselves and others by the poor decisions they make after making the conscious decision to overindulge.
    3. Reading your post is a reminder of why most people prefer to keep it illegal. If everyone got to be like you, soon language would be lost to mankind.

  30. vikingarsk says: A failure to appear on a narcotics charge? Shocking.

    Pot isn’t a narcotic. Why are you perpetuating a myth caused by cops too dumb to tell the difference between drugs? A narcotic is any number of alkaloids derived from the poppy flower. They include morphone, vicoden, oxycontin, heroin, etc. They do not include marijuana, cocaine, beer, whiskey, or anything not derived from a poppy flower. Please help intelligent people spread the truth, even if you refuse to be one of those intelligent people yourself.

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