More talk that Dontari Poe’s draft stock is sinking

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Another day, another sign that the shine of Dontari Poe’s impressive Scouting Combine performance is wearing off.

Yesterday we passed along a report that quoted an NFL scout saying Poe “didn’t do anything” on tape and that the talk of Poe as a potential Top 5 pick was based solely on his Combine showing, when he ran a 4.87-second 40-yard dash and bench pressed 225 pounds 44 times. Today NFL Network’s Mike Mayock has altered his rankings of the Top 5 players at each position, and Poe falls further than anyone.

Mayock listed Poe as the top defensive tackle in the draft after the Combine, but after spending more time watching tape, Mayock has dropped Poe down to the fourth-best defensive tackle, behind Mississippi State’s Fletcher Cox, Michigan State’s Jerel Worthy and LSU’s Michael Brockers.

“Coming off the Combine I wanted to show people what a freak this kid Poe is — and he is a physical freak, no doubt,” Mayock said. “However, the tape is very average. So how do you match the two up? Potential versus his actual game footage. When I look at this kid I see a freaky athlete with a good motor. If you have those two things, over time I believe you can develop into a high-quality NFL player. But the key is time. How quickly can he step in and produce at a high level?”

Mayock said he doesn’t think Poe is a player who’s going to be a good NFL starter as a rookie. He thinks Poe is going to need some time to develop.

“He needs to get into a good locker room, with a mentor in that defensive line group who can show this kid how to play football,” Mayock said.

So a team that wants to spend its first-round pick on a Week One starter would be wise to look at someone other than Poe.

36 responses to “More talk that Dontari Poe’s draft stock is sinking

  1. I agree. A person with those freakish physical assets and who started for 3 years in a third rate conference should have dominated his scrub opponents. There’s a reason why he didn’t.

  2. This is all great guys but what does it have to do with Tim Tebow? Come on man. It’s been a while I need me a little fix. Just a little something, something. Just to hold me over until the methadone clinic opens in the morning.

    PS Hmmm workout tapes or game tapes, how do I match the two up? Oh I know, one involves playing football against people. Use that subjective data and disregard the underwear olympics.

    PSS Speaking of underwear, guess who supports Tim Tebow? Ahhhh got my fix

  3. babyhorsemorgan says:
    Apr 2, 2012 7:17 PM
    Mike Wayoff reserves the right to change his mind dramatically, up to three days after the draft is completed.


    And you have the right to criticize him while you are sitting on your home computer and he is earning a paycheck.

  4. After watching a half a season of Albert Haynesworth play for the Pats, it’s quite possible to have all this potential and not live up to it..

  5. “Coming off the Combine I wanted to show people what a freak this kid Poe is — and he is a physical freak, no doubt,” Mayock said.

    Really Mayock? Is that your job? I thought you evaluated college football players and judged their potential to become NFL players, not pushed particular players to show us–the great unwashed–what a “freak” somebody is. Now that Mayock has shown everybody what a freak he is, The Scout is now backing off of his acclaim for this kid. Can you say “Hype”? You bet.

  6. mayock is a fool if he ranked poe so high after a workout and before watching tape. yet pft still breathlessly passes on mayock’s idiocy as if it is gospel.

  7. my steelers can grab him.have hampton teach him the ropes and another piece in the youth movement is complete.without missing a beat.

  8. The author seems to give Mayock a pass for not doing his homework before running his mouth. He might not influence teams, but he does influence the fan base, and the fan base can influence a team. Ticket sales matter.

  9. I think that it’s funny that so many people lay all of Poe’s college performance (or lack of it), solely at his feet… Anyone think that he may have had to endure lousy Defensive Coordinator/D-Line Coaching? These young men must depend on proper coaching and Adult guidance in order to excel. It could be possible that the only ‘freedom’ that he had in his personal development, may have been his personal preparation for the combine.

  10. Poe was ranked in the late first round early second even before his awesome Pro-Day.

    I could definitely see the Steelers picking him up if Hightower isn’t there….maybe even if he is there. Casey Hampton isn’t getting any younger, and hes coming off an ACL tear. First round picks of Hood in ’10, Hayward in ’11 now if they can get Poe they have their front 3 locked up for years. The Steelers D is predicated on having a solid front 3 clogging up the middle for the linebackers to do their work.

    Regardless of the tape, hes a freak and the Steelers can coach him up.

  11. First, why would Mayock “want to show what kind of freak thie kid is.”. It’s almost like he’s implying a vested interest in Poe’s draft position.

    Secondly, I expected more from Mayock being smart enough to look at game tape along with the combine before his opinion is formulated.

  12. Typical draft “expert” move. Why can’t Mayock just admit he fell in the same trap if being starry eyed over a workout warrior. Then he claims he watched tape and changed his mind, when in reality, he asked a scout, and pawned the info off as his own. He and Kiper do this every year and all the other so called experts like Silva just repeat Kiper or Mayock’s workout assessments.

  13. If college game film was so important you’d never have heard of guys like Antonio Gates, Rob Gronkowski, James Harrison, Willie Parker, Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis, Fred Jackson, Josh Cribbs, Bart Scott, Miles Austin, Jeff Saturday, London Fletcher, Victor Cruz, Tony Romo, Wes Welker, Kurt Warner, or Arien Foster (those are only a few that come to mind).

    Point is, the draft is a total crap shoot. Poe’s raw talent and physical tools give him an upside that’s several teams will feel is worthy of first round draft pick.

  14. He peaked too soon so he had to fall. I just hope he falls to my team. To a lesser degree the same with Luck. Now is he going first or second? It’s all just crap to talk about until the draft.

    To Vincentbojackson> You left out Tom Brady lol

  15. he has an extremely large set of thighs and a narrow anus but that does not a hall of famer make….it could make a flamer in the hall but not a hall of famer…….

    I also hear he is all of the time being confused with his grandfather Ed Allen……or his twin step brother, Vernon Gholston. That is what I heard…You know, inside info.

    Hey maybe the Ravens will finally draft a guy named POE!

  16. ttommytom says:
    Apr 2, 2012 6:49 PM
    Let him drop to the Giants. JPP Jr.

    Another statement to show Giants fans are dumber then rocks. How is this guy anything like JPP?

  17. a combine freak with no discernible talent to start in the nfl? should fit in extremely well as the jets first pick

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