Nike gear shows up at league’s online store, for 31 teams

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On Tuesday, Nike officially will unveil its new line of NFL jerseys and other merchandise at, according to, a converted Brooklyn warehouse.  For now, new Nike gear (not jerseys) can be ordered at the league’s online store,

T-shirts and shorts are available for 31 teams.  The Seahawks are omitted, which tends to confirm that a significant change to the color scheme is coming.

The clothing line incorporates the long-standing Nike slogan “Just Do It,” along with a twist on the old “Bo Knows” campaign.

Tomorrow, Bo and everyone else will know what the new Nike jerseys will look like.

36 responses to “Nike gear shows up at league’s online store, for 31 teams

  1. Skittles will probably have something to do with the Seahawks new uniforms. Since it rains about 200 days each year in Seattle, some sort of rainbow theme would actually make sense.

  2. Way to “innovate” there, Nike. “Just Do It”……..still can’t come up with anything new after all these years.

  3. As a panthers fan I’m glad to finally get something with the new logo after 2 months. But they released gear with the helmet, showing they same helmet with just the changed logo, it looks odd, a 90’s style helmet design with a new logo…I hope it’s a different helmet tomorrow.

    Speaking for what other people are saying, I wish people would read, NIKE IS ONLY PRODUCING THE UNIFORM, NOT DESIGNING IT. So in other words, other than Carolina and Seattle, your uniform looks the same.

    Whew, felt good to say that.

  4. When I was in the Navy in 1990 I bought a Navy Just Do It shirt. Wow, Nike really has outdone themselves. Pretty pathetic.

  5. If the twist on the “Bo Knows” campaign is “Tebow Knows” I swear to God I may just start punching everyone I see in the face.

  6. Anyone who orders anything from the NFL store has money to burn and no understanding of how many levels of rip-off the NFL store stuff represents.

    For one thing, Nike no doubt outsources all the work to China where some poor man or woman sits in an uncomfortable chair for up to twelve or more hours a day sewing these “official” jerseys for ten cents an hour.

    You can buy a Panther’s t-shirt for only $31.99 plus shipping and handling! Wow, what a deal that is.

    If you want a Panthers’ jersey, you can get one for $84.99, but discounted if you buy RIGHT NOW for $59.97.

    A Panthers baseball cap will only cost between $24.99 and $39.99. I bought my son a baseball cap at the local supermarket the other day for $1.99, and it wasn’t even on sale.

    Buying NFL gear is a fool’s errand if I ever saw one.

  7. I like the Viking Tri-blend helmet tshirt they have, and that is pretty much it. Most of it looks like Reebok gear and is really uninspired.

    At least shipping rates to Canada are lower now..

  8. The slogan ‘Just Do It’ IS Nike, those who are complaining for something new just show their ignorance

  9. The seahawks unis are fine – its just that they wear the away jerseys with the home pants, right ?

  10. Yeah! Finally a rare chance to buy a $30 T-Shirt. Thanks NFL for looking out for the regular Fan. I wonder if your local Walmart will get a crack at any gear now. I bet Nike will have exclusive for a said period. N-I-C-E ! What’s next PSL’s and Property Taxes for Seats at a Game? Oops… Been there; done that!

  11. 3 years ago for Christmas I ordered 7 jerseys (4 football, 2hockey, and 1 basketball) directly from a supplier in china. Just went online and luckily found a reputable supplier. $210 for them all. Just saying…

  12. Underwhelming. A huge build up for Nike to see the following:

    A) Just Do It. If I want Nike apparel, I’ll go to the Nike store. I’m an NFL fan, not a Nike fan, Reebok fan, Adidas, whatever. This is the equivalent of Hanes taking over and the tshirt saying: Packers – Her Way. Its like the NFL is ok with Nike having a huge perpetual pop-up ad on their tshirts. Effin stupid. And by stupid, I mean stupid.

    B) Love my team, but lets see…. A black tee with the word SAINTS and the logo below that. Effin old. And by old, I mean tired, worn-out, rehashed, over-used, been-there-done-that, have 4 in my closet, my 3 year old could come up with, unoriginal… Old.

    If Nike doesn’t get any better with this, here’s hoping the NFL has an opt out clause.

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