Payton appeal won’t proceed Tuesday

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On Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the league would hear on Tuesday the appeals of Saints coach Sean Payton and G.M. Mickey Loomis.

On Monday, Schefter reported that the hearings won’t be held on Tuesday.

Multiple sources tell PFT that the hearings were never scheduled for Tuesday.

So when will the hearings be held?  At this point, it’s not clear.  But Commissioner Roger Goodell said earlier today that a decision hopefully is coming by the end of the week.

34 responses to “Payton appeal won’t proceed Tuesday

  1. Can’t wait for the article on how Goodell’s decision won’t be coming until sometime next week.

  2. If Payton is barred from the team facility for a year, then where will he get his Vicodin?

  3. Let’s get this over with – give the criminal a fair trial, and then hang him.

  4. Goodell probably cancelled because of Payton playing drums for Jimmy Buffett.

    He just can’t stomach the audacity of somebody not cowering before his authority.

  5. What a waste of time. This is the same guy who admitted his mistakes, appologized, and took full responsibilities for his actions right?

    But that was before the punishment was announced, so I guess the deal is that he was sorry he got caught, appologized for being caught, and only wants to take responsibility if it means there are no consequences for his actions.

  6. Well, maybe have to slow the tweet world down. Can see on Twitter if you follow enough people, the trickle out effect of each tweet.

    Maybe good to slow down a lot of speculating and let processes take place before there is a rush to judgment IMHO

  7. He just as well should say the decision has already been made. Here is what Goodell will be saying during the appeal…”blah blah blah, la la la, I can’t hear you, talk to the hand, because I’m not listening. I’ve already made my decision and nothing you say will change that.”

  8. it would be interesting to know how much trouble payton and loomis would have gotten in if they just admitted what was going on two years ago and not lied….

  9. I’m Roger #&$&# Goodell! I decide punishment and meet whenever I feel like it! It’s all behind closed doors and the only one I answer too is myself!

    good luck with that appeal Seanie, not sure you ever had a chance.

  10. This arrogant guy will keep working the system to benefit himself. I wish the Comm. would add an additionl day for everyday he moves it.

  11. Way to take a rumor and run with it, Florio. Another one of your “league sources” told you the hearing was Tuesday, huh. Well I guess you had to talk about it being on Tuesday so you could further “report” that Payton was playing the bongos over the weekend when he should be cowering in a corner.

    Why don’t you do some actual investigative reporting and quit “reporting RUMORS!

  12. Hey AINTS fans its only cheating if you get caught…….. Oh wait that happened CHEATERS!!! The only thing Godell did wrong in this case is not ban the Payton and all sorry A@# coaches on that team for life. I cant wait till criminal charges come out you sorry Mo Fo’s, this will tarnish that Super bowl you cheated to obtain. Who Dat nation, you a cheating nation. I lived in the big sleezy for years and been to many games and never seen such disrespect for the game, fans and yourselfs.. What goes around comes around cheating losers, drown in your misery you scum. Ohh Seany Dennys is looking for some part time dishwshers i’m sure you’ll need a job loser. Ha Ha Ha Ha Nolins you deserve it.

  13. To all you haters out there who think the Saints are the only team to do this, wake up !! They just happened to get caught.. I’m not proud of what they did but if Payton would have been fired he wouldn’t have been out of coaching long. And to say you would not want him as the coach of the team you root for, you are lying.

  14. @ivibaileyivi , Aints fans are used to rampan corruption by their public officials, and breaking the law by their police. When caught, thse people receive a medal. So why would they accept their beloved team being penalized for their illegal activity? 🙂

  15. Bounty will be the greatest thing to happen to the saints…can’t wait for Goodell to hand us the lombardi again, in New Orleans nontheless! Saints will use this all to their advantage…watch, wait and see. And ivi…you need to return to school man. It’s clearly apparent by the way you write…you sound very ignorant…can’t imagine what your resume looks like…LMAO!

  16. @boisestatewhodat its clear the truth hurts and all 31 team and me are loving every minute of it. Say what you want about me, but i gots your attention and flipped your lid. This aint about me dummy its about your Dirty,cheating disgrace of a team and how they cheated to get the Lombardi and everyone see’s that now. You aint getting another shot at the Sb for years homie cause Goodells zebras will toss every flag on you like they did for your Aints in that tainted 2010/astrik season. Goodell pinched a big fat duece all over the bayou and its apperant it didnt miss the side of Brees face. Now thats a LMAO homie

  17. I can tell that many of the people blogging here are guilty of something. Just like them, I don’t need to see any evidence to know for a fact it’s true. They should all accept their punishment like a man and spend a year in jail. No need to be fair, and don’t question the all powerful Goodell, or he will crush you like any other dictator.

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