Percy Harvin says he needs shoulder surgery

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The biggest weapon in the Vikings’ offense is recovering from ACL surgery on his knee.  The second-biggest weapon in the Vikings’ offense soon will be recovering from shoulder surgery.

Receiver Percy Harvin, the 2009 NFL offensive rookie of the year, says via Twitter that he just learned he’ll need shoulder surgery.

Harvin added several minutes later that the recovery will be quick, and that he’ll be ready for OTAs.

Harvin appeared on the injury report several times last season, but he never missed a game.  He never was listed as having a shoulder injury.

59 responses to “Percy Harvin says he needs shoulder surgery

  1. Why don’t they go ahead and fix what’s wrong with his head….

    “Sorry coach not today I have a headache, I’ll stay home and enjoy my signing bonus this year”

  2. This kids tough. I see him doing big things in the future hopefully alongside a receiver on his level.

  3. Just learning about it, is a whole different story than refusing to get it until just before the start of the season. *cough* Sidney Rice

    Harvin is far too good a player and contributor to the Vikings to not be on the field. Good luck Percy.

  4. Gonna b a ruff year… I hope the vikes get a bunch of hungry youngsters and see what sticks… Then get some fas next yr

  5. This offseason just keeps getting worse and worse. From signing point guards to injuries and surgeries, PLUS no f-ing stadium. Hey Mr. Spielman great job buddy.
    Love your loyal Vikings fan.

  6. All you haters complaining about his injuries are idiots, this man shows up every sunday.

  7. I watched a lot of Florida football, and the kid’s electric. But fragile. Like a light bulb. Those guys just break your heart, because you know when they’re in there, they can stab the opponent like lightning. Like Dex McCluster. It’s hard to have those guys on your roster, but I’d rather have one of them than somebody that plays all 16, and my opponent can afford to ignore ’em.

  8. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, the Vikings need all the help they can get. Skol!

  9. Harvin also said he may need brain surgery due to excessive head scratching while tryin to figure out how the offense will attempt to move the ball with no oline, no wideouts besides him, mediocre at best QB play, and AP coming back from an ACL tear. He also spent time overthinking why speilman did NOTHING to fix any of these problems or the defense.

    Harvin also stated he can’t wait for his contract to expire so he can leave and he feels he will suffer many migraines this year so he won’t have to endure 50+ point defeats every week.

  10. I hope its not something too severe. He said he would be back by OTAs so it doesnt sound like it is. The Vikings need a solid and respectable #1 receiver to free Harvin up in the slot. Imagine the fireworks with a solida #1 and a healthy Peterson!

  11. Hey may seem to have “some sort of injury all the time” but how many times has he let said injuries sideline him? Not many! Harvin’s one tough b@stard!!!

  12. Harvin is a beast. And to the previous poster who made the joke about headaches. Migraines a serious deal. They dont just go away by taking a couple of aspirin.

  13. This has been an ongoing issue with Marvin. The problem is that the Vikings make him part of their special teams, and their entire offense. Management has not prepared itself for this eventuality and once again they are behind the 8 ball.

    Vikings 2-14 this year.

  14. @wdcskins

    He has played in almost every game


    Don’t see what the problem is? Oh wait, it’s you thinking you know a $hit about everyone! Clown!

  15. You have to give the new coaching staff credit. They did not accept all lame excuses and got him back on the field last year more than previously in his brief time with the vikings.

    Between headaches, injuries, drugs, fumbles, and dropped balls, he is the as poster child of unreliability. You never know when he will be at training camp, practice, or a game.

    It was a mistake to draft him with a first round pick.

  16. The way Harvin plays balls out and giving every ounce of energy every play. Its to be expected he has to perform off season maintenance to his body. Pound for pound one of the toughest in the game. Him and AD, you have to love their all out style of play even if your not a fan of my beloved Vikings. Note to Spielman; I hope you bat a 100% in the draft this year buddy, your not going to fine to many GM paying jobs in the classifieds these days.

  17. Lifetime Packer fan here.

    When this guy is healthy, he’s terrifying. If he had a better opposite reciever and wasn’t built or peanut brittle, he’d be a top 5 receiver. At least top 10.

  18. tjacks7 says:
    Apr 2, 2012 8:19 PM That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time, no wait, I hear a lot of stupid things on here! And you haters call yourself Vikings fans……..

  19. damn……… what a shame, dude really has potential but he is always hurt, i hope it works out for the guy!!!!

  20. One of the top football players in the NFL,,,a true gamer and game changer. He will be fine. Jealous much haters?

  21. Really tjacks7? All that complaining from a guy who chose TARVARIS JACKSON as his screen name?

    Thank God we don’t have someone like you running the team.

    Go Spielman go!

  22. i used to work with people that had migraines…they are a bitch. i wouldnt wish those on my worst enemy….percy has balls the size of coconuts to try and play through those. good luck percy!!!!!

  23. As a true Viking fan, I wish Percy a fast recovery and know it will be cause that guy is tough! You idiots who criticize him obviously didn’t watch him as he would limp onto the field, then as soon as the ball was hiked, he would make a ridiculous play. So do yourselves and shut up…

  24. Adam Schefter✔

    Don’t worry, Viking fans. Just arthroscopic surgery, a cleanup. RT @Percy_Harvin: Just found out I will need surgery on shoulder.

  25. Doesn’t matter if the vikes do not surround him with good enough players which I think they will fail to do this year too. Adding mcnabb and not improving the secondary last season? what? are they trying to move the team away? let’s hope for a miracle this year or maybe it’s time to pick another #1 favorite team. 50-51 years of no SB?

  26. You know, if we had other receiving threats around him that were even half as dangerous he wouldn’t be getting beat up as much. The guy does everything!

  27. What exactly is a true Viking fan? Will you be true if they pull the trucks up to Winter Park and head west? I think I would still be. Based on what appears to be a large number of Minnesotan’s who could careless about them staying, it might be a nice change to support them in another state that is ready to embrace them.
    Skol Vikings and Percy too, no matter where you wind up!

  28. thepvyharvin says:
    Apr 2, 2012 8:54 PM
    One of the top football players in the NFL,,,a true gamer and game changer. He will be fine. Jealous much haters?


    I’m sure Harvin is hating being a vikequeef and having you noodle headed dim wits as fans. Undoubtedly you dream of his appendage given your screen name.

  29. More packer fan comments……what a bunch of brain surgeons . Tjack you’re really brilliant…..can tell that from you’re screen name. Packer fans worry about your own discount double choke team

  30. @jbvikes Harvin was missing games a few seasona ago when they had Rice as their primary threat receiver. What was his problem then.

    Nevertheless, Spielman is an idiot for doing absolutely nothing and allowing the Vikings to be in this situation.

  31. 2 words Justin Blackmon. Please draft the man the Vikes need to put a true #1 on the field. Kalil would be great I get it. Defenses will not change their scheme because of a left tackle. Vikes history shows a dynamic WR can change how good your offensive line can play. Vikes went from a bad team to 15-1 when Moss was drafted. Im not saying Blackmon has Moss skills…but he’s going to be a stud and plus seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.Defense’s are going to bring it every play with are current wr minus Percy. Ponder will not improve with Jenkins and Aromashoudo.

  32. Harvin runs harder than any WR in the game and he’s missed 4 games in his 3 season career, and at least a couple were due to migraines. He’s not fragile. Just plays hard.

  33. I just hope he has his surgery quickly so he’s ready when the season starts–rather than screwing his team like Rice did in 2010.

  34. Everyone take a deep breath,

    “Harvin added several minutes later that the recovery will be quick, and that he’ll be ready for OTAs.”

    a very minor procedure. so once again take a deep breath fellow Viking fans.

  35. I wish he would be a little more specific in his tweets so we wouldn’t have to speculate about the extent of the injury. Sounds like it’s very minor, but now we have to read the comments from packer fans telling us how brittle the toughest man in the NFL is.

  36. And btw Harvin stopped having migraines once they diagnosed him with sleep apnea. Gb4mn0 is the most annoying troll ever. Your team got daggered by Eli Manning last year. Back to reality for you Wisconsin low lifes. And to the poster who said MN was bad before moss…dude… We were in the divisional round with Carter and Reed in the year before. We had studs on our OL. Stusse, Christy, Stringer, etc. all pro OL

  37. gb4mn0 says:I’m sure Harvin is hating being a vikequeef and having you noodle headed dim wits as fans. Undoubtedly you dream of his appendage given your screen name.
    —————————————————-Wow,all you got? I won’t even respond. I don’t pick on children,,

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