Ravens want Bryant McKinnie to get in better shape


The good news for the Ravens is that tackle Bryant McKinnie hasn’t put on any weight since the end of last season.

The less good news is that he hasn’t lost any either. John Harbaugh said last week that the tackle was in the same shape he was at the end of last season, but Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun reports that the team wants him to be in better shape than he was during the 2011 season so that he can “move better and be a little quicker.” McKinnie finished last year at about 360 pounds after ballooning to nearly 400 pounds before getting cut by the Vikings.

There’s not much chance that they are going to find someone else to take the job protecting Joe Flacco’s blind side next season. They’ve already exercised his $500,000 roster bonus for next season and he’s set to make $3.2 million for a Ravens team that doesn’t have much space to do something different right now.

They also don’t have a ton of options. Zrebiec mentions the possibility that the Ravens will draft a tackle, but that seems like a plan for a future without McKinnie. Unless they want to roll the dice on Marcus McNeill, the present is going to rely on McKinnie staying on track during the offseason.

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  1. Good luck with that…

    McKinnie has proven over and over again to be an underachieving and lazy player. Why do you think the Vikings let him go in the first place? He had many many chances and blew them all.

  2. Its not funny, but it is. Here you have a guy who was kicked off a team for the way he came to camp. He played well for the Raven’s, but just less than a year later, his weight is again an issue for a team. I feel bad for really big dudes who can not control their weight, but how rich do you have to be..? Get a freakin clue, there is way to much money on the line for this guy not to find some way to correct his problem.

  3. AFC north is going to be some ugly football this year. Ravens and steelers both look to be taking a step backwards this year, funny how they will do it at the same time. Bengals have cap room and did NOTHING in free agency. And the browns… Well, you didn’t offer enough for RG3. The rest of the NFL already hated this divisions defensive prowess on national television. Now the games will be even harder to watch.

    Don’t expect the usual steelers or ravens on national broadcasts every week when the schedule comes out.

  4. I feel really bad for Joe Flacco right now. I just hope his career doesn’t end early because Bryant McKinnie was too lazy to work hard.

  5. Bryant McKinnie is an overweight, lazy, borderline Pro Bowl LT. Is that worse than an overachieving, hardworking, run-of-the mill LT?

  6. The problem here with this McKinney guy, is that he is, purely and simply, too lazy to get the weight off. He has literally MILLIONS of reasons to stay within a certain weight range that his contract probably stipulates. This guy (and unfortunately many others like him with borderline NFL caliber talent or better) can’t simply push himself away from the table, nor follow a workout regimen to get him in shape during the offseason…when it’s his freaking job!

  7. We’re talking about the Ratbirds so what do you expect.

    Pushing and shoving and talking too much is what they do best.

  8. That’s not really what I got from reading the article at all. The Ravens checked his weight before giving him his roster bonus and he has maintained what he weighed last season. Harbs then went on to say that they would like him to be a little lighter next season so he could be a little quicker but this is typical Harbaugh speak. He always says he wants everyone to be better, play better. If McKinnie weighs now what he weighed during the season it stands to reason he will be lighter be the time the season starts because of Ota’s and training camp.

  9. Bengals have cap room and did NOTHING in free agency.

    How do you figure that melon head?

    They signed Reggie Nelson, Derrik Harvey, Jamal Anderson, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Adam Jones, Jason Allen, Anthony Collins, Manny Lawson and Wharton for their guard position. Looks like some signings to me.

  10. What a waste of talent. Not only should he get in shape for the game, in which he was a major disappointment for the Vikings, but for his own health reasons. He’s partying himself into a heart attack. As long as there a need for a LT in the league. He will jog himself into that lineup, make one initial push on a play, put his hands on his hips and watch the play unfold and then penguin walk himself back into the huddle. If Ray Lewis can’t fire him up, no one can. Good luck Ravens, the guy is a major tease. Viking fans know all about his lack of interest in the game, he’s only there for the paycheck.

  11. If he would just do half as many reps in the weight room as tweets he sends out, the guy would be an absolute beast. Stay off twitter & get in the weight room !!!

  12. I went to HS with him, and he really wasnt that big then. He was hugely tall, but his girth wasnt really nearly that big.

    Although, we are both in our 30s now. But from his junior year in HS, he had to have gained 125lbs. Im really surprised to hear these kinds of things about him.

    He never really came off as lazy at all. But he was rather quiet. Super nice guy back then though. That was before Miami got their hooks in him.

  13. Blind side……. Bryant McKinnie…….. ????

    I thought that movie was about ……. never mind.

  14. Wow look at all the haters, Ravens must be doing something right. At least they havent used the company credit card like some teams I know.

  15. Typical McKinnie. The guy has all the talent to be one of the best LT’s around but lacks the desire. The Vikings gave the guy millions and hoped he’d shed the underachiever label along with some lbs. He did neither. To top it all off he got himself kicked off the PRO BOWL TEAM!!! It takes a special kind of worthless to achieve that.

  16. The only time I saw this guy motivated was the year before he got his HUGE contract with the Vikings. Once that money was there he reverted to a lazy slob. I don’t know how many times he puked during football games like he just finished binge eating hours before kick-off. Some needs to kick his a$$ in shape.

  17. Losing in March, Winning in January……lets see who else is not shopping in FA:

    New England (division winner)
    Pittsburgh (runner up – where they belong)
    Houston – (division winner)
    NY Giants (Superbowl winner)
    Green Bay – (division winner)

    anyone see a pattern???

  18. Time for “Big Mack” to go on celebrity Biggest Loser . This guy could give a rat’s rear end whether he makes the the team or not!! He’s made his millions already and would rather be having a good time in Miami. Why doesn’t he just get out of the game and take tennis lessons from the Williams sisters.

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