Ryan Leaf arrested for second time in four days

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Ryan Leaf was arrested again on Monday and accused of committing a burglary shortly after he posted bail and got out of jail after an arrest on Friday.

Central Montana Drug Force Commander Chris Hickman told the Associated Press that Leaf was arrested early Monday in Great Falls on charges of burglary, theft and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

The new charges stem from a burglary Leaf allegedly committed on Saturday, not long after he got out of jail following his Friday arrest, which was also related to committing a burglary and illegal possession of prescription painkillers.

Leaf has a hearing scheduled for today and is still in jail.

The No. 2 overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, Leaf is regularly named the biggest draft bust in NFL history. Leaf became hooked on prescription painkillers and was already on probation stemming from a 2010 felony conviction, but in the last year he has claimed that he beat his addiction and turned his life around.

UPDATE 12:38 p.m. ET: Reports conflict about whether the second burglary took place on Saturday or Sunday. Authorities say Leaf will remain in jail for at least a few days, as he will not be permitted to post bond for his probation violation.

170 responses to “Ryan Leaf arrested for second time in four days

  1. goes to jail for burglary, comes out, goes ahead to commit another robbery… the guy cannot live without the prescription drugs can he

  2. Ryan Leaf either seems to follow trouble wherever he goes or trouble follows him.

  3. Between jamarcus and Leaf, I’d be afraid to draft a QB in the top 3 ever!!!! Pain killers and codeine cough syrup lol…sippin on some sizzer

  4. I can never really laugh at a man’s struggles..
    It is really pathetic how this man has turned out..

    The worst part is, i bet that he is the type of person to always say its someone elses problem.
    I blame bad parenting.

    too bad. dude had a cannon

  5. Just sad..what can you say? He’s got a addiction and i hope he goes to rehab or something and gets clean. He is going to kill himself if he keeps this up

  6. Is he not aware that there are people called drug dealers, who would be more than happy to sell him pills? Expensive, but it beats having to break into someones house every time you need a fix. Which, when you’re using opiates, is nearly all the time.

    Jail is not a fun place to have withdrawals.

  7. LOL where did the money come from for him to post bond? who would be that stupid to co-sign for him?

    Not only has he been labeled the biggest draft day bust but also one of the biggest losers ever to be drafted.

  8. What – no Friday night burglaries? He waited until Saturday – a whole day after getting out of jail?

    That’s the kind of lack of initiative and lack of determination that led to his failures in the NFL.

  9. C’mon man, this time of year is really hard for the guy. Give him a break, it’s not his fault he’s thief, drug addict and the biggest draft bust in NFL history.

  10. This has gone beyond pathetic, and has moved into a very dangerous area.

    Someone get this guy some serious help.

  11. I wonder if this is the QB that Ireland has been promosing the fans…he shouldn’t have to overpay for Leaf.

  12. I’ve seen first hand what painkillers can do to a person.
    That’s why I endure chronic pain Vs. ever taking those things on a regular basis.
    Physical pain is a much better alternative than wrecking your body and your entire life.
    Unless the pain is temporary or dibilitating – stay away. Pain killers will grab a hold of you before you know it has happened.

  13. I do feel bad for the guy but I would feel worse if he wasn’t the jerk many people know him to be

  14. No different than an alcoholic, can’t help himself and needs counseling but “INSIDE” a locked treatment center. (for an extended period of time)

  15. basically someone stole pain pills sold them to Ryan Leaf got in trouble and said the Leaf stole them.

  16. Ryan, when another inmate says “Pass me the soap” you’d better make sure it’s not 15 feet over his head like in your previous life. Just sayin’.

  17. A draft bust for sure, but Jamarcus Russell has passed Leaf for the All Time Bust label.

  18. Like him or not, every Saints fan on the planet should wake up thanking him as their savior every morning. The guy is single handedly responsible for every good thing that has happened to the Saints in the last 6 years.

  19. Leaf’s first comments since the 2nd arrest: “Don’t talk to me alright, knock it off *bleep*”….

  20. Honestly, the cops there are about as stupid as the average poster here. The guy is still toxic. He is going to do whatever he can to find the drug until he detox’s at least. They know that. They should have held him for at least 4 days as a danger to himself. Instead they are making headlines getting this dangerous criminal off the streets. Welcome to Montana.

  21. I thought he turned the corner, saw him on the DP show awhile ago. Sad sad sad….

  22. This guy really needs to visit Dr. Phil or maybe Dr. Drew. He has some deep seated issues that he needs to resolve, because nobody just wakes up one day and says “I’m gonna screw my life up today” like he has done.

    Honestly, GET HELP for this guy!

  23. I cant help but wonder how many times at WSU or SD did a coach say “come on man we need ya, need your help this week. Just take this little pain pill and play through it, we need ya”. And now that he is strung out, where are all those people to offer their help for him…

  24. He wanted to get whitegirl wasted. Just put this bum in prison for ten years and save him from himself.

  25. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Apr 2, 2012 12:28 PM

    How did he never play for the vikings?
    Better question is, how did he not play for the Packers. Him and Johnny Jolly would have been best friends both on and off the field.

  26. Let’s see…..hooked on pain killers……..committed numerous crimes over the past years, keeps apologizing but obviously not sincere, accepts responsibility but is obviously lying about it…..and then blames society for all the things that have gone wrong. Who we talking about here, Ryan Leaf or Sean Payton?????

  27. In related news, the Cincinnati Bengals have just offered him a 5 year contract….

  28. Being that there is drugs involved, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerry sign him as the backup to Romo for the cowgirls. Makes sense…

  29. That guy has got something deep going on, its sad. I hope can straighten himself out

  30. Just throw his ass in jail already. He obviously isn’t going to take advantage of the extra chances most of us wouldn’t have even gotten.

  31. If I were his family, I would be extremely worried right now. This is not the behavior of a man who is thinking rationally. He needs help last month.

  32. at least he makes people forget about art schlichter. you people too young to remember him , look him up, interesting story too

  33. I was surprised to read he wasn’t arrested for impersonating a quarterback.

    I still think that Jamarcus Russell has safely wrestled the ‘Biggest Bust’ crown away from Leaf.

  34. You got to hit rock bottom before you can beat your addiction and turn your life around. He is obviously going to do some time in prison-who knows might save his life.

  35. My biggest question is

    Where is Ryan Leaf’s Father / Family to slap the S out of him?

    I mean seriously. Maybe they just gave up.

    Ryan Leaf – was once competing with Peyton Manning. Now he’s Francis Buxton from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, spoiled rich kid stealing Pee Wee’s bike to sell it and buy drugs.

  36. Who knows when someone will become addicted. I get prescriptions for Vicodin and more than once I have tossed them because they passed the expiration date. This will follow Leaf until he really does something about his problem.

  37. It was funny when he was an NFL bust, now he needs some serious help. Old coaches, teammates or family? Can we get Ryan Leaf off the laughing stock page

  38. A big time crybaby in college that fooled NFL people because he had prototype measurables.

    Obviously being a free man isn’t working out for him these days.

  39. It’s all the Colts’ fault. If they would have drafted him instead of Peyton Manning, he would have ended up on the straight & narrow.

  40. Instead if putting the guy down someone needs to get him some help… sounds like classic addiction problem to me..

  41. Hard to have much sympathy for a guy who has treated everybody around him like they were nothing since he was a teenager.

  42. anyone know if he developed this addiction taking pain medication during his football days or when his brain tumor was removed? I have some sympathy for the guy, I assume this painkiller addiction wasn’t started from recreational use.

  43. Hey current NFL prospects… Look at Ryan Leafs NFL career… This is what NOT to do.

  44. In his appeal letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell obtained Monday, New Orleans Saints assistant coach Joe Vitt writes that he respects Goodell’s decision to suspend him for the first six games of the 2012 season despite his filing of an appeal.
    “By exercising this right to appeal, I do not want to convey to you that I do not respect your decision,” Vitt wrote. “I understand my obligations to the men I coach, the New Orleans Saints, to you and to the National Football League. I am proud of my association with and my career in the NFL, but I am not proud of my involvement in these events or how I conducted myself in the early stages of the investigation.”
    Another admission that Taints fans will choose to ignore. How can you “respect” the decision to suspend for 6 gms but still appeal……..doesn’t sound like true respect to me.

  45. I feel bad for the guy.. Millions of people struggle with addiction everyday. Obviously, he’s deep into his right now. Maybe some time to sober up and reflect on his decisions will help him out.

  46. When the cops come to bust him, does he scream “Don’t talk to me, all right?! Knock it off!”?

  47. Just when I think Jamarcus Russell has surpassed Ryan Leaf as the NFL’s biggest draft pick bust and getting into trouble…Ryan has to one up him to haunt us Charger fans! Your move Fatty McRussell! But seriously, this guy needs help…BAD!

  48. Never one that hopes or intents to Judge another human being for we dont know what each other is going through, i just hope he gets his life together, everybody has problems, but that being said, looks like hes going to Jail for a real long time.

  49. It’s sad if you think about it, not too long ago this guy had life by the b@lls, now he will be going to prison (maybe) and someone will probably be dragging him around by his…best of luck to you, Ryan.

  50. 1st best Leaf article on him skipping practice because of injury, to later be found playing football on the beach.

    2nd- Seau holding him down so he wouldnt fight a journalist during a locker room interview

    everything else is just sad in his life.

  51. Old news, but thought this pre-draft scouting report from CNN SI was pertinent here:

    “There are no physical or athletic limitations to hold Leaf back from becoming a great NFL QB. However, there appears to be some minor nagging questions in the area of maturity and his mental approach to the game. He is perceived as not always an easy guy to work with, and he tends to beat to his own drummer…As good as he is, he can have some streaks on the field where he looks like he has forgotten everything he has been taught…There seems to be a nagging question here that something might be missing, but it may be hard to verbalize it…”

  52. When Mike Vick was arrested, the media and the black community DEMANDED that the public not judge his guilt or innocence and that he deserves the benefit of the doubt, and he is innocent until proven guilty.

    Here are 2 cases where the media does not demand the same:
    – George Zimmerman
    – Ryan Leaf

    So blacks get the second chance and innocent until proven guilty, but the white guys are crucified and have bounties placed on their heads.

  53. So again, tell me how Russell’s a higher bust than Leaf. Leaf will go down as the all time NFL and in my book Sports draft busts of all time. Leaf was horrible on the field (1 of 15 in one game), was bad with teammates, was awful with the media, not good with fans and of course bad off the field and is a constant news story for all the wrong reasons.

  54. Seems like he could really use a strong hand (life coach?) to guide him, because he keeps making poor decisions. Probably also a methadone clinic–opiates (e.g. oxycodone) are just about the only thing more addictive than nicotine. It’s why I won’t let any doctor prescribe them to me anymore.

  55. The good news for Leaf is that painkiller addiction can be lvercome. Supposedly, it’s a painful detox, but afterward, you’re usually over it. He needs six months jail time.

  56. The Packers might win the Biggest Draft Bust sweepstakes.

    Lets not forget about Tony Mandarich. He was the first round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers in 1989, second overall behind quarterback Troy Aikman, and ahead of the third selection, running back Barry Sanders, the fourth selection, linebacker Derrick Thomas, and the fifth selection, cornerback Deion Sanders. Mandarich is the only player of those five not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    When you look at those who were drafted around him, it might be a good argument to make that the Packers were indeed in possession of the biggest draft bust in NFL history.

  57. Someone probably already said this, but his one call from jail should be to the Jets.

  58. I feel for the guy. He obviouly has a problem and needs help. Not saying his crimes should go unpunished, but I hope he gets into a program.

  59. @contra74

    Yes, Tony may have been a bust in the NFL (they can’t all be winners; you should know that), but he was certainly not a bust in his post-NFL life…

    Tony Mandarich: He now runs a photography studio; he began doing nature photography as a hobby in 1990.[2] Mandarich has expanded his business, named Mandarich Media Group, to include photography, video production, web design, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing

  60. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Apr 2, 2012 1:52 PM


    Yes, Tony may have been a bust in the NFL (they can’t all be winners; you should know that), but he was certainly not a bust in his post-NFL life…

    Tony Mandarich: He now runs a photography studio; he began doing nature photography as a hobby in 1990.[2] Mandarich has expanded his business, named Mandarich Media Group, to include photography, video production, web design, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing
    Why dont you tell me about how he smiles when he sees puppies and holds doors for people. We are talking about NFL here, not ‘awww that was nice of him’ stories.

  61. To anyone wondering, I’m pretty sure this wasnt a “burglary” at all. More like his buddy sold him his pills, in the bottle they came in, and when Leaf got busted, he did the right thing and didn’t roll on the guy that sold him the pills.

    Burglary is far less serious of a crime than the illegal distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals.

  62. Finally a White QB with Legal Troubles…Although i think that he will get off and receive the key to his city! Love our society!

  63. It smells like law officials going for a headline! Arrest a big name and use it for media. If the man was THAT bad why release him and then arrest him the next day?

  64. Poor Ryan Leaf. Not only is he one of the biggest busts to get drafted, he’s one of the biggest drafts to get busted. Sad all around.

  65. hey everybody makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. after that sorry it is not a mistake but a choice and a bad one that he keeps making. he has had more chances than any regular person with no celebrity fame gets now it is time for him to pay the price.

  66. I posted on Saturday that withdrawl sucks ….. heres the proof. Only a drug addict gets out of jail Friday for drugs and theft, and gets re-arrested Saturday for drugs and theft. Withdrawl will make you do some crazy things. I lived it everyday for 2 years, and it is the absolute worst feeling ever.

  67. Sad Sad, Hope the kid gets well, if I remember right he acted like a tool on many occasions screaming at reporters etc. Karma is a beeoowch, He’ll be writing a book in a year or 2 from prison about the downfall of a #1 draft pick to drug addict, then will make a few million off book sales, get right, then do it all over again.

  68. so he just regularly breaks into ppls houses and hoped that they have some oxycotin to steal??? granted i dont support this behavior but wouldnt it be a little easier to just find a drug dealer?

  69. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You’ve got to give Leaf credit for persistency.

  70. And your NEW starting Quarterback of the California Correctional Institute: RYAN LEAF!!!! Mommy and Daddy must be soooo proud.

  71. Two arrests in THREE days?????

    Arrested the NEXT day after being released for the first arrest????

    How bad would he bad if he HADN’T “turned his life around”?????

    If dude worked this hard at being a quarterback, he’d be in Canton today.

  72. @thankheavenfornumberseven, love the reference to Gerby. Has anyone figured out who Gerby really is. Which one of the KFAN crew is he?

  73. Let’s see, what would happen if you built a guy with a ton of athletic ability, great eye-hand coordination, perfect quarterback size, and an IQ of 29?

  74. dryzzt23 says: Apr 2, 2012 1:20 PM

    When Mike Vick was arrested, the media and the black community DEMANDED that the public not judge his guilt or innocence and that he deserves the benefit of the doubt, and he is innocent until proven guilty.

    Here are 2 cases where the media does not demand the same:
    – George Zimmerman
    – Ryan Leaf

    So blacks get the second chance and innocent until proven guilty, but the white guys are crucified and have bounties placed on their heads.

    The race card…already? Okay, I’ll play along. Let’s get this straight. Mike Vick got a second chance NOT because he is black, in face the only reason he got a second chance was because he CAN PLAY and play WELL…and the only color that mattered in the end here is the color GREEN. Vick makes a LOT of money for any team that employs his because of his talents despite his dog fighting.

    And with that being said, Vick is STILL the most hated athlete in all of American sports. However, Vick is the exception. But by your logic, JaMarcus Russell would have gotten a second chance, the receiver from Chicago who was a major drug king pin would have gotten a second chance too. On the flip side, players black, white, and all colors in between get second chances with teams after being found guilty of domestic abuse, DUI, weapons charges, and assault. Even NFL head coaches get second chances after DUI’s and gun charges. As a matter of fact, Jon Gruden benefited from his second chance following his DUI while the Oakland Raiders head coach. He turned his DUI into a Super Bowl ring with his second chance team the Tampa Bay Bucs.

  75. Wow I’m a born and raised Montanan and Ryan “Robber” Leaf is the single biggest disappointment and most embarrassing person from my state. I hope Brock Osweiler can make up for Leaf

  76. 1. Biggest Bust of alltime
    2. Rude to the Media & blaming teammates
    3. Crybaby
    4. Injuries
    5. Lied about hand injury to play golf
    6. Refused to get wrist surgery
    7. Brain tumor
    8. Drug addict
    9. Criminal

    Hes a loser and should be thrown in jail forever

  77. This is a perfect example of rehab not doing a bit of good if you are not ready for it. This guy needs to do some jail time to protect him from himself.

  78. MDS, Oh boy Ryan Leaf is arrested again. And again PFT has exployted a drug addict. And of course Leaf gets the royal treatment of PFT. Its been well documented over the years that Leaf has problems with addiction. I wonder if most of the respondents of this article can with stand an investigation of this sort? People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. MDS, what else can you do in this dog and pony show? Hey,,how bout some real NFL news and not another story about some has been whos been out of the league for 14 yrs.

  79. It’s a shame this guy didn’t go to da “U” he would have fit in perfectly!

  80. This guy makes a good case for performance-based compensation for first and second year players. Let them earn the big coin their third year and beyond.

  81. is there any compassion left in the world today?

    he is on drugs and needs rehab really bad. The NFL and PLayers Association and his relatives need to step up and HELP.

    I remember the great center from the Steelers.. Webster… needed help in his ‘final years of living.

    How about some ‘random acts of kindness.

  82. mackie66 says:

    MDS, Oh boy Ryan Leaf is arrested again. And again PFT has exployted a drug addict. And of course Leaf gets the royal treatment of PFT. Its been well documented over the years that Leaf has problems with addiction. I wonder if most of the respondents of this article can with stand an investigation of this sort?

    You got us… all us other posters have been busted for felony burglary multiple times over a four-day span.

    And, given drug addicts propensity for exploiting everyone they come into contact with, I’m okay with Leaf being “exployted” by having news of his illegal doings publicized. He’s done all this to himself, so killing the messenger makes no sense whatsoever.

  83. It’s a shame that dryzzt took time to crawl out from under the fertilizer pile to insert his racist bs on this thread about a drugged out loser that just happens to be a white guy. Only losers like dryzzt can come up with such an idiotic comparison. Go back to the klavern where your hate is welcome.

    As for #1 loser, let’s just hope that this is Ryan hitting bottom. And that his friends and family will be able to provide moral support during his recovery. If he can’t stay clean after doing the imminent hard time that he faces for probation violation and multiple offenses of the last few days, Ryan must consider drastic action to save his life short of having a frontal lobotomy.

  84. Wow just wow. Rock bottom. This guy just needs a hug and for somebody to love him and tell him it’s going to be ok….among a bunch of other things….

  85. they said he broke into the house and the owner came home and leaf told him, sorry i got the wrong house, then left, this guy cant be for real? hes a pill popping animal!!

  86. As a lifetime Charger fan – all I can say Ryan – meet karma! I for one am certainly not wishing ill will on this POS, but I have to say, I do have a pretty large smile on my face!!!

  87. I actually feel bad for the dude. As a cancer survivor, I was once addicted to pain pills. It is part of going through chemo for over a year. They put you on some heavy duty stuff. Getting off those pills literally almost killed me and that was with some of the best medical care in the country (Fred Hutchinson).

    Trust me, he is not in a fun place right now. Especially being in jail. I hope they are getting him medical care because otherwise, he faces some very serious medical risks (and potential death) during detox.

    I also think it’s a shame to read some of these comments. What kind of person laughs at pill addiction? If you ever had it, you wouldn’t laugh. It’s a living hell that I would wish on nobody. Not even Rush Limbaugh.

  88. Let’s just remember that before these burglaries, he was buying his supply via mail and paying cash on delivery for them. He wasn’t hurting anyone or their property. He was just feeding his addiction, something people do every day in a variety of ways. The difference is the government has declared this particular vice to be more egregious against society than others for inconsistent reasons, and the USPS ratted him out because of those cash transactions. He THEN supplied his addiction by breaking the law (specifically against other people’s property).

    People being addicted to booze or anything is less than optimal. But it goes on every day. It is when the government steps in that things get worse. Leaf is a mess, and it’s sad. But gobbling pain killers is not a crime, it’s a vice. It may lead to actions that we, as a society won’t tolerate, but stepping in beforehand via Prohibition only brings about different problems faster and with more certainty. If Leaf simply went on buying is pills in $500 lots via the mail, we wouldn’t even be talking about him, and crimes would not have been committed, just a personal vice.

  89. @juliusanonymous Lets remember that before he started receiving cancer treatments, he was a recovering addict. By all accounts, prior to that he was turning his life around.

    We can all sit here and judge him but addiction is a disease. What he does with his own life now, is in his own hands but he needs some medical assistance and also needs to take personal responsibility.

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