Should Michael Vick feel threatened?

Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin talks Eagles, including Michael Vick’s mindset after the Philadelphia’s reported interest in Peyton Manning and Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill and the loss of starting left tackle Jason Peters to a torn achilles tendon.

14 responses to “Should Michael Vick feel threatened?

  1. Vick gets the hell beaten out of him in every game. His career isn’t going to last that much longer. And he really isn’t that good, and never was. A great athelete , but a lousy QB. And a worse human being.

  2. It seems like this writer was having a boring day, with there being no news to report. Why would he feel threatened? A lot of these reporters want to make it seem as though there were a lot of teams looking for the services of Manning, but yet they could only name four.

  3. I’m sorry but is the fan base really going to be excited about Ryan Tannehill?

    I didn’t hear anything about this guy and all of the sudden he’s going top 5?

    If the Eagles trade up for this guy i’ll be extremely disappointed.

  4. Vick leading Philly to a SB is starting to look like long odds, IMO. He’s definitely not a kid anymore but worse, dude just cannot seem to make it thru a season.

  5. well maybe if tannehill went to a bigger school then tamu he would have been top 5 all along… tannehill is a beast… been watching him for a couple yrs… id love to see the eagles grab him as a backup(meaning starter by week 8 cuz vick will get injured)

    and next yr the eagles can release vick if tannehill does good… with minimal penalty because of the way theyb structured his contract. the eagles front office did really good with the no more bonus for him after this yr

  6. but that being said fatty wont move up… because the browns are looking for a deadskins/rams deal… fatty would never give up that much and i dont blame him

  7. Howard Eskin is a royal a-hole. He is a laughing stock of philadelphia sports talk radio. If you are listening, he is saying it, “it” is anything to be heard. Never anything that is, new or true ! Look at his record and DON’T ask HIM.

  8. dlightner13 says:
    Apr 2, 2012 11:10 PM
    well maybe if tannehill went to a bigger school then tamu

    Texas A&M is the 6th largest university in the country by enrollment.

  9. mrslay1 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 12:17 AM
    vick isn’t threatened…only the dogs are!!


    Oh get over it, the dog jokes are old and boring, find something else to cry about, sick of hearing about those dogs. It would be different if dogs weren’t still being killed, abused and made to fight. Crap goes on everyday, was going on before the issue with Vick and it hasn’t stopped.

  10. Stop with the dog jokes its OLD!! Anyone who still talks about that should be called “scarecrow man”…. Only if you had a brainnnnn hahah

  11. Of COURSE he should feel threatened.
    Any human with a pulse is a step up over Bad Newz Vick!

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