Through appeal, Vitt hopes to bring “certain matters” to Goodell’s attention

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Saints assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Vitt has, along with head coach Sean Payton and G.M. Mickey Loomis, appealed the various punishments meted out by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Vitt, who received the smallest of the individual punishments, tried to strike a delicate balance in his letter to Goodell.

“By exercising this right to appeal, I do not want to convey to you that I do not respect your decision,” Vitt wrote, per Albert Breer of  “I understand my obligations to the men I coach, the New Orleans Saints, to you and to the National Football League.  I am proud of my association with and my career in the NFL, but I am not proud of my involvement in these events or how I conducted myself in the early stages of the investigation.  Nonetheless, I am hopeful that the appeal will give me the opportunity to bring certain matters to your attention.”

The “certain matters” aren’t known.  Neither is the impact of the “certain matters” on Vitt’s suspension.

“I have worked hard to earn the respect of the men I have coached and the organizations that I have worked for over the years,” Vitt added.  “I am prepared to earn your respect as well.”

It won’t be easy.  The bounty system and the pattern of dishonesty have triggered unprecedented penalties.  Right or wrong, Goodell surely sees the behavior as inflicting serious damage on the NFL shield.  It will be difficult for him to ever respect anyone who was involved directly or indirectly in these actions.

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  1. He should bring to his attention the fact that Goodell did everything in his power to hide SpyGate facts and evidence.
    Destroyed evidence before any others could view.
    Only slapped the wrists of the Patriots.
    Did NOT suspend Belicheat even though he publicly mocked Goodell by saying he only “misinterpeted” the rules.

  2. I think the facts Vitt will bring to Gustapo Goodells attention are the following:

    Goodell works for the owners.
    Goodell’s overinflated salary is paid by the owners.
    Goodell’s continued employment rests with the votes of the owners.
    The Gustapo has already pi$$ed off Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Tom Benson(and probably another 2 or 3)

    Those owners could very easily build a majority to vote not to reelect Goodell or remove him from his position.

  3. WOW! No one affiliated with the Saints or a citizen of New Orleans or a fan of the Saints will ever have Roger Goodell (or your) respect?

    Strong words little man.

  4. These men should be hung in the streets on New Orleans, old world style…That will teach them and their classless fans….Is that correct Florio? Let’s see…Take away the franchise tag…strip them of their superbowl win…..Payton should be fired immediately….all things you are begging to be done. Did a Saints coach, player, or fan kick your puppy? You are out for blood. But you do work for NBC these days so everything is agenda driven.

  5. Sorry, nothing is changing. Anyone who thinks these punisments are too harsh has a complete inability to recognize the bigger picture.

    With all the lawsuits coming in against the NFL, the Commish needs lay down the hammer so he can say “we take player safety very seriously… Look what we did to the Saints when we found out they were putting other players in greater danger with their bounty system”.

    It sucks, but thats the world we live in with all these sumb lawsuits… Its all about “Cover your a$$”

  6. Lets keep this in perspective guys. Defensive players have always been paid to destroy the men on the other side of the ball. Some of these guys are already making 1 million per game to do so.

  7. Can’t wait to see how this all shakes out tomorrow.

    Look they know they are guilty of breaking rules and not telling the truth. They know they have to be punished and they know these appeals will not forgive them nor make it easier on the punishment. But is sure makes you wonder what is it they want to share with Goodell, what’s going to be discussed from a point of getting over this incident and moving forward.

  8. “It will be difficult for (Goodell) to ever respect anyone who was involved directly or indirectly in these actions.”

    That’s why I’ve said all along that Benson should have first reviewed the actual documentary evidence in Goodell’s office and then promptly fired Payton and Loomis ( and perhaps Vitt, too ). This is what would have earned Goodell’s respect for Benson and likely persuaded Goodell to go a little easier on these guys and certainly persuaded him not to heavily penalize the players or destroy the Saints’ ability to compete.

    Yet to this very day Payton, Loomis and Vitt are still members of the Saints, still empolyees of Benson, and Benson still supports them.

  9. This is all a “charade”.

    The league has known about the bounty system for years.

    They couldn’t discipline New Orleans until now because of the Katrina nightmare died down. If they had tried to bring it up right after the Vikings game, they couldn’t play the Super Bowl.

    And once the Super Bowl was over, if they tried to discipline the Super Bowl winner, what do they do, take away the trophy?

    They sent Michael Jordon to Minor League Baseball for a few years in lieu of exposing his gambling problems.

    With the Saints Bounty system, they let time pass, suspend a few coaches, and hope we all can move on with the integrity of the game restored.

    The Bounty System is effectly wagering on certain aspects of the game with the players.

    And Pete Rose will never get into the Hall of Fame until he is dead.

  10. How come his involvement in the Vicodin scandal has not been mentioned any longer ? Joe Vitt & Loomis should be in jail or up on Federal charges for what they did ! Oh I forgot, it was a disgruntled employee that was making things up ( as usual ).

  11. The commish will throw him out of his office if he goes in there smelling his fingers with the vigor he has in the picture.

  12. “It will be difficult for (Goodell) to ever respect anyone who was involved directly or indirectly in these actions.”

    So, did Goodell tell you that, or are you SPECULATING? Is this a tabloid or news? Well, it sure ain’t news…

  13. Goodell is kinda like the pied piper. Instead of playing music, he has placed traps with cheese. The first RAT to take the bait seems to be Vitt.

    Smart move by Goodell, the rest will soon try to CYA.

  14. “Bringing certain matters” to Rajah’s attention. Also know as, “turning a dime”, “copping a plea”, “spilling his guts”, “ratting out”…….

  15. My hope is that the “certain matters” he brings to light hurt the Saints more, that would be awesome.

  16. If there is one person anyone should have any sympathy for in this case, it may be Joe Vitt. As an assistant coach with a relatively small salary and someone who is easily replaced by guys like Sean Payton and Greg Williams, he would have had no choice but to go along with their orders enthusiastically. To do anything else would result in him being fired and replaced by someone who would do it.

    For Greg Williams, Sean Payton and the Saints organization, I feel that the penalty they were dealt was remarkably light given the lying, deceit, unsportsmanlike conduct and outright cheating they are caught up in. Two second round draft picks is nothing, and their suspensions are minor compared to their crimes.

    Joe Vitt on the other hand, probably makes a very light salary by comparison and was more likely to be a soldier caught up in the whirlwind create by his superiors, and is now one of the men who was convenient to pencil in to the slot marked ‘someone has to swing’.

  17. “It will be difficult for him to ever respect anyone who was involved directly or indirectly in these actions.”

    You continually write your stories as though you believe that you’re able to read others’ minds! It’s so ridiculous to say that about Goodell. One, he seems to be getting a “soft spot” in his lil heart for the “punishments”. Second, your uncanny (awkward) revelation of his innermost character about who he would, or would not, respect, is nothing but pure speculation, presented as though you “know”.


  18. Payton has screwed up even MORE this time. He puts out word that he wants to bring in Parcells to head coach, thus giving the undermining his current coaching staff. Coaching staff ( Vitt ) says ” Ok, so THAT’S how it’s gonna be ! I’ll save my own ass while bringing Payton another few notches. ”
    ” Uhhh, Mr Goodell, let me tell you a few things that you may have not heard yet ” ….
    I’m going to concessions. Popcorn anyone ?

  19. @dreamofkristen …

    First, what did or didn’t happen in “Spygate” doesn’t have one blessed thing to do with the New Orleans Saints. Just because one person breaks the law and gets away with it doesn’t mean we ignore all other law-breakers.

    Second, “Spygate” doesn’t compare to this situation. All teams routinely filmed signal-calling, etc. The Jets did it–that’s how they knew the Pats were doing it. Goodell finally stopped it with a memo, but the Pats didn’t stop when they were told to stop. That was their big boo-boo. They kept doing what everyone had been doing after they were told to stop. And for that, they got a well-deserved spanking.

    The Saints coaches ignored a direct order from the team owner, took outside money from a convicted FELON to cheat the salary cap and fund an ILLEGAL organized bounty program designed to cause SERIOUS and possibly CAREER-ENDING INJURY to opposing players. They repeatedly LIED to NFL investigators about their activities. If you can’t understand the difference between that and “Spygate,” you are an immature fool.

    And for the record, I hate the Pats and rooted for the Saints in SBXLVI. But it is what it is.

  20. Joe Vitt is a LIAR. Then there is the stink of the Vicodin scandal that looms behind this with traces of Michael Ornstein. If anyone thinks Goodell is going to risk the reputation of the NFL on him, they are delusional. All Vitt and others such as Loomis and Payton can do is come forward and be honest to help the league work through this with the NFLPA.

  21. Why would you proceed with this years Superbowl in NOLA? Talk about player safety, ya better worry about the fans that are gonna say something to a NOLA Ain’t,s fan and a war erupts. Talk about lawsuits, there’s ya a BIG ONE WAITING TO HAPPEN!! Where’s your common sense? Look at the RAGE I NOLA now and your gonna bring in thousands of outsiders! Hahaha. RIOT CITY NFL

  22. klutch14u says:
    Apr 2, 2012 3:13 PM

    Lets keep this in perspective guys. Defensive players have always been paid to destroy the men on the other side of the ball. Some of these guys are already making 1 million per game to do so.


    Are you really that dumb?

  23. Still hating on the Saints Mike? Well, here’s one for ya. Us Saints fans don’t respect Roger Goodell and never will. And we don’t want him respecting us or our Saints either. It would be an insult to my integrity for Goodell to respect the Saints! Our objective is to be as competitive as possible and for Goodell to hate us as much as possible. He’s hated the Saints since they beat his little boy favre in the NFC Champ game the year we also beat his precious little peyton manning in the Super Bowl! Ha Ha. He even changed the Play-off overtime rules because of the Saints beating the Vikings in the Champ game. The Saints will win the SB this year right there in the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans right in front of Goodell. Ha Ha. Goodell will have to endure the torture of watching Benson dance around the Suite with his umbrella in joy while his Saints Pummel the Broncos and Manning in the SB! Ha Ha. Sux to be you Mike! Geaux Saints!

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