Colts get their close up with Luck

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On Tuesday, the Colts will get their chance for a one-on-one (or, more accurately, five-on-one) examination of the man who has been the presumptive first overall pick in the draft for more than a year, despite the efforts of owner Jim Irsay to suggest that the decision is “up in the air.”  Per Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, the workout will occur Tuesday on the Stanford campus.

Representing the team will be General Manager Ryan Grigson, head coach Chuck Pagano, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen, and vice president of football operations Tom Telesco.  Irsay won’t be present.

Luck is eager to show the Colts whatever they need to see.  “I think I’ve put together a decent body of work under my belt with the [game] film and the pro day,” Luck told Chappell.  “If they ask for more or need more, I’ll be happy to oblige.”

Luck would also be happy to be a Colt.  “Absolutely,” Luck said. “It’s been an incredible franchise. I would love to be part of that.”

It’s unknown when, or if, the Colts will take a closer look at Griffin.  If they don’t, it most likely will mean that Luck will be the pick.

The Colts remain free to sign the first overall pick in advance of the draft.  Given that the rookie wage scale implemented in 2011 permits the top deals to be done in five minutes, who knows?  The Colts could, in theory, show up for a workout and leave with a quarterback.

29 responses to “Colts get their close up with Luck

  1. the Colts, one would think, have seen everything they need to see to make their decision. but if they take all this trouble for one last Luck look-over, then they should at least gave RGIII a look too.

  2. Irsay not being there could be his way of saying if it doesn’t work out they can’t blame me for it.

    Judging by what Luck said to Chappell, it’s almost like he’s tying to be a safe player and not step on any toes…

    I hope Colts fans aren’t looking for Manning 2.0.

  3. They got almost 4 weeks. They don’t have to sign him today. They could get it done a couple of days before the draft. It’s not like anyone is gonna come in and sign him away from the Colts

  4. Luck or RG LEAF . Is there really a chance they’ll be dumb enough to consider RGleaf over Luck . Luck is smarter , bigger , a pocket passer and did i mention SMARTER .

  5. Luck is Smarter?? Why, because he went to Stanford?? RG3 was recruited by Harbaugh at Stanford also. RG3 graduated HS and College early. Has a degree is Political Science. He is every bit a smart as Andrew Luck. And he’s a better QB.

  6. Yea yea, Luck then RG3… its a done deal, I want to argue about this ridiculous Tannehill hype and the Weeden age issue!

    Answer me this –

    Tannehill: In 1 month, how does a guy go from a consensus 2nd round draft choice at QB, who most agreed needs to sit for awhile because of his lack of college starts, to being considered at pick #4 and #8?

    Weeden: I like him, but are you really going to spend a 2nd rounder on a guy whose going to be 29yrs old this season? Imagine if he sits for a year, then he is going to be a first time starter in 2013 at 30yrs old with one year experience! God-forbid he has any setbacks like injuries, the time frame on this guy is just to slim. Would not touch him before the 3rd round at least!

    Ready set—argue…

  7. Really cowherpower? Smh.. Both RG3 and Luck are gonna be just fine in the NFL. Both are pocket passers, can operate the spread, read defenses, escape pressure by running, throw the deep ball and are accurate. I watched both pro-days in there entirety. Saw each of their games this season, more of RG3, seen Luck’s games last year. Both of them as “Smart”..Standford grad the other Graduate from Baylor in 3 years, Dean’s list and Honors each semester. I like Luck’s size, yes. But RG3 speed is also an asset.

    The key will be if the teams they go to place tools around them to furnish. Both of them a high character gentlemen as well.

  8. Rgleaf? Really.
    There’s so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.
    Rg3 had a higher GPA than luck but luck did go to Stanford so ill give you that one
    But there both extremely intelligent. How smart do you want your quarterback to be.
    By your logic if Steven hawking declared for this draft he’d be the clear cut number one pick.

  9. “Luck or RG LEAF . Is there really a chance they’ll be dumb enough to consider RGleaf over Luck . Luck is smarter , bigger , a pocket passer and did i mention SMARTER .”

    Yeah RGIII has already graduated with a 3.5+ GPA and reportedly had a Wonderlic score of 42. What did Luck score and has he already graduated with a better GPA?

    But then again black guys are just dumber, right?

  10. “Thumbs up” if you think the Colts should take Luck. “Thumbs down” if you think the Colts should take Luck.

  11. It doesn’t matter who they take if they don’t have a solid draft behind the first round. Let’s see what you have Grigson. My guess is Luck will have a first year like Payton (3) wins, and then we can spend years talking about a comparison to 18. I have more faith in Grigson (already beefing up O line), than Chris Polian – not Bill.

  12. If the Colts don’t select Griffin then I’m going to have to pull the race card. Sorry everyone. There should be a rule that NFL teams have to interview an african american candidate for each slot in the draft.

  13. tapochau says: “”they should at least gave RGIII a look too.””
    It has been reported that RG3 is not giving private workouts.

  14. Luck or RG LEAF . Is there really a chance they’ll be dumb enough to consider RGleaf over Luck . Luck is smarter , bigger , a pocket passer and did i mention SMARTER .

    Really, cohwer power? WOW the ignorance on this sight is hilarios….stop comparing to Leaf hes NOTHING like that loser and as far as being smart? No one questions Griffins intelligence, accept idiots like you!

  15. I’m sure Mr. Luck will give them 150% today. No way does he want to blow this and end up with the Redskins. Which makes me feel bad for RGIII, or anyone else drafter by/traded to the ‘Skins.

  16. @cowherpower

    In terms of intelligence both of these guys are cream of the crop. Luck graduates with a degree in Architecture in May, and Griffin graduated in 3 years and made deans list 3 times and started grad school. Not to mention that these guys accomplished both while starting for a D-1 football program which is no easy task. If anything that Luck definitely has over Griffin is his durability, but other than that these guys are pretty close.

  17. People are dumping on the Skins for doing this, but it makes sense. As a Skins fan I prefer to stay home and watch the game. I have a 50 inch HD TV to see all the Skins games and the Redzone channel is a gift from God. Plus, with the price of 1 beer and food I would have to spend at the game I can get multiple cases of beer and all the animal I can grill and never have to wait in line to take a piss. Reducing seats so those who want to see a game live can, and allow us that don’t not to have to worry about blackouts.

    I suspect this will be the rule not the exception moving forward across the NFL.

    That, and FedEx is a dump. Built in a hurry by an old man who wanted it finished before he died. Didnt work out for good old JKC and the stadium was obsolete before it was finished. Anything LiL Danny can do to give the place more personality is welcomed.

  18. Luck should do a Bill Polian and tank the workout so he can go to Washington. Being developed under a defensive minded Head Coach…is no bueno. Especially a coach like Pagano who was a glorified Ray Lewis puppet in Bmore.

  19. A defensive minded coach? What is wrong with people?? Arians was Peyton’s offensive coordinator, and made big Ben look like a decent quarterback. If you haven’t watched the colts in recent history, you would know that wr haven’t had a defense well, ever. Hater keep hating, your franchises quarterback is on the verge of being done, or never gonna make it. While the colts go from hall of famer, to hall of famer…. We kick mr. Neck to the curb, an the donkeys think they got a savior…. Jim Irsay is laughing for years to come.!

  20. Why Luck is so interested in going to Indy – I have no idea. Is it:

    a. the fact they have no good overall team,
    b. he is going to be judged day 1 against Manning,
    c. that he will have no off. line,
    d. even if he does well for most his career he will never get much praise since Indy fans are already used to the best – and he knows how Indy treats its franchise players,
    e. oh, did I mention the shoes he will need to fill?

    Indy would be the LAST place I would want to play for if I were him. Had he gone to a team that has not had a good QB he would be treated as a god for even standard play ability. He would get his $ anywhere he went, so why Indy???

  21. Here we go again. Okay so somebody forgot to remind people that you have to suck really bad to get the first pick in the draft. That being said, how can anyone truly say how good Luck is going to be in his first season? We know he is going to the Colts, but the Colts have no offensive line, no backs, no tight ends, and one receiver. I forgot no defense either. Good Luck, that drop back is going to be pretty short 3 steps and throw all season long to one receiver. Hope Irsay gets him help, because he is going to need it, and lots of it. It is still a team sport, but everyone focuses on the quarterback. Even hall of fame qb’s had a team around them. Good Luck is right.

  22. It’s amazing to me how arguments over Luck or RG3 is better, when the true amazement is a QB named Cam Newton, who outshines both these guyes. As someone from the West, it’s hard to imagine anyone outdoing this dude, who plays for the Carolina Panthers. He was rookie of the year, did amazing feats, and barring any injuries, should be even better in 2012.
    I’ve always been a Seahawks fan, but watching Cam in action has made me think otherwise.

  23. @bigwinintx
    I hope Colts fans aren’t looking for Manning 2.0.

    I don’t think the Colts fans are looking for Manning 2.0…the Colts are…lololol….and when they look at Andrew Luck…that’s exactly what they think they see

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