Demetrius Bell will visit Packers this week

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Free-agent tackle Demetrius Bell is getting around.  Which means he’s not getting the kind of offer he wants.

His free-agent tour will continue this week with a visit to the Packers, according to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Bell most recently visited the Steelers and Eagles.  He was a seventh-round pick of the Bills in 2008.

19 responses to “Demetrius Bell will visit Packers this week

  1. Still can’t get over how high Bell was on PFT’s Top 100 free agents. He’s a serviceable tackle, at best. Too injury prone and, more importantly, too inconsistent to be a reliable starter.

  2. He left me very unimpressed with his toughness last year. For an injury they claimed wasn’t very serious and didn’t require surgery, he continued to sit on the bench to heal. I think he may come back to Buffalo though, hell it’s probably his best chance to play if he can quit being such a sally and start kicking some ass.

  3. @thankheavennumberseven:

    There’s a big difference between signing a free agent to solidify depth and the Dan Snyder/Dream Team approach.

  4. It seems that he thinks he can still get a better deal than what Buffalo is offering. I think he is just worried that he will lose the starting spot to Chris Hairiston in training camp. I can’t wait… See ya’ll in Pittsford Bills Fans!!!! Go Bills!!!!

  5. Extreme lack of toughness….that’s a fact jack. Im not giving up on King Dunlap….Laugh if you wish but, he has shown improvement every year and was another Reid 7th round pick.

  6. Jeez, you know you aren’t doing well as an OT if
    a team like the Stoolers don’t sign you.

    They could use 4 new starters on their OL so if they don’t
    want you, there must be an issue of some kind. Lord know
    Zittsburgh’s sieve of a line desperately needs an upgrade…

  7. “Another lower rung free agent the Packers are trying desperately to sign. Tell me again about the “right way to build a franchise.””

    Oh man, it must be really hard to be a Packers fan…

  8. thankheavenfornumberseven says: Apr 3, 2012 12:00 PM

    Another lower rung free agent the Packers are trying desperately to sign. Tell me again about the “right way to build a franchise.”
    Well it all starts with potential contribution versus cost. Very rarely do the top flight free agents turn out to be a bargain. Finding good contributors on the cheap is the Packer way of late. It is not like we will keep all of our d lineman. Just making a lot of competition to light a fire under some people’s arses. I don’t think there are to many jobs safe on defense this off season. When did your team win its last super bowl?

  9. I hope that the Bills pull their offer to Bell before he’s done with his little ‘Victory’ tour. Its clear that his asking price is scaring off all of his prospective suitors. We need the money for Fred Jackson’s extension anyway.
    I’m perfectly content sticking with Chris Hairston while Riley Reiff/Jonathan Martin waits in the wings. Come to think of it, is D Bell’s Dad busy right now? Do any of you have access to a CB radio?

  10. Yes, it appears the Packers are desperatley trying to sign this guy. In fact they have slyly waited until he has visited several other teams to interview him first and then GB will pounce with a $50M 2 yr deal!

    Yes Demetrius Bell will transform the 15-1 Green Bay Packers into the best team in footba….. oh wait.. never mind.

  11. Thankheaven, didn’t the great Steelers just have this guy in for a visit. I swear man there is dumb, dumber and then there is you. They haven’t quite come up with a name for your utter lack of intelligence yet.

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