Goodell will hear Saints’ appeal on Thursday

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will hear appeals on the punishments he handed down for the Saints’ bounty scandal on Thursday.

Albert Breer and Steve Wyche of NFL Network report that at least some — and maybe all — of those punished will have their appeals heard Thursday at the league office in front of Goodell.

Saints head coach Sean Payton is appealing his yearlong suspension, General Manager Mickey Loomis is appealing his eight-game suspension and assistant head coach Joe Vitt is appealing his six-game suspension. The Saints are also appealing the team’s $500,000 fine and forfeiture of two second-round draft picks.

It’s highly unlikely that Goodell will overturn any of his punishments on appeal, as he indicated at the league meetings last week that he thought he had all the information he needed at the time he handed down the punishments. But the appeal does buy Payton some time, as his suspension was supposed to begin this week, and it buys the Saints more time to work out a plan for an interim head coach, which will likely be either Bill Parcells or one of the team’s assistants.

Goodell says he’ll expedite his ruling and will announce his decision on the appeals shortly after he hears them.

19 responses to “Goodell will hear Saints’ appeal on Thursday

  1. Whats with the dual-reporter reporting? Copying off of Schefter/Mortenson? Reminds me of Lebron James/Dwayne wade

  2. Spoiler Alert!!! Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!

    He is going to reduce nothing and this is nothing but a ploy to buy more time

    Took care of the 30 or so posts Florio was going to head our way on Thursday night or Friday when the decision is made

  3. Payton isn’t expecting to win the appeal, they just want the terms of the suspension laid out more clearly since this has never been done before in NFL history, and for good reason, it’s ridiculous and extreme.

  4. Should be extended to 2 seasons for the blatant lies they told the NFL. I’m glad the who dat nation is in tears now.

  5. Get on with it, they deserve everything coming to them. It’s not ridiculous or extreme. Peyton knew all about it and was told to stop, and he didn’t.
    Wait until the players hear what their’s is.
    Send in Parcell’s to clean up the mess, good luck. Hope he doesn’t walk out before the season begins.

  6. selgaeinla says:
    Apr 3, 2012 5:44 PM
    Should be extended to 2 seasons for the blatant lies they told the NFL. I’m glad the who dat nation is in tears now.


    Yea we’ll be in tears alright…from laughter. Yes the coach is gonna be out and some players but so what. The Saints will still be a better team than at least 30 of the 32.

  7. Okay, kiddies…let’s try this again…

    Nobody – not Payton, not Loomis, not anybody – expects the suspension to get shortened. Neither of these guys has enough information about the details of their suspensions – what they’re allowed to do, what coaches/front office people they can talk to, etc. – to be able to properly serve them. This has never been done before, and I’m sure they both want to have all their ducks in a row.

    As for tears…what tears? We’ve signed three FA linebackers (including one from rival Atlanta), a guard, and a defensive tackle, all of whom are pretty damn good. We’ll get Breesy back in the fold and move on. Was Gregg Williams a lout? Sure he was. It’s part of the reason he ain’t there anymore. You want a complete POS of a defensive coordinator? Look northward to Happy Valley.

  8. selgaeinla says:
    Apr 3, 2012 5:44 PM
    Should be extended to 2 seasons for the blatant lies they told the NFL. I’m glad the who dat nation is in tears now.

    The Who Dat Nation does not cry, they respond.
    Will you come on this same blog and shed your tears when the Saints are smiling in the playoffs? 🙂

  9. Just don’t get the Goodell haters, he is working for the owners who own the contracts of the players. He hands down no suspension/fine that the players union has been overwelmingly against which means the players can’t really argue with his decisions. Maybe fans only care if hurts there favorite team………. Holy cow, I think onto something its the fans that are idiots! BTW, the Saints will be fine but no playoffs because they will be feeling sorry for themselves.

  10. NFC South is in for a “Reckoning” cause I reckon we gonna be wreckin some a$$………………Watch out Newton, Matte ice, and who ever is in Tampa

  11. I see why Roger Goodell doing what he doing he not satisfied with the 11.5 million he want to be the highest paid NFL Commissioner. So if he cross up the Saints with this so call bounty scandal just may get him the highest paid just like everyone else. Money will make you do anything so Roger Goodell if you think doing this to the New Orleans Saints going to get you what you need to be the highest paid. You better hope you standing on a solid rock if not you might be 11.5 million in the RED if you don’t have a case or fired whichever come first. You know Roger Goodell 11.5 million is a lot of money but it’s not enough to cross your friend Sean Payton the truth going to come to the surface Mr. Goodell and you might be in Mr. Sean Payton shoes so watch what you doing before it backfire in your face when you have your appeal.

  12. I don’t get it Mike, you let the belligerent Saints fans talk smack and how they’re gonna whoop everybodys butt but censor any comments of reality and NFL fan disappointment. They deserve the punishments and more if you ask me. They’ve blackened the eye of the entire league and pretty much have said to us all to go to h— it’s obnoxious, it’s rude and it’s unfair on your part. Rarely do I side with Goodell, but this time I do for the likes of Warner, Favre and Cam as well as any others. At least Gregg Williams has humbled and kept his mouth Shut. You start something and then you make it a lop sided affair. Hmm, sounds like the Saints. Figures

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