League paid Goodell $11.6 million, NFL Network head $12.2 million


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not the league’s highest-paid employee, but he is doing pretty well for himself.

According to the NFL’s IRS Form 990, which the league is required by law to make public, Goodell made $11,554,000 in the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2011. That’s a significant bump from the previous year, when he made $9.69 million.

But it doesn’t make Goodell the highest-paid league employee: That honor still belongs to NFL Network chief Steve Bornstein, who made $12.2 million. The NFL owners apparently approved that salary for Bornstein on the theory that television salaries are high, and they had to offer something competitive to get someone they trust to run their network.

Other details from the NFL’s 990, via Darren Rovell of CNBC, include the league spending $11.37 million to rent its New York City office space on Park Avenue, $2.69 million licensing software from Microsoft and paying $8.58 million to former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, mostly in the form of deferred payment and retirement benefits.

31 responses to “League paid Goodell $11.6 million, NFL Network head $12.2 million

  1. $8.58 million to former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue

    And ANYONE wonders why the commish job is so sweet. Guy’s been gone for years and still making over $8M per year. Absurd.

  2. Referees are still part time right? Replay system’s havn’t improved? I used to call the NFL the cheapest league there is, I was wrong, the money is being handed out.

  3. Only people dumber than Goodell are the 32 morons that approved his salary. He is so grossly overpaid for the terrible job he does. They should pay the real important people the players. There is no way Goodell should make more than Aaron Rogers. The NFL needs Aaron Rogers it doesn’t need Principal Goodell

  4. 12.2 mil for a guy who turned the NFL Network/Total Access into a all football Sportscenter? When the network first came out it was the greatest thing since slice bread. It was good because it had informative info of each team with in-depth analysis. Now since they went ESPN on me, its nothing but Andrew Siciliano and his big ears putting on a show instead of reporting news. Same formula as the mothership, with the stupid “Burning 5 Question” crap and the “Coors Light true or false” games(Not real titles just examples but u know what I mean) Forget the day’s of Rich Eisen asking a Rod Woodson or Marshall Faulk a logic question and receiving a well thought answer, now its just Siciliano and some chick always flirting in a querky way with the occasional drop of real NFL news. That’s my rant for the day, stay classy PFT’ers 🙂

  5. dsimp724 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 1:30 PM
    Did he have to file a 1099 for the 526 million in fines he collected?


    Why would he do that? The NFL collected the fines. Besides 1099s are filed by the people who pay the money.

  6. So true – humbleminded 85. Bornstein has taken away most of the substance of what pro football fans tuned into the NFL network for. Rumor mongers, personal opinions & extreme bias toward certain teams/players are what they are feeding us now.

  7. As an added bonus he gets to sit on John Mara’s lap every year at the xmas party…

  8. That’s why you LEAVE ESPN!!!!

    Look at Steve Bornstein!!! He did and got it made!!!!

    They don’t make prestigious or properly train sports personalities!!! They also treat their anchors like they’re recyclable and don’t let them be themselves!!!!!

  9. Thankfully they took those extra hundreds of millions from the Players Union off the top of the CBA. Without that, how could they feed their children on those salaries?

  10. ..nice…….$8.5 million to a commish who is no longer there and $11.5 million to someone who ESSENTIALLY isnt there…..but the NFL is still fighting against paying much needed medical benefits to former players…….unbelievable.

  11. Love it. I get thumbs down for explaining how a 1099 works. What would a CPA with an MS in Accounting and works in the tax industry know!

  12. so where does all the money from fines go to?? Lol i mean if it went to Goddell, he would have every NFL employee beat with higher numbers than what’s posted.

  13. Did not realize so many Saints haters were Walmart shift workers until I read the quality of their comments…

  14. Why get dirty and injured playing in the NFL if you can get paid more sitting on your ass in the office suspending coaches for bull_ sht reasons and getting paid more than most starters get in a year this is what football is becoming GREED ……..

  15. Totally ridiculous..The NFL wants to keep the fans coming to the stadium and then fans hear this..it’s any wonder year after year I mull over keeping my season tickets,especially when the price of everything at the stadium keeps going up.I think im in the majority that’s just about had enough of these overpaid arrogant rich “@&)s

  16. So we can probably pick $12.2 million as the absolute minimum salary drawn (slash bonus paid, slash corporate jet miles flown, slash et cetera) by each NFL owner in the same year they claimed to be facing massive losses in order to force a pay cut on their entire labor force.

    And yet I doubt they ever tried to force a pay cut on Bornstein, who is also their employee. I wonder what it is about network execs that gets them more respect from their bosses than the world’s premier athletes. Pretty sure it’s not the skill set. Pretty sure Bornstein is more easily replaceable than an NFL player. Pretty sure it’s about the country clubs they attend.

  17. I can’t lie but Andrew siciliano has some ears from outer space how does one look him In the eyes when sitting across him . Those things catch nfl mars .

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