Michael Floyd looks like Top 10 pick at Notre Dame Pro Day


Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd made the most of his opportunity to work out for NFL scouts today.

At Notre Dame’s Pro Day, Floyd put on a performance that firmly establishes him as the No. 2 receiver in this year’s NFL draft, just behind Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, who saw plenty of Floyd while calling Notre Dame games on NBC, liked what he saw on the field and liked what he saw at Notre Dame’s practice facility today.

“Michael Floyd, to me, had an excellent workout,” Mayock said on Path to the Draft. “What you get with Michael Floyd, you get a 6-foot-3, 220-pound wide receiver who gets tremendous breaks in and out. His explosion off the line of scrimmage is exceptional — I would compare it to Blackmon.”

Most projections have Blackmon off the board somewhere in the 3-6 range, and Mayock said he sees Floyd going shortly after that.

“I think the interest should start at No. 7 with Jacksonville, Miami at 8, Carolina at 9, Buffalo at 10,” Mayock said. “Seven through ten there has to be some interest, but in no event can I see him going past the Jets at 16.”

Floyd was a four-year starter who is Notre Dame’s all-time record holder in catches (271), receiving yards (3,686) and receiving touchdowns (37).

64 responses to “Michael Floyd looks like Top 10 pick at Notre Dame Pro Day

  1. call me crazy but theres just something about floyd that im not sold on. i cant put my finger on it, hes got the size and talent, but the mental doesnt seem right.

  2. I disagree bout Floyd being better than Blackmon. I get that he’s big and fast, but he’s lacking in two key areas. Route Running and Ball Skills. Anything but his deep routes are disgusting, and he makes far too many easy catches into highlight reel catches becuase he bobbles them. I will say he’s a great blocker and a dangerous deep threat though. I do believe he will be a top 10 selection as I have him going to the Bills.

  3. Any truth his dad was Robert E. Lee High School, class of 76, QB Randall “Pink” Floyd?

  4. Newton and Floyd with Smith, Two TE’s, Two RB’s only makes Carolina a bit scarier. Good fit

  5. Floyd also has a drinking problem (DUI’s) that ND shrugged off (perks of being a football player). Hopefully that part of him has passed.

  6. The Jags better not pass up on this guy for either of the DE Ingram or Coples. If they do Gene Smith has got to go .I do not trust Gene with this pick we need a stud reciever like that and obviously so does Gabbert

  7. Come to back to your home team and help out harvin and Peterson out beside I can see him fit nicely in purple and gold

  8. Mayock is the best, & I listen to his analyses carefully. Always learn something

  9. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Apr 3, 2012 6:59 PM
    Any truth his dad was Robert E. Lee High School, class of 76, QB Randall “Pink” Floyd?


    Actually, Pink would have been class of ’77 as he was a rising senior during the summer of ’76.

  10. “Looks like a top 10 pick.”…Really?

    Wasn’t just over a week ago, (March 23rd to be precise), that a “certain” sports media news site called Pro Days a “sham” and now the same news site is calling a draftee a “top 10” prospect because of their pro day workout?

    Talk about hypocrisy.

  11. Following in the tradition of great Irish Pro Days similar to Brady Quinn and Jimmy Claussen.
    Oh wait…nevermind.

  12. The NFL Network also said Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen was the one throwing to him Should we say Michael Floyd future Panther

  13. @bigredscouting

    Really, a Scout, huh? What is so bad about his routes? He doesn’t run straight lines? Floyd has crisp cuts, which is about all you can tell about a guys route running from watching film. Sitting down in zone’s and losing man are things you can’t judge in college because many teams aren’t good at teaching it. He is also 6’3″ and weighs over 220, for him to move the way hes does in and out of breaks is pretty remarkable. If he makes it to 10, the Bills would be better off taking him over Reiff. What I don’t get about everybody being so high on Reiff is, that they say he is a plug and play LT, and he’s not. He’s a converted TE who is a road-grader. Poor footwork would doom any QB whom blind side he protects. Buffalo needs a guy who can step right in, at ten that guy won’t be there unless they reach for Martin. I’ll take Harrison this year and another WR, like Floyd, to reduce the pressure on Fitz.

  14. raymondtx says: Apr 3, 2012 7:03 PM

    So Mayock can see him going at “7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, or 16″…
    Way to go out on a limb
    Funny stuff. Is there anything else with more bull fecal matter then the 2 months leading up to the NFL draft?

  15. I think Floyd will serve a slightly different role than Blackmon. I think the team that drafts Floyd will be looking for a guy to go downfield. He doesn’t have Blackmon’s running ability, and I think Blackmon is better suited to run the intermediate/crossing patterns.

    That said, he’s a physical specimen who, if his background checks, should go high. I still think it makes a ton of sense for Jacksonville at 7. Gene Smith’s future rides on the development of Blaine Gabbert. Maybe Gabbert just doesn’t have it, but you have to give him the weapons to have a chance of success. Laurent Robinson is more of a slot receiver, and he should be a starter for them. Floyd, as a big downfield target, would open things up for Lewis and Robinson, and with MJD, there is definitely the potential for play-action.

    When you factor in that there’s basically 6 top guys in this draft and only a slim chance that Blackmon makes it to them, and then a big mess of guys after, it makes sense provided he convinces folks that the DUI. The other pick that makes some sense is Melvin Ingram, but I’d prioritize WR (because of Gabbert) over DE and search for a pass rusher/CB/OL help later.

  16. On top of everything else, he spent the off-season working out with Kellen Moore. That’s like having free coaching lessons.

    Blackmon will lead the two in highlight catches, but Floyd might lead everything else…

  17. Blackmon catches with his hands extended. Floyd is way too close to his body. Blackmon could be another Torry Holt.

  18. I really think the Browns have him as one of their five guys they have in their sights. If they can trade down to 6 or 7 and can be assured of either TR, Blackmon, Mo, or Floyd then they will make that deal. I don’t see that much difference between Blackmon and Floyd in this draft. Blackmon has the flashier appeal than Floyd but it Floyd had, say, one DUI, we would be talking about Floyd going top 5.

  19. Floyd is the best WR in this class .. his game is that of Larry Fitzgerald … nothing different about them, Floyd is a high charcter kid too, stayed at ND to graduate for a promise to his mother.

    He does like the sauce tho …. hard to tell if he kicked it after his issues @ ND with it.

    Watched him for 4 years fight off double-team coverages.

    His production wa slaways there, even when Clausen left and he was catching balls from:

    Tommy Rees (awful)
    Dayne Crist (awful)
    Andrew Hendrix (awful)

    and still in double digit TD’s last year.

  20. Welp……

    That makes about a dozen-and-a-half top 10 picks after pro days, with more to come.

    Amazing how QB’s can sprint to a point with no pads on, and throw accurately to a receiver that has a defender that refuses to get more 2 yards near the receiver. And those receivers catch those balls in their t-shirts with no pads! WOW!

    This makes Sunday touch football look like the Steelers vs. Ravens for the last playoff spot.

  21. I was hoping that nobody else would catch on to Floyd and the Bears could get him at 19.
    Then he had the fast 40 time at the combine and that knocked him him in the draft and now he is going to go even higher.

    I would have loved to see him teamed up with Brandon Marshall.

  22. Remember playing this kid in high school, one game against us he had 4 catches for 4 tds. Nobody could bring him down.

  23. It will be interesting to see where he goes. Hopefully to the Jets…

    The Panthers could have a scary offense if they take him (loads and loads of versatility), but their defense is so poor it’s hard to imagine they don’t start on that side of the ball.

    You figure the Dolphins have to be starved for a wide receiver as well.

  24. 808raiderinparadise says: and still in double digit TD’s last year.

    He had 9 receiving TD’s. 9 isn’t double digits. Come back to this site in a year. If he is a top 15 pick, someone is wasting a draft choice. Receivers don’t make an impact as rookies. Coming from ND while playing South Florida Pitt, Purdue, Air Force, Navy, Wake Forest, BC, Maryland etc. and only 9 receiving td’s? Is this April 1st or April 3rd? Come back in a year and tell us how he did.

  25. Comparing him to Blackmon is a joke. 121 1522 18 and you think Floyd is even close to this? He had 8-186-3 against Stanford.

  26. the Jags, Panthers and Dolphins should look into this guy. i think the best best for him is Jacksonville. in Jacksonville, he will be the 2nd or 1st WR and he will be a huge help in the passing game, the best team for him is likely Carolina, but i dont see him there.

  27. And no one says anything about the multiple arrests Floyd has had in the twin cities, plus the multiple times he has been let go when someone from entourage takes the blame. The suspensions at ND.

  28. It’s very unlike the OZ to do this, but I would love to see our front office pull an Atlanta Falcons and trade some heavy picks for either Blackmon or Floyd. Either of them in purple and black would have us set for a long time.

  29. Mayock hyping up a Notre Dame guy? I am shocked, shocked to see that is going on. And, I wish we had a tracker for all of the 35 or so guys that are going into the top 15 picks no doubt after their impressive, awe-inducing pro days. Lastly, I wonder how the Jets are going to take all 7 guys that aren’t getting past them at 16?

  30. Hmmmm. Last Pro Day top 10 pick for the Irish was someone named Golden Tate. Now where is he today? Nowheresville. Two things in this world that are consistently overated: Dallas Cowboys and anything Notre Dame. Roll Call: Brady Quinn, Jimmy (the Squirrel) Clausen, and on and on…..

  31. stoutfiles says:
    Apr 3, 2012 7:09 PM
    Floyd also has a drinking problem (DUI’s) that ND shrugged off (perks of being a football player). Hopefully that part of him has passed.


    I am sure ND has had plenty of students with DUIs who went on to have productive careers as accountants, engineers, teachers, etc.

  32. Its hard to take any prospect that has came out of notre dame in the last 10 years serious.

  33. No doubt Floyd has the talent, but I grew up in the same neighborhood as him and had a lot of friends who went to high school with him and heard a lot of negative things. I didn’t think much of it until my friends and I were at one of our buddies’ house in Madison, WI for the Mifflin Block Party. He and some of his friends showed up and he said something about stealing iPod’s. My friend heard him and said something about it and Floyd went nuts and tried to fight him. This was about three years ago but I can’t imagine he’s changed too much. I never understood why you would try to steal iPod’s when you’re going to be an NFL draft pick…

  34. Smart move by Clausen’s reps to have him be the one throwing today, as he too is auditioning for NFL teams – assuming he doesn’t want to be a multi-year backup in CAR to Newton.

  35. Rams,Jaguars,Cardinals,Dolphins are teams that I see.The reason that I see the Rams is because of Blackmon might be gone at 4# but Floyd needs to get rid off the off field issues if so he needs to run better routes and I say that pick can justify in to a solid pick.Now the Jaguars Laurent Robinson isn’t Larry Fitzgerald so you need that 2nd or 1st option and Floyd is the kind of pick do make that better. Floyd at 1st, Robinson at 2nd,Thomas at slot and Lewis at TE isn’t bad.The Cardinals may pull the plug and take him but they also make a move at Decastro but Giving Kolb another weapon and work around the line 2nd and 3rd picks.The Dolphins is what I least expect but still an option Take Floyd in the 1st with the 8th pick for that number 1 WR and Mabey look to Brandon Weeden he going to turn 30 October 14 and I don’t know it teams are ready to rebuild around that but that or hopfully get Barkley next year and build line with 2nd and 3rd rounders or free agency but I see this the least

  36. 1972wasalongtimeago says: Apr 3, 2012 6:59 PM

    Any truth his dad was Robert E. Lee High School, class of 76, QB Randall “Pink” Floyd?


    great post, sir

  37. I hope there is an early run on WR’s….and QB’s, since my Lions are pretty set there with Stafford and Megatron. Let the O-line and secondary fall to us baby!!

  38. He had 9 receiving TD’s. 9 isn’t double digits. Come back to this site in a year. If he is a top 15 pick, someone is wasting a draft choice. Receivers don’t make an impact as rookies. Coming from ND while playing South Florida Pitt, Purdue, Air Force, Navy, Wake Forest, BC, Maryland etc. and only 9 receiving td’s? Is this April 1st or April 3rd? Come back in a year and tell us how he did.

    AJ Green says hello

  39. To the first guy responding about the Texans…they will likely trade the 26th pick out the the first round for a high 2nd rounder and an additional 4th rounder. Thats Rick Smith…won’t take the risk. Floyd will be long gone off the board by 26…I’m starting to feel better about Alshon Jefferey.

  40. Does he have talent? No question about it.
    Everyone drafted has talent to a certain degree. First rd picks are an absolute premium, so a players character has to be considered at some point.
    Floyd couldn’t stay out of trouble while in college despite it being in his best interests to do so.
    What kind of behavior will he demonstrate when he’s out on his own with a couple of million bucks in his pocket?
    Does a team take the risk on Floyd early despite there being other alternatives? Does he have the talent to warrant ignoring the red flags?

  41. I”ll take Floyd over Blackmon because Floyd has everything that Blackmon has but Floyd is a better red zone target. Plus..I”ve seen more of Floyd and have a better feel for what he brings to the pros.

  42. Is there a player Mayock doesn’t go all starr-eyed and goo goo ga ga over at their pro day (Ok, Vontaze Burfict but he’s fat and slow)? You’d think Mayock would have learned his lesson after his worshiping of Dontari Po’e. Mayock then had to retract after many scouts TOLD him Poe sucked and then he passed on the info as his own.

    I have to laugh at idiots like Mayock who fall in love with workout warriors and laugh even harder at the other self-proclaimed draft “experts” like PFT’s Silva and fans who take the word of Mayock or Mel Kiper as gospel.

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