Mikel Leshoure hasn’t rescheduled arraignment

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Mikel Leshoure’s arraignment for a marijuana possession charge has turned into a multi-day story and none of the developments look good for the Lions running back.

When Leshoure missed his arraignment on Monday, reports said that he had spoken to the Lions about it and rescheduled the arraignment for Wednesday. Julie Mack of MLive.com reports that isn’t true, however, and that Leshoure hasn’t made any arrangements to show up at Berrien County District Court. Gary Ruhl, the chief of the Baroda-Lake Township Police Department, told Mack that he informed a member of the Lions that Leshoure hadn’t rescheduled the arraignment.

“He’s a good running back,” Ruhl said. “He’s not good about staying out of trouble in Berrien County.”

Leshoure is charged with a felony, which means he could be facing jail time. He could also be facing a suspension from the NFL. Given all that, you’d think he’d be trying a little harder to make this go away as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

17 responses to “Mikel Leshoure hasn’t rescheduled arraignment

  1. Let’s get this guy into custody asap, can they send out a SEAL team? He is really dangerous. Lock your doors people. Mikel Leshoure is on the loose.

  2. If I were Mayhew I’d seriously consider cutting this kid. He just isn’t getting it. Draft an RB or sign somebody on the cheap like LT, who looked to have something left in the tank last year.

  3. I agree pot should probably be legalized, however:
    (1) it is not legal today
    (2) even if it was legal, the NFL bans it

    Therefore, he needs to decide if he wants to play football or not. Charles Rogers seems to have decided wrong. Ricky Williams missed the NFL money enough to make the choice. It’s up to him.

  4. What was my first clue that his elevator does not go to the top floor?

    I would have to say when I read he was trying to tell the cops he was eating Potpourri not Pot:)lol

    I am sure many people snack on Potpourri like it’s a granola bar Mike:)

    Stop being an Idiot stand up and be a man before you turn into a Maurice Clarett or Lawrence Phillips.

  5. The only difference between Leshoure and Clarett/Phillips is that he doesn’t have a college National Championship ring to hock in Vegas when he gets low on money

  6. I also agree pot should be legal and I do not smoke it….

    But I am pretty sure that driving a car under the influence of being stoned would still be as offensive as driving under the influence of alcohol especially when you mowed down a group of people when you fell asleep at the wheel.

    Regardless of who was smoking it in the car I am pretty sure it would be illegal to do so seeing the smoke would give others including the driver a contact high.

  7. I wonder which free agent running backs were called by the Lions this morning. Cedric Benson? Ryan Grant? Is Ricky Williams looking for a job?

  8. This story is going from bad news to just sad.

    This kid clearly has a lot more problems than we know about.

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