Nick Collins’ status remains unknown

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Packers Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins was scheduled to receive word from doctors on Monday regarding his ability to return to football after suffering a neck injury early in the 2011 season.  Monday came and went with no news regarding Collins’ condition.

Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that neither Collins nor his agent, Alan Herman, could be reached on Monday, the day that Collins was due to learn the results of his latest medical examination.

Herman said Friday that Dr. Frank Cammisa was expected to let Collins know on Monday whether it would be safe to resume playing following fusion surgery to repair a herniated disc.

Even if Collins is cleared, the Packers have to determine that Collins can pass a physical.  Said coach Mike McCarthy last week, “If Nick was my son, I would not let him play.”

Herman didn’t take issue with McCarthy’s view.  “I kind of agree with that, to be very candid with you,” Herman said in response.

Collins, 28, is a three-time Pro Bowler.

15 responses to “Nick Collins’ status remains unknown

  1. Love to have you back Nick but only if you’re 100% healthy.

    Good health > football.

  2. To me, this silence says that Nick and the Packers know what the verdict is from the doctors and Nick is taking time to make a final decision.

    My money says the Packers weren’t good with him playing again and he’s deciding if he wants to retire or become a free agent.

  3. I shudder to think what this defense will be like going forward without Collins.

    But I shudder even more to think of the gut-wrenching from all parties involved if he’s laying motionless on the field at any point for the rest of his career.

    Please stay home, Nick.

  4. People were wondering what happened to Green Bay’s Defense last season. This I thought was the biggest reason second being the D-line. Hope he’s able to get health and play but if this guy isn’t 100% don’t do it Nick. Great player! Very missed on the line up.

  5. Collins was one of the best at his position, don’t believe me look up the stats. but health is more important, and if there’s any chance he could re injury himself i hope he walks away. you’ve proved everything you wanted too. won a Superbowl, intercepted a pass and scored in a Superbowl. I’d love to see you bad nick, but just enjoy your family. you’ll always be loved by packer nation.

  6. A top 3 safety in the league. It’s a shame that so much talent will be wasted but health is more important than a game. It’s gotta be a tough thing to go through at the peak of his career.

  7. Great Guy and a Great football player. Not so sure but not hearing something on the day you are to expect word does not sound good.

    Kind of feels like maybe Nick did not want to hear what the doctor had to say or the doctor still has not made an opinion yet. Maybe seeking second opinions.

    Whatever the reason is I just want what is best for Nick and his Family….

  8. The people doing the testing do 20 a day probably so they know for sure his status. My guess is Nick didn’t like was he was told and is looking for another opinion,
    The Medical people cannot reveal results but they can advise the Packers and give an opinion since the Pack’s paying the bill.
    If Collins had good news we would have heard it loud and clear. I don’t see him playing again. Too bad, he was a heck of a player.

  9. “My guess is Nick didn’t like was he was told and is looking for another opinion,”

    I disagree. My guess is that if he was told he couldn’t play, we would know about it. I’m thinking the longer we don’t hear from him, the more likely it was that he was physically cleared, but he has to convince McCarthy, Thompson, and himself that it’s safe physically and mentally for him to go back out. If he does return, then every time he is in on a tackle, people are going to be looking at him specifically to make sure he got back up.

  10. It makes very little sense for the Packers to want that information out there regardless of the doctors verdict.

    Im sure the Packers were informed of the results of the medical evaluation and are trying to keep it under wraps until after the draft.

    Right now other teams don’t know for sure whether GB is in the market for a safety in the draft or not and Im sure they would like to keep it that way.

  11. Going from borderline very good/great to mediocre is not “going to hell”. Mediocre was more of a drop than I expected, and isn’t optimal, and Collins not coming back hurts if that is the case, but the Packers have a lot of defensive strength and TT at the helm to get through whatever is ahead.

  12. I sure don’t want to see that neck exposed to violence unless the doctors bless that decision.

    I can still “see” that play with great clarity. It seemed like the contact with the bottom of the runner’s leg was not much more than a touch. The runner was entirely airborne, so not clear how that touch caused such great damage.

    Was the neck damage caused by the leg touch or was the damage caused by Nick hitting the field flat out with his face mask absorbing most of that blow and therefore his neck snapped back from the hit to the grass?


  13. In this case I fear that no news is not good news. He probably “feels okay” but has been told that his risk of permanent injury is very high if he plays again.
    If that is the case, please walk away Nick. And the emphasis there is on “walk.” Packer World’s best wishes and thanks go with you.
    And now Ted has to decide in what order he takes a DL, an OLB, and a Safety.

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