Redskins remove 4,000 seats from FedEx Field

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Redskins home attendance has declined with the team’s winning percentage in recent years, and as demand for tickets decreases, the Redskins are also decreasing the supply of seats.

The Washington Post reports that the Redskins are again reducing the size of FedEx Field, with the removal of 4,000 additional seats.

The team says the reduction of seats will make room for an upper level “party deck” and the renovation of the fifth-floor suite areas, which will give fans a better experience at the stadium.

But there will be fewer fans experiencing Redskins home games. In 2010 the capacity at FedEx Field was 91,000, in 2011 it was 83,000 and this season it will be 79,000.

There was a time when there was virtually no limit to the number of tickets the Redskins could sell, but that time is in the past. The Redskins have yet to make the playoffs in the four seasons since Joe Gibbs left, and they missed the playoffs in 10 of the 11 seasons since between the two Gibbs coaching tenures. That kind of losing frustrates even the most enthusiastic of fan bases.

Maybe Robert Griffin III is the man to change that.

75 responses to “Redskins remove 4,000 seats from FedEx Field

  1. With RGIII being a future bust, the redskins will eventually have ALL of their seats (200) right in front of the 50 yard line. That will be nice, they could shrink the field down so all can see, and put in a buffet to enjoy. Talk about home field advantage.

  2. Hey eaglefootballfan….It don’t matter. If we don’t get RG3, we get Andrew Luck. What a horrible consolation prize…ha ha. Either way, Skins finally have a franchise QB and an offense that can score over 20 points per game.

    Vick is getting older, dumber and more frail. Eagles STILL have no Super Bowl championships. epic fail.

    And stop listening to the media BS…Colts taking Andrew Luck….no doubt.

  3. So theyREMOVED 3,000 MORE seats than the Jaguars and they have a much LARGER fan base and population base, yet I don’t see PFT or ESPN or anyone else putting them down! NO!!!! Now it’s a supply and demand proposition! Give me a BREAK!!! Bias in the media, me think so! Idiot sheeple believing them, me KNOW so!

  4. I don’t feel any sympathy for the Redskins. The Bills haven’t been close to the playoffs in 11 years now and yet we still sellout most of our home games even with one being in another country. Just goes to show the difference between true fans and bandwagon fans.

  5. Funny thing about Redskins tickets is that if you leave them on your dashboard, you’ll see a hole punched through your dashboard. Not because someone took those tickets, but rather someone just gave you theirs too.

  6. eaglesfootballfan says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:09 AM
    RG3 to the Redskins is not a done deal yet people. The Colts have the #1 pick and they have showed strong signs of taking him lately so stop jumping the gun.

    What strong signs have the Colts shown? Name one exec from their org that has said they have a strong interest? And even they do sign RGIII guess what Luck is the QB.

  7. talkintrashallday says:Apr 3, 2012 8:05 AM

    “Decrease 4,000 seats so when RG3 comes in, it makes the tickets that more expensive. Redskins have ALWAYS been screwing their fans in some way.”

    Agreed. If your speaking of current ownership.

    Otherwise, Jack Kent Cooke provided a quality product.

    RFK was shaking, rcoking, and loud for many years. It was like watching gladiators duel in pit with the masses scrreaming down and shaking the seats until all the seats were about to come unhinged.

    So I dont agree it has been ALWAYS like that.
    I gladly plunked down my hard earned cash to be there. Now the piece of junk out in Landover …….I keep my money in my pocket.

  8. Translation:
    “We’re not good enough to attract blue-collar football fans, so we’ll just make ourselves more appealing to beltway lobbyists and other white-collar criminals. They don’t care about football, but at least they’ve got money.”

  9. Non-news…… All you hear about from the media and visitors is that Fed-Ex traffic sucks before and after games, bathroom lines are terrible and sometimes you have to park so far away it’s another 45 minute shuttle in. Not only will these changes give the stadium some MUCH NEEDED character, it will also help alleviate these issues. I think it’s pretty cool folks can reserve a table and have a different experience. Hell, it’s still going to hold 4-5,000 people.

  10. Eagles fans are just bitter the Redskins are getting the better Vick. Then they say something like “I will laugh if the Colts take RG3!” really?! We will be happy with Luck as well. You act like us getting Luck is a bad thing.

  11. Let’s not forget, they pulled something like 10,000 seats out LAST SEASON!

    Still, all I hear is about the 20 year waiting list they have for season tickets.


  12. Isn’t the point of having a “party deck” having something worth celebrating? The way the ‘Skins have been playing since Snyder took over, maybe they should have a Prozac deck instead.

  13. @exboomer, I went to the Ralph a few years back and there were about 45,000 fans at the game against Cleveland and about 75% of them, were Browns fans! The Bills had two/three games blacked out last year, selling only 55,000-60,000 seats for those games! Know what your talking about before you post!

  14. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!! Party deck!!! Whoa! No I can dance when our band plays our fight song after the BAJILLION TOUCHDOWNS!! RG3 Scores!!!! RG3 to Garçon…..TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!! RG3 hands off to Helu, he, oh no wait its a flee flicker back to RG3! MORGAN ALONE AT THE 10, 5…TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!

    Luck is working out with the Colts this week and will have his contract signed before the draft. Count on it. Half of their fan base already have his jersey. The ownership isn’t that stupid. They’ve been preparing for Andrew Luck for 12 moths. Remember, “Suck for Luck”? Yes, they did suck.

  15. I’ve been to FedEx Field, and I’d rather watch it at home. Fridge, bathroom, back to the fridge,,,,ya know

  16. I hope they are the seats hidden under the over-hang. After sitting at many different locations at wide-open Ravens Stadium (M&T) with no problems, I was shocked at FedEx Field to have a seat behind a post taking up half the field horizontally and an overhang that limited my vertical view to maybe 20 feet off the ground. I realize they were “cheap” seats, but the Skins shouldn’t be ripping anyone of their money for them…especially when their virtual view on the computer shows that only the left corner would be obscured. Once again, Dan Snyder only thinks about $$$, just like Jerry Jones selling Super Bowl tickets with no seating available.
    Go AFC!!!

  17. I love when writers write about things they have no knowledge about or use any sort of common sense. The Redskins tickets are sold out for every game…now not everyone shows up when they are not doing well but the tickets …they are sold regardless…Lots have had season tickets for over 40 years…nex
    t is our 50th….saying the fan base is losing interest ingoing to Redskin games is just dumb to say….Just saying

  18. @talkintrashallday — The skins haven’t raised ticket prices since 2006. And the skins are ranked 20th in average (non suite) ticket price.

    @madpunter88 — There is a waiting list, just not for the crappy upper-deck seats. I have been on the lower-bowl waiting list for 20 years.

    @jaxdomino — EverBank Field has only 60,000 game day seats, and they still get blacked out… What’s your point?

    @exboomer — Ralph Wilson dropped from 80,000 to 72,000 two years ago. “Yet we still sellout most of our home games” — Key word, “Most” Skins have the second longest non-blackout streak in the NFL dating back to 1965. The Bills were blacked-out twice last year… What’s your point?

    FedEx Field is a crap hole. But Snyder didn’t build it, Snyder doesn’t want it, but he’s stuck in a lease until 2027. At least he’s trying.

  19. rtrinidad777 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:08 AM
    Patience. 2 to 3 years of RG3 and NFC Easts other QB’s getting older and the Skins will be on top of the division for quite some time.

    Yes, that’s always how it works!

    You are so smart!

  20. I feel bad for the skins fans, they’ve bad for so long and now they finally have something to look forward to. why they would take out more seats is beyond me. but i wonder if the skins didn’t overpay for moving up what 4 spots? i dunno, good luck to you either way.

  21. Would love to be a season ticket holder, but living 6hrs away and paying 300+ for sunday ticket doesnt make sense. With that said I get tired of seeing the place half empty on tv and when I do attend a game the atmosphere is not what it should be…and yes RG3 is about to change all the Redskins football!

  22. Maybe the correlation between fan attendence and team record is a bit of a misnomer, or at least, less impactful than you might expect.

    The reason I won’t attend a Redskin game is the price of attendence versus quality of product on television.

    The face value on an upper-deck ticket was over $90 the last time I checked, some three or four years ago. Multiply that for a family of four ($360), add $20 – $30.00 for parking, add in $40 – 50.00 for concessions, add in the cost to get to the stadium.

    Who wants to pay close to $500.00 for an upper deck experience that burns up your entire day, not to mention you’ll be sitting with a bunch of anoxious drunk fans. I can stay at home and get a better experience in Dolby Surround HD.

  23. L.A. Redskins!!!

    Maybe they should have traded for Tebow to drum up fan interest and at least sell some tickets so they didn’t have to remove seats.

    Clearly the league made a mistake when it allowed the Boston Braves to move to Washington, D.C.

  24. trollhammer20 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:39 AM
    Isn’t the point of having a “party deck” having something worth celebrating?

    It is more like Snyder’ scalping service. They’ll fill the deck up with Eagles, Giants and Cowboys fans at top dollar and not have to worry about selling 10 games a year for crappy seats to Skins fans.

  25. It’s an obvious knee jerk reaction to say that the Skins are removing these seats due to lack of ticket sales.

    But when was the last time a Redskins game was blacked out locally? Redskins games, despite the increasingly large number of no-shows on game day, are always sold out.

    The reason for the removal of seats has nothing to do with the ability to sell them- it’s due to the fact that luxury suites and “party decks” and whatnot create far more revenue per square foot than a traditional seat.

    Snyder is squeezing out the average fan, who typically buys his seat and little else, in favor of non-fans who view games simply as see and be-seen events, and spend far more on over priced food, booze and other amenities.

    This is the same argument I make with people who say their aren’t enough “real football” fans in LA to support a team. The league, and Anschutz Entertainment could absolutely care less how many “real fans” there are. The stadium they build will be full of luxury suites and “party decks” that they hope to fill celebrities and millionaires who will view games as see and be-seen events and will pay a huge premium to make sure they are there, like Lakers games are now.

  26. @pocketstraight,

    Please reference the day of this said blackout as it hasnt occurred in over two years, and there won’t be any this year. Also everbank holds 67k with the tarps on. Get your facts straight.

  27. What makes this stadium a s hole is the traffic. The stadium is actually a nice venue, especially the Joe Gibbs level. Getting in and out of this stadium is a nightmare. The DC area has the worst traffic in the US, and this includes the weekends when we have all the holiday, weekender’s, and vacation traveler’s from out of state jamming up our highways for the local drivers who are either just trying to get home, or get to a grocery store! The fans are here, but just don’t want to have to deal with the drive on the highway of hell 95. If I can get tix for free, I will definitely go, but if not, I stay home and watch my skins on my HD. Not worth committing to a season tix package until they get the stadium metro accessible, and that won’t happen until they bring the skins back into DC.

  28. wait no, wikipedia says 5 years wait time….. and holy crap 4000 years for the eagles??!?!?

  29. I have to laugh at the continued “Redskins always screw their fans” mantra. The Redskins haven’t raised their ticket prices in 7 years and this party deck is something the “masses” who actually go to games have been clamoring for. They have them in other stadiums and they are very popular.

    As to the they already took out ten thousand last year nonsense…they’ve gone from 91K and the biggest in the league to 79,00 and still one of the largest in order to put in some massive video boards for a better fan experience from the overhang and endzone seats. Losing 11K is actually a good thing when you consider what the seats were replaced with. It’s not like they’re just throwing a tarp over another 4 thousand so they can call it a sell out.

  30. People are dumping on the Skins for doing this, but it makes sense. As a Skins fan I prefer to stay home and watch the game. I have a 50 inch HD TV to see all the Skins games and the Redzone channel is a gift from God. Plus, with the price of 1 beer and food I would have to spend at the game I can get multiple cases of beer and all the animal I can grill and never have to wait in line to take a piss. Reducing seats so those who want to see a game live can, and allow us that don’t not to have to worry about blackouts.

    I suspect this will be the rule not the exception moving forward across the NFL.

    That, and FedEx is a dump. Built in a hurry by an old man who wanted it finished before he died. Didnt work out for good old JKC and the stadium was obsolete before it was finished. Anything LiL Danny can do to give the place more personality is welcomed.

     0 0 

  31. Sorry Lonesepeed that’s just not true. I have been a season ticket holder for many years and have never paid more than 75.00 face value for a ticket, you’re not doing enough looking if the best you can do is a $90.00 ticket. I now sit on the lower deck and still pay the same 75.00 and haven’t had prices raised since 2005. There are some seats that are a higher premium but you get that at any stadium pro or college.

    Other than that I’d agree that home viewing has gone to a level to make going to the game less of a slam dunk, especially when the weather sucks.

  32. biggerballz says: Apr 3, 2012 8:36 AM

    so dan snyders head can fit when he walks in to the stadium

    Beware, Snyder is going to sue you for slander.

  33. I’m a huge RG3 fan, but that said Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder will ruin this kids career. It’s a shame he has to play under two heavily critical individuals. He will be benched at some point just cause Snyder and Shanahan are two dumb idiots.

  34. Eagles fan here who attends FedEx every year…How about you buy some F*%^#%$ CUP HOLDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know the Skins fans agree because half the time I’m there chatting with fans they are bitching about all the corners cut in that stadium to fill Snyder’s wallet a little bit more.

  35. This is a good thing. Hopefully fewer seats means fewer opposing fans in FedEx. This has been a huge problem for years, it was at least a 60-40 split the last time the Steelers were in town.

  36. @pocketsstraight, Everbank holds 67,000 for a market that is roughly 2 million, compared to the now 70,ooo seat FedEx, with a market that is at least 10 million. You do the math.

    Oh and BTW sehpple no knowing, when was the last time the Jags had a blackout, since you know so much. Oh, that’s right, not in the last 2 seasons!

  37. even in America the American football already nobody looks. and you to Europe want to move ahead

  38. @mtheparrothead

    For the bills:

    For the Jags:

    So not a blackout, but tickets at 75% off?
    In 2009 the Jags had all but one game blacked-out…

    And 60,000 is the number of seats required to be sold to avoid a blackout not 67,120 (yes I can read wikipedia too!)

  39. Now one of the oldest and the 1-2nd most valuable franchise in sports has fewer seats than the Jaguars Stadium does when tarps cover the worst seats.

    Shut the f up about the tarps.

  40. @pocketstraight

    Funny how Jacksonville averages more fans in the stadium than they have seats.

    AVG: 62, 331, but according to you only 60, 000 seats.

    Also, the tarps in Jacksonville crappy upper deck seats the Redskins can’t sell, in case you were wonderering.

  41. How are the Redskins going to address the yellow colored circle in the second level that is so prevelant during Redskins’ games? AKA the empty yellow seats. The statement “That kind of losing frustrates even the most enthusiastic of fan bases.” should be used once in awhile while talking about the Jaguars. With them it always turns into city doesn’t deserve team. Jags have been perenial losers for 12 years.

  42. @pocketsstraight EverBank Field seats 67,164 for jaguars’ games…Geez, it’s like being in kindergarten sometimes with these posters. Ugh.

  43. sweezz – right, you just keep thinking that. The same people “waiting” for tickets get called every year and they turn them down. The waiting list is one of the biggest charades in the NFL.

    RGIII is going to be a bust UNTIL he becomes a free agent and goes to another team…a real team. No real QB can thrive in this organization….

  44. The Overtime Sports Talk Show says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:43 AM
    HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!! Party deck!!! Whoa! No I can dance when our band plays our fight song after the BAJILLION TOUCHDOWNS!! RG3 Scores!!!! RG3 to Garçon…..TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!! RG3 hands off to Helu, he, oh no wait its a flee flicker back to RG3! MORGAN ALONE AT THE 10, 5…TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!

    Yeah, just like last year when you were going to the Superbowl after starting out 3-0.

    How’d that work out for you???

    Dan Snyder is the Peter Angelos of the NFL.

    Until he sells the team, the skins aren’t winning squat.

  45. I agree with a poster that said this is good, as the Redskins and their fans won’t have to worry about blackouts if it ever come to that which is unlikely, per what you fans say about the wait list for season tickets.

  46. I gotta say this before JenniferXXX does; the seats are probably going to the Eagles, they get all the draft picks, free agents, and even the seats now!

  47. @cane300 — 60,000 is the number required to be sold to avoid blackout. Actually it is 60,782 non-premium seats.

    FedEx field held 82,000 people last year but had an average attendance of 76,921. Still never a blackout because, Skins only require 72,000 seats to be sold for the game to be a “sell-out”…

  48. I took my son to a game last year and my seats were behind a pillar/column.. we could only see 30 yards of the field … luckily we moved to the endzone and had a blast… REMOVE THOSE SEATS !!! That is crap they would sell tickets for seats where you can’t even see half the field.

  49. Hey, exboomer, you say you still sell out the seats in Buffalo? So, like, what else is there to do in Buffalo? Watch it snow?

  50. Y’all are so right about Jax compared to DC. I mean….who wouldn’t want to go to a ‘skins game? Especially when 2/3’s of you are making an overpaid living off the backs of the rest of us. Take the money (from honest taxpayers) and the skanks and gigolos out of DC and what do you have? Another Jax that tries like heck to sell seats to decent, honest folks,

  51. I scanned through just about all of these posts. What I think people are missing is that, at least in my opinion, the removal of 4,000 seats will increase game day experience. Less traffic, shorter lines, better parking availability. Not sure what the impact of the “party deck” that we have been hearing about for some time now will be, but for now I am ok with it.

    Also, I am not Pro-Snyder by any means, but I think he gets a pretty undeserved rap (sometimes). Skins have not raised ticket prices in some time now, and the avg. ticket price is in the bottom half of the league. That is for a city in the DC Metro Area that is surrounded by 11 of the 15 wealthiest counties in the country.

    With all that said, theres no way to get me to waste my entire Sunday, sit in traffic, and pay out my ass to go to FedEx, or any other NFL stadium for that matter (short of the Superbowl). Why? Because the television programming, convenience of being at your home, ability to watch other games (and REDZONE), saving of money, and my 60 inch, couch, and wings, make even the thought of leaving my house on a fall Sunday absolutely ludicrous.

  52. clw1906 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:24 AM
    eaglesfootballfan says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:09 AM
    RG3 to the Redskins is not a done deal yet people. The Colts have the #1 pick and they have showed strong signs of taking him lately so stop jumping the gun.

    What strong signs have the Colts shown? Name one exec from their org that has said they have a strong interest? And even they do sign RGIII guess what Luck is the QB.

    First of all there sure are a lot of non Skins fans worrying about what goes on in Redskin Nation
    Second if the Skins fans are throwing their cards in that RGIII is the pick it’s only because since the records and injuries and draft position started coming up in sports talk radio etc., everyone had the Colts taking Andrew Luck it was a given, then RGIII emerged after Jones and Barkley decided to go back to school as the second QB to go and teams needing a QB would be jockying to get in position to get him as the #2 top QB.
    Third Skins fans believe RGIII is the man based on all of the above and if it turns out to be Luck instead oh well it’s still a win, win situation

    Now my fourth point you remove 4000 seats so what, you’re making it a party deck those bodies are still there except they are not sitting…

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