Report: Bruce Arians wants Colts to sign Leftwich

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The Colts are going to get their quarterback of the future with the first overall pick in the draft, but a report out of Pittsburgh has them looking for someone to show the new guy the ropes.

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians wants the team to sign Byron Leftwich as a backup quarterback/tutor for Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Leftwich spent three years playing for Arians with the Steelers, who have expressed interest in keeping Leftwich around as Ben Roethlisberger’s backup.

The Steelers are tight against the cap, though, and are still looking for free agent help at other positions. The Colts could offer Leftwich more money, although it’s unclear how much they would be willing to spend to bring Leftwich to Indy.

If Leftwich does wind up in Indianapolis, Drew Stanton would find himself in his second difficult situation of the offseason. Stanton signed with the Jets just before they traded for Tim Tebow, a move that led to another trade that sent Stanton to the Colts. Leftwich’s familiarity with Arians and the offense would likely make him the second-stringer and force Stanton to wonder if he walked underneath a ladder at some point before the start of free agency.

28 responses to “Report: Bruce Arians wants Colts to sign Leftwich

  1. Well, the Colts could always trade him to the Steelers. Stanton’s one year contract at $1.25 Million probably wouldn’t affect the Steelers salary cap as much as Leftwich’s contract would.

  2. Thought Luck was ready! Why does he need a mentor? Maybe they need to go with RGIII if that is the case.

  3. the steelers aren’t tight against the cap. they rank #17 in cap space, which is right around the middle. the ravens, panther, and saints are the three teams tight against the cap now.

  4. Everyone thought Tebow’s mechanics were bad, this guy takes the cake. Atleast Tebow can run. It’s laughable that the Jaguars drafted him in the top 10 and thought he would be their quarterback of the future.

  5. I wonder if Stanton will whine as much in Indy as he whined when the Jets signed Tebow. I guess he feels ordained to be the 2nd QB on the roster even if he lacks the talent.

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Earlier today, Drew Stanton pulled out an umbrella to shield himself from the little black raincloud that has been following him around all offseason. He was promptly struck by lightning.

  7. Man, you’re really clinging to that fantasy that the Colts are taking RG3, aren’t you? Give it up.

  8. You know your team had a bad season when the coaching staff starts talking about bringing in Byron Leftwich to get the offense back on track……

  9. Don’t do it Byron. Nobody can get that mess of an offense on track. At least in Pitt you will not get killed. Stay put, Luck is their future, not you. You are only there to get softened up until they fix that leaky offensive line for Luck.

  10. I like Leftwich as a backup, but he’s missed the last two seasons with injuries. Let BA have him.

  11. Yeah, Leftwich is great at standing on the sidelines in street clothes with his iPod on. That’s about all he has done for about 4 years lol. Good QB, great backup QB, but he’s built from toothpicks and bubblegum.

    Breathe on him the wrong way and he tears or breaks something. Still, he is one tough SOB.

  12. If Ariens wanted to raid the Steelers of a backup QB to help tutor Luck, he’d be better off going after Charlie Batch. He’s been more like an extra QB coach for them for the last 5 years and can still play in an emergency. That’s really all you want out of your backup.

  13. wow..I don’t really know who drew Stanton is..but it seems he is getting the crap end of the stick everywhere he goes!

  14. The Steelers may as well get rid of him since they clearly have no intention of actually using him (or any other backup QB) when Big Ben is too injured to start. They’ll just trot Ben back out there, gimpy or not, and let him lose.

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