Saints aren’t only team that reached out to Parcells for 2012 return

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Three years after signing a four-year cash-and-carry deal with the Dolphins to run the team’s football operations, Bill Parcells carried his cash out of Miami and returned to ESPN.

Now that the Saints are considering bringing Parcells out of retirement once again to serve as interim head coach during Sean Payton’s suspension, a league source tells PFT that the Saints aren’t the only team that reached out to Parcells regarding a possible 2012 return.

Though the total number and names of the teams isn’t known, don’t rule out the franchise currently owned by a guy who was a devout Giants fan during Parcells’ heyday in New York.  A guy who once chased Lawrence Taylor into a bathroom for an autograph.

It’s still not known whether the 70-year-old Parcells will get back into the game, or in what capacity.  But it’s no surprise that the man who has declared on multiple prior occasions that he’s done with the NFL may not be.

23 responses to “Saints aren’t only team that reached out to Parcells for 2012 return

  1. Parcels had that Dolphins team on the up and up and then ownership changed.

    He had an out in his contract should there be a change in ownership and he bolted, knowing Ross was coming in to screw it all up.

    I can’t blame Parcels at all.

  2. This job just doesn’t say Big Tuna to me. It’s a one year thing, he’ll be more or less a babysitter. That’s the same guy that said if I’m cooking let me but the groceries too.

    I’m not saying he wouldn’t do a good job. But he probably wouldn’t have a lot of personell imput. And on top of that it delays his hall of fame entrance for at least another 5 years.

  3. Saints news each and everyday, yeah!!!!! That’s when you know your team is bada$$. Problems galore, yet they can’t get enough of you.

  4. parcells will always be the best coach in my lifetime..belichick and coughlin are proof of that

  5. He is being a great friend an mentor for Sean that is what friends do. They have your back at times when others are kicking you down, the saints will over come this mess and the haters will find something else to throw at their feet.

  6. Bill Parcells way…the old way does not work? Um…Belichek? Coughlin? Guess that old way doesn’t work either.

    As for Dolphin fans, your ownership change made Parcells leave. Until you fishheads start selling out games, your team will suck. Considering Parcells orchestrated a turn around from 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 in 2008 you should be grateful. Pat White was one bad pick and was never expected to be a franchise QB.

    Who is the owner referring to?

  7. Here we go with Parcells leaking the info to drive his price up on Tom Benson. He may not take this job, since the expectations will be very high. He is good at improving the horrible teams, but he hasn’t won a superBowl since 1991. A playoff game since 98. Tom Benson needs to do what’s best for the Saints, not Sean Payton.

  8. I love the Tuna, and think he is the best there is at turning franchises around. But the Saints are not in need of turning around, and like an aging player who has a hard time knowing when to hang up the cleats, a coach likewise needs to be done with it and leave with dignity instead of ridicule because time has passed him by.

  9. Despite being 100% in charge he claimed he wasn’t the one who picked Pat White….he made a bigger mess of the Fins. He checked into and out of Miami as soon as he signed the deal. Pure money grab imo.

    He was a great coach but that was long ago.

  10. is this really a story? you can do better than this. not one bit of info in here. there was a phantom team chasing Parcells earlier this year who I can’t name…..Some tough journalism going on today Florio

  11. So, according to a unnamed source we may have an unidentified team chasing Parcells and our best indication of what team it is is based on who chased who into a bathroom twenty years ago.

    Thanks for the info.

  12. The owner being referred to is Zigi Wilf, our Vikings’ owner. He grew up a huge Giants fan. We like him here, he appreciates football.

    Bring in Tuna, why not.

  13. browns627 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 7:01 AM
    parcells will always be the best coach in my lifetime..belichick and coughlin are proof of that

    Is your lifetime limited to 1986? Even then you should know that Walsh had many more protégés than parcells to win the superbowl.

  14. If there are teams interesting in letting him run all of football operations, I doubt the Saints have a shot at him. Running a team with a multi-year deal would be way more fulfilling than keeping Payton’s seat warm for a season.

  15. Hilarious! Twenty disparaging Saints stories a day and Florio is ashamed to say that Parcells rejected his beloved Vikings!

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