Seahawks unveil their “new age” uniforms

With the NFL formally unveiling its new line of Nike apparel today, the Seahawks were the team everyone was keeping an eye on, after they promised a “new age” look.

Now we’ve seen what the new-age Seahawks look like: The team’s website has posted a full-scale fashion show of the team’s redesigned gear.

Reactions have been mixed. Packers tight end Jermichael Finley loves them, writing on Twitter, “Seahawks has the best looking Jerseys. THEY ARE SICK!”

But Paul Lukas, the obsessive chronicler of sports uniforms, wrote on the Uni Watch Twitter, “It is SERIOUSLY ugly.”

PFT Planet, tell us where you stand.

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119 responses to “Seahawks unveil their “new age” uniforms

  1. The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that they’re trying to make it difficult for the fake jersey makers in China to reproduce them.

    On another note, I find it particularly lame that doesn’t even have the new jerseys and won’t have them for another 11 days, per the counter on their home page.

  2. They look like Arena League uniforms. Although I guess they’re better than those hideous bright green uniforms they’ve worn in the past. So I suppose it could always be worse.

  3. Those are terrible. Paul Lukas also had a picture of some jackets, those were sweet.

  4. those actually look pretty sweet, at first i was like uhhh

    then i seen the helmets, and then i seen the details inside the numbers and im actually pleased and im not a seahawks fan

  5. I think they are great! you can switch up the look from week to week and add different colors. you know like nike does with oregon! Nice clean Look!

  6. I think most people are scared of change so that’s why they don’t like it. I like it. It’s not too drastic but it’s a change from what they had before. I think there are worse uniforms out there. If I was a Seahawks fan, I would be stoked about them.

  7. It’s not all that objectionable. Besides, Finley’s response is going to be more in line with how the players and kids are going to respond to them. I like them. They’re simple, unique and preserve the team’s identity. Go take a look at what the Bengals have been wearing for the last few years again and then talk to me…

    Lukas, have a Diet Coke already. Grump.

  8. Why are there so many haters? These are good looking modern, uni’s….Any press is good press for the Hawks….If players like them, Seattle is doing the smart thing. Fans will come around…

  9. I’m not particularly impressed or reviled by these new uniforms. I still would like to meet the idiot whose idea it was to include neon green in their color scheme and slap him silly though.

  10. It loses me with the grey striping around the shoulders. What the heck is up with that?

    The colors themselves are not bad. The green was toned down a little. The helmet looks a little better. The grey works. But that striping just doesn’t belong.

    Thanks for saving me $80 on another replica, Nike.

  11. Anything Neon should not be allowed anywhere on a uniform in the NFL. I think it looks good except that garbage. Should of made the outline in grey/silver.

  12. To Nike I say, couldn’t you guys do better than this? Eh.

    Did they have production problems with Spiderman gloves and need to do something with the rejects?

    1. They are a little less ugly than the last ones. (Those alternate jerseys were pukey, maybe the worst ever.)

    2. At least they didn’t screw up the logo.


  13. I like them, better than what they’ve had. Nice to see some modernization of the NFL uniform. This is only the beginning, Nike is going to take it slowly.

  14. They’re beautiful!

    The Philadelphia Eagles 75th year anniversary throwbacks.

  15. Much ado about nothing.

    Not radical enough to challenge the status quo. Just enough tweaks (the neon highlights) to upset the over 35 crowd.

  16. I feel kida bad for the seahawks they always had very ugly uniforms lol this one is… Hmmmm….. Very ugly as well.

  17. People who arent Seahawks fans were going to hate on them no matter what. I think they are sick, cant wait to buy myself a new Kam Chancellor #31 jersey!

  18. Those navy blue ones are hideous.

    Actually pretty much anything navy blue looks bad on a football jersey…

  19. They’re better than anything the Oregon Ducks wear, though you can tell the same people designed them.

    What is the design on the pant stripes supposed to be? (It also is lightly printed on the numbers on the jersey.) Wings?

  20. Continuing a legacy of mediocrity! Guess they need to do something to get some attention since Pete Carroll has been an NFL non-factor… again.

  21. There not that bad but its the Seahawks so who really cares? At least Nike didnt put Just do it on the front.

  22. They’re growing on me fast.. but only if they knock it off with that dark jersey/dark pants crap.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that look good on a team.

    I wish they’d go with a less neon green

  23. Typical Seattle (this includes the city, not just the Seahawks)-Try to be cutting edge, but really a follower and joke. Somebody tell the University of Oregon someone stole one of their many jerseys.

  24. If you click over to the helmet gallery on the Seahawks site there’s a huge ad on the page saying “Pulling your leg.” Makes you think the new look is an elaborate April Fool’s joke. So close to April 1, possibly intentional on the advertiser’s part? Ironic.

  25. Not bad.. but I’m very disappointed. I was really hoping for a retro look with the lighter blue and the soft green and grey.. would’ve been the coolest uni’s in sports.

  26. 1. Booooo.

    2. Looks like College.

    3. So Nike is only creative when it comes to focusing on male bulge and both male and female buttock shapes?

  27. As a Seahawks season ticket holder and a Husky fan who hates the Oregon Ducks, this uni is exactly what we were afraid of. Now we look like a college team or an arena league team. Thanks Nike. Atrocious.

  28. Not a Seahawks fan, but I’m happy at least one team took advantage of Nike coming in to revamp things. I wish more teams would’ve revamped.

    I get tradition…but a little spice is nice.

  29. The biggest FAIL is that Nike replaced the Seahawk logo on the sleeve, where it’s been in one form or another since about 1980, and replaced with the a neon-green Nike swoosh.

    I am a Seattle fan, and I’ll cheer for the team whatever they wear, but when you replace an NFL logo with corporate shillery, that’s a huge step in the wrong direction.

  30. I’m not sure where all the ‘they look cheaply made’ comments are coming from, for some reason I don’t think nike and the NFL are going to collaborate to skimp on their uniform construction, and for anyone saying they look cheaply made as a seahawks dis, don’t forget nike is making your uniforms as well.

    I for one think the new uniforms look pretty sharp.

  31. Seahawks are running neck and neck with the Bengals for the worst uniform in football. Seahawks have a slight edge.

  32. you are all such HATERS!!!! ever been to seattle???? Probably not!!! Get ready to eat all of your words!!! NBC should charge all of you for your moronic opinions

  33. I like them with 2 caveats: don’t like the neon green and I’ve never been a fan of pants and shirt being the same color. Blue up top, white on bottom or vice versa is the traditional look I like.

    I was afraid they’d look much worse. I don’t think I’ve liked any of the recent Oregon uniforms.

    People are resistant to change so it may take awhile for Seahawks fans to warm up to them but they really aren’t that bad.

  34. Awesome. Best in the league now
    Love the lime green.
    As a Titans fan, I’d love to see us move in this direction.

  35. I’m a hawks tix holder. The new jerserys are CRAP!!! The helmets wouldn’t be back if the logo didn’t meet in the back.

    I’ll continue to wear my old jersery until the next redesign…

  36. They are great. The helmet is nice. Too bad they didn’t have the dark version to show.

  37. What people don’t understand about the NEON GREEN is that the Seattle area has neon green moss on some of its trees. It represents the area.

  38. smo05d says:
    Apr 3, 2012 11:48 AM
    Just checked the website.

    They look cheap.


    But…….I bet they aren’t! Get out the wallet boys.

  39. I thought they couldn’t possibly do worse that the muddy blue-gray they had, but they did. For some reason at first glance I am reminded of Minnesota Vikings unis despite the color difference.

    Lukas’ Uniwatch site has had umpteen Seahawks uni concepts on there for the last couple of years, almost all of which are better than these.

  40. they should leave things alone. I can see teams with no tradition trying things but older franchises with tradition should be left alone.

  41. The neon green is fine. I just don’t like the design. The league’s uniforms haven’t seen an out the box uniform design since the Broncos got their new uniforms.

    My God, someone, anyone, please design something new for those awful Browns uniforms.

  42. These are terrible. Nike wont be getting my jersey money. I’ll got to the beach instead and actually enjoy where it goes. These are a classic example of a company trying way too hard. They look like the belong in the Tour de France not on a football field.

  43. They look like the Seattle Nikes now. I hope that shoulder patch is not indicative of what they are going to do with the rest of the league’s uni’s… but I’m sure it is.

    Sure seems like the Seahawks and Ducks are slowly migrating to wearing the same uniforms, too.

  44. The best part of the uniform is the neon green! It’s not overwhelming, and in fact a touch o’green adds a little interest to a somewhat boring uniform.

    Overall they are an improvement and I’m sure Seahawks fans will accept and grown to like them once they see their entire team on the field.

    Quit being such a bunch of boring neon green-phobes.

  45. Anything’s better than Teal on Teal. Good riddance to them. I like them all except the Blue over Blue.

  46. It’s not 1960 anymore you old farts. This is the year 2000. They look fantastic, and I hope all the uniforms get an overhaul, especially the Browns, Packers and Steelers. So plain and boring.

  47. “you are all such HATERS”

    Really? We have to hear this on a UNIFORM article?

  48. Glad they incorporated the lime green. The uni’s are pretty cool -gray. Now I’m going to have to re-do my entire wordrobe. LOL. Can’t wait to see what Nike puts out for us.

  49. Good looking jerseys, are good looking jerseys and if you like a player or team it might be to spend the money on one so be it.

    Those things aren’t close to good looking though.

  50. The blue looks good but that “Exorcist” puke green is really bad.
    Just go back to the blue & silver and dump the Nickelodeon stuff.

  51. All these fashion critics are just halarious. Guess what, as a fan it is not up to any of us what the Unis look like. Nike and the NFL have a contract, so deal with it. The team and players seem to like them so hopefully it will be a morale boost.

    Will you NOT cheer for your team if you do not like the Unis? No.
    Will you bad mouth a player if he likes these? Probably, but what good will that do supporting your team?
    Will small changes help in the positive? Hope so.

    Have you ever seen a uniform have details dedicated to the fan base? NEVER! That is so cool.

    Hawks fans should be honored by this. This is breaking new ground and the way things will change in the NFL. I like most of what I see. Haven’t seen all the teams up close yet. I just can’t wait for the season to start.

  52. realnflmaster says: Apr 3, 2012 1:30 PM

    It’s not 1960 anymore you old farts. This is the year 2000. They look fantastic, and I hope all the uniforms get an overhaul, especially the Browns, Packers and Steelers. So plain and boring.

    The year 2000?
    By the way…. ugly and tacky looking does not mean exciting and new.

    Stop watching “Jersey Shore”

  53. Great news everyone! Instead of charging $80 for a replica jersey, Nike will now be charging $100 for a replica jersey!

    We’re only a few hours into the Nike era, and I’m already offically sick of it.

  54. These unis are a big improvement. And the grey alternates are tight!

    As to all the HATERS, one look at what you’re wearing right now probably tells us you are not qualified to judge anything related to style.

  55. To the “cheaply made” crowd. Does everyone realize that NFL jerseys have been made of mesh since forever? What about a material that is full of holes screams out “expensive and high quality”? The new stuff is actually water repellant and provides a better fit to reduce what other players can grab on to.

  56. realnflmaster says: Apr 3, 2012 1:30 PM

    It’s not 1960 anymore you old farts. This is the year 2000. They look fantastic, and I hope all the uniforms get an overhaul, especially the Browns, Packers and Steelers. So plain and boring.

    Those traditional uni’s have withstood the test of time. I think they would have a hard time. If its not broke don’t fix it.

    Thank goodness they started with a team like the Seahawks, a team that has gone through different unis every decade.

    Reguardless, its still more important about the team inside the unis than whats on the outside.

  57. so I guess the “V” created on the back of the helmet is supposed to represent wings and is replicated on the sleeves as well the little check pattern inside the numbers and down the pants?

    clever, but seems a little TTH (trying too hard)…not as terrible as I actually expected them to be, but def a missed opportunity to upgrade…

    (I was actually expecting feathers on the shoulders/helmets)

    and I’ve always wanted to see grey alt unis for some teams, but this isn’t quite as dynamic as I expected…

  58. Nice gloves … do they come with a matching hand bag?

    Of course they’re going to be different … Nike wouldn’t sell as many if they were identical to the current ones … and “sales” is the name of the game.

    The white pants might be a nice change … having a uniform where the pants were the same color as the home jersey was a little over the top.

  59. Not a ‘hawks fan, but overall I like ’em except for that neon green. (Mainly the gloves/shoes – the piping is less noticeable, and thus less hideous.)

  60. Amazing–every time the Seahawks get new uniforms, they find a way to make them a little uglier.

  61. If this a sign of where the whole league could potentially go with future uniform designs, I might just stop watching.

  62. I think they are really nice. I like the dark blue with white and/or gray color combos instead of that putrid monotone slate gray. The old uniforms were hellacious. These are a massive improvement.

  63. >>>>
    omegalh says:
    Apr 3, 2012 12:46 PM
    What people don’t understand about the NEON GREEN is that the Seattle area has neon green moss on some of its trees. It represents the area.

    The neon green is representing their ties to the Sounders soccer club with which they are closely affiliated.

    Just an FYI

  64. Who thought up these new uniforms? looks like the players are wearing Bibs. Will we being calling them the Seattle Nikes

  65. One final observation:

    I’ve been critical of the new uniforms, but I think they’ll be all right.

    After seeing a lot of the old-schoolers tout the benefits of their team’s awesome “we will never change” uniforms, I must ask….

    …Where else in the world outside of the NFL is it considered “cool” to wear the same stuff you wore 30 years ago?

    If you’re old enough, go into your storage closet and come up with what you were wearing 30 years ago: A Members Only jacket, team-colored Zubas, and LA Gear sneakers. Oh yeah, you wear that to the nightclub in 2012, you’ll be getting laid FOR SURE, right?

  66. Love the new uni’s. I hope the hawks step it up with nike and do what the ducks have done but with a continued northwest spin. It would be awesome to honor out troops in this state as joint base Lewis/Mchord have the highest casualty rate of all the bases in the USA in the war on terror. I would like to see a seahawks color camo look to honor them. I hope they really go for it as a northwest native and a huskie fan ive always been jelous of the ducks uni’s. WAY TO GO NIKE AND THE HAWKS!!!!!!!!

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