Sedrick Ellis of the Saints says “truth will come out” on bounties

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As plenty of Saints players brace for possible penalties from Commissioner Roger Goodell, one member of the defensive line isn’t scared.

Defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis, a first-round pick in 2008, downplayed the situation in an interview with Seahawks Pro Bowl fullback Michael Robinson, founder of the RealRobReport.

“You can’t believe everything you hear on TV, man,” Ellis said.  “You can’t believe everything that [comes] out in the media.  I’m sure it’ll work itself out, and the truth will come out in the end.”

Robinson then playfully chided Ellis regarding the 2010 postseason, when the Saints lost to the Seahawks.  “I wish y’all would’ve put a bounty on me,” Robinson said.  “I hope y’all didn’t have no bounties in 2010 when y’all came up to [Seattle] and got dogged in that playoff game.  Y’all have bounties in that game?  Did y’all have a bounty on Marshawn?  Did y’all have a bounty on Marshawn?”

Regarding the explanation from Ellis, the problem continues to be that the things that have emerged in the media come from the NFL’s investigation and conclusions.  While it’s possible that the NFL investigation was in some way flawed, the media has been relying on the league’s publicized belief that these things happened, as determined in large part by the admissions made by members of the coaching staff who, after months of denials, confessed.

Robinson also gave Ellis, who played college football at USC, a tongue-in-cheek hard time about getting paid in college.  Chiefs receiver Steve Breaston even jumped in at one point and said of the Trojans in 2005, “They cheated.  It’s on record now.  USC cheated.”

It’s actually pretty funny.  I don’t last at much in the 5:00 a.m. ET hour, but I laughed a couple of times at the back-and-forth between Robinson and Ellis.

34 responses to “Sedrick Ellis of the Saints says “truth will come out” on bounties

  1. This reminds me of the steroid scandal in baseball. Jose Conseco came out with his book Juiced saying that half of the league was taking steroids. Many famous pitchers and batters came out and publicly stated it did not happen and he was wrong. The “truth” would come out and show that Conseco didn’t know what he was talking about.

    When it comes the “truth” it doesn’t usually mean what players think it means.

    At this point the most important and, as far as i know, undisputed truth is that the Saints lied to the league for 3 years regarding the bounty program. The lies showed a lack of respect for the league office and made them look foolish when it came out in the media.

  2. The truth already came out. They were exposed as cheating scumbags.

    Maybe Sedrick is like Brees… he needs an “explanation”. So let’s bring out the Crayolas and explain the whole to him!

  3. Robinson’s a funny guy but the funniest part of the show was during Ellis’s face time when he asked fans to vote for him at the end of next season for the Pro Bowl because he needed the money, he was “hurting”.

  4. I agree with Ellis the media does hype things and if the NFLPA doesn’t have the cold hard facts what makes you think the media does.. And i bet that no good Goodell is going to hold some of it back to protect his snitch.

  5. Here we go again! For the love of everything decent. The NFL has released their findings and all your coaches CONFESSED! When the players stop denying this the story will go away… Don’t you want this story to go away? I want this story to go away. This is a media cash cow! They won’t stop milking it until it DIES… Please let it die. Instead of “Naw man. The truth will come out” just say “no comment”.

  6. When are these idiot Saints players and fans going to realize that the truth already came out when Williams confessed?

    Sorry Saints, you are not the victims here.

  7. While it’s possible that the NFL investigation was in some way flawed, the media has been relying on the league’s publicized belief that these things happened, as determined in large part by the admissions made by members of the coaching staff who, after months of denials, confessed.
    No one admitted to “cash for crippling,” as you so eloquently put it. But that’s no different than me calling your website a “cash for rumors” program. Sensationalizing makes the media go round.

  8. Well, I see the morning shift is over at McDonald’s for the genius commenters above….such losers….Who Dat! Stay classy, haters, as we raise another Lombardi and your team watches from their analog tubes…

  9. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth just like Darren Sharper…..

  10. This Saints organization is so full of themselves. I used to admire the way they came back from the destruction, but now, it’s like they have this sense of entitlement.

    Quicklyl becoming one of my most hated teams in the NFL. Just quit whining. You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, take your punishment like a man. Each and every one of you.

    I still love the fact that Payton openly admits his involvement and apologizes and still appeals. It’s like opening telling the court system at your initial appearance, yes I killed that man and I apologize, but by the way I’m asking for a trial.

    Thats the problem with our society today, no one believes in taking responsibility for their actions. And these pro athletes and coaches are what our children see. It goes against parents trying to teach their children to take responsibility for their actions.

  11. If you read the statements from the coaches, I believe you will see they are admitting to a play for performance pool and not bounties. Emails represent so much hyperbole. Judges cannot overturn juries on transcripts because they were not there for testimony, to see the demeanor of the witnesses, and to determine if all testimony hangs together as a whole. The NFL did not get testimony from players during its investigation. Therefore, they do not have the whole story. There is a disconnect between the email hyperbole and the hits on the field. How many players were knocked out of the game and did not return? ZERO Much of this was leaked by NFL and tried in court of public opinion before Due Process initiated. Backward. Investigation, Accusation, then Trial. Not investigation, Accusation then Conviction

  12. @eaglewin FINALLY. Finally a lick of truth from most of you head-hunting posters. The Saints lied. Yep they probably did. However I’m not even sure that the lies weren’t the result of trusting Gregg Williams too much, but let’s assume they lied about a pay for performance system. The punishment was too harsh for this infraction. Millions of dollars for a lie? Are you kidding me? In the history of sports there has never been a punishment like this. THATS what all of the Saints fans are and will always object to.

  13. What information that the coaches admitted that their was a bounty system, yes got that an we also got that it was suppose to stop, but did Williams stop no this bounty followed Williams everywhere he coached he is the disease.

  14. Just like spygate and the rest of the crap that happens around the league this too shell pass.

  15. @voodoo4409….

    Morning shift @ McDonalds…. Clever. I don’t think this bounty thing is funny. I’m not making jokes, but people like you who believe this didn’t happen are laughable. You could possibly deny specific player involvement, but not the entire existence of the bounty program. You coaches admitted to it bro. Why do you proceed in your disbelief? I’ll accept argument that the punishment handed out was too severe. I don’t believe it was, but the argument has merit. You wanna know what is funny and is Saints related? Your GM (Lyin Loomis) tried saying that your record-breaking QB wasn’t elite and you “fans” just rolled over and took it. I happen to think Brees is a great modern day QB. Given a choice between him and any other QB in the league and there is almost nobody else I’d rather have. I was happy for the city of New Orleans when they won their SB. It was a great accomplishment. Not a hater. So next time you’re lumping people together and being an overall jagoff, try reading all 8 comments. Thank you. Please come again.

  16. When has anyone from the coaching staff “confessed” to having bounties? GW admitted to having a “pay for performance.” There has been no conformation of bounties taking place, in fact player are still denying that bounties took place. My question is how have we gotten to a point in this country where Roger Goodell and the NFL is the end all? The media hasn’t really questioned the integrity of the investigation, the actual existance of evidence, or anything that would normally be done in this country. It’s a joke, The NFL is bog business, and apparently big businesses never lie to the general public now..

  17. bounty system, who cares anymore. just get the punishment handed down and let’s move on (does pose a problem for the crack pot team over here at pft because they might have to do something other than report of when Payton or Parcells’ next bowl movement is). And it certainly reflects well on Ellis that all he seems to want is the money. He already has been payed well for being a top pick even though I am yet to actually see him make one bit of a difference on the field in any game he has played (have seen every game he has been a member of the team). A very long way off from a pro bowl

  18. I find it hilarious that most of these Saints fans likely laughed at the Patriots fans when they used the everyone is doing it defense, but now are doing the same thing. It may be the case but you got caught, own up, take responsibility and stop trying to play the victim card.

  19. This season will be all about the Saints, every game, every play, every snap, Saints will be sucking the oxygen out of the NFL. That’s star power, baby!

  20. Why do all of you give a complete pass to the Ravens who openly stated they had a bounty on Hines Ward in 2008? If you are not seeking consistency then you are just jealous of the Saints.

  21. “Don’t believe everything that [comes] out in the media.” Shooting the messenger always works, Mr. Ellis. Just ask any politician caught in a lie. Glad to see you don’t believe in accountability or personal responsibility. Stay classy.

  22. Usually whenever the media over hypes/over sensationalizes any topic they always get egg on their face and are never there to say they were wrong.

    Case in point, when the evidence is FORCED to be revealed and it shows that there is no hard proof of any player getting paid to injure an opponent the media can just say they were going on the NFL’s word and wipe their hands clean of this mess. They don’t get held accountable for creating the monster.

    They report, they decide, you comply.

  23. Oh my another football player busted for drugs, wait the bounty system is still front page news. We will over look this for now until we nail those darn saints to a cross…………

  24. I believe the truth will come out in the wash I don’t like when you agree to something you know is not true. This is why you hold your peace you stick to what you said at first because that will make you out of a lie so go with your first words. Even if you are facing the President of the NFL Commissioner make him prove himself I know you guys were thinking about your job. Don’t never confess to something you don’t understand this is what Roger Goodell is using on you guys because you guys confess to what came out of his mouth. Roger Goodell can lie also he saying one thing but the paper are saying something else and I’m glad you guys appealed the scandal talk. And also the NFLPA is bringing in a lawyer to listen to the case and talk on you guys behalf because when its all said and done the truth are going to come out. In all area from who told them about a so call pay-for-injuries program and what kind of evidences. When someone lie to hurt peoples that is not a friend mainly when other teams are complaining to the NFL about the Saints playing dirty ball. I hope the best for Mr.Sean Payton, Mr. Mickey Loomis, Mr. Vitt, and also Mr.Tom Benson hope all is well.

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