Sheet drops on new Nike uniforms at 11:00 a.m. ET

Never before has the NFL enjoyed so much anticipation for a shift in uniform supplier.  Of course, never before has the NFL launched a 10-year partnership with a shoe and apparel company that has developed a reputation for outside-the-box uniform designs.

And the anticipation comes in relatively equal measure from those who fear dramatic changes to NFL uniforms — and those who welcome them.

The answers will be known soon enough.  At 11:00 a.m. ET in Brooklyn, the NFL will roll out the new Nike uniforms.  The one thing known for sure is that the Seahawks look and colors will be revised.

It’s also known that the Panthers have altered their logos.  As suggested in this leaked photo posted at, there’s a chance the new logo will appear on a new helmet.  (It’s unknown whether that actually is an image of the new Panthers helmet, whether it’s a fake, or whether it’s a helmet that will be used with an alternate uniform.)

For the most part, changes will be made not to the look but to the composition of the jerseys.  The primary opportunity for creativity will come from the alternate uniforms, which teams may wear up to twice per year.  The Steelers and Rams, at a minimum, are expected to make changes to their alternate looks.

We’ll know much more at 11:00 a.m. ET.  Stay tuned to PFT for any relevant links and photos.

82 responses to “Sheet drops on new Nike uniforms at 11:00 a.m. ET

  1. Well, as we have seen from the Oregon duds, Nike will use this opportunity to make a splash upon their entrance to pro football apparell.

    In regards to the Panthers helmet, pretty out there but I like it.

  2. I must be blind. How exactly is the Panthers’ logo different now? Obviously the background on the helmet went from silver to black (which I happen to like), but what am I missing in the logo itself?

  3. i hope Nike doesn’t go stupid with the unis . Oregon & Maryland are just flat ugly . don’t mess with NFL tradition to much . i hope my Browns bring back the orange pants . no other change is needed . i am old school & resistant to change . the Brown pants of a couple years ago were UGLY .

  4. @southpaw2k

    Just some minor changes. Just a few more curves and a slight color change around an eye.

  5. Maybe the Panthers should be more focused on altering their game plan and being the cellar dweller or doormat of the Saints….Ike of a franchise…In Scam Newnothing we trust…lmao..


    here’s a comparison of carolina’s logos.

    My instinct is to hate whatever Nike chooses to do, but this isn’t that bad. I’d have added even more teal to those lines. the less silver, the better.

  7. @voodoo4409

    lol, wut? All-time series is tied, 17-17…and last I checked…the Saints don’t even have a quarterback. Enjoy your 2012 season. Geaux gettum.

  8. Nike’s corporate crap stitched together by underage labor, but as long as they stop cramming those ridiculous and offensive “pro combat” uniforms into the camera, it’s going to be okay.

  9. The Dolphins have sucked ever since we went to the ‘New Logo’ in 2000. Please scrap the block numbers with the ridiculous shading as well. Give me the 1994 jersey any day!

    BTW, Cue the “Dolphins have always sucked” comments in 3.2.1….

  10. Thanks, guys. I managed to find a comparison searching through Google as well. I guess what caught me off guard more than anything else was how fairly hyped up the logo change was; I was expecting a quite different logo than just a few subtle cosmetic changes.

    I was actually hoping the Ravens might get some changes to their uniforms and/or logos, but it sounds like they’ll be status quo.

  11. It seems some of you are in the dark on this. The Nike changes themselves are minor. New lighter material, some minor visual changes, etc. Nothing drastic. There are drastic changes to some teams as noted with the Panthers in this article, but that is entirely at the discretion of the team. You won’t see big logo changes from the older franchises such as the Packers, Eagles, Bears, etc. except maybe on the alternate. I have seen the standard new jersey. They are nice.

  12. That helmet picture is a fake. It’s been floating around for months. The only change the panthers made was the slight change to the logo. All the colors are the same. Fake picture. As to the guy who called us cellar dwellars, well we’ll just see who’s laughing at the end of the season douchbag.

  13. They’ll make just enough changes to make the hardcore fans go out and buy new jerseys.

    Seahawks’ redesign is the worst-kept secret in NFL history. The league itself put the new logo on a few promotional pieces a couple of weeks ago. The lighter shade of blue has been retired. Grey pants, navy blue shirts and helmets, grey letters with green highlighting, and apparently a grey alternate jersey.

    Sounds good on paper, guess we find out how it looks on Kam Chancellor when he steps onto the Nike/NFL runway in about two hours.

  14. Would like to see the giants have an alternate jersey that gives a nod to the Jersey’s from the 80’s.

  15. The Panthers announced a modernized logo change shortly after the season ended, and this helmet goes right along with the new logo

  16. I hope that is a fake helmet it would be ok for an alternate but it looks like they tried copying the Jags helmet.

  17. I’m sure dissing Nike for Maryland appearal will be appropriate once Nike does their uni’s again. Under Armour does the current appearal.

  18. How about a silver facemask? Or silver accents on the jersey/pants? Either way this black and aqua (I’m colorblind so forgive me if its not aqua) looks sweet.

  19. southpaw2k

    The differences are as follows (very subtle):

    The whiskers used to be gray, now they are blue
    There is a blue “lip” beneath the mouth
    The eyes have a different shape and color (I think)
    There is not white trim

  20. The helmet isn’t fake, but it was made by a Panthers fan who designs helmets for others

  21. I heard a rumor that they are also going to redesign Andy Reid’s onesie, but are having problems finding green circus tents with which to secure the needed fabric.

  22. Spoiler alert, the Broncos are going to home orange unis. Blue will be the alternate home color. Interesting how this is rarely mentioned outside of Broncos coverage.

  23. This Panthers helmet looks great. The original one is stuck in the 90s

  24. That “leaked” helmet has been out on the Internet for weeks. If PFT did a little research, they’d know that the Panthers helmets aren’t changing except for the logo switch. The helmets are still silver, not black like this fan concept suggests.

  25. hound32 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 8:54 AM
    i hope Nike doesn’t go stupid with the unis . Oregon & Maryland are just flat ugly .
    UMD is Under Armour buddy.

    Additionally, I love how quick people are to bash Nike for the changes that they MAY make based upon the Oregon Ducks’ football jerseys. Personally? I like it. I’m in the younger demographic (25) and while some of it went too far, they did have some uni’s I like. Why are traditionalists afraid of a little shake up to the uniforms? It doesn’t change a thing about your team’s ability on the field. Not asking for 5 alternate uni’s, just a few added details to shake it up be nice. All about swag these days folks!

  26. Relax guys! Every team has their own say over what their own uni will look like! If a team goes “Oregon” this year then it was the teams choice, not Nike! Not saying that Nike won’t try to talk them into radical changes, but…..the teams have their own say! So if Kraft, Thompson, (heaven forbid…) the McCaskeys and whoever else decides to make sweeping changes to their uniforms, then God bless ’em like Tebow! There maybe a change in actual material design and such with the addition of a huge ass Nike swoosh on the shoulder but other than that, the look SHOULD, by all means, be the same. Especially for the more traditional teams! As for teams like JAX, SEA, etc…with either new owners or that just wanna throw a wrench into the historical digs and want to come out with futuristic “Oregon” type stuff, then more power to them! You really have two different types of teams in the NFL. Teams that will stick with traditional looks like CHI, PITT, GB, OAK, KC and maybe a couple others! Then you have Jerry’ BOYS, CINCY, TENN, DENVER, MIN, DET, and everybody else that decided to change it up but keep the traditional look on the side! My point is it’s NOT NIKE making the decision here. So if your team uni goes “Oregon”, blame the owner or GM, not Nike. Not defending Nike, just letting you know where to REALLY direct your displeasures!

  27. Not to mention Jerry Richardson (Panthers owner) has said himself that the uniforms will not change while he is alive, and he’s about as stubborn as they come. So don’t expect any changes. Also, I doubt the grand unveiling would take place on a faux granite table in some guys backyard.

  28. There’s a reason that Packer/Cowboys, Steelers/Raiders, Jets/Giants, and Vikings/Bears games look so awesome on TV.

    Traditional uniforms just bleed NFL tradition and why we love it so much.

    It’ll be a sad day if teams opt to go ghetto with the uniforms just for a quick sale of jersies to a bunch of kids that can’t afford them.

  29. @monsta

    ‘Not to mention Jerry Richardson (Panthers owner) has said himself that the uniforms will not change while he is alive,’

    That’s not what he said.

  30. Late breaking news…..the Broncos are changing their team colors to pink and yellow.

  31. I guess it’s a lot cheaper for a team to change their uniforms in order to sell merchandise instead of putting a good product on the field to do so…..

  32. The Eagles’ uniforms need a total make-over. The colors are ugly, and how stupid are wings on the helmet? Does any bird have wings on its head? Put an eagle with a football in its talons on the helmet or something.

  33. This is important because we all know….it’s not how you play the game, it’s how you LOOK while you’re playing the game…..

    Wait, never mind.

  34. “erod22 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 10:26 AM
    There’s a reason that Vikings/Bears games look so awesome on TV”

    Vikings/Bears games look awesome on TV???

  35. re: Eagles, who decided the Eagles colors should be green? did they ever see an actual eagle?

    They should just photocopy Jeremy Shockey’s tattoo.

  36. The NFL and Roger Goodell is constantly jamming the belief that the fans are important to them and him. So why is there no live feed of this? Whether the uni’s are new or not, you’re making a big deal of it NFL and now I can’t see it…just another reason.

  37. Hound32, amen on the Brown bringing back the orange pants! I loved them! Browns have the best uniforms in the NFL!

  38. Just saw the New Era 49ers hats and, straight across the board, they suck. They actually all look like some cheap knock off and are just plain ugly. I won’t be wasting my money on any of that garbage.

  39. So all of this was to be done at 11:00. It’s 11:36 and no one has any links to anything. The only info I’ve been able to find is an occasional tweet about ongoing speeches out of espn. This just gives me another reason to dismiss the NFL as simply an industry full of self-important blow hards.

  40. Steeler fan and hope they do not make any changes. I for one love the new Seahawk jersey. Probably in the minority here, but I think it looks pretty cool.

  41. Blurry pics that look like they were taken by a kid with an old cell phone. Can’t the NFL afford a real photographer?

  42. PFT Nation just got rolled over by the hype-machine. I’ve had a chance to look over ALL of the uniforms, and except for the Seahawks, guess what, they look EXACTLY the same! Unless of course your wife is able to point out the subtle thread pattern differences in stitching or the evolution of the elastic collar. It’s a shame, because there are still a handful of teams without fan loyalty or tradition that could have benefitted from this opportunity.

  43. Mogogo1, Amen to That!
    They had a really fine marketing opportunity to carry this live, and they blew it. Apparently, they’re more interested in making speeches than coordinating a simple feed. They Could have made a Lot of money, and the fans could have enjoyed the unveiling, no matter what the changes.

  44. ProDolphinsTalk says: Apr 3, 2012 9:02 AM

    The Dolphins have sucked ever since we went to the ‘New Logo’ in 2000. Please scrap the block numbers with the ridiculous shading as well. Give me the 1994 jersey any day!

    BTW, Cue the “Dolphins have always sucked” comments in 3.2.1….

    There are not many things on the Internet more annoying than the guy that does the whole “Cue the (blank) thing followed by the stupid 3… 2… 1… countdown.

    It sounded dumb the first 100 times I read it and it is not getting any better.

  45. No changes…a lot of hype….every team looks the same except the Seahawks…the pants have a strange zipper type stripe on the side…Panthers helmet changed…

    The font of the numbers may look a little bigger and the collar is sharper at the neck line..nothing really bad.

  46. BIG Deal ! a Swoosh on the shoulder! How disapointing ! I was hoping the Cowboys would get rid of the green pants atleast! The Seahawks will sell more jerseys IMO.

  47. I liked the Seahawk’s old blue jerserys and hate their new Tron ones.

    Thanks Nike for saving me $80. I’ll stick with my old jersey until the next redesign.

  48. Like the new Seahawks unis. DON’T like how much Nike highlighted their own logo on the jersey. It stands out far more than any other element on the jersey.

    They were really too timid with the “inspired by Native American art” graphics, too. There’s really nothing there except a few vague little widgets. They should have been more bold with that.

    Helmets are nice too, though the hawk graphic doesn’t come far enough toward the front – too much empty space between it and the facemask.

    Those “put your hands together to make the logo” gloves are just completely stupid, and always have been.

  49. My only real concern is that the thunderbird’s jaundice seems to be getting worse.

  50. Every post on here about your opinion on the looks of uni’s are a bunch of estrogenic fems.

    I’ll bet you decided on the decor/color scheme of your trailer too.

  51. Any change in the Stooler uniform would have to be an improvement…

  52. deathmonkey41 says:
    Apr 3, 2012 9:50 AM
    I heard a rumor that they are also going to redesign Andy Reid’s onesie, but are having problems finding green circus tents with which to secure the needed fabric.

    Onesies…..Who invented onesies for grown ups??? He looks like he is taking huge dumps in that thing…

  53. voodoo4409 – Nice job of projecting. Your team is found to have put up financial incentives to injure opponents so severely they have to be carted off the field, and you talk junk about a QB that has been found not guilty on all charges – a QB that happened to be a target of the mob members of your team. Get over yourself. I will enjoy watching the QB you wanted carted off the field throwing for 900 yards and 8 TDs on the way to 2 Panther wins over your Jimmy Hoffa/Al Capone wannabes. Geaux Panthers!

    pcline25 – yes, that is exactly what he said. Richardson randomly calls a season ticket holder that writes to the team to complain or ask a question. This particular fan asked about the rumored changes to our helmet and uniform, and he told the guy that the uniforms would not change as long as he was the owner. And if anyone thinks he’s going to give up this team in any way other than taking his dirt nap, they are dreaming.

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