Spanos excited to see what Le’Ron McClain can do

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Alper linked earlier this morning in the one-liners to an interview of Chargers owner Dean Spanos.  Since I actually read the one-liners (for a change) and was interested in seeing what Spanos had to say, I clicked the link and checked it out.

Though there’s nothing particularly earth-shattering, I was intrigued to see the new arrival who most intrigues Spanos:  Former Ravens and Chiefs fullback Le’Ron McClain.

“I’m excited about all of them and I’m not trying to pick any favorite, but I’m looking forward to seeing what Le’Ron McClain can do and how he can help us,” Spanos said.  “He’s an exciting character.  Very charismatic.  I think he’s going to be a great addition to our team and he will be exciting for our fans to watch.”

Other new arrivals for the Chargers include receiver Robert Meachem, receiver Eddie Royal, linebacker Jarret Johnson.

Spanos also addressed the departures of receiver Vincent Jackson and running back Mike Tolbert, who reportedly took less money to join the Panthers.

“Those are two players we would love to have had back,” Spanos said.  “We surely made an attempt to get those players signed, but there comes a point where if you sometimes sign one player, you might limit yourself and your ability to get a host of other important players.  It’s a balancing act and you have to decide what’s most important and what will make the best impact on the team going forward.  Speaking specifically of Vincent, we clearly would’ve loved to have him back, but he chose to move on.  If we had signed him, I think it would’ve really limited our ability to sign four or five of the free agents that we did get.”

Spanos is right, but the question is whether those four or five free agents will mean more to the team than one Vincent Jackson.

17 responses to “Spanos excited to see what Le’Ron McClain can do

  1. Chargers = Superbowl. Running your offense through a fullback is genius…..if this is 1953

  2. “Those are two players we would love to have had back, but as you know, I throw around nickels like manhole covers” Spanos said.

  3. To me this shows a sign of getting back to the run game more often. When AJ smith was asked about the broncos addition of manning he said the chargers need to sustain longer drives and this will in turn keep manning off the field. Of course they also need to get stronger on defense. But it will be good to see the chargers get back to the old days with lorenzo Neal leading the way. Let’s hope the chargers pick up a mid round flyer on a running back, like ronnie hillman in the 4th?

  4. Le’Ron picked the right place to go if he wants to get a decent amount of carries. Matthews gets injured about mid-season on an annual basis

  5. Huge pickup for us charger fans. Id love to see us pick up his good buddy jackie battle. Of course mathews will have a chance to shine. With a now beast of a blocker at fb. And getting more attention on touches with this high voltage offense. Love the pickup! Now lets get battle.

  6. LOL at McClain being a “beast of a blocker” or comparing him to Lorenzo Neal. McClain is a good player, but he is not a pure FB and has had dreams of being a tailback for a long time.

    He started a “McClain for RB” movement here in Baltimore, complete with T-Shirts and buttons he gave out to the media and teamates. His heart is not into blocking.

  7. The Chargers are on a mission in 2012 – to end the season with Norv Turner proudly hoisting the Lombardi in the Big Easy.

    Welcome aboard the Super Bowl Express in San Diego, Le’Ron.

  8. Norv Turner is a smart football coach, particularly in the offensive realm. There are not many that can do what he can from that perspective, & I was pretty sad when reports last year suggested he would be fired. I didn’t think that was the right thing to do. Just because the fans/UT writers are complaining, does not mean that is the best thing, & some of the criticism was ridiculous. If you have followed the team closely, it was obvious the yearly disappointments were multifactorial, & the best thing to do… Steady in the Ranks, & Reload. I am happy for him & his newest weapons. Spanos has something to look forward to, & when the San Diego Chargers win the Super Bowl, it will make it more sweet with all the hardship:)

  9. Does JoeToronto ever get tired of posting hate in Charger related posts?

    Why do i have to keep reminding him hes a Raider fan and that they didnt make the playoffs because of the Chargers?

    Hey Joe, the Raiders are smelling like 4-12

    you should worry about them and not the Chargers

  10. I think it’s a good pick up. I was never sold on Tolbert or Hester as a FB. Atleast McClain has the size of a FB. Hopefully he can do the same job as LoNeal did when he was with the Bolts but that’s asking a lot. That’s like asking Mathews to do what LT did.

  11. Joetotonto has a serious mancrush on the Chargers. It’s actually quite sad. I’ve never seen a fan of another team be so quick to post on each and every post. Seek help Joe…’re not well.

  12. The fact that Tolbert left a perrennial playoff team that happens to play in the best weather you will ever see to play for a not so good team with a pass and run happy quarterback for LESS money…..things that make you go hmmmmmmm

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