With Marlins getting new stadium, Dolphins lose a tenant

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The good news is that when SunLife Stadium is empty on Sunday afternoons between now and September, there will at least be a good reason for it.

The Marlins christen their new park this week, which means that SunLife Stadium will lose its 81-games-per-year tenant.  Since Dolphins owner Stephen Ross also owns SunLife Stadium, the departure of the Marlins means that he’ll be taking an undetermined financial hit.

According to Local10.com in Miami, the Dolphins won’t say how much they’re losing as a result of the Marlins move.  Team P.R. chief Harvey Greene specifically said it’s merely an assumption that the team will lose any revenue, which means that it’s possible the Dolphins didn’t realize much if any profit from hosting the Marlins.

As Greene points out, the move clears dates on the calendar that can be replaced with concerts and other events.  On Sunday, SunLife Stadium hosted Wrestlemania, a “sport” which entails baseball bats hitting things other than balls.

OK, baseballs.

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  1. If you think a Fins game looks empty, you should have seen that stadium during Marlins games…they lost money just operating it for Marlin games. The camera would follow a homerun ball and their would be no people in the shot. A seas of empty orange seats…

  2. As a Seahawks fan, looking at the Marlin’s new uniforms makes me feel a LOT better about my team’s new look.

    Seriously. It’s like someone dug up the 1976 Houston Astros uniform, and threw it in a blender with a black t-shirt.

  3. Good. The turf will be more intact for the Fins and the Hurricanes and no mmore infield skin in September.

    As for lost revenue they will make up the rent with concerts etc and given the lack of Marlins attendance the concession income was nothing more than a rounding error anyway.

  4. They made money when marlins played there that’s a shock to me cuz it was mostly empty for marlins

    They won’t make it up with concerts How many people can u get to sell out stadiums not many n they get most of the money so another loss for stadium

  5. Good! It sucked having the infield disrupting a good football game. Now the Phins only need to win to fill seats and make-up the diiference for losing the tennant.

  6. “On Sunday, SunLife Stadium hosted Wrestlemania, a “sport” which entails baseball bats hitting things other than balls.

    OK, baseballs.”

    Hey…is this thing on?

  7. Its just a matter of time before Steve Ross ditches South Florida and all the negativity about him for LA, where he will be treated like the King of Los Angeles for bringing them a football team, once again.

    Dolphins fans better stop their complaining and start buying tickets, companies better start buying sponsorships and somebody should start a “repair SunLife Stadium fund”, or Miami will be left with the ’72 record , Dan Marino and its colors until the NFL decides in about a decade to return to Miami.

    You only need to look at why teams have left their cities in the past and the stars are alinging for the Dolphins to become the next fanbase that are left with memories of a once storied franchise.

    Ross owns the stadium and has The Hurricanes in a 25 year deal, so there is revenue and other events to big for the South Florida arenas that he can still make money off of while living it up in Los Angeles with a fanbase that will speak of him as a savior, not the clown he is treated like in Florida.

  8. What a surprise, something that is good for the dolphins takes a negative spin on this site. This move has been known for years even before ross bought the dolphins. The new marlin stadium wasnt built in a day and they didnt move out in the middle of the night. The dolphins hated the dirt infield. I am surprised the headline didnt read…. Add the marlins who players who refuse to play in in sunlife stadium.

  9. And the countdown to LA clock has begun. Dan Marino can’t save this one.

    The NFL will be back in Miami ,eventually, but it will be on their terms. South Florida has taken the NFL for granted. Maybe they will give Miami the Pro Bowl each year in the absence of their franchise.

    Steve Ross, King of LA, will take some getting used to, but LA will like it once they have the NFL back in town.

  10. @godzilla, what team did you root for before your guys got male cheerleaders, purple jerseys, and another city’s team? Biggest hypocrite fans in all of sports!

  11. This leaves the Raiders/A’s as the only football/baseball teams to share a stadium.

    It’s time the Raiders get a new stadium and get out of that dump!

  12. There was a report last year that a Marlins beat writer hand counted the fans at a game and came up with less than 1,000.

    One Wrestlemania event will bring in as much revenue as 80 Marlins games.

  13. Anyone who believes that the Dolphins lost money on the Marlins has no brains. 1.5 Million people. Parking alone was $20 a pop. Talking about 1000 people at a game?? Yea, on the 3 or 4 weekday games at 1:00 pm sitting in the boiling sun. At least the Marlins have produced Two Championship Teams, which is Two More then my Dolphins have produced in the past 20 years.

  14. The NFL will NOT under any circumstances allow South Florida to be without a team.They aren’t going to have such a lucrative market empty and miss out on Super Bowl opportunities.oh the logic of moving them to LA while still playing in the AFC East…seriously?They will “persuade”your dopey owner to pony up some dough to renovate Sun Chip Joe Robbie,Pro Player,Starbucks,ARod memorial stadium or whatever the hell it’s called now.

  15. It was just too hot and too out of the way to go watch Baseball at Joe Robbie (SunLife) stadium! The SunLife stadium was not really in a good location to capitalize on the weekday crowds. The new ballpark closer to downtown is way better, lots of corporate entities around the area to use the stadium to entertain clients, and the big latin communities will support the team. Temperature controlled stadium, retractable roof… it should take me 20mins tops to get from the office to stadium, and I can watch the game without fear of getting heat stroke. I am very excited about Marlins Baseball. Heat, Marlins… now Dolphins just need to get their stuff together and we will have a great sports town!

  16. As long as Ross & Ireland are there the stadium will be empty for Dolphin games also.

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