Browns hosting Matt Kalil for pre-draft visit

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Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns will host USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil for a club-facility visit this week.

Cleveland may not be a realistic landing spot for Kalil, who isn’t expected to make it past the Minnesota Vikings’ No. 3 overall pick in the draft. That could change, however, if a team falls in love with another prospect, such as Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and trades up with Minnesota.

Most likely, though, this is just a case of due diligence. It’s also pretty safe to assume Kalil will be quizzed about college teammate Matt Barkley during his Browns visit. Barkley is a highly-rated quarterback prospect for 2013, and the Browns need a quarterback.

Each NFL team is allotted 30 pre-draft prospect visits. With the assistance of media reports, we’ve already tracked down 16 of the Browns’.

Bang it here for the list.

24 responses to “Browns hosting Matt Kalil for pre-draft visit

  1. As much as they need playmakers, can you pass on such a talent and a team need? Thomas on the left side Matt on the right.

  2. Unless they don’t plan on keeping Thomas around for long, seems like a pretty poor value drafting a right tackle with the #4 pick.

  3. “It’s also pretty safe to assume Kalil will be quizzed about college teammate Matt Barkley during his Browns visit.” that is ridiculous!! They are not thinking about a quarterback in the 2014 draft. They will be most interested in his thoughts on playing Right Tackle.

  4. The Browns want to have great blocking for their QB who can’t throw and for their RB who can’t run. Nice plan.

  5. Good move, forces the Vikes hand. If they want him, stay put and take him. Gives the Browns more of a chance to trade down and hoard more picks.

    Go Browns!

  6. Browns don’t need a QB. They need a RB, two WR, RT, RG, DE and a CB. Throw in a HC & OC and Colt will be fine.

  7. It would give them options in the future, as Thomas will eventually be deserving of another huge contract. In the meantime, would set up Matt barkley for success his rookie year. How many qbs get to come into the league on a team with a pair of tackles like that?

  8. Maybe they are looking at a South Paw for a QB? Then he could become the new LT!

    Smoke Screen for trade value in case he drops!! Get a Clue!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  9. .

    The thought of two bookend tackles like Thomas and Kalil ( if he’s as advertised) would make life difficult for defensive coordinators.


  10. It is unlikely that the Browns get him as many draftniks have the Vikings taking him at #3. However, if the Vikings draft Blackmon or fleece the Rams into trading up to take Blackmon ahead of the Browns, then Spock would even think it logical to draft Kalil to shore up the right side of our line and I would be ecstatic with such a pick. He is by far the best T in the draft, though he is more comfortable with that pick as much as we need playmakers.

    Many other draftniks have the Vikings picking Kalil and the Browns fleecing St. Louis to trading up for Blackmon and I would be happy with that, too. Go Browns!!!

  11. Brown’s fans and your “fleecing” of the Rams is fantasy football. Either Blackmon and/or Floyd will be there when they pick if reciever is the route they choose to go. Holmgren had his chanch to get “fleeced” by the Rams to get RGIII and blew it.

  12. joeinoh says:
    Apr 4, 2012 12:16 PM
    Browns don’t need a QB. They need a RB, two WR, RT, RG, DE and a CB. Throw in a HC & OC and Colt will be fine.

    You forgot the kitchen sink!

  13. That is the beauty of having two 1sts. Imagine having pro bowl first round picks at LT, C and RT. Then we take the best WR there at 22.

  14. Last time I checked linemen don’t score points. This team barely scored more points than the ’99 expansion team last year! I am pretty sure that this is them just doing their due diligence, but if they really take him they will probably average less than 10 points a game next year.

  15. olskool711 says:
    Apr 4, 2012 12:31 PM
    After 11 years it appears the Browns are finally starting to do things the right way.


    because they have a pre draft visit and another top 5 pick?


    Browns fans say it every year… it’s been your year for the last 10 years.

    Good luck.

  16. you are crazy to think anyone in the Browns organization is thinking about next year. if theyre picking 1-3 next yr they should clean house anyways. There are two guys on the team currently who played with Barkley. They currently hold a top pick and bring in the top tackle. classic case of overthinking what goes on behind the scenes. common man

  17. This is a bluff move on the part of the Browns. They don’t want any teams trading with the Vikings to get ahea of them, and they think the Vikings target in round 1 is Kalil, so they are pretending to be interested in him to try to scare the Vikings out of trading down in the hopes of picking up additional picks while still getting the guy they want.

    It won’t work.

    There is no way the Browns are drafting Kalil. Joe Thomas is a rock at LT. The only thing the Vikings have to fear would be a LT needy team trading up after they trade down, which is possible, but unlikely.

  18. Have a relative who works in Browns HQ. She heard rumors of a trade with Buffalo where the Browns get Fred Jackson and the #8 pick for their #4. Browns would then target M. Floyd from ND. Anyone else hear anything about this?

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