Cowboys trying to hide interest in Dontari Poe

Getty Images draft analyst Tony Pauline wrote on his blog Monday that the Cowboys are targeting Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe at the No. 14 pick in the draft, and Poe is the “apple of their eyes.”

But the Cowboys haven’t scheduled a club-facility visit with Poe, which doesn’t align with their usual pre-draft approach for prospects they’re targeting. Every player Dallas has picked first in the draft since 2005 has visited club headquarters before draft day. They’re usually an open book.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, however, this is a case of Dallas trying to conceal its fondness for Poe. A source told Hill that the Cowboys haven’t set up a pre-draft visit because they “like him a lot but don’t want to draw attention to him.”

So this is either a smokescreen on top of another smokescreen, an attempt at a reverse smokescreen, or a genuine attempt by Jerry Jones’ team to hide genuine interest.

Got that?

86 responses to “Cowboys trying to hide interest in Dontari Poe

  1. I’m sure a lot will hate this a call him a workout warrior but I think it’s a solid pick. Ratliff at the nose worked in Wade’s scheme but they don’t run that anymore. They need a true NT and Poe could be that.

  2. Not to be outdone in the chess match that is throwing up pre-draft smokescreens, Jim Irsay tweeted this:

    “The decision is still up in the air. Dontarie Poe is technically a possibility.”

  3. Don’t beleive it. They aren’t showing interest because they want you to think they aren’t interested, so you will think they are interested. But the truth is that they really aren’t interested.

  4. Heard this poe guy has character problems? Don’t draft him if this is true jerry!

  5. Good… I don’t want them taking our guy. I don’t know who he is yet, but I know it’s not Poe. Looks like Jerry “scouts” 2 months a year like the rest of us.

  6. Not that they carry a ton of weight, but most experts’ draft boards have this guy as the 4th or 5th best DT in the draft. Dallas just decided to ignore all film on the guy and base everything on his workout/combine.

    Good luck with that, Jerry.

  7. The Eagles always swoop in front of the Giants to pick a player the Giants don’t want.

    Just slip the info to the fanbase (like the Giants do, via a beat writer) and let the writer/forums do the talking.

    Eagles read this and pick accordingly. No need for quadruple reverses. Then you win Super Bowls.

    At least the Cowboys have a trophies in their trophy case, I respect them for that.

    The Eagles? lololol

  8. “…a smokescreen on top of another smokescreen”

    btw… (I’ll keep it on the down-low) Where did Tony get his “info”?

  9. Really? I got some information for you Evan – My sources which are more dependable than that bozo Clarence Hill tell me they are pretty set on Mark Barron and like what he can bring to the secondary which is leadership they have lacked since Woodson retired. Poe is over-rated who played weak competition with Memphis and for long stretches of games disappeared. A waste at 14 and Poe should be gone by the time they draft in the 1st round.

  10. Taking Poe at 14 would scare me quite a bit. Yes, he has all the potential in the world but he the game film does not usually lie. He is mediocre and not a 1st round talent on the field.

    To much risk and not enough reward. There are some really good players that can go in the top 15, Solid players who will make an impact. No need to reach on Poe.

    All that being said I hope the Cowboys reach and take Poe as it just means one more good player will still be on the board when my team picks.

  11. Sort of like Jerry Jones plastic surgery…… He loves the procedures,tucks and lifts but thinks no one knows!!!!!!!

  12. As if other teams use the Dallas Cowboys as their compass for how to approach the draft.

  13. Great choice.

    Lord knows you can never have enough physical freaks who were so unmotivated that they couldn’t even put up above average stats in CONFERENCE USA.

    Seriously, this guy got dominated on the field by offensive lineman who won’t even get invited to Canadian Football League training camps.

  14. The cowboys will receive a Patriots 5th round pick for setting up the double reverse smokescreen so BB can grab this guy. Or..something.

  15. Poe makes no sense here our secondary needs massive help still Carr was a number 2 in KC and just cause we paid him number 1 money doesnt mean he will perform that way

  16. So the Cowboys either are intrested in him or they are not. So basically, we know nothing more by reading this. These gm’s are so good with disinformation, nobody has a clue what they’re going to do. Every draft report that comes out tells you something and then totally contradicts itself by the end. Some of these writers should be politicians. They never actually tell us anything but write a while lot of articles. Thanks for the info lol. I actually like reading them.

  17. I’ll guess that Dallas actually wants Poe. A better push from up front means less time for Cowboys’ DBs to cover receivers and it’s not like one corner (Kirkpatrick or Gilmore) will solve the coverage woes. Poe playing alongside Ratliff seems like a nice idea.

  18. Well if this is anything like their strategy for putting on a Super Bowl, it’s a disaster of miscalculations.

  19. Get your fact right

    With all the negative news on Poe, why would the Cowboys draft him ? The guy tore it up in the combine, but during his senior year only had one sack all year Vs Austin Peay. This guy played for Memphis, the level of competition isn’t that great

    Cowboys are drafting a DB for sure, and judging that 5 of the ten pre draft visits are CB.

    Kirkpatrick or Barron or Decastro

    Poe… that’s a Raider pick for sure

  20. Wow. I am a Cowboys fan and let me start…now:

    1. If any one of Kirkpatrick, Claiborne, the safety from Bama (Baron?), or anyone else that is good and will help the backline is passed on by Jerry Jones to take this guy I will be furious.

    2. I wonder what Jerry sees in this guy if he has seemed to be blatantly not impressive to every other scout to be drafting him at 14.

    3. Jerry likes the combine. The air conditioning in the dome was set just for him. If a combine guy can get the attention of scouts eyes, and then they put in the tape and he’s extremely underperforming (in C-USA might I add) then that says something.


    Cowboy fans

  21. Nah, Jerry Jones is not that sophisticated to be able to create a smokescreen within a smokescreen. To beat a simple man, you must think like him.

  22. Noooooooo say it aint so. This guy has bust written all over him. Look at his resume, he is a workout warrior only and will never live up to his potential. Sounds like a perfect Jerry draft pick. Aghhhhhhh.

  23. So what you’re trying to say is that you don’t know if they are hiding any interest….just the opposite of the title.

  24. Dontari Poe will be a bust. He reminds me of Aaron Curry, the LB with insane stats at the combine, who everyone said was a can’t miss, and was drafted #5, I believe.

    The facts are… Poe, with his freakish physical assets, starting for 3 years in a third rate conference, NEVER dominated against his scrubby opponents. There’s a reason why.

  25. I was hoping Poe would fall to the Steelers but if The Cowboys want him he must not be any good.

  26. Sometimes, this site is like a bunch of old biddy’s gossiping. Slow news day huh? Headlines about the Cowboys always get you a “click” eh?

  27. Sorry Jerry, but the ship has sailed. This kid’s phenomenal workout at the combine has already drawn LOTS of attention. I’ll leave it to the experts to reconcile the extraordinary athletic ability with the ordinary production, but this player is already on everyone’s radar.

    Also, a word of advice to you Jerry. Your recent track record has thoroughly devalued the informational value of who you like or have interest in. Your personal assessments are a commodity with zero market value.

  28. Poe would be a bad pick. Really bad. Therefore, I assume Jerry is seriously enamored with Poe. They should draft Mark Barron, but they won’t, and will continue to lack having a competent safety ever since Darren Woodson retired. The team I love is seriously pathetic.

  29. All the reports i have seen indicate Poe is not a 1st round pick. He just had a good combine. Be careful Jerry !!

  30. God’s recipe for the perfect GM beloved by all NFL teams not named Dallas:

    Start with equal measures of ‘blind arrogance’ and a ‘pathological need for attention’; add ‘just enough football knowledge to think you know everything’; blend in ‘chronic disregard for serious player character flaws’; then marinate over night repeatedly in ‘bourbon and branch’; and top off with ‘encroaching senility’.

  31. Just like Jerrha to chase hard after Vernon Gholston 2.0. Please, please, please do it. Need a good laugh in my life about now.

  32. I knew Poe was a workout wonder and sure to be a bust, not because of his skills, but because he’s lazy. Now that Jones is so interested I’m sure of it. Nobody is a worse judge of football character than Jones, except maybe Snyder.

  33. If the Cowboys didn’t want people to know that they had interest in Poe then, why would they tell a loud-mouth reporter like Clarence Hill that they had interest in him? Poe had one sack last year and it was against Austin Pea. We have plenty of guys that can’t get to the QB. I’ll pass on Poe.

  34. really? this guy was mostly anonymous among the defensive line of MEMPHIS? MEMPHIS! I can at least see if this guy was tearing up Conference USA, but he was far from it. He’s an apparent athletic freak who can play some football and Jones wants to draft him at 14? Please, please, please draft a FOOTBALL PLAYER! DeCastro (if he’s there), Coples, Barron, Hightower or Upshaw would all fit nicely. Hell, if you want to to go interior line, get Brockers at least he was a pedigree. Drafting Poe at 14 is an Al Davis move.

  35. Uhhhh. JJ has already come out and said publicly no interest in offensive line but strong interest in Poe.


  36. The Cowboys must really know how to spot talent. I don’t think anyone else in the league was aware that Poe is strong and can run fast.

  37. If Blackmon doesn’t slip to the Jags (likely he won’t slide past the Rams) , they will trade back to 14 with the Cowboys and take Floyd, this way Jerry can take Poe….unless it’s a two team double reverse smokescreen playaction fake…

  38. Poe may not have the stats to back up his great combine numbers, but that won’t change the interest in drafting him in the first round. Some teams look at the numbers to back up their reasoning to take guys like Poe, some with very good coaches are drooling over him not because of his stats, but because he is a flexible athletic mold with a very high ceiling. With the right coaching and a very tough training staff, Poe could surprise everybody and become a great Defensive Lineman, he already has the physical part down.

  39. Poe is so overrated. Just because you can bench alot and can move quick does not make you a first rounder. Watch the tape. I was getting scared the Steelers would waste a first rounder on him. I don’t think they would. Dallas is certainly dumb enough though. If you look at their moves, I have little doubt they would overreach for him. Them and the Skins, they are capable of anything and most of it not real smart. If Poe does not do a whole lot against UAB, Tulane, and Austin Peay, what is he going to do against the Giants, the Eagles, and the Skins?

    I hope Jerry does it. It will be almost similar as if Suh fell to the Steelers. Same rush.

  40. man i love my cowboys. but why is jerry even opening his mouth ? i see this story in a long list of every other teams owners and g.m.s talking about what they are going to do ? damn jackass

  41. The Cowboys don’t want to “draw attention to him”.

    The guy had the greatest combine in recent memory for a defensive lineman. I don’t think the Cowboys have uncovered an unknown commodity here.

  42. I’d draft him in the 3rd round, not 1st round smh leave to Jerry Jones to continue to express his “knowledge” of being a g.m smh we’ll never win anything as long as he remains the owner of the Dallas Cowboys

  43. I’d draft him in the 3rd round, not 1st round smh leave to Jerry Jones to continue to express his “knowledge” of being a g.m smh we’ll never win anything as long as he remains the owner of the Dallas Cowboys

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