George Wilson says keeping it simple is the key to Buffalo stopping Tebow

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The Buffalo Bills dealt quarterback Tim Tebow one of his worst losses as a pro quarterback, taking down the Broncos by the score of 40-14 last December.

Now that Tebow is in the AFC East as a member of the Jets, the Bills will face Tebow two times per season.

Bills safety George Wilson told PFT Live on Wednesday that the key to stopping Tebow is to just keep it simple.  “What we did to really give ourselves a good chance of being productive against him is just trying to simplify the defense.  We just played very basic, simple coverages where guys could line up and play and execute their assignments,” Wilson said.  “We just wanted to be able to line up and play and face what was in front of us.”

Wilson also said that the Bills have no preference between facing Tebow or Mark Sanchez, and that the Bills will be able to prepare to face either player, if the Jets plan to use both men extensively.  He compared it to preparing to face the Dolphins, when Miami was heavily relying on the Wildcat.

Wilson also addressed his role in the modeling of the new Nike uniforms, his extensive off-field community involvement, his appearances in multiple music videos, and a unique background that saw him enter the league as an undrafted receiver who then converted to safety and has become a key member of the Bills.

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21 responses to “George Wilson says keeping it simple is the key to Buffalo stopping Tebow

  1. “He compared it to preparing to face the Dolphins, when Miami was heavily relying on the Wildcat.”

    Miami swept Buffalo that year. They didn’t end up beating Miami until the 2nd game of the year after – when Brown was hurt and Williams threw a stupid INT out of the WC and it was (IIRC) not used after in that contest. Odd that he’d say that.

  2. Love Wilson great WR turned Safety. Could be upgraded but I have no issues going into seasons right now with lined up next to Byrd.

    Searcy has much more upside there and will get the shot to make the WR turned safety a BU or expendable. Go Bills.

  3. Sooo? Why didn’t they try this strategy vs brad smith?instead they signed him from th jets!

  4. George Wilson is a very underrated player, and by all accounts a good guy off the field as well. Those type of stories- undrafted wr to solid starting safety- are cool to hear about. As far as the Tebow thing is concerned- given what happened to Pitt in the playoffs, it makes sense to just play strict man on man- no blitzing or 8 men in the box-and dare him to beat you with his arm. And we know that’s highly unlikely

  5. LOL at how dude just completely dissed Mark Sanchez. Like they know eventually Tebow is going to lead the Jets.

    Gang green better be careful. This move could blow up in their faces

  6. He can dis Sanchez and the Jets all he wants since Buffalo always beats the Jets. Wait I’m wrong haven’t the Jets beaten the Bills 6 straight and 7 of 8 maybe he should fear Sanchez

  7. Hopefully the trend changes this year.. If we can stay healthy and continue to build depth the Bills may have a chance to move past the Yets… The division barring Tom Brady retiring is the Pats.. But 2nd is up for grabs in the East..

  8. On Sirius NFL Radio “Moving the chains” show earlier this week he gave an in depth in studio interview. He said they “dumded down the defense” when they played Tebow because hes limited in what he can do. But Im sure the overrated Tebow will do fine on the overrated Jets!


  9. Did any of you who are accusing George of dissing Sanchez actually read the article or listen to the interview? He goes out of his way to say good things about him and Tebow. Don’t be like your coach and mouth off before knowing what you’re talking about.

  10. Sanchez is 5-1 against the Bills in his career so far. Any Bill that says he doesn’t care whether he faces Mark or Tim is lying.

  11. George never “diss”Sanchez…It’s Mike Floro and this PFT (Pushing For Tebow) site doing their usual rah rah for Tim. I’m sure it was a general question that was answered where Tim’s name was mentioned and that’s all she wrote.

    This site reminds me of a pubicent girl on a crush. Eat, sleep, and drink her idol.

  12. Sanchez has played well against the Bills. As every QB in the league has the last few years except Tebow. Sanchez isn’t very good and neither is Fitzpatrick. Tebow makes them look like all-pros.

  13. Sanchez has not been the reason the Bills have lost to the Jets so much recently. If anybody has watched the games it is very clear why. The Bills have had no defense and a very suspect offense for awhile now. The Jets just ran the ball all over them and then did great job of calling play action and bootleg passes that allowed for Sanchez to run out of the pocket with nobody near him and dump a 6yard pass off to the rb of tight end. Not to mention the Jets have had a very good defense for a couple years now as well. Sanchez has made a couple big throws in his career and that is about it. The OC hides him behind a good run game and defense and calls play actions and bootlegs at the right time. With the Bills d improving and hopefully the offense as well, it will be a much different story the next couple of years. Bills Nation!

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