Ryan Leaf remains in jail as two states discuss what to do with him


When Ryan Leaf was arrested on Friday, he quickly posted bond and was released. When he was arrested again on Monday, he had no such luck.

Leaf will stay in jail in Great Falls, Montana while prosecutors in that state work with prosecutors in Texas, where he is on probation after pleading guilty to eight felony charges in 2010. The Montana Probation and Parole Office told the Great Falls Tribune that Leaf could be held in a Montana jail for up to 30 days while the two states determine whether Leaf should be shipped to Texas for violating his probation.

Leaf got a 10-year suspended sentence in Texas in 2010. Authorities say a decision on whether he now has to serve that sentence will come after Leaf’s Montana charges have been resolved.

It’s not clear why Leaf’s first arrest didn’t result in the 30-day hold, but the second arrest was enough. Both of Leaf’s arrests were the result of allegedly breaking into homes to steal prescription medication. The photo here shows Leaf making a court appearance this week via video link from jail.

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  1. He’s going to be doing some serious time. It’s sad to see the guy derail like this. Drug addiction has so much power over people and I’m sure his having cancer and receiving treatments played a role in him relapsing.

    The guy needs to do some time but above that, he needs help. I hope that authorities can keep that in mind and help him deal with the disease of addiction and his cancer!

  2. How sad…. Makes you wonder about how some drugs are legal while others that arent should be… Just saying..He wasn’t looking for some pot to smoke was he…

  3. Damn, a life wrecked by the pressure of the NFL. Shows two things: 1). Not just anyone can play in the NFL. 2). The physical and emotional damage lasts a lifetime.

    Feel bad for the guy. Made his own choices, and now will pay the price. Wish someone would have stepped in and helped him though.

  4. Wow… Leaf went from two teams having to make a choice t0 now having two penitentiaries having to make a choice.

    Kinda feel bad for him though.

  5. Don’t worry Ryan, many of your fellow current NFL players will be visiting/staying with you in jail.

  6. Homeboy must be going through some nasty withdrawls in prison…..I dont know from personal experience but I would imagine that prison is a gnarly place to sober up.

  7. This is not NFL news. Do you think the Browns are going to sign Ryan Leaf to be a backup QB? Yes, he was a bust, but half of the draft picks don’t produce. It’s time to move on from Ryan Leaf and his misery.

  8. Your world frightens and confuses me, Ryan. But what do I know…I’m just a simple caveman. Wow, life seems to somewhat come full-circle for him. It wasn’t that long ago, two teams were deciding his NFL fate. Now he has two states deciding his life in general fate. Just sad…not as sad as the present state of my Vikings…but sad nonetheless.

  9. Ryan Leaf seems like a really swell guy and I believe he would make an excellent NFL quarterback.

  10. Ryan Leaf has to go back to Texas.

    Texas only has queers and steers.

    I don’t see any horns on Leaf……..so he should do well in prison. His dance card will be punched everynight, if you know what I mean.

  11. Why feel sorry for him? He was given more opportunities than most of us, yet we’re not on drugs or in jail. It’s simple. Make choices, and then live with the consequences of those choices.

  12. Do people realize that until the post office ratted him out to the Authorities, Leaf was simply buying his poison through the mail and not harming anyone else or their property? Leaf was exercising the satisfaction of a VICE. It was the incorrect treatment of a vice as a crime that set in motion the actual commission of a crime (the harming of another person or their property – namely burglary).

    One hundred fifty years ago, Lysander Spooner wrote an essay – Vices Are Not Crimes which everyone should read. Prohibition, writ large OR small, causes more problems than it solves. It is pretty clear that the State trying to cure a less than optimal situation through Force only creates a less optimal situation. Leaf wasn’t endangering anyone, the State steps in, Leaf is endangering people. And now he’s going to be put in an iron and concrete box at taxpayer expense for several years. Hard to detect how the latter is more optimal than the former.

  13. I seriously doubt that Ryan will get clean in prison. You can still get any kind of drug in the big house, although you’re going to be paying a 1000% markup. But by all accounts he’s actually managed his money fairly well, so that won’t be an issue. The real issue is the damage that prescription drugs have done and continue to do to our society. I watch Intervention on A&E once in a while. These kids are slamming Xanax, Oxy, and Morphine nowadays. Whatever happened to shotgunning a beer and smoking a joint?

  14. This story and Florence v. Board of Freeholders may be enough to turn me into a raging libertarian.

  15. toolkein:

    I agree with 100%! Criminalizing this behavior is archaic.

    Ryan Leaf’s name brings the name, “Steve Howe” comes to mind.

    Good luck Ryan.

  16. @toolkien I’m sympathetic to LEaf but lets get honest here. The reason he was being targeted has to do with a bigger issue. People obtaining illegal drugs can have the following consequences:

    Those supplying them could be supplying dangerous drugs that aren’t being monitored by qualifies physicians.

    The person obtaining the drugs, could be trying to push those drugs on others, even minors. Those drugs could pose serious dangers to those receiving the drugs.

    These are serious issues and should be dealt with in a serious manner.

  17. Not football news really…it’s too sad to watch. Too many people close to NFL would probably say they saw this coming.

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