Shanahan says he’ll “take the high road” on McNabb comments


Donovan McNabb was not successful playing for Mike Shanahan in Washington, and he said last week that he doesn’t think Robert Griffin III, the quarterback the Redskins will likely choose second overall in the NFL draft, will succeed in that offense either. Shanahan doesn’t want to get into a war of words with McNabb, but suffice to say he disagrees.

Asked by Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post what he thinks about McNabb’s statement, Shanahan said he doesn’t need to defend his record.

“I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road,” Shanahan said.

McNabb did come armed with statistics, however, when he appeared on ESPN First Take and questioned the offense run by Shanahan and his son, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. McNabb had ESPN’s graphics department put up a chart showing how quarterbacks have fared in Shanahan’s offense, and McNabb seems to think that any quarterback playing for Shanahan in Washington is going to have the lowly stats that Rex Grossman, John Beck and McNabb himself have had (although McNabb didn’t include his own stats in his argument).

The reality, however, is that Griffin is a far more talented quarterback than Grossman and Beck. And Griffin has far more upside than the 33-year-old McNabb that Andy Reid suckered Shanahan into trading for.

Shanahan doesn’t have to say anything to respond to McNabb because Shanahan knows he’s ultimately going to be judged not by how McNabb played for the Redskins but by how Griffin plays for the Redskins. If Griffin becomes the franchise savior the Redskins have clamored for, McNabb’s season in Washington will be nothing but a blip on Shanahan’s record.

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  1. By announcing that you’re going to “take the high road”, you’ve already taken the low road.

  2. “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road,” Shanahan said.


    I just looked. The statistics told me that unless you have a guy named Elway playing QB for you that your coaching record is pathetic.

    Of course statistics don’t always tell the whole story. They don’t show if someone is a control freak with a history of player controversies and a penchant for nepotism.

  3. As a Redskins fan I can say this:

    Shanahan may not be the genius everyone claims he is, but I still think he is a pretty decent coach. McNabb was declining in Philly, stunk in DC and stunk in Minnesota. Our Skins team that year was garbage. We had no depth and even many of our starters wouldn’t start on another team.

    However, to say Griffin wouldn’t succeed here and use Grossman and Beck as examples is pretty pathetic. So Shanahan’s system fails because a QB that throws pics and fumbles a lot threw pics and fumbled a lot? His system fails because John Beck who never won a game in Miami didn’t win a game?

    Elway did pretty well in Mike’s system. Matt Schaub did pretty well in Kyle’s system. Jake Plummer’s greatest successes and most consistent seasons were in Denver with Mike. Jay Cutler’s better seasons were in Denver (you know, when he had some receivers) AND Shanahan has been pretty good at getting the most out of running back talent.

    Sure, Shanahan has an ego and that ego will get in the way and he has yet to really win with a team that has marginal talent… but c’mon McNabb, enough sour grapes!

  4. McHasbeen was dropped by three teams in three years. Let his record speak for himself.
    A choker, thats never won anything….

  5. Mcnabb is bitter and said so himself. If the guy wouldve gone to Minnesota and produced then he may have had a shred of credibility, but he didnt. The level of competition during the Eagles “reign” over the NFC East in the early 2000s was about as poor as we have seen (Kerry Collins was the next best qb in the division). Therefore, Mcnabb gets alot more credit for being a top tier qb than he really deserves. All of the qbs on that chart (minus the completely talentless Beck) had fairly good td-int ratios and Shanahan offenses finished in the Top 10 6 of his last 10 yrs in Denver. RG3 will be fine and Mcnabb will continue to think more highly of his career than he should.

  6. Tired of the hate, and back and forth. Bottom line, we’ll see what happens when RG3 joins the skins. Let’s get through the season before making judgments. McNabb has no credibility when referring to Shanahan, so Eagle fan before you start that argument, yes I know he won divisions, and went to a Superbowl, but he also refused to listen to the coaching staff here in DC, and conform to their schemes. His big ego wouldn’t allow himself to wear a wrist ban during that season, so it says a little something about McNabb. Big time sour grapes.

  7. I think in the end, Limbaugh was right about McNabb. You can take from that what you want, but I wanted him to be successful in DC and quite honestly, I didnt see any evidence of the guy who was supposedly so great. QBs just don’t drop off like that out of the blue.

  8. If you ask me McNabb just proved that Shanahan can only win with a good quarterback. Beck, Grossman, and McNabb were not good quarterbacks. Elway and Griffen are good quarterbacks. So all McNabb proved is that he is terrible and the Redskins will do well with Griffen.

    Thanks for the complement Donovan!

  9. I hope Shanahan succeeds, but as an extremely long time Bronco fan, I know he was successful only when he had John Elway, TD, Sharpe, McCaffery, Smith..etc. His son Kyle, is incompetent and he is overrated as a Head Coach. He thinks only about the offense, and never seems to try to build a defense. Sadly, McNabb is probably right. If RG3 is as great as everyone claims, he might keep Shanny afloat for 2-3 yrs b4 his coaching skills are realized.

  10. Please, don’t criticize the most unfairly criticized QB in NFL history. You might hurt Donovan’s feelings.

    And to everyone who keeps bringing up Elway, exactly how many SuperBowls did Elway win without Shanahan? How about Jimmy Johnson without Aikman? How did Belichek do in Cleveland without Brady?

    It goes both ways people. There are two coaches that have won multiple SuperBowls without a HOF QB. Parcells and Gibbs. If you are going to say that Shanny stinks without Elway then EVERY other coach besides Gibbs and Parcells stinks too.

  11. This says a lot more about Donovan McNabb thanit does Mike Shanahan.

    McNabb is a very bitter person who seriously over-rates his abilities and accomplishments, while denigrating those of others.

    McNabb got chased out of Philly, with one Super Bowl appearance he failed miserably in. He got chased out of DC. He got one last shot in Minnesota, where he apparently thought he could get by without breaking a sweat, and thenhe was chased out of there as well.

    McNabb sucked. He was a barely servicable prima donna the last half of his career. Completely”entitled”, and now he’s taking shots at both Shanahan, and RG III.

    Shut up and go away, old man. Your bitterness is well earned, and doesn’t play very well here.

    I hope Griffin and Shanahan take the ‘skins all the way to the Super Bowl.

  12. Shanahan says he’ll “take the high road”……….McNabb was declining in Philly, stunk in DC and stunk in Minnesota……..and clearly,……..took the low road..![ afore ye].

  13. clintonportisheadd says:
    Apr 4, 2012 10:09 AM
    “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road,” Shanahan said.


    I just looked. The statistics told me that unless you have a guy named Elway playing QB for you that your coaching record is pathetic.

    Of course statistics don’t always tell the whole story. They don’t show if someone is a control freak with a history of player controversies and a penchant for nepotism.


    your screen name is perfect for you. Like Portis, most what you say is nonesense. Those Denver teams that won back to back Superbowls where lead by T. Davis and not Elway. Elway made some great plays during the playoffs but was only in that position b/c Shanahan drafted an amazing RB that fit very well into his zone blocking system. Elway was a part of those victories, not the reason!!! And please stop with your whining about Shanny being too strong headed or a control freak!!! He’s the coach thats won two Super Bowls as the HC and another as a OC!!! He has equaled the amount as the Skinz organizatin!!! Plus you just sound like a little girl when you complain that he’s a control freak! Should he have listen to McNubbs suggestion? You know, the QB that puked his way to a loss in his only appearance? Or maybe he should like Snyder run things again? Or maybe Vinny should make bone headed decisions once more? Its moronic to complain about Shanny being a control freak after seeing what it was like prior!!! several coaches including the beloved Gibbs let the players run things to the point of total collapse while not knowing by his own admission that Greg was bountying players!!! DC fans cried about wanting a strong-willed coach and got one!!! Now you cry b/c he’s too tuff for your liking!!! Grow up! In the real world you get fired, not coddled!!! The McNubbs and Portis’s of the world are gone for lack of talent and ambition. Not b/c Shanny’s a tyrant like the weak minded sheeple would like others to believe.

    If memory serves me, Kyle was successful without his father with the Texans correct? The stupidity of Portis lives on through this idiot!!!

    I would like to know what other QB Shanny was unsuccessful with that other coaches would have won a SuperBowl with??? Cutler was the most likely had they a few more seasons together.

    I’d always prefer my players and coaches to be Lions over lambs! Unfortunately the majority of Americans have lost their backbone and would rather have their hand held through life!!!

  14. clintonportisheadd says:
    Apr 4, 2012 10:09 AM
    “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road,” Shanahan said.


    I just looked. The statistics told me that unless you have a guy named Elway playing QB for you that your coaching record is pathetic.

    Of course statistics don’t always tell the whole story. They don’t show if someone is a control freak with a history of player controversies and a penchant for nepotism.

    Don’t let ignorance stop you into spewing crap. It was under shanahans tutelage that steve young won nfl MVP awards and won a superbowl. Mcdoodoo and you can ignore that fact.

  15. What’s funny is everyone analyzes shanahans past and says he was nothing without elway..BUT how many of these other coaches people speak highly of have went into another org and turned them around. People speak so highly of Tony Dungy but what did that bamma do wen he won his superbowl–RETIRED…. I respect shanny for staying in the game just as much as i respect Bellicheck for staying in the game. He took the high road by not goin HAM on Mcnabb which im sure he could have done EASILY!

  16. Shanny did not win because of Elway, he won because of Terrell Davis, look it up. Terrell was the god of fantasy football during that time.

  17. “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves.”

    Well in that case there are no winners because Shanny has sucked since leaving Denver and McNabb has sucked since leaving Philly and both were pretty successful in their previous homes.

  18. McNabb acts like a child. He’s lazy, there’s a reason people in Syracuse called him McFat. His work ethic wasn’t the greatest.

  19. True: Shanny bit on McNabb and got hosed.

    True: Shanny staked his “reputation” on Beck and Grossman. Really a stupid statement.

    True: Most of the NFL prognosticators and pontificators sided with Mcnabb when Shanny benched him and eventually shipped him outta town. Clearly Shanny did not give poor ol Donovon a chance. Once out of the hands of the evil rat dictator, and in the hands of “Leslie,” a coach who could show him some love, he would surely rise to stardom.

    True: Those same smart highly paid pontificators said it ws Shannys fault, not Fat Alberts for how poor ol Haynesworthless was treated. And…if The Pats picked him up that would be great motovation for him to play hard for once. Ol Bill could coach him up if anybody could.

    Also true is the fact that
    1. Shanny didnt hang on to the fading Mcnabb, he benched him and dumped his as soon as he realized Philly got over on him and McNabb sucked. Smart move. Not ego. He admitted he was wrong by that very act. Would you prefer a public apology?

    2. Where is Fat Arse Haynesworthless now? Smart move and I am so sorry Fat Arse got his panties in a bunch while he was here.
    Good job with Fat Arse NE

    And good job with Mcnabb Minny when everybody thought Shanny was to stupid and to lame because he couldnt coach these guys up.
    They were crap when they got here and they are still crap.

    Lets see how it goes with Griff before everybody claims they think Shanny cant coach> This team, with Griff at the helm, could be just what DC has needed for a long time. Until they take the field this is all BS.

  20. Read the Sally Jenkins article linked above. She KILLS it. The fact is, every quarterback Mike Shanahan coached had the best years of their careers in his system. All of them, except McNabb. That’s Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Gus Ferrotte, AND John Elway.

    He’s two years in after inheriting a TERRIBLE, shallow team. Now he’s got a young quarterback with all the talent in the world.

    That’s why they play the games…

  21. Mr. 59% career completion percentage should look in the mirror if he wants to know what QBs can’t be successful in Shanahan’s offense. McNabb was a solid QB mostly due to his mobility, but Philly went to all those NFC Championship games on the back of a stellar defense and Brian Westbrook. RGIII has the tools and smarts to (potentially) be a very good starter in the NFL no matter what team takes him. McNabb’s uninformed, sour grapes opinion is juvenile.

  22. Some of you are idiots.

    How many Super Bowls did John Elway win without Shanny?

    I think the answer will illuminate that Shanny is a better than average coach and a column in today’s Washington Post notes that he elevated every QB that played for him compared to the time before that QB joined the Broncos.

    Even McNubb was having a CAREER passing year with the Redskins before the sloth was pulled – and remember – McNubb started quickly and faded quickly that year and stunk up the joint in Detroit.

    Shanny has his flaws, but he didn’t cheat his way to Super Bowl victories or pay players to take out other players.

  23. Andy Reid has a very quarterback friendly offense. Can’t think of any successful Philadelphia quarterbacks under Reid that played well elsewhere.

  24. so glad buffalo got snubbed by the rat. chan gailey is a far superior offensive mind and no, i am not breaking balls. the only talent he really ever had to work with was a washed up cowboys football team and he took them to the playoffs twice. word.

  25. I think McNabb and a lot of people are missing one key point… McNabb was on track to throw for a career best in yds before he was benched by Shanahan for the last half of the season which he ended up throwing for 3377yds, 539yds short of his career best.

    Not bad considering at the time the o-line was battered, no running game and very little production from the wr’s.

    Also Shanahan has taken Jake Plummer had his best years and flourished under Shanahan going to the AFC championship game, not to mention Brian Griese who also had his best years under Shanahan and was never able to reproduce the numbers he put up after leaving the Broncos.

    The same can be said for Cutler, his best years were under Shanahan.

    I could go on but to say Shanahan couldn’t produce after Elway is just not true .

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