Tom Zbikowski says Colts are aiming to “beat the crap out of people”

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A year ago, Tom Zbikowski was biding his time during the lockout by beating the crap out of people in the boxing ring. Now he’s focusing on beating the crap out of people on the football field.

New Colts coach Chuck Pagano opened the team’s offseason program by giving his players shirts that say “building the monster,” and Zbikowski told Albert Breer of NFL Network that he interprets that as building a team that can “beat the crap out of people.”

Zbikowski, who followed Pagano from the Ravens to the Colts this offseason, will be part of what Pagano hopes is a very different Colts defense in 2012: A tougher, more physical defense that doesn’t resemble the defense of last year’s 2-14 team.

The arrival of Andrew Luck as the quarterback of the future will be the biggest story coming out of Indianapolis heading into the 2012 season. But upgrading the defense will be every bit as important to reversing the Colts’ fortunes.

73 responses to “Tom Zbikowski says Colts are aiming to “beat the crap out of people”

  1. Alright, suspend him now. He’s obvious talking about physical football and we all know GODell doesn’t approve of physical football.

  2. Another team signing back ups and second tier guys from the Ravens to be starters. This approach hasn’t worked in the past when teams have signed Ravens D-coordinators and starters. Not likely that the Colts will be beating the crap outta anyone with a one year Ravens D-coordinator and a couple of Raven back ups and role players.

  3. 2 things.

    1. Maybe not the best choice of words with the recent bounty scandals.

    2. Should be better than last year, when all they did was beat up their fans’ confidence and hope.

  4. Colts wont be real good this year, but in a few years they’ll will be on top of AFC South at the least (again).

  5. If he means aiming to beat people to the #1 pick again next year, he may be on to something.

  6. Nothing wrong with change…Colts may surprise…we will soon find out that fans love players(Peyton) but they love the team more….

  7. Take their draft picks. Pagano is handing out t-shirts. There’s RGIII and there’s RG-me (Goodell). RG-me blows!

  8. Tom Who???!??

    Pagano is the weakest coach off of Ray Lewis’ coaching tree.Colts are going suck for awhile. I could tell by the new GM’s decisions. I mean the Colts are going to draft a franchise QB and he hires a defensive minded Head Coach…

  9. Colts fans are still locked in their bedrooms, sobbing and whimpering over the loss of their beloved Peyton. It’s like the entire Colts fan base is ten years old.

  10. Speaking of crap….You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken c-r-a-p

    Colts win four games best case scenario.

  11. The league is trembling at the thought of playing the … Colts? Let’s get real. 2-14.

  12. Glad to see Tommy Z get that 2nd contract. Boxing is my first love but it is no way to make money. He won’t ever have to go through that grueling career to probably never get a big payday. He as decent but probably nothing more then a journeyman in boxing.

    Colts are a year or two away but things can turn around quickly in this league, especially if Luck is as good as advertised. Going to need that tough attitude for at least one season however.

  13. This Colts team won’t be beating the crap out of anyone for at least a few years. Even with Luck, they are only marginally better than last year’s 2-14 squad.

  14. raiderlyfe510 says:Apr 4, 2012 8:14 PM

    Tom Who???!??

    Pagano is the weakest coach off of Ray Lewis’ coaching tree.Colts are going suck for awhile. I could tell by the new GM’s decisions. I mean the Colts are going to draft a franchise QB and he hires a defensive minded Head Coach…
    Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy made it work.

    Unless you are Sean Payton or Belichick, head coaches have little to do with the development of a QB. It’s more the QB coach or offensive coordinator working with the QB.

  15. Only way the Colts will beat the crap out of anyone is if they pull out actual horseshoes and start beating people with them.

  16. He wants to beat the crap out of people. What about their feelings? He should not want to hurt anybody. What if somebody should be unable to participate in the game after they get the crap beat out of them? There is no place for people like that in the game.

    Bounty! Suspend! Send a message!

  17. Profootballwalk you are totally cluless…yes, Colts fans did enjoy the 13 years of dominance that Manning brought…but you obviously dont have a clue to what Colts fans are thinking…we’ve moved on because we have another franchise QB waiting in the wings..We do apologize for our good fortune of never having to go through the same QB hell as teams like the Browns, Dolphins, Bills, Redskins and guess would be that you are a fan of one of these teams

  18. so many clueless fans of other teams out there that wish for the colts downfall cause we beat yals team all the time, we will miss peyton, but Luck fell into our laps so in a year or two, we wont miss a beat, while yr sorry teams are still looking for their franchise qb, kick rocks!!!

  19. Where is the all the moral outrage from the media and league office? THIS BLATANT DISREGARD FOR FELLOW HUMANS HAS NO PLACE IN SPORTS!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!!

  20. The Colts are here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and they’re all out of … oh wait, there it is. I guess the Colts will just be taking names for the next couple of years.

    2 points if you can name that 80s reference without using Google.

  21. “yes, Colts fans did enjoy the 13 years of dominance that Manning brought”

    One SB win is not dominance.

  22. This guy gets a lot more pub from boxing than football….assume he’s being brought in for special teams, Ravens showed no indication whatsover to play him in the secondary

  23. when drafting a franchise QB with the first pick, images of a nasty D do not come to mind.

    Do they expect to find Ray Lewis in rnd 2 ?

  24. Well, I certainly hope an investigation is forthcoming. Should we expect suspensions? How about criminal charges? Certainly he wasn’t doing this alone. Other teammates must have been trying to beat the crap out of
    their opponents as well. I smell a conspiracy.

    Oh, I know, it’s Sean Payton’s fault. The beat down the Colts took at the hands of the Saints caused the errant, hard hitting, beat-the-crap out of a guy behavior. You know, like football. Let’s suspend Payton for another year for this.

    Meanwhile, while we focus our attention on penalizing smash mouth football and excitedly celebrating new uni designs, our attention is taken from the missed opportunity to design and implement better safer helmets. And soon we will be watching an 18 hame season. Good job King Goodell. You should be proud of the mess you’ve created.

  25. oh snap..bounty language, goodell will not tolerate this type of behavior…physical football is banned in goodell eyes…new world order TFL=Touch Football League

  26. Number 1. Its sad football is more about the drama surrounding the game then the game itself.

    2. Its sad the rules are so grey area now the refs can call whatever the heck they want.

    3. Andrew Luck will be a top 5 NFL QB by year 4 and the Colts will own that division again maybe as soon as next year. The Titans need a QB, the Texans aren’t retaining their players going back to even Dunta, Jags aren’t in the convo.

    4. As a Ravens fan I was hurt when Brian Billick left, hurt when Marvin Lewis left, and when Chuck Pagano left. I wasn’t a huge Rex Ryan fan, felt nothing for Mike Nolan, Hue Jackson was whatever, can’t remember the others but ill tell yah I really liked Pagano a lot. We played great D last year under Chuck! Those guys McPhee the 5th rounder and he helped Paul Kruger develop. Yeah it was rough losing Chuck, boy I think of how Terrence Cody developed…my only question if this guy can do anything on the offensive side of the ball.

  27. *** puckthefatriots ***

    I love how all of the Indy fan base is assuming that Luck will be your next legendary hall of fame QB!!! Have you ever even noticed the ratio of top 10 QBs drafted that actually turn into 30% of their so called potential?!?! Yes I know, he’s a better NFL prospect than most blue chip QBs… Tim Couch, Alex Smith, Cade Mcnown, Carson Palmer, Jamarcus Russell!!! Hell, even if he does turn out to be Dan Marino, how many rings ya think that’ll getcha?? You’re not counting eggs before they’re hatched, you’re counting before they’ve even been laid!! All that said,,,, best of “Luck”!!

  28. Surely there isn’t Saints* fans in here screaming bountygate?? Whaaaa? I have no doubt that the Colts will be good but I would be surprised if they are in 2012. I didn’t see in this article anything about money. If Andrew Luck is as good as they say the Colts will resemble the Ravens but with a better QB. Notice Saints* fans that there isn’t an astrik by the Colts and the Ravens. Haha!

  29. db3300 says:
    “””””””” “yes, Colts fans did enjoy the 13 years of dominance that Manning brought”

    One SB win is not dominance.””””””””””
    Tell that to the AFC South. Regardless of the Manning’s playoff record, dark cloud has been lifted from their regular seasons. I’d call that dominance.

  30. As much as I hate to show respect for any of the hated Ravens (although now a Colt), this guy is for real. Not many people know that Zbikowski was a three-time Silver Gloves national finalist before he started playing football for Notre Dame, and had an amateur record of over 50 wins with only single-digit losses (don’t remember the exact numbers). Dude is an amazing athlete and one tough customer.

    Gotta give respect where respect is due!

  31. in the boxing world, they call guys like zbikowski ‘a bum of the month’. The colts are going to be crapped on all next season because they’re a crappy club.

  32. I’ve gotta tell you that I don’t know much about Pagano but I like his attitude. Colt’s fans have been calling for the kind of defense Pagano promises for over a decade. If he can produce it and Luck lives up to only 90% of the hype, the Colts will be competitive again–and the fans will be all smiles. It’s not all about Super Bowls; its about being in the race that makes it fun.

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