Carlos Rogers confirms that Gregg Williams used bounties in D.C.

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The NFL has yet to show any significant intention to investigate and punish other teams for using bounties, even though other teams apparently used bounties.

Specifically, other teams where former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams served as a coach, according to past admissions made by former Redskins defensive end Philip Daniels and former Bills safety Coy Wire.

49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers, who played for Williams in Washington, recently told KNBR that players were paid to hit players hard enough to put them out of a game.

Rogers said it started as a pool of money consisting of fines imposed by Williams for players being late to meetings or missing meetings, along with money kicked in by players.  Payments would be made for big plays, like interceptions.

At some point, the program expanded.

“It went on to guys just suggesting stuff in a room,” Rogers said.  “If you knock this person out, let’s say a receiver, he comes across the middle.  Safety knocks him out, a legal hit, you get this amount of money.”

Rogers insisted that the word “bounty” overstates the situation, and he claims that the payment system is a product of “competition in the [meeting] room,” and that “once the ball is snapped you’re not thinking about it.”

Though Rogers stopped short of saying that money was offered to 49ers players for efforts during the NFC title game, he said that players recognized that, when facing Giants quarterback Eli Manning, “We need to take him out.”

Rogers also doesn’t believe that the current effort to punish the Saints will change the realities of pro football.  “Will guys stop doing it in their [meeting] rooms?  I doubt it.”

He also sounded off on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s habit of fining players for making big hits, arguing that “it’d probably be different” if Goodell had played pro football and understood how the game really works.

I’ve been following the NFL long enough to understand how it investigative process really works.  When faced with a rabbit hole that may go far deeper than anyone at the league office wants to know or acknowledge it goes, the NFL often is inclined to cover the opening with dirt and move on.

Given the comments made by men who played with the Redskins and Bills under Williams, the league at a minimum should be exploring the extent to which bounties were used there.  Of course, the question then becomes where the investigative process will end, and how far back will the league attempt to determine the use of meeting-room money to reward players for putting a hit on an opponent that puts him out of the game.

Since such an effort would undermine the severe punishments imposed on the Saints and also make this problem seem to be far more widespread and systemic, look for the league to continue to do nothing, unless and until it feels it has no other option.

If players who played for Williams elsewhere continue to speak out, the NFL eventually will have no other option.

57 responses to “Carlos Rogers confirms that Gregg Williams used bounties in D.C.

  1. Sometimes it’s better to shut the hell up, Carlos.

    Guess what, this was a good time.

  2. Carlos, keep your friggin’ mouth shut bro. You already came out last season and bashed the Redskins after you left…so there is clearly an ax to grind. Get bent you d-bag! #HTTR

  3. If you wonder why Saints player penalties need to be extremely harsh, i give you exhibit 1:

    “Will guys stop doing it in their [meting] rooms? I doubt it.”

  4. Take away their first round pick this year as punishement 🙂 No RGIII for you!!!

    I would absolutely laugh my a$$ off.

  5. Carlos
    I am glad to see the contact lenses you refused for six years worked finally last year. But how would you know about bounties in Wash? You weren’t hitting anyone while you were in town.

  6. Unlike the Saints, Skins were not warned, did not lie and cover up the bounties while continuing to use them for two more years. Nothing to see here.
    And Carlos…thanks for not getting contact lenses until AFTER leaving the Skins. Jackwagon.

  7. Hilarious, fans of 31 other teams have no issues jumping on “Bounty” bandwagon until the truth starts coming out and their own players are pointing fingers at different teams… Now it’s shut the hell up about “Bountys”. Soooo hypocritical.

  8. Maybe Goodell should read Bill Walsh’s autobiography sometime.

    “It was pretty well expected that if one of our guys knocked somebody out or had a really great game DeBartolo would be along with an envelope full of cash.”

    It’s become clear that he is completely clueless about the sport he presides over and only cares about the league’s public image. He doesn’t care how deep the rabbit hole goes, he only wants to make sure it’s covered up with leaves and twigs so nobody sees.

    People who want to crucify the Saints for lying and covering up are going to have to soon face up to the fact that Goodell is doing the same thing when it comes to the moral ambiguity of the sport. He doesn’t care about anything except your dollars and will go to great lengths to make sure you keep spending them.

  9. I just wonder, if I pay somebody to hit hard some quarterback. Hit him out of the game. Legal hits only though. What is wrong with that?

    Aren’t NFL defensive linebackers paid to hit people as hard as they could (legally)? Suspend the entire league then.

  10. How about all those years Williams coached with the Titans under Jeff Fisher?

    I remember when Williams was hired to coach the Bills his story was that he was something like the water boy for the Titans in the 90’s and then worked his way up with Fisher running the show.

    And then Fisher hired him back again this year for St. Louis.

    I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Williams has had this type of system in place since becoming a defensive coordinator under Fisher years back, and Fisher, like Payton and Gibbs, knew all about it.

    It isn’t like the penalty being meted out by Goodell is a slap on the wrist. It could impact the Saints organization for years to come.

    To be fair to the Saints and the their fans, it is only right that the league investigate every team, to include coaches, GMs and players, that Williams has ever been associated with.

  11. maybe the League should fine/suspend Carlos, if not for participating in such a system, for being an effing SNITCH!

  12. Maybe the NFL needs to investigate more teams, c’mon it’s only fair you go back 3 seasons on the saints that’s the past. How bout go back to Greggs other teams he coached then if you wanna go back to the past and apparently this was going on with other teams this season to according to Carlos Rogers (Though Rogers stopped short of saying that money was offered to 49ers players for efforts during the NFC title game, he said that players recognized that, when facing Giants quarterback Eli Manning, “We need to take him out.”) So yet it’s a conspiracy that Goodell’s is picking on the saints and don’t like them!

  13. I think that the league’s response with suspending Williams indefinitely pretty much covers what he did with other teams. I mean the guy may never work in the NFL again because even when he’s reinstated (and he will be, or he has the makings of a lawsuit against the NFL IMO) who in the bleep would hire him? And I wouldn’t feel sorry for him one bit.

  14. The penalties imposed upon the Saints, and specifically Sean Payton, are the result of continuing a policy after being warned to stop it. The league does not want to go down the rabbit holes but does expect a franchise to take a league directive seriously. The league is forced to walk a fine line when it orders franchises to do a certain thing. These are independent businesses and there can be a certain amount of resentment about an outside body telling a private entity what to do. If all franchises operated in the same manner as the Saints and ignored the league then the league would be forced to investigate every allegation of wrongdoing much more aggressively and intrusively. Which would of course create more of an adversarial relationship between the league and the teams.

  15. sudz28 says:
    Apr 5, 2012 7:20 AM
    Take away their first round pick this year as punishement No RGIII for you!!!

    I would absolutely laugh my a$$ off.

    Hey stupid if he took two seconds from the Saints after they lied to him and they were caught why would he take a first from the Redskins you a$$clown.

  16. First of all “REALLY Carlos hands of Stone” you want us to really believe this? From a player who has a bad taste in his mouth because the team failed to pay him what he thought he should get, instead let him walk…oh we know you have an axe to grind…but please spare us all this BS.

    If you had any semblence of a brain you’d know if this were true it would hurt you more than the Skins….as you know longer play for them and if there were any actions taken it would be you who would be fined and subject to suspension.

    I swear childish players who don’t get what they want can and will come up with all sorts of stories if they don’t get what they want, in closing I’d like for Carlos to give us the definition of bounty, and the last time I played football on defense the object of the game was to inflict pain and hit someone as hard as you could doesn’t mean it has to be dirty…of course if you’ve watched Carlos play you know he never got paid for a bounty hit he was too busy getting burnt on double moves…

  17. Your words are hurtful, Carlos. I’m taking the bus home, and you will NOT see me at the pancake social tomorrow!!

  18. rtrinidad777 says: Apr 5, 2012 7:23 AM

    Won’t affect the Skins by being penalized. Roger smashed the Saints mostly because they lied to him for 3 years.

    Really???……because 80% coming out of King Rogers mouth is he is soooo concerned about player safety.
    Here’s another player saying bounties were in effect somewhere other than New Orleans.
    Oh my God, I thought this only happened with the Saints.
    Anybody who thinks this doesn’t go on league wide has their head up their sanctimonious ass

  19. Are More and more fans and media starting to see the light ? He essentially admitted they had a bounty on Eli! Does anyone ever wonder why The players are not up in arms about this? Bc they know it is and had been for a while common practice. Yeah if us common fans did it in our jobs we would go to jail but football is like what goes on in politics, behind the scenes people only know the picture that is painted for them.

  20. I’ve said this over and over to a co-worker and he continues to argue that it doesn’t make sense, EVERY SINGLE GOOD DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE HAS A BOUNTY. A ‘bounty’ DOES NOT MAKE IT DIRTY. Like he said, even playing ball at the park, you tell the other guy playing on the other side of the field, “if you come across the middle, I’m going to whack you.” Same thing can be said for “knocking an opposing player out of the game.” The hit DOESNT mean it’s a dirty hit.

  21. “Payments would be made for big plays, like interceptions.” — Obviously the skins shouldn’t be punished, the bounty didn’t work.

    “But judge, look at Carlos’ performance… you think it was an incentive” — Case Closed

  22. Not sure how the Skins would get penalized. Williams has been gone since the end of the 2007 season and the only player on defense that is still here is London Fletcher. The coaches from then are gone and the front office from then is gone. Maybe a fine, but I don’t think it will be serve.

  23. rtrinidad777 says:Apr 5, 2012 7:23 AM

    Won’t affect the Skins by being penalized. Roger smashed the Saints mostly because they lied to him for 3 years.

    Clearly! GODdell wanted it to go away and Williams thought he was above all!

    He was so arrogant that he texted while interviewing for the Redskins job that he had it in the bag. But even Dannyboy and the never blinking wide eyed Cervant-rotto knew this guy was a ticking time bomb!

    His defenses took way too many chances and we lost too many games in the bag because of it.

  24. “Carlos Rogers confirms that Carlos Rogers received bounties while playing in D.C.”

    Fixed it for ya, Carlos. You moron.

  25. Did Rogers just admit the 49ers had a “bounty” on Eli? Uh oh. That dude is a dipsh¡t. We need an investigation in SF now.

  26. no news here… ANYWHERE Williams was there was more than likely a bounty system. With that said, how far did it go through the organization? Did the HC of those teams participate or did they have outside boosters participate? Was it a way of life substantiated through lies to the commissioner? Are you really going to go after the Skins and Bills when none of the players involved are on the team? I do believe these organizations need to be honest, if they find out the teams they once had used the bounty system, they should atleast man up and apologize, but there is not much else you can do to an organization YEARS after the fact.

  27. Why is everyone so bitter that Carlos left a crape hole team for a winner? So he put in a pair on contacts and his game improved…big deal! Don’t hate because he went to a team with a solid plan who can coach. RG3 is headed down the same path and his true potential will not be reached until he goes to another team.

  28. So suspend Greg Williams indefinitely.. problem solved. ON A SIDE NOTE… I sure hope when the draft starts in a few weeks with Goddell that he gets BOOOOOED out of the building.

  29. “Payments would be made for big plays, like interceptions.”

    Well then, I guess it’s now quite obvious that Rogers is just bitter because he DIDN’T MAKE ANY MONEY in a system that paid players for interceptions!!!

  30. So let me make sure I understand…there’s outrage over this taking place in New Orleans. Yet, when a player states the exact SAME thing occurred under the SAME coordinator with another team, that player needs to keep his mouth shut??? This happened under Snyder’s watch just like it did with Benson. And the same for Joe Gibbs. But let’s just ignore that part of it. Everyone was upset that Shockey was portrayed as the whistleblower because he did the right thing (even though he wasn’t the one who told), yet Rogers is doing the wrong thing by doing the SAME thing??? If the NFL is serious about putting a stop to this practice, they sure as hell better get to punishing other teams for letting this happen on their watch. Dan, tell your people to get their ducks in a row.

  31. Carlos just said what Saints fans have been saying all along and most of you continue to act as if doesn’t exist. This IS the culture of the NFL you so love. Does it make it right…no. Should the Saints have heeded the first warning and stopped…yes. But quit acting as if they are some rogue institution in a gentlemen’s league who bent rules that somehow changed the outcome of a game. EVERY team is doing the exact same thing…trying to hit the other guy as hard as you possibly can. What safety doesn’t relish knocking the snot out of a WR going over the middle? THAT is football. Why does ESPN have a segment every week during the season called JACKED UP!! Because we as fans love that ish. You acting like the Saints are a one off cheating organization…please. Hope that wool over your eyes is comfy!

    Once again…I do not condone the actions of my team. I wish they had done more to stop this. I don’t like losing draft picks or feeling as if I must defend my team to morons on a daily basis. I can’t stand Greg Williams and wish he never was a Saint. But it is what it is. All I ask is that some of you, who are so quick to point fingers and act innocent…smell the roses. Cause your ish stinks the same…be THANKFUL its my team paying the price and not yours.

  32. Well, if players have no problem with a pay-for-injury system and the kind of environment it builds, so be it. I just hope that when they are 40-years-old and can’t climb stairs, can’t remember what they were doing 5 minutes ago, and have to perpetually pop pills to manage the pain, that they don’t go crying to the league about how they should have done a better job of protecting them. You want to be all hardcore during your playing years? Well suck it up and deal with the aftermath.

  33. Look, every defense is trying to absolutely kill the star or any player. Ever hear of “Woo hits”? You dont think defensive players test that injury?

    Saints got caught because Williams is an egomaniac a-hole with a God complex who thought he’d never get caught. Every Skins fan saw how arrogant that knucklehead was. So it sucks for the Saints that he went over the top while there and got caught.

    Now Rogers is a bitter POS. he was very mediocre in Washington, lost the Seattle playoff game in 2006 by dropping an EASY pick-6, an now he’s bitter. He knows everyone hunts for a huge hit. He f’ing KNOWS it. He is seeing an opportunity to hurt the Skins and jumping on it. He’s not a “snitch”, everyone knows its everywhere. He’s an a-hole because he knows shining a light on it will FORCE the NFL to do something to Washington. So he’s just a bitter, immature ex-employee.

  34. Greg Williams also confirmed Carlos Rogers wanted to play in San Francisco, so he could show his “pride” and live where other men share the same lifestyles…

  35. washington could get fined because you’re all forgetting one person that was there at the time: the owner of the friggin team.

    If they want to investigate to see what the owner knew (who by the way the NFL is not currently all that fond of) , Snyder had better play it differently than what caused him to get fined as recently as just a couple of weeks ago: being disingenous.

    Could he have known about these bounties? Cmon dude. Of course he or any owner could know of these things. It’s not impossible especially a guy who you can YouTube and find videos of hanging out IN the lockerroom after games.

  36. Lol Greg Williams obviously didn’t pay you to make interceptions as a Redskin ” Sour Grapes ”

  37. Let’s face it. This has been going on for a while. Williams wasn’t the only one doing it. The press knows that as long as they continue to stick a microphone in front of a moron, they are going to find out that bounties are more prevalent than just the Saints or Williams’ former teams. If the NFL is going to do things like the NCAA and force teams to vacate championships to rectify something that went on years ago, they will destroy the sport and all of this policing by Goodell will be the ultimate pyrric victory. Lets just leave it at that and going forward, if a team is found out, they can expect to get hammered. Then we can stop the exercise of interviewing fools who seem to have agendas to get even with other teams but are too dumb to realize they are actually implicating themselves.

  38. I guess the one thing that we know for sure is that no bounty money was paid for making interceptions … because, clearly, Carlos Rogers had no incentive to actually catch any of them.

  39. funny how so many Washington fans hate on Rogers. He was a more than solid CB for you, get a grip. He dropped some INTs for you, cry about it. He was good last year and even made the pro bowl. he isnt a shutdown CB, but he is very good. I know he hates on the Skins organization, and i get the bad blood. However, the dude is good, your franchise is dysfunctional but hey maybe you’ll strike it big with RG3.

  40. Skins fan here.

    And I say “good on” Rogers for speaking truthfully. If the league really wants to revise the culture of pro defense, they need as many people talking Real Talk as they can get.

    I do think it’s important for the league to set a defined period of their investigation, though. And if they plan on going further, they need to widen the net beyond one coordinator.

    As a fan, I welcome the change. If just one more kid doesn’t end up in a wheelchair, all the trouble will have been worth it.

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