Colt McCoy visit gets high school investigated for unauthorized practice

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Browns quarterback Colt McCoy has turned out to be a real troublemaker.

In December, his re-entry into a game against the Steelers got the Browns investigated for allowing a player with a concussion to play.

Now, his trip to an Illinois high school has gotten the school investigated for having an illegal practice session.

Specifically, McCoy visited Sacred Heart-Griffin high school in Springfield, and ultimately threw some passes to some of the students.  That the prompted Illinois High School Administration to investigate whether the school conducted an unauthorized football practice.


“We had some kids who were out of study hall,” SHG athletic director and football coach Ken Leonard told the State Journal-Register.  “Some of the kids didn’t even play football.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for them.  We’re not making a big deal of it.  We don’t want to force the issue.  It’s in [the IHSA’s] hands.  We’ll do what they tell us to do.”

Hopefully, the IHSA will tell them to ignore the issue, and that the pointy-headed bureaucrat who thought that it somehow amounted to an unauthorized football practice has left the agency to pursue other interests and/or to spend more time with his or her family.

45 responses to “Colt McCoy visit gets high school investigated for unauthorized practice

  1. Really?!? I mean seriously, really?!? Now players can’t even visit a school without being investigated? Someone really needs to find something better to do with themselves.

  2. this is such crap… it was only an “issue” because he was there because it was a Fellowship of Christian Athletes thing at the high school and McCoy was there to pray with the kids and throw the football around.

    Get a life people! This is so ridiculous I can hardly find the words for this. What in the world is this country coming to?

  3. Is this for real?? What a joke, Another fine example with what is wrong with our society. Overregulated in every aspect of life. Mccoy was doing a good thing trying to make some kids happy. Unbelieveable!!!

  4. “Harrumphh….I Ha SAy….what’s this then? A contravention of the rules? Non traditional practices? Will it lead to total anarchy? Punish the guilty parties, and punish them severely! Dis…..missed!”.

  5. I wouldn’t be surpised if Mccoy lights it up this year. He has taken a beating in the media, trying to be replaced, etc. He has put up with all this nonsense and has kept his mouth shut. Watch him work hard and have a chip on his shoulder.

  6. What a friggin joke. A “practice” in April leads to a competitive advantage? Somebody needs some bran muffins and Activia to relieve the anal retention they are experiencing.

  7. There were probably the same amount of dropped passes as in a Browns game during his visit… Maybe he can recruit a WR there.

  8. You missed the details. The IHSA is investigating this as a misuse of practice time because McCoy was teaching them to run a 3 yard curl on 3rd and 10.

  9. Who’s he recruiting for, Texas or Ohio State? I hope he has his priorities straight or those Clevelanders will ship him out just like they did to Braylon Edwards…

  10. tacochooseday says:
    Apr 5, 2012 6:49 PM
    Meanwhile Ryan Leaf is throwing balls to Sam Hurd

    More like, Leaf is getting balls thrown to him. Right on the chin.

  11. Colt, come back to Texas and throw to some high school kids. It’s cool with us here. Why the hell are you in freaking Illinois of all places?

  12. tacochooseday says:
    Apr 5, 2012 6:49 PM
    Meanwhile Ryan Leaf is throwing balls to Sam Hurd

    Ryan Leaf, Sam Hurd, Art Schlichter, OJ, Rae Carruth- The “Mean Machine” is alive and well!

  13. charger383 says:
    Apr 5, 2012 6:45 PM
    The IHSA is crazier than the NCAA

    As someone who graduated from an IHSA school last year I can confirm this. I’m ashamed they’re actually investigating this too…

  14. NFL quarterbacks can visit high schools? Mark Sanchez likes this development.

  15. No matter how you flip it.. anytime an investigation goes on, someone is getting paid to conduct it. So I guess when there is no work people just invent work and get paid (by tax payers if it’s a HS athletic association).

    Wish I could get my state government to pay me to invent irrelevant busy work.

  16. WOW!!!! That’s all I have!! At a total loss for words!! Come back to Austin Colt even the UIL wouldn’t have blinked twice at that!!! I hate stupid people!!!!

  17. This in a nutshell is everything that is wrong in our society.

    Each passing day finds us further over regulated by over zealous bureaucrats.

    Think about it a guy can’t just show up at a school and toss a football with some kids without some bureaucrat trying to make a name for himself by lunching an investigation.

    We are over litigating, regulating, and investigating ourselves to death.

    Are we still the land of the free? Nope, lawyers/worthless bureaucrats have seen to it that freedom dies a slow and painful death.

  18. You’ve GOT to be kidding me?!?!?! Is this district lead by Superintendent Chalmers?


  19. Rick Sanders
    Welcome to the Springfield Public School’s Athletic web page. One duty as the Coordinator of Athletics is to oversee District 186 athletics and extra-curricular activities. In this role, I work directly with the Athletic Directors at each of the 3 high schools and the 5 middle schools. In addition, I also collaborate with the Academic Athletic Coaches at each of the high schools. Please feel free to contact me any time.

    Rick Sanders
    1900 W. Monroe St.
    Springfield, IL 62704

    Just let him know how ya feel.

  20. It’s the Illinois High School Association, not Administration. Not a big deal, I realize, but still a mistake.

    By the way, IHSA is every bit as silly as this article suggests. Inexplicable decisions emerge from this organization on a routine basis.

  21. First of all I would like to say that this is something very stupid and should be thrown out. Secondly the IHSA is not run by the State Government. They are a non for profit agency. They make their money through the State finals they put on and merchandise sales.

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