Goodell reiterates confidentiality of certain draft information

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In the wake of the disclosure of the Wonderlic score generated by LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, Commissioner Roger Goodell has reminded teams of the importance of keeping this information confidential.

PFT has obtained a copy of the memo sent Wednesday night by Goodell to all 32 teams.

“As we near our annual college player draft, please be reminded that certain information obtained during preparations for the Draft, including personal and family details, results of drug tests, scores on the Wonderlic test, and the like, are strictly confidential for club use only and are not to be disseminated publicly under any circumstances,” Goodell says.  “Disclosing this confidential information about draft-eligible players to the public can be extremely damaging to players, clubs, and the league.

“Bear in mind that the publicly-disclosed information is frequently inaccurate, incomplete or misleading, and often results from an effort of an individual to advance a self-interested goal.  What is lost in the pursuit of that goal is concern for the reputation and well-being of the young men who have worked so hard to reach their own goal of becoming an NFL player and concern for the reputation of the NFL and our game.  You should be reminded that disclosure of inappropriate private or confidential information concerning draft-eligible players is conduct detrimental to the league and will be met with significant discipline when a violation can be established.”

The problem is that it will be very difficult to establish a violation.  Many people within each of the 32 teams have access to sensitive information, and there’s no way to find out who’s talking to whom unless someone admits it.

That doesn’t mean Goodell shouldn’t try to persuade teams to be discreet.  The reality is that, regardless of motivation, people who know things like to share that information with people who don’t.  It’s human nature, in every company, agency, school, or other institution.

23 responses to “Goodell reiterates confidentiality of certain draft information

  1. It wouldn’t be a normal week without Goodell trying to remind everyone who is in charge.

  2. The reality is that, regardless of motivation, people who know things like to share that information with people who don’t. It’s human nature

    Not brown-nosing. But sometimes you really do have a great succinct way of phrasing/explaining things.

  3. LSU reported annual football revenue of $69.4 million in 2009-10

    The most important question is how can a kid who is obviously illiterate get accepted into college and then pass enough classes to remain eligible for three years?This is why I laugh when you all are outraged that a kid accepted a few bucks from a college. The truth is the kid should never have been accepted in the first place! He’s not going to get an education……HE CAN’T READ! I’m sorry, but, these colleges should be sued for educational fraud.

  4. This is not a story – As a fan, I like seeing the leaked wonderlick scores. I also think there should be some sort of intelligence test involved.

    Other than here, I dont see anyone crying about taking the wonderlick.

  5. How can you pass college classes with a Wonderlic Score of 4? That is the important question here!

  6. I get what he’s saying.

    But it continues to sweep the bigger issue of… “How are these kids eligible to play college ball?” You would think the NCAA and it’s fair and righteous members would investigate how a person with a “4” was doing well enough in college to play.

    Oh I see, they pick and choose which teams and which infractions to enforce. Stay classy NCAA.

  7. It’s human nature, in every company, agency, school, or other institution.

    How well do you think the NSA would run if it shared information with other agency’s?

  8. On Sirius NFL Radio, Bill Polian expressed an opinion that the person who leaked the information should be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Last time I checked, leaking a Wonderlic score isn’t a crime in the United States of America.

  9. @KIR:
    Having a learning disability doesn’t mean someone is illiterate. Most colleges have programs for students with various types of learning disabilities.

    Commenting on a subject you don’t understand and know nothing about is a different matter. That’s just ignorant. You’re the fraud. Not to mention you have no idea if the story about Claiborne is true.

  10. I wonder what is going to happen when it comes out that Goodell’s beloved Giants are the ones that leaked the information. Why couldn’t it off been the Cowboys.

  11. I like that a guy who can’t spell “Wonderlic”
    wants to see OTHER people’s leaked test scores! 🙂

  12. I don’t understand the importance of the Wonderlic test. It is so irrelevant. It is a test based on what someone already knows, not a test on how someone’s ability to learn. The kid will get a guaranteed contract, have his dream job, and be watched by millions every sunday with a Wonderlic score of 4, while u guys go to work everyday and struggle to pay your bills or pinch pennies.
    I know it is fuzzy math, but it looks like the kid with the score of 4 won.

  13. Something doesn’t pass the smell test here. Claiborne’s horrible score is leaked to the press and the kid is rightfully mocked. LSU is getting a strangely quiet pass here for potentially doing shady and illegal activities to a) not educate the kid and b) keep him eligible for the football team when it’s clear he is dumb as a box of rocks.

    Then the alleged “learning disability” story comes out AFTER the fact with no evidence to back it up in a massive spin job by PR staff and his lawyer agent. Bus Cook, the agent, then claims he was “shocked” about the score and then tried to spin his way to deflect the massive criticism and mockery by alluding to some mysterious learning disability that was supposedly diagnosed in high school.


  14. Some combine tests get televised(40 yd dash, bench etc) but this one has to be secret? Looks like they’re covering for the NCAA again to avoid making clear just how many players aren’t very bright and didnt receive much of an education

  15. Isn’t this similar to what he punished the Saints for? League representative did something to hurt a player. This has been an ongoing issue and was to stop, but has not. When can we expect Godell to suspend himself over this. He is the ultimate one who is responsible for the draft.

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