Jerry Jones: No one enjoyed life more than Joe Avezzano

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Joe Avezzano, the former Cowboys special teams coach who died today at the age of 68, is being remembered as a man who embraced football and embraced life with a passion that everyone who knew him admired.

“Joe Avezzano was a very special part of our Dallas Cowboys family and our organization’s history,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. “He was also a wonderful father, husband and friend. No one enjoyed life more than Joe, and no one that I know had a greater appreciation for the people that he loved and the lives that he touched. We grieve with [wife] Diane and [son] Tony and the thousands of fans who loved Coach Joe. He was an original. There was no one else like him.”

Said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, “There are not many days that go by where we are not sharing a legendary Joe Avezzano story or using a trademark Joe Avezzano expression. He was a wonderful friend. We loved him very much, and he will be sorely missed.”

Avezzano suffered a heart attack today in Italy, where he was spending the spring as a coach in a small Italian league of American football teams. His players were brought to tears today upon hearing the news.

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  1. Making matters worse is that Avezzano just returned to Italy a few weeks ago after flying to Miami to bury his mother, who passed away in February.

  2. Always dug watching that dude on the Boys sidelines blowing his top, or about to blow his top big time. The human heart takes a beating with that type of temperament. Breathe in…….breathe out…….breathe in…….breathe out…….

  3. As a Skins fan its hard to admit liking anything to do with the Crackboys, but I always liked Avezzano when he coached for the Crackboys. The Crackboys special teams always played hard under him, and Avezzano himself seemed to carry himself with a demeanor on the sidelines of intensity and respect.


  4. I’m not a Cowboy fan, but Avezzano always caught my attention on the sidelines with his intensity and the way he was locked into the game. I feel for his family and the Cowboy organization. God rest his soul.

  5. I met Coach Joe one night at Texas Stadium during a MNF game. I was a State Trooper and had been assigned to help with some security. Some of the players for both teams were on the field doing warmups. Coach Joe saw my partner and I standing to the side while he was doing an interview for a local radio station. He came over, spoke to us for a pretty good while … asking questions about our jobs and stuff. And he was sincere. Then, as he walked away, some kid… maybe 10 or so, called out to him from the railing. Joe goes over there and spends another good 5 minutes laughing and having pictures made. Just a really really nice guy. But the funny thing is… he finally gets back on the field and he’s at least 50 feet away from us and walking toward some players. After spending all the last few minutes being average Joe… he let loose a string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush. Then he turns… looks at us.. and winks and grins. Yep…. he’s gonna be missed.

  6. Classic Cowboy. Very sad to hear of his passing. Every Dallas fan always loved this guy, and he was a really good coach and was great when he did post game analysis on The Ticket.

  7. Joe’s love for the game was apparent to anyone that follows this great sport.

    His passion on the sidelines will be missed by many.

    RIP, Joe.

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