Kyle Williams’ father issues statement about Gregg Williams

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We’ve already heard one of 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams’ teammates respond to the audio recording of Gregg Williams in the locker room before the Saints’ playoff game in San Francisco and now the receiver’s father has weighed in.

As you might imagine, Kenny Williams, who is the general manager of baseball’s Chicago White Sox, wasn’t thrilled to hear someone suggest hitting his son in the head to see if he had recovered from a concussion. Here are Gregg Williams’ comments about Kyle Williams:

“We need to find out in the first two series of the game, that little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to f—ing put a lick on him right now. He needs to decide. He needs to f—ing decide.”

Kenny Williams began his statement, which was given to several outlets including the Chicago Tribune, by saying his son wouldn’t have any comment because he preferred to “remain committed to providing all his answers on the field next season,” and then moved on to some harsh words for the former Saints defensive coordinator.

“To answer the questions directed specifically to me, as a father first and foremost, I am glad to report Kyle’s concussion tests have been extremely positive and we are grateful he is ready and anxious to get back to competition. Personally, suspension or not, it’s probably best I’m never in a room with Gregg Williams and wonder if such an order crosses the lines of the aggressive, competitive spirit we all know and love about the sport and leans closer to a criminal act and therefore litigious matter.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Kenny Williams about people targeting his son. He made a statement after the NFC Championship Game loss about people sending death threats to Kyle Williams because of his two fumbles on punt returns.

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  1. It’s probably best I’m never in a room with the POS either.

    If I was, I’d “find out” if he’s a primadonna or a tough guy. I’d “find out” what his head looked like sideways. Head, ankles, ACL.

    Then we’d see how he’d do crawling away wondering how to feed his family, just like he hoped to see with these opposing players.

    Lifetime ban + criminal action.

  2. How do I issue a statement about all this? I once bought a Saints hat so that seems to be enough of a connection to have my own press conference about the Gregg Williams matter.

  3. “leans closer to a criminal act and therefore litigious matter.” Translation: I’ve talked with a lawyer……….

  4. Damn…Kyle Williams; being targeted for head shots on the field by Greg Williams and then later target for “head shots” by his own team fans after the NFC Championship game.

    One thing’s for sure, that kid has a no-excuse, iron spirit.

  5. I love him sticking up for his kid! Litiginous is a good word, & I would say Gregg Williams is fortunate that there were no serious injuries surrounding this time. In the NHL, there have been players charged with assault for actions on the ice, & anything deemed to be pre-meditated would only make things worse. Everyone reasonable understands football is a tough game, but there are always lines that you just cannot cross, & rightly so!

  6. So how come it’s okay if the New York Football Giants try the same strategy against Kyle?

  7. Williams should be fired and charged with a crime. That being said, getting death threats beacuse he fumbled is crazy. I say, just like Philly and NY and different teams. RELOCATE all teams that have a predominanet stupid fan base. Relocate the 49rs and any other team that has lots of fans like that. Say you can have another team in 3 or 4 years once you have proved you are no longer violent arseholes. Its just a game for crying out loud. Maybe people should start coming to your house everytime you screw up and make death threats to you, or throw batteries and bottles. Banning booze inside stadium would help too.

  8. A football coach told his team to “put a lick” on a player on the other team?!! OMG That’s obviously criminal. I’m very sure Florio would be happy to take the case. Cry me a river.

  9. “We need to find out in the first two series of the game, that little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to f—ing put a lick on him right now. He needs to decide. He needs to f—ing decide.”
    Shocking that this kind of talk happens in football locker rooms.
    On a lighter note, the sun is still hot, don’t get to close to it if you don’t have the sense to stay away.

  10. What Greg Williams did and said, and instilled in that Saints Defense (as well as his other teams) is sick and twisted.

    It’s disgusting. It’s animalistic. Yes, Football is a violent sport, but it’s not a death match.

    You’re talking about possibly ruining someone’s career and life… or even ending it.

    This is disgusting to me, as a fan. If my team were behind this mess, I’d surely hang up my jersey. There’s no excuse for this behavior. Is this the example we are setting for our kids?

    Think about the players who are on the short end of the stick, getting league minimum. What are they to do for their families when their careers and livelihoods are cut short due to these acts of perversion?

  11. This should really open people’s eyes up to see how serious this is. We all see this as entertainment but really, people’s lives were affected by all this. If I heard someone speak of any of my kids that way I would be furious. Greg Williams needs to be the Pete Rose of the NFL and never come back. I know this is a business but it’s also people’s lives we’re talking about here. Not only that but I can’t imagine what this will do to kids who are fans of the game. With technology now a days you know kids will youtube the audio and it’s going to taint the game for them. Williams needs to be banned for life.

  12. Hope the 49ers D remembers this when they lay on the vicious hits they they were making last year. Oh wait, no bounties, they weren’t trying to hurt anyone.

  13. Gregg Williams

    “We need to find out in the first two series of the game, that little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to f—ing put a lick on him right now. He needs to decide. He needs to f—ing decide.”


    Where does he say anything about $$$$?

  14. At first I was gonna say something to the effect that he should let his son fight his own battles and stay out of it…


    After reading his response, I gotta tell you; if it was my son being targeted for head shots after suffering a concussion; I’d be ready to kick the crap out of Greg Williams as well!

    This guy {Williams} will never be allowed back into the league, and the league will only be a better place without him.

  15. This just keeps getting deeper and sicker by the day. Gregg Williams is garbage,he sounds like a creepy murderer getting off on these injuries.

  16. I would actually like to see those two in a room together. Would be the fitting punishment for Williams

  17. Interesting that the conversation is now moving in criminal and litigious directions.

    Maybe we get Williams in one of those new fancy uniforms and give him the choice of suspension/lawsuits, or hits to his head by those targeted players. As the other saying goes: “Fish rot from the head down.”

  18. Meanwhile….just across the stadium, in the Niners lockerroom…..”we need to kill Pierre Thomas’ head, we need to turn that m/f’s head sideways, Drew Brees see that (points to chin) who’s got the first one, they’re gonna be shocked with our contact, that No. 12 we need to find out about his outside ACL.”

    The truth is probably not from this given we know the Giants also made a point of going after Kyle Williams’ head versus the Niners. And the Niners physically pounded the Saints in that game too.

  19. jackntorres says: Apr 5, 2012 7:09 PM

    So how come it’s okay if the New York Football Giants try the same strategy against Kyle?


    Not even close to the same thing.

  20. Big blue crew. This is just the audio portion of what was filmed. Williams was filmed actually handing out envelopes stuffed with money for the previous weeks bounties.

  21. “he thought he could do it but he just didn’t getthe job done”.

    That sentence doesnt get the job done for us 49ers fans
    a little more remorse would be great. Your son just ruin the hopes of a whole city by making simple mistakes. Hoe about taking some responsibility for that instead of pretending its not a big deal for a PR to drop 2 in one game.

  22. The Saints put a scare into him, and against the Giants he decided it wasn’t worth it. Plain and Simple. Williams was wrong, but it football and I’m sorry whether you’re coming off an concussion or broken ribs, the defense has to test it. Make him decide. Also Kyle Williams is a soft player, who is going to struggle to make that team next year.

  23. jackntorres says: Apr 5, 2012 7:09 PM

    So how come it’s okay if the New York Football Giants try the same strategy against Kyle?

    Because they weren’t targeting his head. They just wanted to get a body on him. Even the Giants realize that a body blow is just as effective to a person with a past of concussions than a hit to the head. For an example, just look at Steve Young. He suffered concussions from open field hits to the body. Even the most innocuous of hits can cause the return of concussion-like symptoms with a player with a history of concussions.

  24. His father showed incredible restraint. If that was my son, I wouldn’t have made a statement until after I broke Gregg Williams’ nose.

  25. Hey Kenny, I luv ya and all. But, I’m going to need you to focus on bringing another trophy to this city. Otherwise you and your son maybe looking for a job next year.

  26. Dear Mr. Williams please let me know if you’re ever to be in a room with Former Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams.

    As much as I was not happy with your son, I would gladly hold your coat and hat as you had a nice chat with that upstanding citizen Mr. Williams.

  27. Oh here comes everyone on their high horses now. Please people. What Williams did was crummy but there is still not a shred of evidence that suggests Williams encouraged players to take cheap shots. This is still simply rah-rah-rah. We are just oversensitive these days, that’s all.

  28. I definitely do not agree with what Williams has done. But the notion that no other coach does this is a lie. Every week a D goes against Vick you don’t think the coaches are saying put a hit on him?? The problem with Williams is that he equated injury with money rewards. If he was gonna have pay system he should have kept it based on statistics like sacks, forced fumbles, INTs. At that point the players would still go out and play aggressive. And if someone got injured on a clean play, so be it. It happens, it’s football.

  29. Saints all got off easy for lying cheaters with a tainted championship… They should have lost at least 3 first round picks & possibly 3 years of franchise tags, one for each year we have confirmation they intentionally cheated & lied. Williams should be banned for life.

  30. Bring back the USFL, and make Dana White the commissioner. Put in flags for the NFL. Then everybody’s happy.

  31. Greg Williams has no place in the game as a coach. He has no sense of balance or proportion and should never be in a position of leadership. In the emotion and immediacy of a game players do stupid things (such as Suh last year). They have the excuse of letting their emotions get the best of their good sense. Williams has no such excuse.

    If anyone thinks this is part of a normal football locker room then hey have not been in a football locker room. This is not the kind of talk you should ever expect from an NFL coach and if there are any others like Williams left in the league then they should be run out.

  32. Again I don’t see the problem with anything Greg Williams did. It is football not soccer. I don’t think anyone at all should be suspended from the Saints and Greg Williams should be issued a apology.

    The wussification of the NFL is happening and the death of the sport and the death of American sports will follow. Thank you all you politically correct Tinker Bells. Oh and stop with the what if at your work someone took your legs out BS. They play a violent sport. There not Fireman, or bankers, or any regular job, they play a sport that was made for beating the crap out of each other.

    The thing that really sucks is that the true die hard football fans are the ones that lose the most. I’m not talking about the fragaisies who just follow because they have a fantasy team, I’m talking about the guys who live for every aspect of the game. If the owners were not so cheap and took care of former players non of this wussification would be going on. If there wasn’t any law suits by former players for injuries they got playing football then Goodell wouldn’t have changed the game into the joke that it is now. It all comes down to greed, the owners and Goodell can say what they want about the players health but the truth is they only care about there money.

  33. I remember when he was up for the head coaching position after Joe Gibbs left Washington. He got passed over for Jim Zorn……as hard as it is to say……looks like “the Danny” got one right for once… or at least didnt mess up as bad as he could of.

  34. I remember in Grantland reading an article by Tyler Cowen about the end of football. Concussions, brain injury and other debilitations along with litigation surrounding criminal acts and the article no longer sounds as far-fetched.

  35. Maybe for 49ers fans it would have been good if Williams was knocked out. Then Williams wouldn’t have given the NFC championship to the Giants on a silver platter.

  36. Once again, where is the outrage and investigations for the giants?

    “Giants knew Kyle Williams had concussion problems and targeted his head”

    “The thing is, we knew he had four concussions, so that was our biggest thing, was to take him outta the game,” said Jacquian Williams, who forced the second fumble, in overtime, to set up New York’s game-winning field goal.
    “He’s had a lot of concussions,” said Devin Thomas, who recovered both fumbles. “We were just like, ‘We gotta put a hit on that guy.'” Later in the same interview, he told the Newark Star-Ledger that teammate and backup safety Tyler Sash “did a great job hitting him early and he looked kind of dazed when he got up. I feel like that made a difference and he coughed it up.”

  37. Come on people, I am sure the 49ers Defensive staff said some of the same stuff..did you see the NFC Championship game? The 49ers were out there hitting and knocking players cold OUT! If anyone of you honestly think that all the other Defensive Coor. are holding yoga classes and singing Sunday Hymnals your kidding yourselves. I never like it when grown mens parents have their two cents. Do we love our kids, yes, but they are adults. Do we really need to even comment??

  38. This site is all spin. If you’re going to delete comments with opposing viewpoints and control the number of clicks for the ones that sneak through, then why even have a comment section?

  39. to whoisthatteam:
    full disclosure, I posted this response to a previous article but it is very relevant here as well, And as per your quotes above…its football genius…hits are legal. And no Giant laid a dirty hit on Williams that game. They were trying to spook him with their LEGAL physicality and it worked…and nobody got a packet of cash from a coach afterwards:

    You gotta be kidding me….Youre trying to compare the Saints coaches handing out envelopes of cash rewarding players trying to inflict serious injuries on opponents to a Giants rookie LB saying they were going to try and rattle another young player with some good hits due to his injury history? Thats like saying it immoral to foul Shaq because hes a bad free throw shooter. Wake up….Now if a Giants player took out Williams with a viscious dirty hit and a coach slipped a couple grand in his pocket after then, yeah. Give your head a shake before you talk….unless its just something in the water up there in New England?

  40. The New Orleans Saints need a new name, being they just became public enemy #1. The front office to every single coach knew this was going on.
    The Saints are not “who we thought they were and we let them off the hook!”.
    After hearing that audio, the GM, coaches got off easy.

  41. goodellsadouche says:
    Apr 5, 2012 7:13 PM
    “We need to find out in the first two series of the game, that little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to f—ing put a lick on him right now. He needs to decide. He needs to f—ing decide.”
    Shocking that this kind of talk happens in football locker rooms.
    On a lighter note, the sun is still hot, don’t get to close to it if you don’t have the sense to stay away.
    Goodell’s not the only one.

  42. 86chawk says: Apr 5, 2012 7:30 PM

    Countdown to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton getting involved like they always do.

    86chump….leave them out of this!! Thanks to them and people like them, I CAN vote, sleep in a hotel, and eat my food at a table, instead of it being handed to me out the back door…I just get so frustrated at seeing people like you that throw Jessie and Al’s names out here trying to mock them and you really have NO IDEA of what it was and is like to have to scream and holler to have equal rights and to be treated EQUAL!!

  43. jakek2 says:
    Apr 5, 2012 7:40 PM
    Oh here comes everyone on their high horses now. Please people. What Williams did was crummy but there is still not a shred of evidence that suggests Williams encouraged players to take cheap shots. This is still simply rah-rah-rah. We are just oversensitive these days, that’s all.
    Except for telling them to do it, who to do it to, and paying them. Except for that.

  44. Greg Williams was a masterful coach, who had medicore players playing above their talent level. Now evereyone is so shocked by his language and technique. Give me a break. The NFL is scared of players lawsuits. Good luck!!!

  45. I’m glad the White Sox pitchers have never thrown at a guy to move him off the plate, retaliate for one of their players getting hit, a runner stole a base while they had a large lead, etc. I know a players would never slide out of the baseline to take out the unbalanced SS. I know a pitcher would never throw at the head of another player with a 90+ fastball. Only in football are players & aggressive because it is a contact sport.
    As for Gregg Williams I could care less if he ever coaches again. The hypocrisy is enough to make me puke though.

  46. As offensive as what he said was, the only real issue here is that Williams was going to financially reward players for these hits and knockouts. This is football – some version of that gets said every week.

    The Giants players weren’t just going for “body shots”. They targeted Kyle Williams for the same thing – which was why they mentioned the concussions.

    If someone is hurt or has a known potential liability, the defenses are going to try and target that weakness using words that are going to offend the sensibilities of those of us who don’t play and have never played. But this is football. This is what they do every week.

    But I don’t blame Kenny Williams for defending his son and wanting to kick the ass of Gregg Williams. I would too if that was my kid.

  47. that stupid SOB gregg williams needs to be tossed in jail banned for life spit on sh*t on then shot right in the face him and the AINTS fans can stick it, your superbowl trophy is bs and to all u other half retarded people who comment dumb things on here just stop u makin urselfs lookin real stupid.

  48. If you think Williams is the only one to talk like this then you’re a naive douche. The 49ers should be fined for sending out a guy with 4 concussions. ITs a violent sport. By your reasoning, any time someone gets hurt it should be an illegal play. You’re all a bunch of self righteous asses. You sit and watch every Sunday as these guys smash into each other, risking their health but now all of a sudden your concerned over people’s safety? Get real. I hope Williams does talk and when he does it’ll be a long list of players and personnel who have been doing this including people on your teams.

    Also Kenny Williams had that racist, bigot as a coach for how long and no one ever called for him to be banned even when he made threats.

  49. seriously when did american guys turn into PU$$IES??? did any of you guys play football when you were young? in my high school days the coach was telling us to make sure we left someone leaving the field in a stretcher!!!

    sorry all you people have turned soft and are trying to be self-righteous douche bags, but NOTHING gregg williams’ speech said was that bad! did you guys see when it came out on espn that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ex-NFL people were saying “it wasnt that bad, all coaches say this” and that one old blonde chick was saying “are you serious? whats the difference between targeting and testing a guys injury???”

    you guys better watch out or in 10 years there wont be football anymore, itll be flag football! goodell has to go!!!! this is ridiculous!

  50. Look as a Saints fan I commend the guy for taking up for his kid that is what a father is suposed to do. I will say this too Gregg Williams was wrong saying some of the stuff he said.

    That said a lot of people are seriously overreaching what he said was wrong but come on he deserves to go to prison for giving a bravado laced pregame pep talk? He deserves to be suspended I will agree with that. I will also say that Sean Payton deserves, along with Loomis to be suspended for allowing this kind of stuff to continue and even worse trying to cover it up and lying to the NFL. The cover up is always worse than the crime as Mr. Mike Florio always says.

    Should Payton be suspended for a whole year, no. He shouldn’t be. Should Greg Williams be banned for life? No he shouldn’t be. Football is a violent game. Players do try to hurt other players. I remember early last year DeAngelo Hall saying the Redskins had to get some hats on Tony Romo’s ribs when he had the cracked ribs from the Niners game a week or so before the Dallas/Redskins. Knocking a guy out of a game has huge advantages for the opposing team. I am sure their are plenty of closed door conversations that talk about what injuries folks on the other team have. It happens and in this case the Saints have been caught red handed and deserve to be punished.

    But again no one should be put in jail and Sean Payton shouldn’t be suspended for a whole year. The only player that got hurt in that game was Saints RB P. Thomas. He got knocked out. Football is a violent game. I know the saints were wrong but I think a lot of other teams are wrong as well. I love my team the New Orleans Saints but above and beyond that I love the NFL and the game of football. I am seriously worried where all of this is going and what the long term effects of this stuff is going to do to the game its self. I see the fines escalate every year. The defenseless WR rules, the overprotection of QB’s, the helmet to helmet fines. I fear that in the next several seasons the game we all grew up playing and loving is not going to be the game we knew. I am not advocating a return to the close line a guy type of football of the 70’s but we are getting to a point where defense is going to have no place in football.

    For the greater good of the game it is almost better for the Saints to just take the wrap on this as the only team that targets injuries, had bounties and whatever else so this stuff will just go away before the game its self is damaged beyond repair.

  51. wetpaperbag3 says:
    Apr 5, 2012 7:32 PM
    jackntorres says: Apr 5, 2012 7:09 PM

    So how come it’s okay if the New York Football Giants try the same strategy against Kyle?

    Because they weren’t targeting his head. They just wanted to get a body on him. ”

    Watch the film – head to head – Williams was out

  52. Meanwhile in the offices of trial lawyers all over the country, the following conversation is being had tonight:

    “We need to find out in the next two months, that ex-football coach, Mr. Williams, about his assets. You heard the report about his homes, his retirement account, his car and his boat. We need to [expletive] bankrupt him right now. He needs to decide. He needs to [expletive] decide.”

    The lawyer’s version of Bounty-Gate. It’s the quicker $$$ picker-upper.

  53. Why is Williams’ father doing all the talking instead of Kyle?
    Is it because Williams realized his own 3 fumbles (2 on punt ret. & 1 on a reverse) in the NFC title game were just as CRIMINAL?

  54. Gregg Williams needs to be banned from the sport of football for life.

    Commenting on something someone else said about the fan violence in the stadiums.
    I personally do not drink very often, every once in a while I’ll have a beer, so Its not a big deal to me.
    One thing the NFL could and should do to curb the fan violence is to rid of all alcohol sales within the stadium grounds. I’m willing to bet that doing this will get rid of 85% of the problem. Alcohol, just like Brad Paisley said in his song, makes people do things they would never do sober, including fighting and acting a fool.

  55. Does anyone else have a problem with Jeff Fisher hire Gregg Williams the first chance he got? They worked together in the past at Tennessee, do you really think this wasn’t going on there and that he didn’t know anything about it? Where is the backlash on Jeff Fisher??

  56. I always knew that the Saints were a no-class, arrogant bunch of turds, and this proves it. From the top with Payton and Williams, to money grubber Brees (yes the barracks lawyer personified during the lock out). It seems funny how the whole Vicodin scandal just evaporated, but I guess Karma is a bitch. The Katrina angle just won’t play anymore boys…justice is a dish best served with a heavy helping of feces.

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