Report: Seahawks considering moving Kam Chancellor to outside linebacker

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Draft season is never low on reports of teams considering all kinds of moves, but a recent report about the Seahawks is a head scratcher.

Tony Pauline of and reports that the team would really like to trade down out of the 12th spot in the draft. If they are able to trade down, the object of their affection is Alabama linebacker Donta Hightower. That makes sense as Hightower would help fill the void left by David Hawthorne’s departure as a free agent.

The head scratching part comes when Pauline discusses what the Seahawks might do if they aren’t able to trade down. They wouldn’t just take Hightower (or Boston College’s Luke Kuechly, if he’s available) with the 12th pick. Per Pauline, they would take Alabama safety Mark Barron and then move Kam Chancellor to outside linebacker to create space for Barron.

Such a move might work out. Chancellor played some linebacker in college and he’s got enough size to make it seem like a possibility, but it’s not like things aren’t working for him at safety. Chancellor wound up in the Pro Bowl last season, his second in the NFL, and his pairing with Earl Thomas would seem to give the Seahawks no reason to fix what isn’t even close to broken.

Lots of stuff gets thrown around in the month before the draft, but this seems like something best left on the drawing room floor.

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  1. They might be ahead of the curve. Use that Safety/Linebacker tweener to cover these new breed of TEs while still having 2 good guys on the back end.

  2. Smoke screen to keep someone from trading ahead of them for Kuechly.

    LB is a big area of need for Seattle, but moving Chancellor, when he played so well at SS last year, isn’t an option. He and Thomas give them the best young safety duo in the league.

  3. Oh, and not buying Hightower hype around Seattle. Carroll was on record shortly after the season ended that he wanted to get faster at LB, and Hightower is not fast. He’s a prototypical 3-4 ILB.

  4. As long as Leroy Hill is resigned – Hawks will be fine. Hawthorne is a fill in linebacker who is average at best – as a Hawks fan he’s been generally dependable but it’s been a noticeable drop off from Lofa

  5. Don’t do it Pete. Kam & ET make one the best young safety tandems in the league. Go Hawks. HawkYeah.

  6. We in Seattle are so very blessed to have such forward thinking people running our program!!! These guys are quietly developing one of the leagues best defenses!! And one of the leagues best TEAMS!!!! I just love this squad and its leaders!! We are going to SHOCK tons of people this year and im looking for Matt Flynn to IGNITE this offense and in turn allow this defense to pin its ears back and DESTROY!!! All you Pete Carroll haters better get em in now because soon all of you will be RIDING HIS JOCK STRAP!!!

  7. Love how people immediately start making fun of Pete Carroll when these types of stories comes out, yet he has already had success moving Red Bryant to DE (a move that people made fun of at the time) and starting huge CFL CB Brandon Browner (who people said was too big and too slow to be successful at CB). Just shows how ignorant people are when they continue to make fun of potential moves like this when Pete obviously has shown he knows what he’s doing.

  8. Amen to Carrol haters. I’ve given him the wait and see with an open mind. JS and PC have made some mistakes-Whitehurst among the worst. However without Charlie we don’t beat the Rams and make the playoffs. However, they are bold. They look outside the box. Coach outside the box. They are and have built a top notch young team that once things get rolling will last for a decade. Haters just can’t see past their nose and just hate winners.

  9. Smokescreen. With the success that Kam had, it is a head-scratcher. Although, most of the moves that Pete has made on defense have turned out well.

    Red to DE
    Mebane to 3 Tech DT
    KJ to SAM (He was a MIKE in college)

    What wouldn’t be surprising is if Pete creates a hybrid S/LB position called “Gemini” depending on Defensive package. Shoot he calls the LB/DE position as the “Leo”.

    In Pete/John we trust. It’s comical to see all the Pete haters out there when he is making great changes to a team that picked in the top 10 twice before he came in.

  10. I love watching Kam Play. I haven’t seen a guy destroy wide receivers like that since Ken “the hammer” Hamlin. I’m really excited about what PC and John Schneider are doing up here in Seattle.

  11. Seriously? This time of year is when draft “experts” throw crap at the wall and see what sticks. Do you really think this came from the Seattle coaching staff? C’mon people. Just another example of some writer trying to get talked about.

  12. Best comment by the article by Alpin – if it aint broke don’t fix it.

    And why does the writer think that the Hawks wouldn’t take Kuechly at pick 12 to play MLB? It’s right where most experts predict him to be picked?

    This article is a waste of time. I know it’s the off-season but there’s a lot going on right now and PFT has way better stories to put on their site right now.

  13. As good as a safety duo as they have it would be a risky move and possibly a wasted draft pick if he doesn’t pan out. You then have to look at trying to unload a second starting caliber safety somewhere. Not saying it’s a bad move though but more one you make with a little later pick and when you don’t have an absolute need. As mentioned above the move could make great sense in providing coverage on the more athletic TE’s. I just think you leave a heavy hitter like Kam in the backdrop where he has more leeway to close a gap and cause more menacing and potential turnover type hits. Then again I thought it was an odd move to make a rookie DE into a fullback like the 49ers did with Miller and it had a great end result. If Carroll is truly exploring this option it surely isn’t just for grins. He sees something there

  14. @TRUBRONCOFAN- That is one hilarious comment bro. I couldn’t stop laughing, seriously!!! Wow, you really must have a low football IQ huh? You must be in LA LA Land dreaming, LOL… To think the Hawks would ever trade a 2nd season, 24 year old, Pro Bowl SS with a 5th round rookie salary for the next 3 years who just happens to be a part of the best/youngest Safety tandem in the entire NFL for an overpaid ageing 30 year old OLB with an inflated veteran salary… Please… If Carroll wants speed at OLB we could get Zach Brown in the draft. He would be at value if we traded back into late 1st/early 2nd, and may even still be there at #43 in the 2nd!!!

  15. It’s also funny to see all these h a t e r z talking about Carroll. Yet, look at what he has done. Him, and Shnider draft late round gems, who become probowlers. He drafted the leagues best safety duo in rounds 1, and 5 of the same 2010 draft. Now, they are both Pro Bowlers. He traded, and released many overpaid, underachieving players for cheap, young, taleneted players. He got Clemons from Philly, who was a backup DE. The guy has had two 11+ sack seasons since then, LOL. They moved Bryant to DE. Now he is one of the best run stuffing DE’s in the NFL. The guy stuffs the run, picks passes for TD’s, and blocks numerous FG’s every year from that position. Look how big we got at the CB position with a yet another Pro Bowler from the CFL, and Sherman… A rookie who was pretty close to the Pro Bowl himself with 4 picks in 9 games. It’s comical to now see all these articles about all these teams trying to get huge in the secondary… Exactly what Carroll preached, and pioneered, LMFAO. hat ever Carroll does, he is ahead of the curve!!!!! Deal with it copycats, and haterzzzzz

  16. Tobis pretty much summed it up.. I love it how ppl are hatin Pete n Co.. the media, posters on here consistently critisize every move pete makes, but he shakes em off and does things his own way,.and in.the process is silently is building a winner…yeah the hawks were 7 and 9 but there was at least 4 games off the top I can think of that.couldve been w’s with better qb play…with that said I cant see Pete taking kam out of the ss position.. This smells like a smokescreen…

  17. This isn’t really about the Seahawks moving Chancellor to LB. It’s about the nonsense and unsupported hearsay that readers have come to expect from Tony Pauline.

  18. If we wanted to be slow at ILB we would have kept Hawtorne!!! We wouldn’t go out, and waste a 1st round pick on Donta Hightower, that’s for sure!!! At least Heater is an INT machine at linebacker. BTW, taking Barron at #12 wouldn’t be a value (he’s a late 1st RD grade), nor would it fill a need. If either are there, and we stay put at #12 we will be drafting either Decastro, or Kuechly. Both are a need, both are safe, both are a value at #12, and both are the best prospects at their positions… I would be happy with any, or all (one can dream, LOL) of these players in rounds 1-4—– David Decastro (OG, Stanford), Luke Kuechly (ILB, Boston College), Zach Brown (OLB, North Carolin), and Lamichael James (RB, Oregon).

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