Vitt’s lawyer accuses Gregg Williams of going rogue

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Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt have finished their meetings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell concerning the appeal of his six-game suspension for his role in the Saints’ bounty program.

David Cornwell, Vitt’s lawyer, sent an email to PFT after the 90-minute session came to an end.

“Coach Joe Vitt and I met today with Commissioner Goodell, Jeff Pash, Adolpho Birch, and NFL security for about an hour and a half. Coach Vitt wanted to meet face to face with the Commissioner to take full responsibility for certain matters while taking the opportunity to make clear that despite inflammatory language and irresponsible conduct, New Orleans Saints’ coaches did not coach and Saints’ players did not play to injure their opponents. We thought the discussion was productive and informative — so, we achieved our objective.”

With the release of the tape from before the Saints’ playoff game against the 49ers, there’s little question about what inflammatory language and irresponsible conduct Cornwell is referring to in his email. In response to a question from Steve Wyche of about the audio recording after leaving the session, Cornwell said it was one of many examples of Williams going rogue and referred to Williams as a “rogue coach.”

That gives you a good idea of the argument Vitt — and, likely, head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis as well — made in front of Goodell on Thursday. The question is whether or not that argument will sway Goodell away from the suspensions he handed down last month. The existence of that tape may bring a negative answer.

55 responses to “Vitt’s lawyer accuses Gregg Williams of going rogue

  1. Gregg Williams threw Loomis, Payton and Vitt under the bus.

    How do those tire tracks feel now, Gregg Williams???

  2. There’s gonna be so much back-stabbing by the time this is all over.

    ..can’t wait!

  3. Wow talk about a 5th ave tactic by a lawyer. I guess none of the coaches under Williams like him untill CAUGHT!!!!!. What a ploy to throw another crap coach under the bus so your own crap self can come out a winner.

  4. When you win a super bowl:

    “It’s a total team effort and everyone in the organization is responsible for this great accomplishment.”

    When your busted lying and get suspended:

    “That man acted independently and does not represent what this organization is all about.”

    -Sean Payton

  5. I posted over a week ago, when the idea of the Saints, Payton, Vitt, etc. were “planning their appeal”, that they had all got together and decided , “hey, we’re all still here, Williams is gone……let’s come up with the defense that Williams went rogue on us”. This crew never quits scheming, conniving, lying, covering up and I can’t believe they continue to do so. They must take Goodell for a real idiot and the only way that could be proven would be if Goodell fell for their b.s. and lowered their suspensions.

  6. Say what you will about Belicheat and the Pats, at least they owned it after they got caught. Saints keep crying and crying and crying

  7. Like when gregg started the game with ten men on the field after Sean Taylor was killed. It was appropriate, but you should at least tell your boss first. Gibbs had no idea.

  8. The traditional rats abandoning the sinking ship has occurred. The rats figure that Williams is a lost cause and are shifting blame as fast as they can shovel it.

  9. He’s either straight up lying or trying to distance himself from participation. If Williams was indeed “rogue”, why didn’t Vitt go to Sean Payton or the league about this???

  10. So moving forward, this is what we can expect from everyone involved in this sordid affair: “It was all Gregg Williams- he was out of control.” Can’t any of these creeps do the morally-upstanding thing and accept full responsibility for their own actions?

  11. A whistleblower calls out the Saints…and Payton, Vitt, and Loomis rat out Williams as THE guy who went rouge. Looks like there’s no honor amongst thieves. LOL

  12. It’s pretty obvious he was. You gotta wonder why alot of his former players from other teams say it was in place but the head coaches didn’t know.

  13. Gregg Williams might be done but he needs just 1 meeting with Roger to spill the beans on who knew about it and how much were they involved in the process.

  14. Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.

    Taints and fans showing true colors!

  15. Hey Saints fans…

    liars and cheats never prosper!

    but you’d have to grow a sack first before you can understand that.

    stop your whining and deflecting of responsibility.

    too bad Katrina didn’t wash away all your worthless scum

  16. Kinda easy to blame the guy whose no longer your employee and working for a competitor no less.

    Actually, it’s sort of slimy. I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from these guys. The arguments then say that the Vitt, Patron and Loomis must be very incompetent dispite 3 years of warnings and investigations by the league office. What a pathetic argument.

  17. Then why didn’t they fire him? Sorry, Coordinators don’t just go rogue, it’s not like the offense was playing in a separate stadium. Payton took a paycut to get Williams hired. This was encouraged by Payton, and his correspondence with Ornstein via email over the bounty on Aaron Rodgers during the season opener confirms it.

    Take responsibility and take your punishment, Saints, now shut up.

  18. Williams hasn’t done anything that every other DC has done since the beginning of football.

    if Goodell is so concerned about players safety; why doesn’t he help the vererans with health issues due to concussions?

  19. At ezmoover watch your mouth this is football its good to talk behind the fact nobody know who you are posting, and most them guys were not here during Katrina they came after chump.

  20. So how much money did Williams put up for the bounties ????

    Anyone got a number on this ??

  21. There are a lot of major issues in the NFL. Gregg Williams screwed up but he is also being used to cover a “multitude on league Sins”? Gregg is not the only one who should be thrown under the bus?

  22. ezmoover says:
    Apr 5, 2012 3:38 PM
    Hey Saints fans…

    liars and cheats never prosper!
    They have a Lombardi Trophy, I think the cheaters did prosper. Although last year they also had the bounty system for the 49ers and they were the ones who left the game hurt. LOL

  23. ok….i just googled. it was Vitt in 2010 who got busted for stealing Vicodin out of the locker room. Ya, this guy is credible and high character.

  24. Were Payton and Vitt not in the room when the audio was taken? Did he only say things like this when other coaches weren’t around? Did any player ever go to one of the other coaches and say, “Hey, I think Williams has gone off the deep end”?

    Sorry, but saying Williams went rogue is a pathetic excuse. Man up and take some responsibility.

  25. Sorry excuse they were told about it and didn’t stop it simple as that. Sean , Joe , and everyone else got the memo saying stop doing this. They could have monitored him anything but they didn’t that’s where the punishment comes into play. To everyone saying all the teams do it . If you can remember Buddy Ryan was caught for the same thing years ago ,but he stood up for his decisions . Told the league yeah he did it . These guys are playing the I didn’t know this was going on bit. Which makes me loose a lot of respect for these guys be men own up . You got a championship can’t nobody take that from you . Let it be known you were wrong and end this soap opera.

  26. The fact that he was in the room for that brief and heard the targeting of players means he condoned it. “Your either with me or against me” in that situation. If Vitt had been heard to interrupt Williams on the tape to stop the rant, then I would say he has a case. He didn’t so he doesn’t.

  27. I hope “ezmoover” reads this…

    the only scumbag is you…period….only a truly miserable, spineless human being wishes tragedy on a city…pray that a katrina-like event does not happen to you….you’re unbelievably classless..this is just football….like the citizens of New Orleans planned and orchestrated a “bounty”…what a bunch of idiots and bottom feeders that post on this site….

    oh yeah, we have a Lombardi and i’m sure your pathetic team does not….who dat, we dat, you loser….

  28. Williams suspension is “indefinite”.

    That being the case, he should just walk away , stay away, and not even think hes going to come back. I would not give Godell any information at all. Just leave. Let Godell fend for himself. If keeping Williams around with and “indefinite” is supposed to buy some name dropping from Williams I say let Goodell do his own research.

    Just leave Williams. Leave for good. He will write a book someday and Hollywood is already getting a script ready…..I think both will have a better title than “Bountygate”

  29. @ezmoover, it’s one thing to say the city was corrupt before Katrina (A few were) but to wish that Katrina had killed everyone, that shameful.

  30. I don’t care what the Saints think or feel. I believe the penalties thus far were right in line with every other one handed down by the Commish. I don’t think they should be reduced in any way, and some should be increased now that the door has been reopened. Sean Payton was 100% responsible and should pay the price for allowing it to continue after being warned. If your employee goes rogue, fire him, otherwise you are condoning it by turning a blind eye. If the penalties are reduced significantly, I believe 31 other teams will do serious head hunting against the Saints every time they play. Might as well put a bulls eye on their uniforms and helmets. The Vikings should be first in line.

  31. I said it during the game, and say it again. I have never seen a QB hit so many times, so deliberately late as they hit Farve. The refs should have been punished for allowing it to continue as well. It was blatant and obvious and any untrained eye could see. The Commish should have shown that tape in the Appeal today. Film doesn’t lie, like the Cheaters.

  32. Louisiana legislature, now how do you feel about passing your resolution asking Goodell to lighten up on the punishment? Dorks.

    On a different note, I would favor a resolution if you required all episodes of “Swamp People” to have subtitles.

  33. Sean Payton was 100% responsible and should pay the price for allowing it to continue after being warned. If your employee goes rogue, fire him, otherwise you are condoning it by turning a blind eye.

    After hearing the stuff that came out today, Payton is lucky he only got a year.

  34. I hope after further review Goodell increases their suspensions based on their lack of oversight failure to prevent a coach from going rogue.

  35. I will tell you what after hearing the tape I wish the Raiders would Hire Greg Williams… This is a coach I want on my team… I feel the same way the football field is a war, You need to try and take out your enemy..
    I hope Seymoure Breaks mannings neck…
    I want Manning taken out on a stretcher…..

  36. all b.s..people say tear some ones head off doesnt mean its gonna happen..1yr suspension ok, ban for life ridiculous..nffl..national flag football league..

  37. Telling the league about Williams behavior makes you a snitch.

    Throwing Williams under the bus after the fact makes you a shrewd lawyer.

    So much for “honor.”

  38. Well maybe as many of you seem to think, the Pope is to blame for all the sexual abuse in the Catholic church, but every man is the master of his fate and every many speaks for himself.
    Gregg Williams takes his place next to Bernie Madoff as 2 of the sorriest excuses for humanity I have ever seen.

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