Bucs talking to Derek Landri, Amobi Okoye

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The Buccaneers are in the market for help at defensive tackle and their first choice is Amobi Okoye.

Okoye isn’t likely to return to Chicago, but he isn’t a sure thing to wind up in Tampa either. While Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Okoye is interested in the Bucs, they are competing with the Broncos and Bengals for his services. Their choice might be Okoye, but they aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs while he makes his decision.

Holder also reports that the team is talking to free agent Derek Landri about joining the team. Landri spent 2011 with the Eagles, where he recorded 21 tackles and two sacks in 12 games as a rotational player. Landri, who started all 16 games for the Panthers in 2010, is considered a fallback option at this point for Tampa.

Whichever tackle winds up in Tampa should wind up with a chance to earn a fair amount of playing time. The team has two young starters in Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, but neither of them have been able to stay healthy and Price hasn’t quite lived up to the pre-draft reports of his ability. The other reserves are not impressive, which means there would be a lot of snaps for the taking for either Okoye or Landri next season.

13 responses to “Bucs talking to Derek Landri, Amobi Okoye

  1. All Eagles fan should want Landri back, he’s a great rotation player. Anyone who gets him is lucky.

  2. Brian price was playing injured last year.. read up about the kid he had to have surgery to have some muscles reattached to his pelvis.. he actually played pretty decent last year hopefully he can return 100% this year and show everyone why he was a 2nd round pick

  3. They need to be talking with Middle LB’s so they can move Foster back to OLB where he is most experienced.

    DT wasn’t the most glaring need for the Buccaneers given the return of Price and McCoy.

  4. I.hope the Eagles get him back because when he was in the game last year he was blowing up the backfield. He seemed to be making something happen when given the chance. If the Eags let him get away it will be a mistake.

  5. I’d disagree about the comment that Price hasn’t lived up to the pre-draft reports of his ability. When he has been in there, the guy is a wrecking ball. Unfortunately his injuries have slowed him down and he hasn’t been on the field as much as they wanted. I agree the Bucs need to make a move here, but if Price can recover from that terrible surgery, look out!

  6. If the Eagles are smart they’ll resign Landri before somebody else does.He played great last year.

  7. Landri was probably the Eagles 2nd best DT last year behind Cullen Jenkins. Granted, Mike Patterson had serious issues with his brain in the preseason, so no one can blame him. However, it was probably the reason Landri played so much, and passed Trevor Laws on the depth chart.

    A lot of analysts have us drafting a DT, but why? Just resign this dude and draft freaking Top notch red zone WR (Floyd or Jeffery) OR a big time safety (Barron out of Alabama). Either way, the Eagles have wasted A LOT of early draft picks the past few years, and I hope they don’t waste another one when we have a quality player in Landri to play DT.

  8. Bears fans should feel the same about Okoye. That kid is still only 25 and he is a shredded man for his size. He played very solid and still has major upside. Hoping for the last minute hail mary that the Bears get him back but anybody should be happy if their team gets him.

  9. Bucs need major D line help. No pressure on QBs last season. The CBs are solid now with wright. More pressure on QBs = less work for the CBs and safeties. Ronde will be more effective that way also.

  10. I agree the bucs should be looking at linebacker help not tackles. Their solid at tackle if McCoy and price stay healthy and with bowers and Claiborne having a year under their belt they will start getting more pressure on opposing QBs, but as good as foster is, he’s too young to be running the D from middle linebacker. Should of brought Barrett ruud back at a discounted price to run the middle and move foster back to OLB.

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