Sapp calls Williams’ comments “most heinous, egregious thing in history of this game”

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Michael Irvin, a Hall of Famer who has a reputation for saying exactly what he thinks, had some strong things to say on NFL Network in response to the audio from Gregg Williams’ speech to his players the night before the NFC playoff game between the 49ers and Saints.  Warren Sapp, a likely future Hall of Famer who has a reputation for saying exactly what he thinks, hasn’t been on NFL Network very much since saying exactly what he thought about the man whom Sapp thinks “snitched” on the Saints’ bounty system.  So Sapp’s reaction to the Williams’ tape came via phone interview with Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group.

“This is the most heinous, egregious thing in the history of this game,” Sapp said of Williams’ remarks.  And to those who think that Williams’ comments are in some way normal, Sapp said that it’s “an anomaly . . . one in three billion.”

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.  Sapp believes that one or more of the players should have stood up and said something to Williams.

“Not for one second would I sit in a room and listen to someone say, ‘We’re going to take out someone’s ACL’ without standing up and saying, ‘What the hell are you talking about?'” Sapp said.  “The way you play defense isn’t about malice.  It’s about putting you in fourth-and-more than you can handle.”

Sapp is right.  As we said Thursday, it’s hard for assistant head coach Joe Vitt to play the “rogue coach” card when Vitt remained silent during the meetings and did nothing after the meetings to let anyone else in the organization know what was going on.  Though it would take a lot more courage for a player to do something, the idea that no one said a thing means that the players either agreed with Williams, or that they believed the military-style hierarchy of a football team prevented them from doing anything other than sitting there and listening.

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  1. It one thing to say you would have done something, it’s another to be in that person’s shoes and actually do that. I think many of us want to believe we would’ve said something, but many of us wouldn’t have. There’s so much on the line and so much you have to consider – your playing time, the respect of the coaches, the respect of your teammates, your career, your family etc. In reality, it would have been much easier to say to yourself “this guy is crazy” and just gone out and played the game. Did Gregg Williams not make it explicit in that video what type of player he was looking for?

  2. Such reprehensible acts by Williams. However, Sapp’s comments are the definition of hypocrisy. He goes on national television to criticize Shockey for supposedly being a snitch, but Sapp now claims he would have been the first player to call Williams out. Can’t have it both ways Warren.

  3. What a crock. No doubt that people should be outraged by the Williams audio tape but Sapp would have been the guy who helped subsidize the bounty fund. No way is he the guy who stands up against the practice. Guy is having delusions of grandeur.

  4. Warren Sapp on Feb 2, 2011, regarding his hit on Chad Clifton: “”I made him a household name and $42 million,” Sapp said. “What’s the problem here? I still don’t understand. You wouldn’t know who Chad Clifton is if it wasn’t for me. But now I’m so vile that I put a block on the guy? Really? C’mon. Stop it.”

  5. Warren Sapp on FEb 2, 2011 regarding his hit on Chad Clifton: “That’s a very long time ago. I was the only person who tackled Jerry Rice and got him off the field for the first time in his career. It doesn’t come with the same vile as Chad Clifton. I’m trying to figure out why.”

  6. More from Sapp regarding the Clifton hit: “In the trenches, we play a different game,” he said. “We play a game that none of you are familiar with. We do things to each other that only linemen are allowed to do to each other. He needed his head on a swivel. He understands that now.”

    Yeah, that’s the guy who would have spoken out against his coaches for suggesting they hurt someone.

    Dude is lying to himself about who he really is.

  7. Says the man who blindsided Chad Clifton and put him in the hospital, just because he was abusing him during the game. How much did Warren collect on that bounty?

  8. Sapp is merely speculating himself into a hero’s role when he says that he would have called out Williams. But he is dead-on accurate when he says that someone – a player or an assistant coach – should have stood up and said something when Williams was asking his defense to bring him some opponent’s ACL on a platter.

  9. Words in a motivational speech are worse than paralyzing a defenseless player?

    Okay, Warren, I believe you. Just like we all believe that Shockey was the snitch.

    And great job on your math. One in three billion? Is Sapp stupid enough to believe that there have been three billion pregame speeches in a game that’s only been around for about 150 years? That would come out to about 21 million pregame speeches per year.

    Good for you, Warren. It’s all about the U.

  10. This makes Sapp so made he might just kick and stomp someone while they are laying on the ground

  11. Who did the Saints actually hurt????

    No more stupid Favre comments. He didn’t miss a single play and couldn’t walk before the game even started.

  12. March 21, 2012
    Warren Sapp: “My source that was close to the situation informed me that Shockey is the one that was the snitch initially.”

    Warren Sapp: “This is the most heinous, egregrious thing in the history of this game.”

    2 weeks ago someone was a snitch for letting it out. Even though though today it’s disgusting what was going on.
    According to this logic, 50 years ago, Rosa Parks was a trouble maker.

  13. He earholed a what?thats football.he didnt intentionally try to parilyze him in the heat of the moment.idt any of you guys ever played the far as williams’ comments i think he lost that locker room.check the scoreboard.

  14. Sapp hit Chad Clifton 20 yards away from the play when the man was just walking down the field not looking. Sapp blindsided him and it took 15 minutes just to get the man off the field on a stretcher. He couldn’t feel his legs. He spent 4 days in the hospital and couldn’t walk without assistance for weeks. He missed the rest of the season. After the hit Sapp stood over him and taunted him.

    Now Sapp is back in the news not only for acting like a gangster snitching out other snitches, but also for not paying his child support.

  15. To intentionally want to inflict an ACL injury that will requir procedures and grueling rehab, and to want to inflict brain injuries on opposing players crosses the line of being human to being an uncivilized, unadvanced primitive animal.

    to want to knock the hell out of a player is one thing. To do so with intent to injure is criminal.

    You win by competing, not by lowering the playing field by injuring you opponent. Those are Tonya Harding tactics

  16. Go ask Chad Clifton if he remembers the cheap shot hit that Sapp laid on him. I believe Clifton was carted off. So once again the talking heads lead in hypocrisy!

  17. Someone who’s website is and has a QB Killa apparel line is offended by Gregg Williams talking about hurting offensive players on the other team?

    And I wonder what Chad Clifton thinks about Sapp’s taking Williams to task?

  18. This guy is a joke. By all means a dirty player in the league and on top of that probably who heard and said similar things in his playing day. Other than Esien and Mayock NFL Network crew is a joke as well.

  19. I know the whole contracts aren’t guaranteed , but I think it would be easier for a player with guaranteed money to step up rather than a ass. coach(even though that would have been the right thing to do).
    Players are always saying things to jeopardize their working status. This time it would’ve been for the right cause.

  20. This is the same guy who, a couple of weeks ago, labeled a man a “snitch” for doing what he now says “Not for one second would I sit in a room and listen to someone say…” If someone else does it, they are a “snitch.” If Sapp does it, he’s a hero? What a hypocrite.

  21. As a Raider Fan, I wish you would stop showing Chubbs in a raider outfit.

    As far as his comments go, they don’t mean much coming from a man who outed a supposed “Snitch”…incorrectly at that. I don’t put value into anything Irvin or Sapp say.

  22. Why is Sapp speaking? About anything?

    In case you haven’t noticed Fat Boy, your credibility is non-existent from here on.
    Maybe you ought to just shut up.

  23. By the way, what do all the people who claim to “know” defensive football have to say about this? Maybe Sapp has never been in a defensive meeting & he doesn’t understand real football. (yeah I get he may be putting on a bit of a show but I don’t believe he is completely lying on his opinion)

  24. talkintrashallday says:
    Apr 6, 2012 9:37 AM
    says the guy who paralyzed a defenseless offensive lineman when the play was well up-field…


    “Paralyzed” and “defenseless”, really?

    Sapp hit Clifton in the upper body and ole humpty dumpty fell on his hip.

  25. As if Williams isn’t already the hugest d-bag ever for saying this, his defense got run up and down the field on by alex smith in crunch time, 3 times, to lose. Ha.

  26. any person that knew about these tactics and didn’t stand up against them should be suspended atleast a year.

    don’t tell me offensive players didn’t know. they don’t seclude the two.

    that money was coming in from all sides of the ball.

  27. Number one, everytime you do a story on this hack I have to look at a picture of jabba in silver in black, please use Bucs photos from now on. Number two, isn’t he just changing positions? Going from, I can’t believe there was a snitch to Greg Williams is the devil.

    Greg Williams, Jabba the Hut, ban ’em from the NFL for life.

  28. This coming from that bastion of righteousness- Mr. Warren Sapp.
    He does know a thing or two about egregious acts however- remember all that money he stole from Al Davis?

  29. Warren “QBKILLA” Sapp….

    The guy who almost ended Chad Clifton’s career and then acted like an ass afterward is now a judge of character?

    The same Sapp that missed a Superbowl because of beating his wife? Really?

    Care to report on any other role-models?

  30. Are you people that stupid?! Being a snitch and calling your coach out within the team locker room ARE two different things. Those SAINTS players and coaches that were in that room have no balls to stand up and say “hey coach, we’re here to play football not purposely end the career of one of our brothers who has a family and feeds them the same way we do.” I’m sure after 1 player says that others would agree. You saints fans that agree with Williams need serious help. You should actually be ashamed of him and how he has tainted your sorry ass team. Put those paper bags back on lol….Don’t be mad at warren for kicking you guys @ss for a decade as a buc. Oh and the bucs did it cleanly by the way, with THE GREATEST DEFENSE OF ALL TIME!

  31. You know what’s funny? Sapp’s twitter name used to be “QB KILLA”. He just changed it to “Warren Sapp” after this whole thing came down. I wonder why? Things that make you go “hmmm”.

  32. Sapp should shut his yap for once. Gregg Williams did nothing but say the same thing every d coordinator says before a game right on down to pop Warner. I’m almost positive the giants players came out after the 49er game saying that their game plan was to hit Kyle Williams hard because of concussions. I’m not even a saints fan and think this whole thing is ignorant a bunch of grown assed cry babies

  33. Sapp p)&@&) me off. Calls shockey a snitch in One breath and then calls what williams did heinous. Make up your mind you fat piece of garbage

  34. Not to get all nerdy up in here but the chances are obviously higher than one in three billion when the number of NFL coaches to ever coach is in the thousands and we have at least one guy talking like this.

    But seriously, what a disgusting football operation they have down there. Guaranteed Payton knew how this team was being run. They all knew.

    Kids, all that matters is winning. If you have to cheat, then cheat. If you have to maim, then maim. Disturbing indeed.

  35. please, some snitch somewhere, release the audio/video of Sapp practicing before a mirror: “heinous, egregious, anomaly, heinous, egregious, anomaly, heinous, egregious, anomaly, heinous, egregious, anomaly….”

  36. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black… Chad Clifton in Green Bay would like to talk to Sapp I’m sure. Somehow what Williams said is sickening to Sapp but the snitch is the one who is wrong? Sapp Shut UP!!

  37. I don’t blame these *has been* players for the garbage that comes out of their mouths. I blame the ones who give them microphones and make them feel relevant. Why is Sapp or Irving’s opinion even being published? The media is the root of so many of the problems with this country. Right is right and wron is wrong….. Even without these 2 idiots agreeing or disagreeing.

  38. Sapp is full of $hit! He knows damn well that what Williams said isn’t new to his ears. Mike Gholic said on Mike and Mike this morning that everything Williams said, he’s heard before from various assistant coaches throughout his career. The hypocrisy that these former players and coaches are showing towards Williams is amazing. Sorry to inform some of you ladies but what Williams said to his defensive players is what has been said for atleast the last 30 years. And…again..the bottom line is that there were no more injuries by the Saints then any other team.

    I can talk about robbing a bank, but if I never rob a bank, you can’t put me in jail for robbing a bank!

  39. Sapp didnt hear that audio, hears fellow football players claiming publicly and probably privately that it isnt true trying to play down the whole thing as just a normal locker room heated speach, and he comes out all wild after whoever leaked the information.

    Then Warren Sapp, the Warren Sapp, hears the audio, and comes out and says “This is the most heinous, egregious thing in the historu of the game.”

    It’s a done deal for any player appeal. Warren Sapp knows what he is talking about, he heard the audio and straight told us that does not happen or continue(get away with) in locker rooms. I believe he would have and possibly has before, stood up to that kind of instruction and said a bit worse than what he suggested he would say.

    You have to be kidding me to continue giving people so much room they can get away with anything. A tue defensive team leader is going to have a call to arms, something that every player will come together and show as one when called out, for both on and off the field. Give them some credit towards being men, and if not that then at least give football players credit for not being weak, meaning some should have stood up and said “What the hell are you talking about?”

  40. For once Sapp makes sense..Where I come from in Australia, any coach like this fool Williams who could think they would get away with saying these heinous things, would be skull capped by the time they got to the car park

  41. Ok, whose turn is it now to say that Gregg Williams should be charged with crimes against humanity and tried at The Hague while sitting in one of those cages? The race to be the most outraged is a joke. Williams didn’t do anything that hasn’t happened in football for decades. Jeremiah Trotter said this, and I believe the axeman before I believe anything that Sapp says. By the way, why isn’t Sapp complaining about the snitch? Isn’t that his thing?

  42. First, “he has an outside ACL” means he has bad latteral motion and can’t make quick cuts to the outside, so jam him and make him work his cuts harder.

    So what will we have, Warren Sapp (#QBKilla), Albert Haynesworth, James Harrison and Ndamukong Suh all coming out and talking about how terrible it was for the Saints to talk about hitting people hard?

    Didn’t Sapp put somebody in a wheelchair with a cheap shot? Didn’t he beat up his girlfriend more than once?

    Where are all of the illegal hits the last three years from the Saints? The Saints were fined nowhere near the top of the league for illegal hits.

    Saints should have suffered a penalty for failing to stop the practice, but in actuality, nothing bad actually happened on the field.

  43. “The media is the root of so many of the problems with this country. ” says the baghead ‘breesforpresident’.
    I guess we should outlaw the free press. That way, painful information will no longer cause your panties to get in a wad.
    I would think that the pathetic Stains organization would be happy with their trophy they ‘won’ while cheating. That’s the only way that crappy team could ever win anything.

  44. Look at the bright side, Williams. If you aren’t resinstated in the NFL, you have a promising future as a prison warden, where you can coach your own team of prison guards.

  45. Says the man who sat on NFLN panal and joked with other former cane players about his illegal fund taking as a student…. Sir, like a weak bladder your opinions hold no water.

  46. Meanwhile…NFL Network continues to leave itself at risk of a lawsuit for the actions of Warrents-A-Slap. Someone in the organization need to review his contract to see when they can pull his mic and do it asap.

  47. While I do believe that Williams’ comments and actions are inexcusable and downright disgusting…there is a QB in Philly who killed dogs FOR FUN. The NFL has a short memory. Williams WILL coach again. Unfortunately all will be forgotten, and anyone who says anything else is just talking to hear themselves talk.

  48. Throw in the word “preposterous” too and that was definitely written by Jackie Childs for Sapp.

    So what’s more gutless? Not calling a coach out for talking like that, or bringing that coach to light as a “snitch”?

    That said, maybe this filmmaker has been the main snitch all along that alerted the league himself?The league then went back from that point and connected all the dots?

  49. fap fap fap….

    show me the tapes of the other 31 DC in this league and then lets compare the language, and then decide if you’re shocked.

    Football is football.

    Sapp himself I’m sure heard this stuff in his locker room
    Irvin I’m positive he has. He played for Jimmy Johnson who had a personal bounty vendetta with Buddy Ryan for years. Check out the Lewy Zendayhas

  50. Most heinous? In the history of the game?

    I dunno, I would have to hear Rae Carruth’s words and his orders first, and then decide for myself.

  51. I don’t see why Sean Payton OR Joe Vitt should be brought back next year. What does that say about you?
    Payton is afraid that if one of his assistants gets the job, they’ll get promoted. Well I got new for ya, Payton. NFL means NOT FOR LONG.

    And you messed up big time letting this happen for years, whether you paint Williams as a ‘rogue’ coach or not.

    The best thing for the Saints is to hire someone from the inside, and dust themselves off of Payton and Vitt next year.

    A lot of you might disagree because they’re good coaches, but that’s no excuse for how they’d stood by. Just my opinion..

  52. Could not believe what I was reading here from the ultra dirty Sapp. Can’t believe that Florio doesn’t point out Sapp’s extreme hypocrisy, but glad to see that countless people who posted here before me have commented on it. So Sapp, that dirty hit on the unsuspecting Clifton away from the play was about putting the other team into a “fourth and more-than-you-can-handle” situation, huh? It wasn’t about injuring someone for no reason? Injuring them so badly that they couldn’t walk for more than a month and missed the rest of the season? Right. Sapp treats the listeners as if they are dumb as he is.

  53. Former players and coaches keep coming out and saying how wrong this is, but yet the inbred Who Dats have to keep trying to justify this. Enjoy your TAINTED Championship. I’m sure the NFL knows that criminal friend of Peyton’s pd off a couple refs to, but there is no way they would let that out. Call me a cry baby or whatever, but if you ask 100 football fans, 90 of them would agree with me.

  54. Mike I think you should champion a new cause, Abolition of the required injury list put out by teams each week. Everyone knows that the list puts a bullseye on a recovering players injury for other teams. There is no reason to specify a specific injury other than a player is injured. The only reason for the listing is gambling interests. The league doesn’t want insider info used for gambling but the league shouldn’t care about this especially since it doesn’t endorse gambling on the NFL, especially at the expense of the injured player becoming a target for further injury. I’m sure most teams would rather keep this info quite anyway ask Bill Belicheck or Lovie Smith how they feel about this.

  55. Typical Sapp. Cheap shot and then talks trash to the coach. If it weren’t for the uniform he was allowed to wear, he’d be serving 20 to life.

    What a Cack-a-roach!!

  56. I don’t mind Sapp, but this is two-faced and I don’t believe him. First Shockey’s a “snitch” and now this comment. This is a CYA rebuttal. Can’t have it both ways hypocrite!

  57. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Warren Sapp the person responsible for putting a questionable hit on Jerry Rice’s knee that gave him his first and only injury of his career???????

  58. jonny42671….
    Here’s an inbred Saints fan!!
    Who Dat, We Dat!!!!
    Yes you are a cry baby, you’re just pissed because the Saints refused to fired Payton and so he can be your next coach.
    (I’m an idiot for commenting on this because normally I don’t like bringing myself down to your Bandwagon, media driven, think I’m better than thou, wannabe football fan..)
    But I’ve been on this site for awhile and I have never seen most of your righteous ass before till now!! So now all of a certain you are all caring fans.
    How are some of you better than Williams when you too wish harm on Brees or any members of the Saints organization, including Williams?
    “OMG!! I can’t believe he would say that. Somebody should put a bounty on him and knock that big mole off Brees’ face!!”

  59. “As we said Thursday, it’s hard for assistant head coach Joe Vitt to play the “rogue coach” card when Vitt remained silent during the meetings and did nothing after the meetings to let anyone else in the organization know what was going on.”

    Florio: How do you know that Vitt didn’t say something to Payton and/or Loomis after the meeting? Vitt had allegedly been asked by Payton to monitor Williams. You absolutely may be right that he remained silent, but is there any evidence to support your statement?

  60. Damn Sapp at first the person that told it was a snitch! Sounds like to me you are straddle the fence your nuts should be hurting right now!! Who side are you on cause to me sound like you got mixed feelings are is it you trying to get back to the NFL network!!! Get it right the first time than you want have to suck ass to get back were you want to be NFL network!!!!!

  61. sounds like most of you just need to climb down off of your soap box and just accept that it’s the CULTURE of the game. it will NEVER change. you have millions of dollars on the line for guys who know nothing else BUT football playing for guys worth billions who want trillions, and every other person on the field is out to get their job. don’t act shocked that this goes on, crying for felony charges to be brought. the entity that is known as the NFL is ABOVE the law. (google anti-trust exemption). sapp and dansby? you kiddin me? sapp, whose twitter name is ‘qbkilla’? those who can’t accept it are either in denial or afraid of being found out that they secretly enjoy it and will be kicked out of their birdwatching groups if found out. this has become a pr nightmare for the nfl. had they just handled it in house and kept their mouths shut, they wouldn’t be selling the farm to keep buying steaks for the black eye. NO the saints did not cause the black eye, THE CULTURE DID. MONEY pure and simple. now that you have the giants admitting two weeks after their game the same thing the saints did, players from all over the league ‘fessin’ up to what goes on with EVERY team, it looks like the nfl KNEW and has done NOTHING up to the point they hammered the saints. add in the spying scandal of the pats and it looks like you can’t win a superbowl without unscrupulous activity.

    put this in your pipe and smoke it, how is this for a pr stunt after all the ‘damage’ that has been done. since it appears you can’t win a superbowl without ‘cheating’ (pay for performance is NOT cheating no matter how you wish it so, it’s just against the rules. stealing another team’s signals IS cheating.) we all know now the saints will be squeaky clean and the pats haven’t won a superbowl since they were caught ACTUALLY cheating. and since the juggernaut known as the new orleans saints offense is still intact, what better way to show the progress of the nfl than to have the two ‘cleanest’ teams in the league in the superbowl. if you’re not a homer, you see what a pr coup this is and how possible the scenario is. there’s the flip side for all you conspiracy theorists.

    stop acting like this is a shock to you and you don’t agree to it. you’re not a professional football player, you weren’t in the meetings, you DON’T know the intent. you take words from sensationalist journalists as gospel and truth as long as they agree with your ‘moral’ compass. yet, you KNOW exactly what a coach was inferring. next time your favorite team scores a long td because of a big hit and you jump up fist pumping, go look at yourself in the mirror. THAT is the face of a hypocrite.

    learn the difference between taking responsibility and admitting guilt. learn the difference between cheating and breaking the rules. learn to form an original thought and stop being sheep.

    because if the saints or the pats win the superbowl, what will your excuse be then?

  62. @johnny4621 – QUOTE: “Call me a cry baby or whatever, but if you ask 100 football fans, 90 of them would agree with me.” – that just makes you sheeple and unable to form an original thought.

    case in point: QUOTE: “Former players and coaches keep coming out and saying how wrong this is, but yet the inbred Who Dats have to keep trying to justify this.” – you forgot to mention the former players and coaches who keep coming out saying this goes on in some form on ALL teams. call it making excuses or whatever, but if you ask 10 football fans WITH BRAINS, ALL of them don’t believe EVERYTHING they read on the internet and agree with ME!

  63. Gerttownmomo damn the sAINTs they cheated any time you try on purpose to take out the other team player for money that’s illegal no matter what you say!! That’s like somebody paying another person to catch you off guard and break your leg! Know tell me you would not want that person prosecuted?

  64. The media, the NFL and the Saints are blowing this up. This is no way the first time that a coach has said something like this to one of his players. The NFL has been around a lot longer than Greg Williams. You’re living under a rock if you seriously believe that Greg Williams is the first guy to tell his players to take someone out of the game no matter the cost. Bill Romonowski has never heard of Greg Williams but he’s damn sure heard of breaking ankles, eye gouging and arm biting in pile-ups. This stuff is taught, the NFL just wants to stay in the headlines and remain relevant as they move through the off-season. I’m entertained.

  65. @grimreeper – your use of the ‘aints’ tag pretty much sums it up. you’re sheeple and a homer, but let’s see if you can follow a simple scenario here. for the record, first off, i’m a packers fan and following this very close for obvious reasons. but here goes……..

    jim schwartz has already admitted to handing out boxing gloves and baseball bats for ‘big hits’. what is the purpose of ‘big hits’? think long and hard about how you’re going to look when you answer that question. what is the purpose of ‘BIG HITS’?

    now, what is the difference between handing out ‘trinkets’ or handing out cash for the same thing. keep this in mind, through everything released in the media, he NEVER once said ‘illegal hits are ok’. what is the difference? the culture of the game is hit as hard as you can. what is the difference? please explain.

  66. This lying piece of human excrement.Why don’t you tell that to Chad Clifton. This POS after getting made of fool of all day in a game left his feet and blindsided Clifton breaking his pelvis. Didn’t even apologize. Karma like you Sapp is a Biotch

  67. grimreeper….
    There’s really nothing for me to add, I believed Gerttownmomo got you “Check” and “Mate”…
    I hate watching people getting slaughter so please take this word of advise and know that you’re over matched by Mr. GB there..

  68. ima9er4life says: Apr 6, 2012 5:59 PM

    And nobody from the niners was hurt, the saints hit like bitches


    yeah, i think if i was paying a ‘bounty’ i would be demanding my money back.

  69. Yes I am a niner fan also! I agree the sAINTs hit like bitches! Didn’t like them when they were loosing and sure as hell don’t like them winning and just to tell I live in Louisiana!!!!!

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