Williams audio could spark significant changes

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One of the questions yet to be asked regarding the disclosure of recorded comments made by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams the night before the playoff game between the Saints and 49ers is whether and to what extent this experience will change the manner in which NFL teams do business behind supposedly closed doors in the future.

Don’t be surprised if the NFL, at the urging of the NFLPA, begins requiring teams to tape all meetings in the event questions come up in the future regarding what was, and wasn’t, said.  And while each team has a player who serves as an NFLPA representative, someone having truly independent authority may be present at pre-game meetings in the future, to intervene if a coach crosses the line.

Teams won’t like it, but they presumably already don’t like having to maintain video of every practice that can be reviewed at any time by the NFLPA.  Besides, now that the NFL has witnessed the worst that can happen at one of these meetings, the league and the union need to have eyes and ears present any time some other coach can say or do similar things.

It’s a topic that was addressed during Friday’s PFT Live.

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25 responses to “Williams audio could spark significant changes

  1. Even if they do that it won’t change anything, teams will just start having secret meetings to discuss things that they don’t want the NFL to hear.

  2. Doesn’t this also call into question Goodell’s own policy of requiring teams to disclose injuries?

    There’s no benefit to player safety by his requirement. Las Vegas likes it, but coaches have always sought to avoid injury disclosure as much as possible – even at the risk of penalties and fines by Goodell himself.

    Now we have a much better understanding why those coaches would not want to disclose certain injuries to certain players lest they be targeted by any other coaches on the Williams “tree”

    But with Bountygate – isn’t that proof that disclosing injuries itself puts those players at risk?

  3. They “witnessed the worst that can happen?” Surely you don’t think a pre-game speech is the worst thing that has ever happened in a NFL locker room.

  4. Way to go Saints, you’ve basically ruined the NFL. Let’s face it, the NFL was better when New Orleans was completely irrelevant – they just don’t know how to handle a small amount of success, unlike the great dynasties of Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Fran, etc.

  5. Enough of all the big brother style monitoring…this country is going way too far with it already, let alone giving the NFL any ideas..Also why are we pretending this bounty thing is THAT big deal? Did we not all have a bounty system on our high school football teams? I know we did. Everyone has bounties, don’t pretend they arent wide spread throughout all levels of football. I think all of this has more to do with the dramatic circus that is today’s media.

  6. stick a GoPro camera on every player in the NFL the second he gets drafted. He does not get to take it off until he has been out of the league for 3 years.

  7. Could somebody please break all of this down into regular season statistics since that’s all drew brees cares about and he can finally have his explanation?

  8. The issue isn’t recording. The issue is that an idiot was caught on tape being an idiot. After being warned that the league was investigating him for being an idiot. Perhaps the solution is just to get rid of the idiots in the NFL.

  9. Has the NFL network replayed the championship game between the Vikings and Saints with FULL AUDIO yet? I wonder why? Maybe I missed it?

  10. Mike,
    When are charges going to be brought up against Williams? Last I heard it was illegal to pay someone to hurt or kill someone else. Is this any different. No. It’s just done under the disguise of an NFL game. Paying reward money to hurt someone? Charge Williams with the crime!

  11. steelerhypocrite says: Apr 6, 2012 3:47 PM

    Way to go Saints, you’ve basically ruined the NFL. Let’s face it, the NFL was better when New Orleans was completely irrelevant – they just don’t know how to handle a small amount of success, unlike the great dynasties of Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Fran, etc.
    Sorry to inform you, but the Steelers were irrelevant their first 40 years, too.

  12. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Tell ya why– this is just the beginning, lawsuits, civil and criminal, senate hearings, audits, (IRS) RICO, talk shows, whistle blowers, pro and con, fines, suspensions, outside interference for the league, yep, even Roger himself will be standing before the “man”. The Saints have opened the door for everybody and their brother to come for the feast of this exclusive multi-billion dollar clique we call the NFL. THAT’S WHY Goodell is so ticked off. Everybody’s gonna have their anal microscope out looking up everybody’s tail end. Party ain’t over, but it’s about to be toned down and chaperoned. You watch. Thanks Aints. You’ve made you mark in history for sure

  13. One more thing, everybody’s taking the bait, 95% of the attention is focused on Williams now and Payton, Loomis, Vitt and Vilma are background noise right now. Great. BUT, they are the Commanders, including BREES, Players rep, and are to be held ACCOUNTANLE for what what happens Under their “watch”. Thus the titles of GENERAL MANAGER, HEAD COACH, PLAYER REPRESENTATIVE and they are as guilty as is WILLIAMS and more because they are PAID to carry said responsibilities. Ask ANY CEO. PERIOD. GET YOU POPCORN AND A BEER, this is gonna be a long show. Ask Conseco or Pete Rose. Hon, popcorns done!!

  14. Teams will just hire someone like Rose Mary Woods to do the taping and all will be good.

  15. I would feel FAR more comfortable with having players/coaches blow the whistle (“snitch” if you will) when rules get egregiously violated than to have video/audio surveillance by the “spy in the sky.” It’s impersonal, Orwellian, and in layman’s terms down right creepy.

    Imagine having to spend a day (from sun up to sun down) at work while being videotaped or having every office wired for sound; looking for ANY transgression that could/would end up in fining you $$$ or suspending you. If people are afraid of government encroaching on your privacy, why invite Roger “Judge, Jury, and Executioner” Goodell to do the same?

  16. For years people have given Bill Belichick grief for how little information he provides regarding Patriots’ injuries and how the Patriots’ players seemed to follow his code of silence regarding anything injury related. After this, is there any question as to why? I mean, why tell other teams what to aim for? Well done, Bill.

  17. I think it’s funny how everyone is so shocked about this. If you’ve watched football at all for the past twenty years, then you know this sort of stuff goes on in probably almost every locker room. Just as examples, look at the Eagles of the early 90s. They were proud that they were looked at as one of the dirtiest teams in the league. Right up to just recently the Ravens. I’m sure it goes on in every locker room. I don’t agree with it, but everyone knows it happens. So don’t be so shocked guys.

  18. rodger goodell is a horrible person. he punishes people for no reason. just like scumbag cops. there is no such thing as a good cop. they only hurt the innocent, just like goodell

  19. One angle I want to know more about is this whole Ornstein thing. The guy is a criminal for pete’s sake. wasn’t Payton told to keep him away from the lockerroom?

    I hope that they don’t go this route of taping meetings as it is absurd. You don’t punish all the teams for this one thing. They all have to sign a document for the NFL every year certifying they don’t have any bounties. That’s enough of a binding agreement that if there is evidence found anyone is doing it, there should be no question of punishment.

  20. But above all else, we should all keep in mind that this still just a game. A multi-billion dollar, tax subsidized, criminally investigated, monopoly challenged, labor racketeered, perpetually monitored and recorded game.


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